NHL Rumor Mill – February 1, 2020

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The latest on the Stars, Hurricanes, and Panthers, plus updates on Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Andreas Athanasiou and Pavel Buchnevich in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Mike Heika was asked which players the Dallas Stars could target to bolster their offense before the Feb, 24 trade deadline.

He listed New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider, Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli, and Chicago Blackhawks winger Brandon Saad as the three easiest targets, though they’re also going to cost the most in terms of draft picks and prospects. He also suggested Montreal’s Ilya Kovalchuk or Pittsburgh’s Alex Galchenyuk as bargain options.

THE ATHLETIC: Sean Shapiro suggests it could cost the Stars a first-round pick or a young NHL-ready forward for Kreider. The New Jersey Devils could seek a return for Kyle Palmieri comparable to what they got for Taylor Hall. In other words, a first-round pick or a conditional pick that could become a first, a good prospect or young player, and perhaps a second-round selection.

The asking price for Toffoli could be a second-round pick and a B-level prospect. Galchenyuk could cost a conditional fourth-rounder. It could take a first-round pick to get winger Josh Anderson from the Columbus Blue Jackets or center Jean-Gabriel Pageau from the Ottawa Senators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stars GM Jim Nill doesn’t sound keen to part with first-round picks. He also lacks second- and third-round picks in this year’s draft. I don’t doubt he’s monitoring the trade market, but he could be looking for bargains.

What type of return could the Ottawa Senators receive for Jean-Gabriel Pageau in the trade market? (Photo via NHL Images)


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun recently examined the potential trade market for Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. He’s skeptical the Sens could get a first-round pick in return because many GMs are reluctant to part with such picks this year.

Some clubs that could be a good fit for Pageau, such as the Edmonton Oilers, aren’t guaranteed to reach this year’s playoffs, making them unwilling to part with a first-rounder for a rental player. LeBrun speculates they could try to make it work with a conditional second based on how far the Oilers advance in the 2020 playoffs.

LeBrun also listed the New York Islanders, Dallas Stars, Philadelphia Flyers, and Calgary Flames as possible landing spots for Pageau. Conditions could also apply with those clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Pageau is enjoying a career season in his contract year, but the ongoing assessment among observers is he’s best suited for second- or third-line duty. A legitimate playoff contender won’t give up a first-round selection for a depth player, or at least, they shouldn’t give up that much. If the Senators shop him, perhaps they’ll attempt to land a promising young player and a decent prospect.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks wonders if Pavel Buchnevich could be part of the Rangers’ trade-deadline plans. He speculates they could opt to trade the 24-year-old winger’s skill game for one “with a more north-south, hard-hat mentality.” Brooks also acknowledged Buchnevich’s talent and affordable $3.25-million annual average value could make him worth retaining.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After tallying career-high 21 goals last season, Buchenvich is on pace for 15 in 2019-20. He’s also on track for 45 points, which would be eight more than what he had in 2018-19. He’s in the first year of a two-year contract and will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer.

Rangers management isn’t under any pressure to move him. One can’t dismiss the possibility of Buchnevich getting traded, but that move might be better suited for the off-season when he might fetch a better return.


KUKLA’S KORNER: cites tweets by Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson linking the Oilers to Detroit Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou. He thinks Oilers GM Ken Holland wants to add more speed to his forward lines. Athanasiou is having a lousy year in Detroit, but Matheson considers him a top-six forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As former Red Wings GM, Holland also knows Athanasiou’s strengths and weaknesses. The versatile 25-year-old tallied a career-high 30 goals last season. He’s currently sidelined by a lower-body injury but could be a good addition to the Oilers once he returns to action. He’s also a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer, which could complicate his future in Detroit, Edmonton, or wherever he finishes this season.


THE ATHLETIC: George Richards took note of recent speculation suggesting the Florida Panthers could move either Mike Hoffman or Evgenii Dadonov at the trade deadline. Both are unrestricted free agents in July and the Panthers might not be able to re-sign them both.

With the Panthers jockeying for playoff positioning, Richards doesn’t see either winger getting shopped unless it’s for a return (such as a defenseman) that will be important for the club going forward. He also points out the Panthers’ limited salary-cap space will affect any attempts to make a move or two at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers only have over $892K in deadline cap room. If they swing a deal for a defenseman, it’ll have to be dollar-in, dollar-out. It’ll take a considerable offer to convince GM Dale Tallon to part with Hoffman or Dadonov.


NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz examined how losing defenseman Dougie Hamilton to a fractured fibula could affect Carolina Hurricanes GM Don Waddell’s trade plans. Waddell admitted he was in the market for a defenseman before Hamilton’s injury, but his absence could change the type of player he could target in the trade market.

