NHL Rumor Mill – January 4, 2020

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Potential trade destinations for Chris Kreider, potential trade targets for the Flames, plus the latest on the Predators and Jets in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: suggests the St. Louis Blues, Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, and Colorado Avalanche as possible destinations for Chris Kreider if the New York Rangers decide to move him before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Which clubs will get into the bidding for New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Blues could use a short-term replacement for sidelined winger Vladimir Tarasenko. With Tarasenko on long-term injury reserve, they have the cap space to take on Kreider’s $4.65-million annual average salary. The Blues are currently riding high in the Western Conference standings, so there’s no pressure on general manager Doug Armstrong to make a major move.

Kreider would provide a welcome boost to the Bruins’ secondary scoring, but they’d have to clear salary-cap space to make room for him. Ditto the injury-riddled Penguins. The Avalanche, meanwhile, have plenty of cap space for Kreider and to add another impact player if they wish. He would give them additional secondary scoring depth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Avs appear in the best position to take a run at Kreider. Having passed on Taylor Hall, he could be a more affordable option.

The Blues could pursue Kreider if Tarasenko isn’t expected back until the playoffs. Even then, Armstrong could be reluctant to tinker too much with his club’s winning chemistry.

The Bruins and Penguins definitely could use Kreider, but it could cost them a good young roster player. It means shedding salary even if the Rangers are willing to pick up part of Kreider’s.


SPORTSNET: Eric Francis suggested Kreider, Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli, Florida Panthers winger Mike Hoffman, Edmonton Oilers winger Zack Kassian, and Florida Panthers winger Evgenii Dadonov as trade targets for the Calgary Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flames need another top-six forward, preferably a winger. Toffoli seems the best fit, depending on what the Kings seek in return.

Kreider has a modified no-trade clause. The Flames might not be among his preferred destinations.

As long as the Panthers remain in the playoff chase, they’re not parting with pending UFAs Hoffman and Dadonov. Ditto Kassian to the Flames. Indeed, I think the Oilers intend to re-sign him.


YAHOO! SPORTS: Thomas Williams cites Nashville Predators GM David Poile telling a local radio station he isn’t considering replacing head coach Peter Laviolette. With the Predators struggling and the Feb. 24 trade deadline on the horizon, Williams speculates they could be buyers or sellers depending on where they are in the standings in the coming weeks.

“I think the standings are so close right now that when things get closer to the trade deadline, you could possibly see more action,” Poile said. “I guess the point I’m saying today is, sitting here outside of the playoffs, we have for the last several years been buyers at the trading deadline. If we don’t improve here shortly, we might be a seller for the first time in a number of years.

“I’m hoping that’s not the case, but as I said, I am open for business and I’m certainly going to be willing to listen to different teams’ thought processes on any of our players at this point.”


  1. Penguins wouldn’t need shed salary anymore than the Blues would. The Penguins have will plenty of money at the deadline, they even do now if you check, and will have only more once Guentzel is put on LTIR.

    • Putting Guentzel on LTIR would free up sufficient cap space for Kreider. They’d have to as they’re currently still pressed for cap space (just over $2 million) and wouldn’t have enough to take on Kreider’s cap hit unless the Rangers picked up part of it. Still, Rutherford could prefer sending out a salaried player to avoid any potential complications. He’s indicated Galchenyuk could be odd man out once his roster gets healthier, and that might still hold true if no one else gets hurt. Coming up with a suitable return will also be a factor. I doubt the Rangers want Galchenyuk as part of the return for Kreider. Their asking price could be a first-round pick, which Rutherford has previously indicated he’s reluctant to part with.

      • I think Rutherford has also stated that he would rather give up draft picks as opposed to top prospects. I don’t think he would include a Poulin or Legare in any deal but maybe someone like Addison or Hallender.

      • With the strength of the upcoming draft class I’m not sure any of the current rentals discussed will get 1st rounders.

      • Watching how the Leafs and BP work the SC, I would imagine the Pens can make it work with some of their long term injuries. Besides someone will buy low on Gally if they really need to move him

    • Hunch , Penguins trade for a winger ? center ( prefer right handed shot ) , a player not rumored traded consistently ( Rumor Mill ).

      1st round draft pick for Kreider is steep !

  2. Kreider to Boston. homecoming. plenty of stories during their playoff run

  3. Thank goodness the flames scouting department is good because Treliving keeps trading away draft picks.

    Out of the players mentioned I think Toffoli might be the best fit, he is a RW. Unfortunately LA will want a draft pick and a player.
    Looking at the Flames young players a guy like Adam Ruzicka and a 2nd round pick might do it. Ruzicka is 20 year old center/RW

    Silverseven what are your thoughts?

