NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 13, 2023

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The latest on Matthew Tkachuk, Spencer Knight, and Nick Foligno, a roundup of notable contract signings, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

DAILY FACEOFF: Florida Panthers star Matthew Tkachuk is still recuperating from injuries received during the 2023 Stanley Cup Playoffs. He suffered a fractured sternum and four broken ribs.

The best-case scenery for Tkachuk’s recovery is he could begin some upper-body workouts at the end of July. Nevertheless, he’ll spend his offseason focused on healing and training once he’s medically cleared to do so and hopes to be ready for training camp in September.

Florida Panthers winger Matthew Tkachuk (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the severity of Tkachuk’s injuries and his shortened offseason, Panthers fans should expect that his performance at the start of 2023-24 might not be at the same level that made him a Hart Trophy finalist last season.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Speaking of the Panthers, goaltender Spencer Knight spoke publicly on Wednesday for the first time since leaving the club in February for personal reasons. He received special permission from the NHL to participate in the club’s prospect development camp as he works toward returning to action in 2023-24.

Knight felt it was important for him to get back with the team and resume organized hockey activities. He declined to speak about why he left the club and entered the NHL/NHLPA Player Assistance Program but indicated he would do so when the time is right. It has been stressed that it was not due to drug or alcohol abuse.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like Knight needed time to deal with mental health issues. Here’s hoping he makes a full recovery and resumes his NHL career.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Former Bruins forward Nick Foligno was not happy about being a healthy scratch for Game 7 of their first-round series against the Panthers. The 35-year-old winger signed with the Chicago Blackhawks after they acquired his rights from the Bruins last month.

Foligno said he spoke with Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery about it. He indicated that the decision didn’t sit well with him. “It never will,” he said.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: The Anaheim Ducks signed Leo Carlsson to an entry-level contract. The 18-year-old center was the second-overall pick in the 2023 NHL Draft. He could play for the Ducks, their AHL affiliate in San Diego or return to Sweden next season.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Speaking of 2023 first-rounders signing entry-level deals, the Red Wings inked center Nate Danielson. He was chosen ninth overall by the Wings.

STLTODAY.COM: Oskar Sundqvist is returning to the St. Louis Blues, signing a one-year, $775K contract. The 29-year-old forward spent nearly five seasons with the Blues prior to being traded to Detroit in 2021-22.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: The Bruins signed former New Jersey Devils forward Jesper Boqvist to a one-year, $775K contract.

DAILY FACEOFF: Goaltender Thomas Greiss has announced his retirement after 14 NHL seasons with the San Jose Sharks, Arizona Coyotes, Pittsburgh Penguins, New York Islanders, Detroit Red Wings and St. Louis Blues. He finishes with a record of 162 wins, 130 losses and 37 overtime losses with a 2.77 goals-against average, a .911 save percentage and 16 shutouts.

LAS VEGAS SUN: The Golden Knights hired Dominique Ducharme and Joel Ward as their new assistant coaches. Ducharme is the former head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. Ward, an 11-year NHL veteran, spent the past two seasons as an assistant coach with the Golden Knights AHL affiliate in Henderson, Nevada.

DAILY FACEOFF: The Arizona Coyotes hired Blaine Forsythe as an assistant coach. He spent the past 17 seasons with the Washington Capitals.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Kenny McCudden has resigned as a Blue Jackets assistant coach. He’d been with the club since 2015.

THE PROVINCE: Former NHL player Brendan Leipsic has reportedly applied for Russian citizenship, according to the head coach and owner of KHL club SKA St. Petersburg. Originally from Winnipeg, Leipsic has played in the KHL since 2020 after being released by the Capitals for making misogynistic comments about women and disparaging current and former teammates on a private group chat that was leaked on Instagram.


  1. Lyle have you got any insider info on the whole “trent and troy” situation in Ottawa? Not much news these days but that story is just goofy from every angle

  2. Howard Berger is reporting



    Phoenix is also involved ..

    We have Klingberg – Do we need Karlsson , or just a “bogus” rumour

    • Pgh offer is better.

      • Hi Steve

        “Better”.,,, yes for Greir and Sharks

        “More” for sure

        Pens…. If reports are correct … two first and either SMYTH or PO Joseph going over. That’s too much.

        Unless, of course, all three of Petry, Granlund and Ruta also go over

        At this point, I’m hoping that canes get EK, and that pens sign Dumba and get rid of both Granlund and Petry; and hopefully Rutta as well

      • Hi George

        Couldn’t open the link

        What is the high level gist of that link?

        Thanks in advance

      • LOL. From the blog Fullpress Hockey.Com under the heading “NHL Offseason Talk: Let The Silly Season Begin”

        Happens every year.

      • Thanks George

        It has certainly been a silliness epidemic ….just single Cite needed…. Cost of baby-sitters in Chicago

    • Two major issues here:
      1. Not nearly enough value here for San Jose
      2. No chance the Leafs can fit this under their cap

      Klingberg, Karlsson and Reilly can’t exist on the same team IMO.

      To agree with Steve, PItts offer is much better. Reports are of two firsts, one young roster d-man (Ty smith or joseph) plus a forward prospect.

      • Pitts offer bogus. Can’t fit under cap.

