More Top Targets in Weekly NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Jan 15, 2020 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Lyle is hosting another rumor writer? Gangsta move.

  2. to Pitts: Grandlund & Gagner
    to EDM: AG plus pick?

    grandson & gagner are buried and AG can slot wing or 3c

    worth a try for guys that aren’t playing on the main roster for both teams no???

  3. The Sharks need to move some big contracts. Move Burns while he still has value. Although they’d have to eat it big time, Karlsson just hasn’t worked out. I’m not impressed at all with his desire on the ice. I know these guys have no-movement clauses, but they might agree to go if it was the right team. The Sharks really need to reload with some good draft picks. Martin will be a buyout at the end of the season. Wilson will lose his job for signing Karlsson and Martin long-term, and it’s too bad, as he’s been a good gm.