Gretz observes there are limited options in the trade market to address even a fraction of the offense Hamilton brought to the Hurricanes’ blueline. The best rental option could be New Jersey’s Sami Vatanen. Waddell is reluctant to place Hamilton on long-term injury reserve as he could return before the end of the season.

Turning to the forward lines, the return of Justin Williams provides a boost, as could a bounce-back second half from winger Nino Niederreiter.


  1. With jacks improved play this season…. and the play of the pens without schultz could a dadonov or Hoffman swap be worth investing? Pens then pick up a depth d man. All set.

    • Without further injuries and Dumoulin returning Penguins set with Defensemen pairs.





      • Pens d has played well without schultz. If he can be a rental for rental swap then that might work well. Pens can probably find a bottom pair guy for an ok prospect or a mid round pick.

      • Hey Chrisms,

        All three Penguins defense pairs include an elite puck moving defenseman. How many other NHL teams make this claim ??? In a best of seven playoff series, one way defeating the Capitals, a heavy forechecking team, is with puck moving defensemen – a Penguins strength !!! Suppose Letang is injuried, Penguins have Schultz. Likely this season is Schultz last season with the Penguins. I don’t trade Scultz ( a puck moving rental D-Man ) for any of these rental wingers. Puck moving defensemen are valuable !!!

      • So are top 6 wingers. Pens showed they didn’t need schultz. Hate to lose him but I’d rather that than a 1st round pick

    • Hi Chrisms

      I’m not sure if your joking or not here

      JJ had some improvements early in season. At low minutes bottom pairing he was fine; just overpaid

      Last 6 weeks …. horrendous…. absolutely horrendous…..EVERY game in last 6 weeks; TJ and MM suffered in save % when JJ on the ice

      Last night …. JJ on the ice …. save percentage 818; off the ice 947

      JJ was 100% at fault for the Voracek goal and partially at fault for another

      Jimbo can’t be watching the games

      He must see … Pens win ; JJ 22 mins and 0 on the plus/minus

      What he (Jimbo) misses is the above impact in save percentage; JJ directly costing one goal and partially costing another; JJ unforced icing twice; JJ blowing breakout/cross ice pass (to nullify a surge) a handful of times

      Jimbo doesn’t see the plus 1 JJ gets (countering the minus 1 he got) when on Geno’s goal; Marino stepped off the ice for a change only a couple of seconds before the goal; then JJ steps on and still outside blue-line…. gets a plus one for doing nothing but entering the sheet of ice

      I am not joking when I tell you that absolutely no trade ; not a single one; will garner Pens getting out of first round if Sully plays him top minutes

      If it’s Isles in first round …. JJ at anything more than bottom pairing; and almost no chance …. he cost two of the 4 games last April and both Isles games in November


      • Off to shop

        Will read response later

      • Hope you find everything you need for your doomsday shelter pengy.

      • Hi Chrisms


        Yep… I’m a Debbie Downer

        Just back from shopping now

        Metaphorically it was like Doomsday shopping …. with my 89 year old diminutive mother; who moves at the speed of smell…. she insisted we had to go to Costco …., ON A SATURDAY …. ahhhhhh!!!! I’ll never get those excruciating 90 minutes back


    • @ Chrisms

      Good morning

      I would love for the Pens to pick up Hoffman ..IMO …this guy this steal of the UFA class ..not Krieder..

      I love this player …he has one of the best pair of hands in the league and is money when he gets a solid chance ..he has put up seriously consistent numbers yer in and year out !

      Panthers need some help with the cap …but Pitt will be in tight to fit him also …and I don;t see how the Panthers will be able to eat ANYTHING..just cant happen..

      I have a feeling that the Panthers due to Cap issues will look to Hoffamn as an own rental most likely….but yea would be a great pick up for Pens if they can work out a miracle.

      • With cap space of around $200,000 the Panthers simply can’t do anything in terms of shoring up their back-up goaltending or adding D without peddling at least one of their two main UFA forwards. But what’s left of Hoffman’s $5,187,500 and Dadonov’s $4,000,000 at the deadline might be enough to bring in a decent component or two.

        Not helping their situation is having almost $3 mil of their cap eaten up this year (and next) by the retained $562,500 of Demers salary, a $1,233,333 buy-out charge for Darling, and $1,094,128 retained penalty for Luongo’s settlement.

        It’s going to be interesting watching how these cap-strapped GMs wiggle their way through the financial barbed wire in which they’ve cornered themselves.

      • Hi Kal El

        Unless Panthers suddenly dive in standings; own rental as you’ve said, for Hoffman; the most likely scenario

        Yes, I’d love him on Pens!