    • Shouldn’t the Flames focus on moving their problems before buying more ?

  4. I think Kreider is an ideal fit for Calgary and probably up to him if it can even happen. The Flames history is to sign the player so that may be a factor with him or Toffoli

    Jankowski-a former first, big centre. A 25 yrs old and $1.6m that is not bad on the PK. But no points.
    Coming into his age prime and a “fresh Start ” written all over the kid asa 3/4 center man
    Plus a second (Rangers who need to replace one) and a minor league player .

    Flames will now be getting a higher 4th in addition to an extra third after 21 goals in the Real Deal James Neal Deal so giving up the pick shouldn’t sting too much

    • Jankowski would fill a need and i assume strome moves back to wing if kreider moved.
      strome seems candidate to be resigned over kreider

    • I think Kreider is a better player, If he accepts a trade to Calgary I’m not sure he would sign to play here. I think if they go after Toffoli they have a good chance to sign him. It also depends on what they have to give up to get each player.
      I don’t mind giving up Jankowski and a second for Kreider.
      I just hope the Flames don’t trade their first in any deal

    • Most are thinking Kreider will generate a bidding war. I can’t see how they settle for a struggling 25 year old with one point and a 2nd rounder.

      I’m positive they could do better than that.

  5. Didn’t know Kassian was a possible trade candidate. If so….
    Nylander to the Oilers
    Kassian and Larsson to the Leafs with possible pick if Leafs can resign Zack.

    • Again, u dont trade elite offensive talent…ever. it is always a bad move.

      • I understand. However, Having too much offensive talent isn’t going to win playoff games. You need some Wendel Clark type players.

      • I get what you’re saying…. but Wendal Clarke probably isn’t a shining example of “winning in the playoffs “

        Mike Rupp has more cups. 😜

      • Mike rupp. While I liked the guy. Is kinda a weird go to choice when making these kind of statements. If the hundreds or thousands of players you could use… how do you keep coming up with mike rupp?

      • I explained why I use him all the time a while back.

        In this particular case, it makes perfect sense. Wendal Clark never won a cup. Mike Rupp ( not a very good player ) has won a cup.

        The reason I use Rupp so much is he is a great / horrible example in so many ways.

        When people talk 1st round draft pick value…. Mike Rupp.

        People use size , … Mike Rupp.

        People use “he won a cup, and that has some kind of added worth”( in trade value or contracts)…… Mike Rupp

        “He had a game winning goal in the playoffs” ( like this is some valuable stat the make a player more desirable)…..

        Game winning/ cup clinching goal…. Mike Rupp…. check.

        “Former 1st round pick” when talking trade value….that really never panned out….. Mike Rupp…

      • He’s also a balls to the wall cool color commentator. You forgot that.

    • Ken Holland here, yes, Yes guy.

      • Wendell Clark, yes; Kassian, hmmm.

  6. I don’t know at what point secondary scoring becomes primary scoring, but if Kreider is a secondary scorer, Guentzel must surely define a primary scorer. If Guentzel is out for the season and the playoffs. would the Penguins conclude that he must be replaced with another primary scorer if they are to have a chance to win a Cup?

    Before there was Kessel, the Penguins were said to be interested in Evander Kane. Presently, the Sharks are dissappointed in Martin Jones, and might not think of 30-year-old Aaron Dell as his replacement. It’s unlikely that Matt Murray is as alluring as he once was, but perhaps he would be enticing to a team in the Shark’s position. Maybe, not in a 1-for-1 trade, but as an article in a trade.

    Unlike a rental, Kane is contracted for several years at $7 million, but that is about what the cost of resigning Murray would be. Minus the salaries of Guentzel and Murray, the Penguins could afford Kane this season if he doesn’t use hit NTC to prevent it. In addition to primary scoring, he would provide a physical presence that the Penguins now lack. He supposedly has character issues, but that might provide incentive for the Sharks to shed him.

    • Jones is no longer starting, and I do think Sharks may be shopping him. Dell has history with Boughner, and unless the wheels fall off, don’t see him relinquishing starting role. That said, Dell is definitely not long-term solution. Murray would be an interesting swap. As far as Kane goes, love him in the Sharks lineup, but his game becomes frustrating when he’s not mentally into it. Sharks could use the cap relief, but a big void to fill.

