NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 29, 2023

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The latest on the Golden Knights and Stars ahead of Game 6 of the Western Conference Final and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

LAS VEGAS SUN: The Golden Knights will be looking for their “killer instinct” as they enter a must-win Game 6 in the Western Conference Final tonight in Dallas. After taking a 3-0 series lead, they squandered two opportunities to eliminate the Stars and advance to the Stanley Cup.

No team has ever come back from a 3-0 deficit in the round prior to the Stanley Cup Final in 47 attempts all-time.

Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Up three games to two, the advantage still rests with the Golden Knights. However, the momentum in this series has shifted in the Stars’ favor, giving them confidence that they can rally back and win this thing. If the Golden Knights lose tonight, it becomes a winner-take-all in Game 7 on Wednesday in Las Vegas.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Stars captain Jamie Benn returns to the lineup for Game 6 after serving his two-game suspension for cross-checking Vegas captain Mark Stone in Game 3. To make room for Benn’s return, Stars coach Peter DeBoer could be forced to sit Fredrik Olofsson or Ty Dellandrea. Both could be healthy scratches if sidelined winger Evgenii Dadonov is ready to return from his lower-body injury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dellandrea was the hero of Game 5 with a two-goal performance, including the game-winner. He’ll likely remain in the lineup if Dadonov can’t return to action tonight.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ottawa Senators captain Brady Tkachuk said following his brother Matthew’s performance with the Florida Panthers has given him additional motivation for next season. He’s impressed by how Matthew has stepped up at key moments during the Panthers’ playoff run thus far. “That’s something I want to do and I want to provide for Ottawa,” said Brady.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Matthew Tkachuk and teammate Sergei Bobrovsky appear to be neck-and-neck as the front-runners for the Conn Smythe Trophy as playoff MVP. Brady, 23, is coming off a career-best 83-point season. The Senators could make significant strides next season if he matches his big brother’s postseason performance.

FOX 5 VEGAS: Former Golden Knights winger Max Pacioretty has sold his $11 million Las Vegas home. Pacioretty was traded last summer to the Carolina Hurricanes. The sale price of his home is the highest in the Greater Las Vegas area thus far this year.

NEW YORK POST: The lack of any announcement from the Islanders over the fates of general manager Lou Lamoriello and head coach Lane Lambert is indicative that both will likely be back in their jobs next season. It’s been a month since the Isles were eliminated from the opening round of the playoffs by the Hurricanes.

THE SCORE: Canada has won its record-setting 28th gold medal at the IIHF World Championship with a 5-2 victory over Germany on Sunday. Tied at 2 entering the third period, Canada tallied three unanswered goals from Sammy Blais, Tyler Toffoli and Scott Laughton.

Host nation Latvia won its first-ever medal at an elite IIHF event by upsetting Team USA 4-3 in overtime to win the bronze medal.


  1. I may be having selective memory but I don’t recall great leaders in the Habs dressing room like Beliveau, Richard, Cournoyer, Lemaire. Lafleur saying (paraphrasing)that they want to step up in key moments and provide that for Montreal…..they just did it over and over throughout their careers.

    • Aww give your bloody pontificating a rest. Who the Hell cares?

      • Besides, Les Canadiens ne sont pas là anymore

      • George, it’s not like the Sens have arrived either.

      • I didn’t know we were talking about the Senators. But OK.

      • A little cranky this morning George? And that comment from a former Habs fan.

      • Aww come on – so Brady Tkachuk – a kid – mentions that he’d like to do for Ottawa what his big brother is doing for Florida

        And Mr. Sneer thinks that calls for some caustic comparisons to some Habs from ancient history.

        To prove what?

      • It’s easy to get what habfan is saying George. It’s all good and nice but you’re an older guy too and I doubt you’ll disagree but talking about doing is more this generation than the legendary generations that came before. All these great pass great players just did and didn’t talk or feel like they needed to be like, I want to or look forward to doing that for my team/fans…they just went out and did it. I can’t help but respect that old school mentality over this current generation that feels they need to tell us what they want to do…it’s all good and nice but doing is better than talking.