        …..alas it’s a longshot

  2. Seeing as GMJR has publicly touted that he is basically all in this year if some deal fits; wants a top 6 winger; and giving up a first is not out of the question; and adding to that the media talk that Tiffoli is a possibility….. what about

    Note: this is before the extras Pens would need to give up(see further down):

    G-Chuck (10 % retained) and Bjug (36 % retained)

    For Tiffoli (nothing retained) and Carter (50% retained)

    Before discussing the extras that Pens give up for this trade to happen:

    Cap unchanged for either team ; this year and next

    In ‘21/‘22 if he doesn’t retire; Carter owed $2M ($1M each team); and Cap $2.64M each team

    L.A. gets younger this year and next

    If it was Sully’s intention to play Bjug 3C…Pens get tremendous improvement at 3C with Carter; and Tiffoli replaces a fair portion of the Guentzel loss

    If Sully had intended (on Bjug return) to have McC 3C and Bjug top 6 wing ; then Carter vs McC at 3 C slight drop off; but Tiffoli AND McC as top 6 wingers….. big bonus

    In both cases; Pens loaded on PP1 & PP2

    Pens also gain in further playoff experience

    So…. what’s the extra?

    1st is a given

    Would 1st; Laffy; Simon; Legare do it?

    More importantly ; would Jimbo make that trade?

    • Why on earth would LA make this trade? And….. broken record I know, but people just don’t seem to get that trades like this NEVER happen in today’s nhl.

      Yet they get discussed here like it’s some kind of normal.

      • Hi NY4L

        Noted—- multi player swaps very very rare

        was just asking what it would take extra with 4 player swap (that had zero Cap change for either team this year and next)

        Would (if the miracle trade comes through) 1st, Simon, Laffy, Legare do it

      • @ PENGY

        I was reading an article about what the Pens might give up for help this year and the big talk ..was all about I believe Samuel Poulin who has been on an amazing tare right now …

        What do you think about giving up a quality youthful player of this calibre in a deal that helps out maybe only this year…

        Crosby get the winner !!!! last night…Jarry again solid !

        Murrays days have to be numbered…they cant afford to keep his money !..they need it elsewhere …Package Murray and J.J and a 2nd rounder for some help…and get them off the books !

        the Wings are in need of a FUTURE goalie …maybe a deal can be made there for this year …Murray & J.J for Howard and a pick

        …Wings have 10 million in cap space ..can retain 3 million on Howard and that gives the Pens some room ..hes a UFA so no need to sign him at year send but gives some room for this year !

        Wings dont resign Mike Green and can handle JJ cap hit for a bit as they will have lots of money moving forward ..price to pay to get a 2 time Cup winning UFA Goalie !

      • Hi Kal El

        Just back from shopping

        MM has been trending up last few games

        Pens can’t afford to move MM or JJ in year; if they do; DeSmith comes up; but then Pens in a very risky place if then TJ or DeSmith get sick or injured… as then the back-up is a player who has recently had some ECHL games and has never played a game in the NHL

        Re giving up Poulin instead of a 1st…..IMHO ; this should not be considered at all

        1st this year will be 25th-31st and unknown

        Poulin is racking them up

        Legare, on a much weaker team this year; but is also doing very well

        If it’s a first (unknown and 25th – 31st) vs either ; I’d trade the 1st

        Re using MM to dump JJ on Detroit…. having Howard as the back-up for a playoff run is not workable. TJ goes down; that’s it

        Easier solution; is to sit JJ. At the very least ; put him bottom pairing; limit him to 10-12 mins per; and don’t even let him near the ice in the PK

      • I don’t know why you always want to bring in these has been players. Poulin, Addison, Legare, Joseph are all absolutely off limits and if the other team insists on one of them then Rutherford should hang up the phone. How many Caps fans cringe every time they see Forsberg play and remember how useless Erat was?

    • Penguins set at center. Carter is an older player and don’t forsee Penguins inquiring trading for Carter. Tanev/Blueger/ZAR line plays efficiently like a third line. Penguins flexible with McCann or Bjugstad or minor league player at other bottom line center.

      • Hi Speed Kills

        Just back from shopping

        Agree set at centre (if its McC and if at same time Pens acquire a top 6 winger)

        Love the Turbo/Blueger/ZAR line

        However ; if it’s Carter vs Bjug at 3C ….. Carter is leaps and bounds better. I’d take Carter every time

        Bjug’s pace for 82 games this season is 8-0-8

        Taking into account all games he’s played as a Pen; his full season pace is 19-9-28

        Carter (on a far far inferior team) is on pace for 23-14-37

        Carter also comes with SC Pedigree, and is much much better at face-offs

  3. what contender is making a deal for Galchenyuk?
    Pens need to include a 3rd rounder for someone to take him a trade so they have the cap space for additions

    Galchenyuk maybe on Sens or Wings just to fill the roster til he is ufa

    • Doubtful GMJR will trade a 3rd round draft pick with any team taking Galchenyuk, a rental.

