Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 5, 2020

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Updates on Tyler Toffoli, Matt Murray, and Jean-Gabriel Pageau, plus updates on the Flames and Predators in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli could be moved by the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Word among league executives is the pending UFA could be available.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports the Colorado Avalanche are being linked to Toffoli. He observes the Kings had a scout at the recent game between the Avalanche and New Jersey Devils. He also cites a source claiming the Avs and Kings could be trade partners before the Feb. 24 deadline. Dater believes that doesn’t mean the Avs are no longer interested in New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider, but it’s uncertain if the Rangers have him on the trade block.

Could the Colorado Avalanche pursue LA Kings winger Tyler Toffoli? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Toffoli will be moved by deadline day, and it wouldn’t surprise me if the Avs are among the suitors. As for the Kings scouting the Avs-Devils games, it could be because they’ll face both clubs next month.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports there’s talk the Boston Bruins are among the clubs interested in New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider. The Rangers, however, haven’t decided if they’ll shop him.

With Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry playing well, Garrioch wonders about Matt Murray’s future in Pittsburgh. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. Garrioch doubts the two-time Stanley Cup champion will be moved this season, but his situation could be worth monitoring in the offseason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Jarry should carry the Penguins on a deep playoff run this spring, perhaps Murray hits the trade block leading up to the 2020 NHL Draft weekend in June.

Garrioch cites a couple of league executives suggesting every team in the hunt for a playoff spot will be interested in Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. The Penguins, Flames, Bruins, Oilers, Jets, and Avs could be among the suitors, but the Senators are expected to hold contract talks with the pending UFA before reaching a decision.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unlike previous notable Senators UFAs, there’s been little new regarding Pageau’s contract status and whether he’ll be available by the deadline. He could be shopped, but no certainty’s going to happen. The Senators are a promising club and Pageau is an Ottawa native, so perhaps he’ll stay put if he gets a suitable contract offer.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Calgary Flames freed up salary-cap space by trading winger Michael Frolik ($4.3 million) to the Buffalo Sabres last week. General manager Brad Treliving would like to add some scoring help.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports the Flames aren’t that interested in signing rental players, preferring to add a player with term remaining on his contract. They have over $4.8 million in cap space, and Treliving has indicated he intends to use it before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Elias Lindholm’s role in the roster will also be a factor. If he’s a center, Friedman believes they’ll look for right wingers. If he moves back to the right wing, they’ll consider other options.


OTTAWA SUN: With the Nashville Predators struggling, Bruce Garrioch reports there’s no shortage of talk suggesting head coach Peter Laviolette is on the hot seat. In a radio interview last week. Predators GM David Poile didn’t exactly give Laviolette a ringing endorsement, saying he’s not contemplating a coaching change “at this time”. Garrioch suggests former New Jersey Devils bench boss John Hynes as a possible replacement for Laviolette.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman noted Poile said he’s not replacing Laviolette, but he’s burning up the phone lines to see what’s out there in the trade market. If the Predators don’t improve soon, Friedman speculates some kind of roster change could be coming.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Predators fail to gain ground in the standings, Poile could become a seller rather than a buyer. That could mean shipping out pending UFA forwards Mikael Granlund and Craig Smith, and perhaps continuing his efforts to shop Kyle Turris. If a coaching change is necessary, it could come in the offseason.


  1. I believe the Bruins Drafts of 2015 & 2016 were to form a future of the Bruins team in which they drafted 9 players that were either 1st or 2nd rd picks ….so far a lot of swing & misses here …..Zuboril,Debrusk,Senyshun,Carlo,Karlsson,Lauzon,McAvoy,
    Frederic & Senyshyn…
    Carlo,McAvoy & Debrusk are the best of this group and Debrusk will probably leave the Bruins at some point in part of a deal

    • yeah 2015 Draft for the Bruins…the 3 picks after the B’s picks all 1st liners… so close

      • Right a Barzal,Connor & Chabot draft would’ve been awesome…

    • They really screwed up on these picks.
      I was watching the draft when Debrincat was available and they reached for Frederick. Senyshyn was another reach pick.
      Can’t do that in the first round.

