NHL Rumor Mill – January 21, 2020

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What deadline moves should the Flames and Leafs explore? Who’s the Bruins’ top trade target? Will the Blue Jackets be aggressive at this year’s trade deadline? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis believes the Calgary Flames need to boost their offense before the trade deadline. He proposes recalling Austin Czarnik and demoting Mark Jankowski, shopping versatile checking-line forward Sam Bennett for a scorer, or offering up a defenseman like T.J Brodie to the Toronto Maple Leafs for winger Kaspari Kapanen.

THE ATHLETIC: Darren Haynes suggested the Flames pursue a player with term remaining on his contract (such as Kapanen or New Jersey’s Kyle Palmieri) or a pure rental like Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli, New Jersey’s Wayne Simmonds, or Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau.

Could the Calgary Flames target a winger like Toronto’s Kasperi Kapanen? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Having freed up salary-cap space by shipping winger Michael Frolik to Buffalo earlier this month, Flames general manager Brad Treliving indicated he intends to use it at the trade deadline.

Landing a top-six forward could cost someone like Bennett or Brodie. Palmieri’s limited no-trade clause could complicate any attempt to bring him to Calgary. The Leafs need blueline help and might part with Kapanen for the right offer, though I doubt they’ll give him up solely for a rental player.

Luke Fox, meanwhile, suggested the Leafs pursue New York Rangers goaltender Alexandar Georgiev, San Jose Sharks defenseman Brenden Dillon, or Calgary Flames blueliner Travis Hamonic.

If Georgiev isn’t available, Fox proposed the Leafs consider Pittsburgh’s Casey DeSmith, Anaheim’s Ryan Miller, or San Jose’s Aaron Dell. Landing Dillon might take offering up a prospect like Dmytro Timashov or Jeremy Bracco. The Leafs could also throw in one of their extra picks in the sixth or seventh rounds of this year’s draft. Acquiring someone like Hamonic could cost them a young forward like Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, or Alexander Kerfoot.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Fox points out, the Leafs’ limited salary-cap space makes it difficult to bring in a better backup goalie and a top-four defenseman. Georgiev’s affordable salary (over $792K) could be squeezed in by waiving and demoting Michael Hutchinson. Landing a quality blueliner could involve a dollar-in, dollar-out move, especially if Leafs GM Kyle Dubas prefers adding a player signed beyond this season.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty cites multiple sources claiming New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider remains the Bruins’ top trade-deadline target. His acquisition could push current left wing Jake DeBrusk down to the third line. Anticipating plenty of interest in Kreider if he hits the trade block, Haggerty believes it could cost the Bruins’ their first-round pick in this year’s draft to land Kreider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney isn’t afraid to make significant moves near the trade deadline. He’s probably monitoring Kreider’s status with the Rangers.


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz wonder how aggressive the Columbus Blue Jackets will be at this year’s trade deadline. Given their recent surge in the standings, Gretz believes they’re in a position to buy, not sell. Only three clubs (New Jersey, Colorado, and Ottawa) have more salary-cap space.

Gretz suggests their cap space could put them in a good position to add a rental scorer like the Kings’ Tyler Toffoli, the Rangers’ Chris Kreider, Ottawa’s Jean-Gabriel Pageau or Montreal’s Ilya Kovalchuk, or a player with term on his contract like Minnesota’s Jason Zucker or Montreal’s Tomas Tatar.

What they don’t have, however, is many tradeable assets. Their farm system isn’t deep and they have only five draft picks this year, including one in the top 100. They won’t move a young player like Pierre-Luc Dubois, Seth Jones, or Zack Werenski.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen will keep watch on the trade market. But as Gretz points out, he’ll be limited by what he can do after going all-out at last year’s deadline. He could attempt to use his cap space to take on a contract from a cap-strapped club, but he’ll still have to part with a prospect or a draft pick.


  1. Like I said yesterday the Leafs are immature and need to grow up and stop playing pond hockey. Not sure they deserve a trade. Get out of this fox hole on your own. Having said that a deal like Brodie for Kapanen makes sense. However, Brodie’s lack of term and age could be an issue. In whatever way it is done going after players like Brodie, Georgiev and so on seem like long term fixes to me. Another D man and a good goalie are what’s needed. Very sensible suggestions here. Too much up front not enough on the back end.

