Top Trade Bait in the Weekly NHL Rumor Roundup

by | Jan 23, 2020 | Rumors | 4 comments



  1. If the Pageau camp continues to talk about a deal in excess of 4 years for an annual cap hit north of $4.5 mil, colour him gone at the deadline. UNLESS that neck injury turns out to be something that will continue to affect him for weeks on end (along the lines of the Crosby injury a number of seasons back). Then, of course, he goes nowhere and and enters the UFA market later this spring.

    If the neck problem is minor and he’s ready to go after the break, I can see him going to the Islanders because, as Wassel points out, his game fits right in with Trotz’s system. In fact, I can see that deal happening in advance of the deadline in keeping with Lamoriello’s “jump in first” philosophy.

  2. I’ll say it again

    Bergevin pick up of Kovy ….. brilliant!!!!

    You can’t get a better deal…
    1) it’s a two-way so if he was absolutely horrific (which he wasn’t and isn’t) he could be sent down

    2) when up …$700 K annual… can’t pay less at NHL level

    3) the pick-up cost was ZERO in assets

    4) If he plays well (which he has been) and he helps you into the playoffs ….. fantastic…. the most Habs on hook for is about $340 K

    5) If he plays well (yes …. see above) and Habs don’t get in…. Kovy gets some return at TDL

    It looks like (as at now); # 5 above is most likely….

    ….so , the cash rich Habs will end up paying in around $150 K to get prob around 8Gs and 8A’s (or thereabouts); PLUS a pick (3rd I would suspect)

    Kudos GMMB 👍

    • As a follow up…. again I would love:

      1st + 4th + Simon + Laffy + G-Chuck

      For Scands + Tater-Tots + Kovy

      Sid- Tater-Tots – McC

      Geno – Rusty – Kahun/Horny

      Bjug – *Kovy – Kahun/Horny







      *Kovy …. 2nd PP unit ; and in a pinch can slot in for emergencies; on Geno’s wing


  3. The picks are nice in the deal but neither Tatar nor Petry should be shopped this trade deadline. Each have term left and are integral to the Habs. MB, I think, will retain them. Also, the Galchenyuk train has very much left the station. Nopace for him in Mtl. Kovy should be traded for the best return. Explore re-signing him in the summer. No idea/thoughts on Scandella. Trade and re-sign maybe (if possible)?