Rielly’s Broken Foot Could Spell Disaster For Maple Leafs

by | Jan 14, 2020 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. How is he healing from the fourth degree burns from McDavid?

  2. Truth be known, as much as it pains me to say, being a seller at the deadline might be a better idea than trying to attempt to salvage and squeak into the playoffs with no real horses left to win any playoff rounds.

    Even if Reilly and/or Muzzin, return late in March, and return to game shape, it all comes down to Freddie.

    Hutch just isn’t good enough, and unless they can address that without getting mugged by another GM, I see this year as a write off.

    • was at the game sunday nite, and it seemed every defenseman on the leafs had a fractured foot.panthers defense only slightly better. it was bettmans new slicked up nhl, devoid of ANY hitting.

      • In other words, glorified shinny. That’s what the game is becoming – at least during the regular season. If the same rules ever start to apply in the playoffs as well, it becomes an elevated fat & lean league with everybody flitting around with their heads down.

        But it’s not just hockey where the game is changing. In one f the college bowl games, a Michigan defensive lineman was called for “unnecessary roughness” after sacking the QB and when some in the broadcast booth were wondering out loud how that could be called, were told that it was likely because the lineman “allowed the excess weight of his body to land on the QB when tackling him”!!! Jaysus