Devils Fire GM Shero, Who Leaves a Nice Cache of Talent For Successor

by | Jan 13, 2020 | News, NHL | 5 comments



  1. No way the Devil’s get the number 1 overall pick this year….They traded Hall away!

  2. I expect Subban to get serious about his fading career and come back in the fall in shape and focused on hockey. He’s too talented to disappear just yet.
    And, having watched Cory Schneider for years in Vancouver, I expect him to bounce back in a big way if he can stay healthy.
    Too late for Ray Shero but right on time for the next guy.

  3. I hope we keep Sami & Palmieri. I also think Simmons/Greene/Zajac will be ask if there’s interest in going to a playoff bound team. Lou might like Greene to replace Pelech? Not sure what Fitz will do different, time will tell

  4. Underperforming players cause changes and the devils have many. A new gm and coach will change the culture for the better! With plenty of picks and high previous draft choices from the last few years, the future could be very bright for the devils again! A couple questionable trades and free agent signings definitely hurt and a high caliber goalie is required.

  5. Just more evidence teams go absolutely NO WHERE without a goalie. If GMS were smart they would work the next NHL/Player agreement to allow easier call up/call downs of goalies such that teams can have three roster goalies without two sitting on the bench but rather the third getting playing time in them minors.