        Also for a guy that daily shoots arrows across other fan bases’ teams bow, you need to chill on what is a nothing comment which illustrates how another generation didn’t express themselves with words but their actions and play on ice.

      • Good post, Ron.

      • I guarantee you Ron that those players all talked a big game same as the younger generation. They just didn’t have as much traditional and social media to amplify those sentiments.

      • Touché Ron

      • I don’t know Chris I was a kid when those guys were around but they did talk to reporters, in-between periods and post game pressers. They had the opportunity but might have been advised not to say stuff like that.

      • I will say not being… as seasoned… as many others on this site that there is a small possibility I’m wrong. But none of those players had the microscope of todays players. They might have only been recorded on cameras in press events. Todays athletes are recorded by every tom dick and Nancy with a phone in their pocket. The competitive nature of professional athletes I doubt has changed dramatically.

        I will allow for those of the younger generation who actively seek out media attention as a way to build a personal brand. This also existed in the past to a lesser degree but is much bigger now. But I didn’t get the impression that this comment was steered towards likes and retweets.

      • While there wasn’t social media in those days obviously, there were full time reporters with the teams that travelled with the players, there was real reporting not punditry.

        A lot has changed over time, some of it surprising when you watch some old tape.
        I watched some games of the 1977 Habs/Bruins….interestingly for all the fighting of the era, no goalmouth skirmishes after whistles, Cheevers literally patting Habs on the back after saves.

        They were tough strong guys who let their play speak for them.

      • I’d wager a bet that Phil or tony or Maurice or henri may have said something akin to I hope I can do for my team what my bro did for theirs. Maybe it made it to the press with those non pundit reporters and maybe it didn’t.

    • Made me think about that old overweight case of beer per day unemployed beater wearing dude who still tells everyone who will listen about his high school football championship winning touchdown.

    • I think a great Hab once said that Lafleur was going to play a game with Gretzky in his back pocket.
      That prediction didn’t work out very well.

      I firmly believe that It can be healthy to vocalize, and share one’s dreams and aspirations, and put it out into the universe.

      • It was Richard Sevigny, long forgotten backup goalie. I wouldn’t characterize him as great. But he did highlight the importance of keeping ones mouth shut.

      • 2422,
        That “great Hab” was Richard Sevigny, hardly a great anything and its different context entirely.

        Side note Gretzky wasn’t the “Great One” then, Oilers first year in the NHL and it was the end of a dynasty.

        What I remember most in that series was the way Dave Hunter smothered (shut down) Guy Lafleur..

      • HF30, coach probably should have listened to Lafleur and played Robinson on wing with him.

    • A late comment Habsfan, but if If anyone read the first books by Larry Robinson or Ken Dryden, they basically said we play for each other, which I think was your point. Even Guy Lafleur, who seemed to do his own thing out there didn’t need to say much.
      On the flip side, it is an electronic world today, and everybody gets to say what’s on their mind. I’m surprised George seemed to take objection to your words.

    • You mean back in the day when players had about 30 seconds to a minute after a game to maybe make a statement unlike now where mics and social media are there recording everything 24/7 and if DON’T say something people accuse you of not caring…? Seriously, how can you compare numbers of soundbites from that generation to today and actually keep a straight face?

  2. Stars should keep Dellandria in the lineup even if Dadanov is ready to return. You can’t bench the hot hand.

    • I wonder how many of us are cheering for the reverse sweep? I mean, this season and post season have been great and full of surprises, one or two more sound about right.

      I doubt Vegas will lose but…

    • howard,
      your 100% Right regarding Ty Dellandria….

      hope they keep him in the lineup he never stops, great pick bye Dallas @#13….. 👍

  3. Thank you, Howard.