    • The Leafs don’t need to another defenceman who is weak in the defencive zone and is prone to turnovers. If the Leafs want to make a trade for a d-man from Calgary they should only be looking at Hamonic, who is also unfortunately a UFA at the end of the year.

      • And you`re not giving much for a guy you can have for free in July. The deals Toronto makes have to be dollar in dollar out so the only deals Dumbas should be looking at is a younger dman with term

    • Good morning

      I really dont feel like getting into an argument today …..LOL….
      so I will just post a VERY VERY disturbing statistic.

      Barrie ( UFA) / Kerfoot = $6.5 million combined salary

      Combined Goals = 12
      Assists = 35
      Total points = 46

      Nazem kadri 17 goals 14 assists 31 points
      $4.5 million…

      Intangibles not noted ..

      Barrie and Kerfoot are…. wussies …dont play near to a physical game that Kadri does as a matter of fact after watching all Leaf games this year I dont think I have even seen either of these guys throw a body check ……AT ANY TIME!

      Anyways ….Brodie and Hamaonic are useless …this is just a sideways trade and will not impact any quality in return for the leafs …these guys are one year away from retirement ..would be stupid to trade Kappy for one of these players.

      Players of interest for me :

      D men

      Brayden Mcnabb – Vegas
      Rasmus Ristolainen – Sabres
      Matt Dumba – Wild


      Josh Anderson – Blue Jackets
      Blake Coleman – Devils
      Alex Tuc – Vegas
      Warren Fogele – Canes

      Back up Goalies

      Cal Peterson – Kings
      Georgiev – Blueshirts
      Subban – Vegas

      Obviously I am very aware that you need a dancing partner to make any deal ..but this is what i would purse and maybe over pay just a bit for some of these players …just a little bit !

      @ PENGY ….

      time to trade ( G ) Murray if not in season in the off season …they need the cash plus he is going to be a great asset for a return !

      Love to see Crosby back …thats why hes the BEST.


      • I have always been on the “do not trade Nurse” team. But this morning I was thinking of a Nurse (who’s a RFA at seasons end) for Marner trade. Does this make sense for both teams? Also would the Leafs need to retain a million or two of Marner’s contract? Or would this weaken the Oilers defence too much? As an Oilers fan I still don’t know if I like or dislike this trade.

      • KalEl- yes kadri styats come as the 2nd line centre in Colorado not the 3rd in Toronto- take away Barrie’s time under Babcock and this was very good deal for the Leafs. kadri isn’t some 21 year old kid and if he hadn’t been suspended in 2 playoff years we aren’t having this discussion, but he did so was time to move on

        I do like your trade targets, like Ristolainen but they aren’t dealing with us, and I would love to have Dumba. Vegas is actually looking for D so doubt McNabb is available

      • Kadri has really helped the avs this yr….he is the first guy to jump in and protect makar etc when liberties are being taken and has played with multiple combinations of wingers all while staying just under the out of control line…kerfoot has not been missed and barrie while missed on pp was not a fit salary wise long term

      • Hi Kal El

        Re Murray… off-season …. certainly an option

        In season ….. should not at all be considered

        I like the MM/TJ tandem; if MM can be re-upped reasonably ….. keep him

        Returns on goalies are not that great

        I’d rather have MM/TJ tandem than either with DeSmith

        Both goalies have been great recently if you discount any time JJ is on the ice ….. in the last 12 games ; EACH of their save %’ages is at least 030 better when JJ on the bench

        Last game alone: Murray
        was 919 Sv% overall

        JJ on ice 833
        JJ off the ice 960

        JJ scored two goals …. one on his own goalie; and not just a bounce off him; he actually moved his own blade forward and pushed puck between Murray’s pads….

        remove his two goals and Pens still win …..3-2

        Murray save percentage after removing both JJ goals:

        JJ on ice 909
        JJ off the ice …. still 960

        It’s sickening

      • Wade Garrett is the best.

  2. Fox is yet another who thinks Bracco is going to be able to bring back a solid D-man like Dillon. Why would SJ want a F from the AHL who has all of 3 goals in 40gp or, for that matter, a fringe NHLer like Timashov who has 4g in 33gp? And give up a very good 5/6 pairing D-man to do it? I mean, seriously folks – get real.