    • McAvoy, DeBrusk and Carlo were all excellent picks. Carlo has finally found his offensive side this season. However, his biggest value is his solid defensive play. He’s also big, in an era of small defencemen. Trent Frederic will be a solid bottom six guy. He’s also gritty and leads the AHL in both penalty minutes and number of fights. 🙂 Senyshyn had finally made the B’s but got injured. So, I wouldn’t count him out. As for Lauzon and Zboril, they’re both NHL ready, but the Bruins are so deep on the back end, that they can’t make the jump. They would both be playing regularly, with weaker clubs. So, yes, the Bruins could have done better, but they duid get two excellent d’men in Carlo and McAvoy, and a good power forward in DeBrusk. The only total bust may be Jacob Forsbecka-Karlsson.

      Frederic & Senyshyn…

  2. I don’t think murrays play this season would significantly impact his value when teams look at his overall body of work and age. That being said goalies don’t have a ton of return value. If we look at the best return for a goalie recently you have to put the 9th overall for schneider at the top. I highly doubt Murray gets a top ten pick. Possibly a late 1st towards the end of the draft. But would those teams that were successful in the playoffs need a goalie? Probably not. So…. it would be a team picking earlier. Long story short I would put the value at a second and prospect or decent roster player.

    • Hi Chrisms

      Pens under no circumstance, should trade Murray this season

      Way too much of a gamble; moves DeSmith as back up and then any injury to Jarry and/or DeSmith …. very precarious

      MM has won the last two starts and has played great …. save percentage of 921 (Big NOTE …. his save percentage when JJ OFF the ice for those two games …. 947!!)

      Funny aside… DeSmith was supposed to be back-up last night but he couldn’t find his passport🤪🤪🤪so they dressed Larmi

      Larmi’s sal when in WBS is about (give or take ) $850/game

      Pens had to pay him (Larmi) his NHL rate just to dress for the Habs game … a little over $9,600….. close to $8,800 in bonus …. he owes DeSmith a very nice dinner and drinks night out 🙂

      • I was referring to the off season Pre draft.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Sorry I was concurring with you (re not worth trading in season) and expanding on my thoughts to back you up

        Im hoping the recent Murray continues

        I’d still move Bjug and G-Chuck soon

        I’d love for that rumoured Chi deal to come through …. G-Chuck, JJ , pick for Saad

        Pens sitting with Bjug on IR giving Pens zero production there and nigh zero before that ; and G-Chuck not giving much production at all …. that’s $9M in Cap space!!!

        Pens depth coming through but how long can they continue to tread above water

      • That deal is really goofy. I realize saad is overpaid but jj adds negative value. Even if gchuck was flipped for a mid round pick I can’t see Chicago trading saad for a mid round pick jj and even a 1st. Saad should get Chicago a decent pick on his own. Taking jj essentially for a 1st is an expensive purchase of a likely late 1st rounder.

      • A player switches teams often takes time learning his new team’s system. Granted first half of last season Jack Johnson wasn’t playing his natural side. This season JJ much better player compared to last season. +8 pretty good and JJ key member Penguins’ PK. JJ also is one Crosby’s good friends.

  3. I still think Rangers are working on keeping Kreider. I don’t see trading him for draft picks alone. That would be a step back. Boston should bring back the best return as I can see them as a team he’d sign extension with. I would want a kid like DeBrusk though. Kind of like the Brassard/ Zib trade, Rangers would get a younger guy coming into his prime. Add a 3rd and a conditional 2nd and it’s a deal. Normally I wouldn’t want to trade to East team, but Boston’s window will be closing as Rangers start looking at being a contender. I prefer keeping Kreider for rest of his career, but I don’t think he should get more than 5.5-6 mil per. DeBrusk could be a nice replacement piece as he’s put up 40+ points each year so far.

    • Wouldn’t mind giving up a DeBrusk in part of a trade for Kreider as long as they can resign him which would probably mean bye to Krug at season end

      • I’m leaning more and more against resigning Krug.
        He’s to small hasn’t looked great this year.
        Can sign a decent shutdown defenseman for less.
        I would actually trade him to a western conference contender for a first rounder and top prospect which could probably be had.

