NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 29, 2023

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The Bruins’ Jeremy Swayman and the Coyotes’ Jack McBain could be heading to arbitration. Details and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

BOSTON HERALD: The Bruins and goaltender Jeremy Swayman are $2.8 million apart as their scheduled arbitration hearing on Sunday approaches. In their pre-filings on Friday, the Bruins offered $2 million while the Swayman camp seeks $4.8 million.

GOPHNX.COM: cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman reporting that the Arizona Coyotes and Jack McBain could also be heading to arbitration on Sunday. The Coyotes are offering up two years at $1.2 million while McBain seeks one year at $2.25 million.

Boston Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The two sides in both cases can still negotiate up until their hearing commences. After that, negotiations cease and they await the arbiter’s decision, which will likely settle somewhere in the middle.

CAPFRIENDLY: The remainder of the arbitration schedule is as follows:

Trent Frederic, Boston Bruins: Aug. 1

Troy Terry, Anaheim Ducks: Aug. 2

Filip Gustavsson, Minnesota Wild; Ryan McLeod, Edmonton Oilers; Drew O’Connor, Pittsburgh Penguins; Brandon Scanlin, New York Rangers: Aug. 4.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: The Sabres signed 2023 first-round pick Zach Benson to a three-year entry-level contract. The 18-year-old winger was chosen 13th overall.

TSN: Veteran defenseman Patrik Nemeth has signed a two-year contract with SC Bern of Switzerland’s National League. Nemeth, 31, spent 10 seasons in the NHL, netting 70 points in 504 games with the Dallas Stars, Colorado Avalanche, Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers and Arizona Coyotes.


  1. 4/8 O’Connor Arb
    Within 48 hours( 6/8 ) decision
    Window opens 48 hours after this….

    So in around 9/8 or 10/8…. Granlund gets his buyout cheque👍

    • Forget Karlsson.
      Couture (retain $2M) for Granlund and 1st

      • Hi JZ

        Would love Couture …. Still creates Cap problem …$5 M out $6 M in

        That said….. can’t see Grier biting on that

        Mitigating the angst and avoiding more in trade for taking on Granlund….. buy him out instead

        Even NOT having Granlund in deal…. Will cost more than a first for $2 M retained on Couture

        Right now Grier wants the world plus and has drawn a line in the sand (publicly) at 30% max retention on EK…. $38 M still owed; so 30% is $11.4 M retained

        Petry has $9.5 M remaining
        Couture $28 M remaining

        Have Grier retain 50% on a to-through on Petry and DeSmith; get a 2nd from Pens for that; and a 2nd from final team (getting Petry at $3.1 M Cap and $2.4 M cash per year for two years, DeSmith @ $900 K)

        Pens buyout Granlund; and Petry and DeSmith moves…. That’s Pens with 20 (0f 23) and over $9.7 M in space…,,

        To Sharks:

        1st (lottery protected) – Pens

        2nd (‘25) Pens

        2nd and s 4th (other team)… see below on retention (Petry and DeSmith)



        Prospect NOT named P-O J; Pickering; Poulin; Smith or Yaeger

        3rd team gets DeSmith and Petry at 50 cents on the dollar…. For giving up s 2nd and a 4th….. could retain 50% again at TDL and get a 2nd

        Pens get

        Couture (25% retained… so in at $6 m Cap hit)


        Doobie signs Dumba ($3 M to $3.5 M)

        Doobie signs Comtois and N Ritchie each at $900 K – $1M max

        Pens ~ $1M under with….

        Sid Guentz Rakell
        Gino Smith Rusty
        Couture Comtois Sturm
        Eller, *Carter and one of : Nylander or Poulin or Ritchie

        13th/14th Fwds : two of Nylander or Poulin or Ritchie

        Friedman/P-O J
        7th D Smith
        8th D *Rutta

        Jarry/ *Nedjelkovic

        *Only three weaknesses on team

  2. Re; Boston

    Needs a 1st line Centre & Goaltender Jeremy Swayman are $2.8 M apart arbitration hearing on Sunday approaches. In their pre-filings on Friday, the Bruins offered $2.M Swayman camp seeks $4.8M

    Swayman should get a little more than Samsonov $3.5M… But the Bruins are Cheap….I can see a $3.5M+ deal for a year

    Im surprized Buffalo or the Ducks has not made an offer sheet for Swayman….🤔
    The NHL needs to revisit this to make it more Exciting…..⁉️

    Bruins they need to move salary out to get a #1 Centre to replace Patrice Bergeron..❓
    Like 26 yr old Elias Lindholm of the Calgary Flames will be moved before the trade deadline as he want out of Calgary…

    ➡️ What would a trade look like….
    Calgary would look for Haul in return
    -A 1st pick,
    -Top rookie RW, Fabian Lysell
    A roster player to make salarys work of coures
    – Jake DeBrusk
    A Matt Grzelcyk


    • WW
      Why do you think bruins are cheap? As for trading that list for Lindholm. Never happening. I could see Bruins offering Gryz and DeBrusk but nothing more. And I am sure flames say no
      The bruins will most likely roll with what they have this year and restock next year with all their cap space. Matthews will want to sign in spoked B next year as UFA (sarcasm)

    • Willie’s once Swayman filed for arbitration he became ineligible for an offer sheet.

      Not that matter it’s rarely used.

      Boston isn’t being cheap, they have cap restraints and are trying to save every 100 grand.

      • What are you talking about the Bruins rightfully offering 2 mill hoping he settles for 3 mill. He wants almost 5 mill so htf is it only I00,000. That’s ridiculous the bruins are far from cheap. Bruins want that 1-2 punch in net ang as they already said.And they aren’t trading Ully or Grizz and shouldn’t trade Jake unless a lot more is coming back the other way. Solid n all 3 zones smart with the puck. Not sure why he’s undervalued but Donny won’t do that.

    • Lindholm is 28 and will be 29 in December, Frederic and Swayman will eat up every cap dollar of cap space that’s left, also no first round draft pick in ’24

      • Hey Rob,

        Your Right its the D/man that also wants out of Calgary that 26 yrs Old Noah Hanifin…..

        Mrbruin4 ,
        I dont think Calgary will take that deal your offering
        As for trading that list for Lindholm. Never happening……! they will want way more

        If i was the GM in Cowtown…
        I think this would be a minimum for the Centre like Lindholm, they need a 1st round pick back for sure as they have traded both 2024 & 25 1st picks,
        They would not take on an other UFA d/man like
        Matt Grzelcyk, they have been trying to move him most of the last season🤔

        The Return
        -A 1st round pick,
        -Top rookie RW, Fabian Lysell
        -A roster player to make salarys work
        – Jake DeBrusk the winger

        The Flames have 8 NHL d/men right now, But 6 of them are UFA at the end of the 2023/24 season
        Thats Very Poor planing on X Flames GM,
        Brad Treliving part‼️🙈

        so they could try to re-sign 2-3 of the 6 UFA guys if they can during the season and bring one rookie up….

  3. Large spread with the Bruins and Sway …. Decisions Decisions…

  4. Ww

    Bruins have never once tried to move Gryz not sure where that came from Sweeney said in no uncertain terms he has never talked to anyone about trading Gryz. All fabricated speculation and he was actually tired of it Bruins are not trading farm for Lindholm Hanafin or anyone else this year. But I could see 1 or both signing next year to bruins time will tell