    • KevJam- let me get this straight- you were thinking of a Nurse for Marner trade ? and you dont know if you like this trade for the Oilers? haha come on man
      are you just trolling Leaf fans or was this really your thought?

      • Ya Leafs would want more than just Nurse, but he is exactly what they need.
        Kevjam’s point about Marner’s salary is a real concern if you were going to consider trading for him IMO.
        How about Nurse for Nylander?
        Marner is the better player than Nylander but the $4M difference in cap hit is huge.
        Having said that I can’t see the Oil trading Nurse until they know what they have in Bouchard and Broberg. Simply moves the problem from forward to D.
        Edmonton might add some depth at the TDL if they are still in a playoff spot, but I don’t think they do much this year. They might get in but don’t believe they are a legit contender for the Cup.

      • Sam – Nurse who is a top pairing d-man who plays tough in front of his own net and also can put up the points (FYI he has more points this season than Bordie). For an overpriced immature top line winger. Yeah, I do have my concerns with this idea, but I can also see how this could work for both teams.
        This get the Leafs a d-man that they need and also frees up cap space to get another d-man signed for next season.

      • Kev Nurse is the type of dman that Toronto needs and maybe Marner is immature but Nurse won`t get you Marner. Besides Marner`s contract would be a nightmare for the oilers and Toronto`s need is a RHD

    • George, thank you for being a voice of reason.

  3. Leafs should not ; under any circumstances this year; swap a roster player for a UFA

    This is not a Cup year for Leafs

    If they miss playoffs this year (slim chance of missing; but a possibility); so be it.

    All moves need to have the true window (‘21-‘24) in mind

    Player for player (both with term)…. Oki Doki

    Re Leafs and DeSmith; good for Leafs; precarious and unnecessary move for Pens ; as moving DeSmith and then one injury to either TJ or MM will leave them with a back-up who has never played in the NHL

    Hutch would need to come in the trade; and with that move; what extra piece is amenable to both teams to make the deal worthwhile?????

    Leafs won’t (and shouldn’t) pay a second or greater; and the deal is useless for Pens swapping for a worse goalie and gaining a 3rd or less

    ….. so DeSmith to Leafs just doesn’t make sense to me

    Re Pens and Kahun …. another forward injury 😡

    Pens have space (now $6M annual added….. Guentzel) …. a top 6 winger and a 3LD…. to me; makes Pens a contender this year

    G-Chuck adds nothing to the line-up; nothing…..

    Option 1…. retain 50% and trade for “future considerations (read 7th in ‘23) if at all possible ….. frees up an additional $2.45 M(annual rate)

    Option 2…. waive … frees up $1.08 M (annual rate)… better than nothing … Bruins just did this with Backes

    Either way; more space; no real loss to production

    Knowing that Habs got Scands for a 4th; and Kovy for squat AND are trending out of playoff picture….. then

    To Habs fans ….. is there any way Bergevin takes

    1st + 4th + Simon + Laffy + G-Chuck

    For Scands + Tater-Tots + Kovy??

    Sid- Tater-Tots – McC

    Geno – Rusty – Kahun/Horny

    Bjug – *Kovy – Kahun/Horny







    *Kovy …. 2nd PP unit ; and in a pinch can slot in for emergencies; on Geno’s wing

    • Kovy has proven he has some juice left 4 goals 8 games and playing with enthusiasm.

      He would look good one the Penguins power play…. wont cost much

      • Hi BNG


        I was advocating for Jimbo to pick him up

        The contract is 2 way ….. basically zero risk

        Pens need Dumo and Shultz back ASAP…..

        Dumbo Jimb refuses to move or waive JJ….. but when Dumo returns that automatically forces JJ to 3rd pairing and drops his ice time by a minimum of 10-11 mins/game

        Dumo in/ JJ down to 3rd pairing should average 1 less GA per game

        Jimbo will go after and get a Guentzel replacement ….. but who?

        I think AA from Detrot May come cheap and just may work out fine


    • Pengy:
      “ This is not a Cup year for Leafs”
      Reminder. This time last year St Louis was climbing out of basement! Every division winner lost in 1st round of playoffs.