      • I wouldn’t include DeBrusk in a trade for Kreider. I wouldn’t trade him straight up even if you could sign him.
        Kreider is a slightly better than DeBrusk today, but also does and will cost a lot more. Also it creates another hole in your top 6.
        If the B’s go for scoring help, which seems like a no brainer, deal picks or from their position of depth, young D.
        I think Sweeney waits until closer to the TDL and for some other teams to fall out of the playoff race. Hopefully Florida and Dadonov comes available. All the guy does is score goals and be productive. Or Palmieri, who is also signed for next season.

      • Ray Bark. I think right now Kreider is definitely an upgrade over DeBrusk. Bruins window is now and I think that’s what kind of return Rangers would want. A lot of your core players are on wrong side of 30. The whole idea of teams looking to add Kreider is to win now. You can keep DeBrusk cause he’s younger and cheaper, but does that give you a better chance at a cup? If so, then they don’t do it, but there will be other teams that are willing to pull the trigger and that will drive up the price. As I said, I’d prefer to keep him, but if Rangers do move him, I think they’d prefer an nhl ready younger player over late round draft picks that may or may not play 3 years down the road. Always thought Colombus could be a destination as they lost Panarin. I’m sure Torts would love to have him, and we already no Av’s might have been close to acquiring him in summer.

      • Lol@ Slick trying to sell Ray a used car.

        Read it back from the perspective of the other team, and not your Rags.

        You guys, sometimes I wonder if you even pay attention to anything outside of your own team(s).

  4. Bergevin is not done dealing either and may pursue the big centre or backup that the Habs still need. If they’re out if the playoffs by deadline Byron could be on the move. If not he may target a team like Columbus that has to admit by now they are rebuilding and may target Jones or Dubois. Draft picks would certainly be part of those deals and he has plenty in the cupboard.

    • Ummm…Colombus is ahead of Montreal in the standings.

      ?Who should be in a re-build?

      • Chris Kreider has more career playoff goals than Rick Nash, that shows you want a Bum Nash was

      • That’s a horrible comparison considering Nash played 4 playoff games in his 10 years in Columbus. While Kreiders 1st nhl game was a playoff game…. and NY was a contender most of his career.

        That would be like me comparing Eichels zero playoff goals to 🤪🤪🤪Mike Rupps 🤪🤪🤪 2 playoff goals.

      • This is becoming positively delightful!

    • Dubois is 21, Jones is 25. Rebuild or no rebuild… why on earth would you start a rebuild…. by trading 2 players that are that young?

      These are the players you build around. You don’t trade a 21 year old for an 18 year old.

    • Imagine if Colorado traded McKinnon after the departures of Stastny, O’Reilly And Duchene as part of a rebuild process?

  5. If I’m Bruins I don’t move Debrusk as part of deal unless getting a stud back. Kreider is ok but no stud Jake has tons of potential just needs a good stretch of games to gain confidence. Boston has one terrific line and a bunch of hard working average players. Bruins defense is better than average and Rask was unbelievable last playoffs that’s why they made finals. Bruins need a couple of bigger bodies that can’t skate like a Kassian.

    • Kassian would be great for Boston. I just don’t think the Oilers move him unless his contract demands are crazy.
      The Oil gave him a shot and took a chance on him when he was tossed to the curb. Now he is playing with McDavid. There is loyalty their on both sides. I think they will offer him a “fair” deal, but less than he would get on the open market. I could be wrong but I think he understands that he is in a good situation here in Edmonton and accepts it.

      • Ray, wondering would Kassian be an excellent pickup by Boston? As you stated he’s playing with McDavid, not sure he would generate close to that playing with Krejci who likes to slow the pace as to McDavid high octane. Personally i think there is better fits than Kassian although he would give them the grit they are missing.

      • Fair point Caper, he likely would score less. But the guys can skate, has hands, hockey sense, physical and will throw em against anybody.
        I’m thinking against teams like WSH and STL. Thinking it would make Joe happy!
        How about Akil flippin’ Thomas. What a goal.

  6. A Dubois Jones conversation is a non starter.

    Flames will revisit Zucker when he is healthy . Jankowski and a pick

  7. Ray …..make it happen with Kassian and bring along Ross the Boss too