      • Hi Taz

        I’m ok if Pens just buyout Granlund and sign Dumba

        If it’s 2 firsts and one of Smith or P-O J; and a forward prospect… then Dubas has lost hid mind ; UNLESS

        the above offer is

        1) Smith instead of P-O J
        2) EK with at least 25% retained;

        and most importantly….critical really….

        3) Grier takes Petry; Granlund and Rutta in the deal

        This would move the needle for Pens and only way 2 firsts should go in deal….

        EK (25% tetained)
        Sturm (50% retained)


        2 Firsts (both lottery protected

        Petry AND Granlund AND Rutta

        O’Connor (as forward prisoect)

        Smith and NOT P-O J

        The deal shouldn’t be done anyway… but if it’s two firsts; then those 3 must go over


        Buyout Granlund; Sign Dumba

        Bury Ruhweedel

        Bury one of DeSmith or Nedjelkovic

        Sweetener; trade Petry
        Sweetener ( trade Rutta

        Dumba, Smith , Friedman replacing Petry, Rihweedel ; Rutta…. Big uptick; younger; faster; way better defensively

      • Yesterday Karlsson was going to cost Ottawa Chabot +. But somehow Pittsburgh manages to dump a bunch of undesirable players and some prospects that can’t find their way to the NHL?

        Sounds about right.

      • Oh, but CaptainObvious, those Pittsburgh offerings are “assets” don’t you know – can’t have enough assets

    • Hi Ken

      Hertl and EK to the Leafs would be great; absolutely great … we’d be dancing in our seats

      But not even close re what Tre would need to give up..,

      1 year only of WW (and he’ll be very tough to sign by Grier)

      Accepting the bad contract of Murray in the deal

      and only kicker/sweetener is the minuscule Robertson who has 7 total points in 31 total NHL games

      Then …. Even if the miracle of all miracles happens…. BOTH EK and Hertl come in at 50% retained… that’s $9.8 M Cap coming in; $12.4 M going… net only $2.6 M cap; and Leafs right now $8.8 M over; not close to enough maneuvering

      Grier already entrenched in his stance of limiting EK retention to 25% max..,, and if we are buying reports correctly…. 2 firsts on the offer table now (unbelievably so)… Pens under no circumstances should be doing 2 1sts and Smith AND not moving Petry; Granlund; and Rutta in the deal

      If Grier hasn’t accepted that offer

      With the quoted Leafs offer ; using 50% retention on both Hertl AND EK…. Is a total of $46 M retained….

      2 firsts involved in 25% retained on EK (that’s just $9.5 M retained)

      I can’t fathom what Grier would ask fir to retain $46M

      Leafs can’t take on (Cap wise) Hertl and EK @ 50% retained and get under the cap

      Lesser retained; for lesser given; puts cap situation worse

      I just can’t even fathom that this offer has any truth to it at all

      • Agreed Pengy….The Math just doesn’t work for me. Even with a 3rd team involved.
        That said, as others have mentioned, there is absolutely NO need to have Reilly, Klingger AND Karlsson on the same D Corp….unless it’s the all-star game circa 2019

  3. Amazing how Tkachuk was able to play through such a serious injury. Knowing hm, it won’t take long for him to get up to full speed.
    And in MLB news, Aaron Judge stubbed his toe and will be out of action for awhile.
    Good to hear that Brenden Liepsic is applying for Russian citizenship. Putin’s Russia is the perfect place for him.

    • “Stubbed his toe “ is minimizing it just a wee bit. It’s a torn ligament. Judge is missing regular season games. Tkachuk played injured toward the end of a cup series.

      As much as I admire hockey players playing through injury, there is a part of me that cringes at the thought.

      • toe injuries ain’t no joke , just ask Deion Sanders. Poor guy has had to endure some brutal surgery.

  4. Hopefully Pittsburgh gets his horse

  5. Pengy, I think you’ll grow to like Granlund. 3C is a real good spot for him on Pittsburgh. Then you can move Carter to 4C and bingo. That’s decent depth down the middle. Not LA or Edmonton depth, but above average in the East.
    Kyle isn’t going to buy him out, so you may as well submit to the present facts that he’s part of the club. He’ll put up 35 to 50 points this year and be somewhat responsible while doing it.

    • Hi SOP

      Granlund will have to have a massive masive uptick for Pens fans to like Granlund and his $5M cap hit @ 3C

      He was already declining and doing poorly with Predz…WAS only on pace for 50 points (down from previous)
      Then HexBurkie had their maniacal last minute fiasco trade … a friggin 2nd rounder…. And his already declining pace of 50 points….plummeted to end up with only 41…. When he went 1-4-5 in 21 GP with Pens

      He needs to be bought out

      Not only that…. His buyout is ine of the most advantageous …. Pens save $4.2 M (of $5M) year 1; $3.2 M year 2

      Dead Cap (starting in 25/26 when [1] they are already in rebuild and won’t spend to cap; and [2] when Cap is at mid $90’s M) is but $1.8 M (25/26 and 26/27)

      Just before first window opened; both TSN and SN had him top 3 in buyouts

      He’s gotta go

      The other way to look at it…. When (can’t use “if”) he gets bought out…. Best he’ll get is maybe 1 @ $1M; maybe he goes overseas