      • Hi Slick62

        Noted…. you are absolutely correct…. anything can (and did) happen

        However, I still stand by my assertion that this is not a Cup year for Leafs

        Will be ecstatic to be wrong 👍😀

        I have made huge errors in projections before

        In this however; I’m very confident

        I pray for me to be wrong on this ….. but……

    • For sure Joey. There may well be a team out there seeing enough in Bracco to bring him into their system to see if they could get him to become a more all-round type player … but they aren’t about to give up a Dillon to try. Nor will a fringe F like Timashov bring that quality back.

      There are any number of teams in the hunt who would like to bolster their D heading down the stretch and – hopefully – into the playoffs who would quickly trump that offer from the Leafs with far better returns for SJ.

      • For sure George. rental or not, San Jose is going to want a far better return than either of those two players you mention and would likely get it from any number of teams bidding for his services.

      • Is Jeremy Bracco this year’s Nic Petan?

  4. Leafs going no where this season….and will not go anywhere until they break the hold the big 4 have on the salary cap situation….this will not be a trade deadline solution so what IMO is left open to them at the TDL.

    Bracco and down trades….4 th rounder and down trades….and no these will not get you a solid even 5 D man with a contract extension….but the Leafs are loaded on useless D men so it MIGHT get a UFA who is an improvement on what is there now….

    I don’t know what is out there from a team bound not to make the play offs who have UFA low value D men….but that is where I would explore…

    If Dubas insists on someone with term then maybe AJ for someone equally low value with term from a team with D in the play offs that needs to strengthen forward position

    The Leafs are not now in a position of strength in the standings, in their salary cap situation nor in the D strength compared to forward strength in the roster….

    Need to wait until the season is over and then look at everything…..this is just one Leaf fan’s opinion

    • OBD

      This Leafs’ fan seconds your opinion

      Leafs won’t win this year and if spending again next year; close to 1/2 Cap on 4 forwards…. then SC in ‘21 very likely a dream

      Off season …. make the moves; re-align from top heavy to more balanced roster; improve D; improve back-up


    • OBD, thing is, with Toronto’s defence corps, they have a couple of solid young players in Sandin and Liljegren, that have been drafted and developed. As Pengy has said, the window to win won’t open this year but, if moves are made in the summer, the team could be pretty solid for the 20/21 season and beyond. A reliable second goalie might be the most important trade target at this point.

      • IMO if the Leafs can hang in there without Muzzin and Reilly they will be fine and I wouldn’t want to play them in the playoffs.
        That is a huge IF. Losing your best 2 D is huge.
        They were on a nice roll pretty recently, and this bit of adversity could be just what they need for these kids to step up and show what they are made of. The break comes at a great time for them.
        Or they could fold, and we will have our answer. As will Dubas. Big few weeks ahead in Leaf land.

      • @Ray Muzzin is back after Toronto`s all star break, so he`ll be back in the lineup next Monday so now it`s just Reilly missing and he should be back before the end of March. So it`s not quite as bad as people seem to suggest. I f Dermott can step up and play some meaningful minutes for them They`ll survive. Sandin is holding his own so far but another question is do the Leafs want to play Sandin for the 40 games this year. That factor comes into play too

    • Well, since we’re dreaming. why not Marner straight up for Karlsson. No cap impact, both signed long term.

      • @Hud: Money, cap and needs aside, Erik Karlsson is not on any TML radar

  5. Getting rid of Burns makes sense for SJ but for who else? Not Leafs..he won’t help their issues. The Leafs are a badly structured team at all levels but their biggest issue is Dubas and Shanahan who cannot build a team for the modern league. Trades for average D-man like Brodie or Hamonic won’t help either. Leafs either get much better because this core plays hard, which is unlikely, or they finish out of the playoffs behind Philly, Carolina, CBJ and Fla. I cod see them dropping below Habs and Sabres and Rangers.

  6. Re “Haggerty believes it could cost the Bruins’ their first-round pick in this year’s draft to land Kreider.”

    To me; if Kreider does in fact move; the First is a DEFINITE; and there will be something else

    I just don’t see Kreider moved for a 2nd plus a prospect

    Kreider to Bruins is a prudent move ; and then to me ; puts them way up there for ECF likelihood

    With recent surge by Bolts; I think Bruins need to make this move or something similar

    Bruins already a great team; great tandem; and best line in hockey

    As a Leafs and Pens fan; I certainly don’t wish for it; but cede the Kreider move (if done); is a great move

    • Bruins 1st is like a 2nd since it wont be top 20

      but I think Kreider will get more than a low 1st.

      it’ll be interesting to see what transpires.