      • SJ want a goalie?

        to NYR: Dell & LeBanc
        to SJ: Hank & Andersson



  7. Flames & Pitts make trade?

    Flames want winger
    Pitts wants cap space

    to Pitts: Jankowski
    to CGY: AG

    what else would have to happen to make the #’s work?

    • I think the Flames are looking for a winger to play in their top six, not someone’s retread
      Sorry ihatecrosby AG is a non starter

      • completely understand as AG has not panned out.

        i do not get to watch CGY ever. is Bennett in the bottom 6 now? would he move up or backhand and then AG fits in the bottom?

        but i do understand what you are saying.

      • Bennet is hard to describe, he is playing in the bottom 6, doesn’t score much but the times the Flames have gotten into the playoffs he is usually one of their best performers.
        So your damned if you trade him and damned if you don’t.
        Probably never get full value for him so that’s why it would be doubtful he ever gets traded

      • I’m confused? I’m no fan of Galchenyuk, and usually not a fan of Ihc’s trade proposals


        Galchenyuk looks like Mcdavid vs. Jankowski at this point.

  8. Sam Bennett is indeed hard to describe. He was supposed to be the Flames number 1 or 2 center, and each time someone was injured and he played in the top six (particularly in the number 1 center role alongside Gaudreau) he flourished.

    I really don’t understand why every Flames coach that he has played under has not given him the chance to stay in the top six for more than a game or two at a time. Especially because the Flames seem to think he is too valuable to trade. If that is so, then give him a damn chance on a scoring line!! You can’t play your way in to top six minutes when you’re only penalty killing and getting third or fourth line minutes.

    That being said, he would absolutely get a chance to play on the left side with either Matthews or Tavares, so how about Bennett for Nylander?

    Problem is, Nylander suddenly has amazing chemistry with Tavares, and Marner with Matthews, so those two lines are pretty much set in stone now with regard to centers and right wingers.

    Doesn’t look like Willy is going anywhere now!

    • Augustus,
      Trading Bennet for Nylander would seem like one sided for the Flames, except the Flames already have a goal scoring shrinking violet in the playoffs, his name is Gaudreau. To have two of them I don’t think they would ever have success in the playoffs.

      I would guarantee if Bennet played in Toronto the fans would hate him from October to April but love him in the Playoffs.

  9. The Rangers are the youngest team in the league. Their “veterans” are young ! You keep trading players that 21 year olds need to be with. Kreider is a great player for the “kids” to be around. A physical specimen and VERY bright. (Multiple languages) It’s stupid to trade him away. You build with him. Hayes, Zucc, etc. When does it stop?

    • So they should have spent a combined 13 million and tied up Hayes for 7 years, Zuccarello for 5, and now Kreider for 6-7 million for 5-7 years(totaling 19-20 million) while they have the unmovable contracts of Lundqvist, Staal and Smith (combined 18.5 million)?

      How did this team do all that and sign Trouba and Panarin?

      It’s called a rebuilding process…

      Or they were winning with Hayes and Zuccarello….. minus Panarin and Trouba?

      • Yes, it’s rebuilding and a process. Who do the young players look to for guidance/input?

      • So NY should have given Hayes 7×7 for being a mentor and leadership?

        I’ll pass on that. Panarin, Zibanejad etc. for Guidance…. I’m not forking over 25% of the cap on Hayes, Zuccarello and Kreider for that term for guidance….

        what you’re asking is impossible from a cap perspective. Hayes and Zuccarello mean no Panarin and Trouba.

        Kreider will mean no Strome, Deangelo and Lemieux. At least 2 of the 3 will be gone.

        I’d prefer to keep Kreider (certainly not for 7 years) but it’s not really going to be possible.

        Never a fan of signing Panarin…. but he’s much better than Hayes… not even close!

        Huge Zuccarello fan, but was he needed over a guy like Trouba? I sure as hell don’t think so.

        I’d sooner sign Mike Rupp to a 4 year deal.

        See what I did there Chrism?.🤪

      • Nice.

  10. As stated during last offseason Kreider check all the boxes for the Bruins who can play on 1st or 2nd line but they continue to go with bandaids

    • What does he end up costing?
      Can he be re signed?
      Have you seen the cat, today?
      I’ve checked everywhere.

      • Who’s that for ?

  11. For Kreider, you find a way to make it work. You capitalize on a player’s desire to stay, (if it’s there) and a contract a team can live with. If dollars and term, for the player don’t work, the team moves on. Would have liked to see that happen with Zucc. No comment re : Hayes.