      • Leafs and Tampa could try to make offers to keep Kreider out of Boston. Leafs could use Kreider, Lindgren and Georgie but so could most teams.

      • Toronto could use Georgiev but not worth trading for Kreider and Lingren scoring and LHD they have

    • Hey Pengy,
      He’ll bring back a similar return as they got from the Jets for Hayse.
      Or, they sign him, like they should.
      That’s my thoughts on Kreider, at least.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark

        Concur …. Rangers SHOULD extend him; I’m 50-50 right now on whether they actually will

        If traded … 1st plus for sure

  7. back up goalie ….most underrated position in hockey….Boston has the right idea….

  8. Last night I read an article on Boston Hockey Now site run by Jimmy Murphy, worked for different media in the New England area.

    He claiming more then one scout has reached out to him and told him not to be surprised if Sweeney traded Charlie McAvoy for a top 6 forward.

    Charlie McAvoy for a top 6 forward, first off isn’t happening for one simple reason Boston has absolutely no one to take his place on defense.

    But for fun sake i’m curious for Toronto fans trade

    William Nylander for Charlie McAvoy

    would it be straight up if not who has to add?

    • If I am TML fans I’d be all over this.

      then trade Barrie now for depth upfront like a AA in DET along with a pick.

      • @IHC: Absolutely: Drive Nylander To The Airport and buy him a one way ticket to Boston For McAvoy;

        Hasta la Vista Nylander !

    • Watching McAvoy playing every game it’s hard to understand why he isn’t better than what he’s showing, remembering when he came in as a rookie thinking ok here we go a Dman who can play D and play offense along playing point man on the PP which would allow them to use the Krug $$$ to find a scoring winger that they need for years now …. Where has that Charlie McAvoy gone ?

      • He can still play D Joe. Krug gets 3 times the PP time than McAvoy, and with the first unit. Big drop off in talent from 1st to 2nd. He gets more PK time than PP time. He has 1 PP point out of his 17.
        McAvoy is playing big minutes (most on team) and being paired with Chara means against the other teams top line. He is doing what he
        I don’t trade him and to Capers point, replace him with who?
        Will he ever be as good as Krug on the PP? Nope. Still a way more valuable player than Krug and that is today not in the future. DON’T TRADE CHARLIE SWEENEY.

      • Doing what he is asked to do.

      • He’s not scoring goals, but the kid is gonna be a good one for a long time.

      • From a leafs standpoint the thing that scares me the most is McAvoy`s contract. 2 years he`s a RFA with arbitration rights and you have to qualify him at almost 8 million yikes. Plus Toronto has Reilly and Andersen to sign that year

  9. Ray your thoughts …you think the Bruins resign UFA Krug or let him walk, probably going to take 5/ 35+

    • IF ANA and other teams need defense BOS should offer up more for picks and prospects to clear a roster spot and cap space to resign Krug. Moore’s cap on top of what Krug makes gives you that 7M contract.

      • You’re forgetting about the expansion draft.
        I believe thats why Moore was signed to that deal.

        There’s more than the 19/20 season to worry about, boys.

      • good point….. extra D to leave exposed.

    • Joe, I think they resign him.
      If I was GM, not sure I would.

  10. Chris Kreider is a LW how does that solve Boston second line RW problem?

    George O you stated yesterday that Toronto first round pick is lottery protected that is correct for top 10. If it’s the 11 overall goes to Carolina.

    Personally don’t see Toronto missing the playoffs to much talent.

    • would DeBrusk & 2nd be too much for Kreider?

      Kreider with Krejci is a nice option. His speed is unreal and a big body for the playoffs.

    • Ahh … wasn’t aware of that qualifier. Academic anyway … Leafs won’t fall that far IF they fall at all. Muzzin should be back after the break, although not having Rielly for at least 6 more weeks could bite them. Depends on how the kids react to the tighter checking hockey to come.

    • Good point Caper.
      Wingers can play their off side easier than a D man. Some actually prefer it because of the shooting angle.

  11. The Leafs probably wouldn’t trade much-maligned Cody Ceci to the Penguins for all three of Johnson, Ruhwedal, and Riikola–three of the top-six defensemen that the Penguins are winning with. Perhaps, the Leafs need to take a closer look at how their forwards play the game, rather than dismantling the team..

    On the other hand, if they would offer a forward like Kapanen to the Penguins for those three and DeSmith, the Penguins would be foolish to worry about something as far-fetched as simultaneous disabling injuries to both their roster goalies, when they have a present and dire need for a top-six wing if they are to contend for the Cup.

    • Francis S.

      You are absolutely killing me

      I’m living in the horror of JJ on Pens ; moving him brings music to my ears…..

      …..unless he is traded to Leafs ; where my nightmare then continues

      JJ moved to any team not named Leafs; OR JJ in the press box; OR JJ waived and down with WBS…… ABSOLUTE angelic music to my ears 😀

      For all the knocks people have placed in Dubas…. there is absolutely NO way he would have a trade that nets him JJ

      I want to know what Wilson will charge for a Dillon/JJ flip

      Perhaps if both are retained at 50% (note same Cap this year but Dillon UFA) ; then SJ gets JJ @ $1.625 M for 3 years….. might onlycost Pens a 1st for that deal 🤓🤪

      • Sorry, Pengy. A hockey god taught me to shoot, but not to kill. Mine was only one of those “what if” propositions. I’m a bit confused, though, because that same hockey god told me that no man can serve two masters–or two teams. Would you rather have told Dubas or Rutherford that he could get an NHL-ready defenseman from the Oilers for a sixth-round draft selection?

      • Lol

        Good one Francis

        So glad about Marino

        Since Pens already burdened with JJ; would rather have Marino as a Pen

  12. Maybe the Leafs should trade for Ron Hainsey, he knows the system and is young 38.
    Maybe Craig Anderson as well , that would get the maturity level up.
    Who couldn’t use a couple grizzled veterans.
    Maybe they get within a goal of the finals.

    • All jokes aside, they really miss the vetran presence that Hainsey, Kadri, and Marleau provided.

      Couple of more years and they’ll be a super competitive group.

      • Didn’t like to see Kadri traded. Not much choice, he couldn’t keep his emotions in control when playing Boston.
        To be honest , I wouldn’t have traded him or Matt Martin. Would’ve kept Conner Brown as well.

      • Yep. Those three, Vinnie.
        Strong characters and excellent players.
        Matt Martin is a gem.

    • Beats the Hell out of Phaneuf!

  13. Will be interesting to see how the Bruins handle this Vegas team tonight …nice spot for Trent to make a appearance

    • Moore sits.
      Lauzon steps in with Grzzzz on the 3rd pairing.

      Ryan Reeves is not an ideal test for young Fredric.

      • If Trent Federick was brought up and for the sole purpose of fighting. Leave him in the Ahl where he can develop his game.

      • Ya that would be a mistake Caper. Don’t think that is why as he has been playing well in Providence. They could use a spark and Frederic deserves a look.
        That said he likely wouldn’t back down either, which is both good and possibly real bad.

      • Right they will just let Chara handle Reaves if needed

      • No thanks Joe.
        I think Chara knows better and that it is a bad trade off.
        Unless Reeves is crossing the line, then closest guy goes in and hangs on. Can’t see Boston putting Chara out to defend against Reeves too often, not like he is an offensive threat.
        Frederic will be jacked and may think taking on Reeves will help his cause for sticking with the big club and he gives it a go. Should be able to hang on without getting pumped too bad, which is easy to say from here.

      • No on the Bruins should be fighting Reeves.
        Especially Chara.
        Terrible trade off.
        I think young Fredric is fighting so much just to make room for himself.
        The kid reminds me of a tougher, better skating Dave Backes.
        He’s certainly not being groomed to be a slopperknocker.

        Tyler Randell is probably floating around somewhere, Joe.
        He can fight em.

      • Ray …. was putting that out there because they have nobody right now …

      • Tyler Randell … lol

  14. Leafs are already a super competitive group but being competitive and winning Lord Stanley are two different things Toronto won’t win until cap rises a whole bunch or they move one of their 11 million dollar players and sign 2 big strong stay at home D men. Heard a rumor from reliable source I believe Taylor Hall wants to be a Bruin time will tell can’t see them fitting him in unless under 8 million and they don’t resign Krug.

    • I’ve also heard the Hall rumour, albeit this was several years ago.

      To your point, Obe.
      Super competitive? Yes.
      Championship material? No.
      I’ve been saying it for sometime now, they need additional goaltending and a couple more reliable defensemen.
      A vetran who has been a winner before, wouldn’t hurt.

      Not gonna lie, the emotional rollercoaster that is the “new” Leaf fan is incredible to watch and read.
      Chalk it up to unbridled enthusiasm and a sad mix of ignorance. Their $20 is worth more than everyone else’s $20, somehow or another.

      Not you older gentlemen, by the way, and I’m certain you know who you are.

      • Would you guys want Boston to sign Hall for 8-9 million?
        Not sure I would.
        Yes I am negative on Hall.

      • Hey Ray. Thats a big fat no from me.
        I’ve moved 180° on Hall.

  15. Went to see the leafs Calgary game last Thursday and saw Phaneuf following around Shanahan. I’ve always been a critic of Phaneuf too slow always out of position but a lot of that can be remedied by having him as a 6th or 7th defenseman who will provide some grit for league min salary. I think there might be a chance they will consider this by the playoffs. They made an attempt to sign Justin Williams so that should be a hint that they aren’t willing to take risks on older players who have been out for a while for a short term fix. I would pair up pylon with Ceci as your bottom two, keep Sandin as your seventh, and trade for a backup and a sold checking unit. That means four new bodies in and anywhere from 4-6 bodies out.

    • Dion is learning from, and picking Shanny’s brain.
      My guess, and I hope I’m right, is that he will be the replacement for George Parros.

  16. Pageau to the Bruins. Ottawa will take their late 1st round pick. He’s this year’s Chris Kelly. They win the cup with a little extra responsibility up the middle or on the wing and on the PK.

    • I like the player, but he’s putting up the numbers he is playing 1st line minutes.

      Could he continue his pace playing 8 less minutes per game?

      Not saying Dorian won’t get a 1st for him, but I’d rather if it wasn’t Boston who pays for him.

      I’ll pass on both him and the Duke, just to be safe.

      I’ll take Tyler Ennis for a late pick though.

  17. The likely available trade that is out there for Calgary is Kapannen and Ceci for Bennett and hamonic with retained salary on Ceci to make cap hits equal. As far as georgiev bracco a ny kid, and any combo of timashov, gauthier, petan, and late round picks (leads have 7 of those or even their extra 4th). Those picks could also be used to sweeten the deal with flames.

    • I don’t think Hamonic want’s to move back East.
      Not sure if Tre would move him or not?

      I don’t want Bennett on the Leafs.
      He’s a sandpaper kind of player who would fit in anywhere. Just a bugger to play against.

      You will have to pay more than that for that goalie though……..if he’s moved within the Eastern conference at least.

      • Talk in Calgary is that they don’t want to move Hamonic or Bennett because of the sand paper you mention Shoreorrpark. Not like they are loaded with those types of guys. Have Lucic but he isn’t gonna check anybody who can skate. They are also hoping Valimaki is back in March, which makes Brodie expendable. Pretty serious injury though, usually takes an entire offseason to fully recover from once you have healed, or at least it used to.

      • Yeah Ray, I like both players.
        You can win with guys like that.
        Great complimentary players.
        Valimaki is a future “Striker stud”.

      • I honestly don’t think the Flames will trade a defensemen this season.
        Treliving likes to have a lot of depth at that position going into the playoffs.

        The move I can see happening is they will extend Hamonic then trade him to Winnipeg in the off season for a forward.
        The Flames have Valimaki but cannot count on him for this season.

        I think Valimaki has the potential to be one of the 10 best defensemen in the LEAGUE and will be the Flames best defensemen in a few years.
        He is a stud!!

  18. Charlie is playing fine seems to get hit often has to watch when close to boards I’ve never considered him offensive. Krug and Grizzz are better offensively. Can’t see Boston trading Charlie he says he wants to be there his whole career. If he doesn’t get Leaf greedy and signs a normal contract they will lock him up long term.

  19. I can see the flames wouldn’t want to trade hamonic or maybe Bennett. I’m just saying that would be the cost to make a deal for kappy with leafs.