      • Galy would be a gap filler not a typical rental.
        Addition by subtraction

    • No thanks from Ottawa. We had a couple of his type in recent years and have one now in Boedker. With more and more of the rising kids in the system needing ice time over the next couple of seasons, including two possible Top 5 picks this year, they don’t need another floater.

    • Pens have all of guntzs ltir cap space. No need to move him for space.

    • Hi ds

      Agree with Chrisms on this …. Guentz space is sufficient

      That said …. no one takes G-Chuck full hit

      He’s basically useless to Pens

      Some team may take him at 50 % retained for a 6th (McKenzie seems to think a 3rd or 4th….. that’s pushing it)

      6th plus freeing up $2.45 M (annual rate in Cap) is better than keeping him IMHO

      We’ll see how the next couple of weeks pan out…. maybe G-Chuck surges????

      • And maybe the U.K. re-thinks Brexit!!!

      • Pengy…untouchables Poulin Addison Lagares.

        To get what we need..
        Number one pick 2020
        Number two puck 2021
        Pierre oliver Joseph

        Any combo to get what we need…

    • Hi ds,

      Agree with Chrisms on this …. Guentz space is sufficient
      That said …. no one takes G-Chuck full hit

      He’s basically useless to Pens

      Some team may take him at 50 % retained for a 6th (McKenzie seems to think a 3rd or 4th….. that’s pushing it)

      6th plus freeing up $2.45 M (annual rate in Cap) is better than keeping him IMHO

      We’ll see how the next couple of weeks pan out…. maybe G-Chuck surges????

  4. Sitting 14 rows behind Rask and slightly to his right for last night game.

    The game started slow could see the rust (should paint the post) and then some silly play. All said 3 official fights, called the Pionk – McAvoy roughing could’ve been a fight. For a person (me) who loves physical hockey, last night was annoying!

    Why does a fight has to ensue a good clean hit!

    McAvoy lays out Scheifele and in comes Pionk
    Bourgue solid hit on Coyle in comes Carlo
    Kuhlman solid on Perreault in comes Sbisa

    I get you want to stand up for your teammates but i remember when a good hockey hit was just that a good hockey hit, take a number and if the opportunity presents itself make one yourself.

    The Jets had 6 PP (2 5 vs 3) last night Boston 4 (1 5vs3), the issue for Boston is with all them penalties in the second period Pastrnak got what 3 shifts, not where you want your best player sitting on the bench.

    Third period was the best and outside of Rask for me the best player on the ice for either side was Patrik Laine, he was physical, he was fast and scored the only Jets goal. Laine landed two solid hits on Chara and was engaging him all night. Laine goal total is down from last year but if can continue to play the way he played last night it will be most beneficial for him and the Jets.

    Funny how you can have different opinions on the same game. I watched McAvoy give away the puck 3 times behind rask net, one that almost ended up in the Bruins nets. I said out loud while sitting there “Charlie what r u doing” at least 3 times. I scroll thru my twitter account after the game and the Boston media is bragging about the great game McAvoy had. Yes he had some good shifts but no he didn’t have a great game, actually the only goal Winnipeg got was because Ehlers blew by McAvoy who couldn’t contain or take him off the puck. But he did lay out Scheifele so he had a great game.

    • Agree on almost all of that Caper, except the goal. McAvoy played it right and contained him to the outside. Ehlers used the net as a pick, which is what he was trying to do because it works as you can’t skate through a net. McAvoy peeled off and fronted Scheille. Ehlers should have been picked up on the other side.
      The B’s were lucky to win, like they have been many games this year. PP and goaltending will get you in, but they need to pick up their game 5 vs 5 if they want to go on a run IMO.

      • Fair enough Ray, i respect your POV, for me McAvoy, couldn’t contain Ehlers speed and should’ve been able to take Ehlers out against the boards; McAvoy had the inside lane and failed to do so. Difference of opinions but that ok.

  5. One stop shop for the Bruins…….Rakell… Deslauriers……Manson or Dillon

    Make it happen Sweeney

  6. I think Jankowski potentially Dube and possibly Kylington could be moved from the Flames. Individually or collectively for a right winger

    Anathansiou could be a nice fit for the Oilers.
    Dollars from the roster definitely have to move back to Detroit.

    Just about 3 weeks out and there will be no more speculation until the draft.

  7. George O, your the GM of Ottawa what are you doing with Pageau and Duclair?

    • PENGY,

      As hypothetical “all-in” GM of the Pengies, would you do Samuel Poulin straight up for Kovalchuk?


      • Hi Rattus Rattus

        Just back from shopping

        I wouldn’t

        Per MacKenzie …. Kovalchuck should fetch a 3rd (Note: a future unknown)

        …. Poulin is already known; producing quite well; has great speed and hands and is big

        I’d not even flip Legare for Kovy

        Pens , I’m convinced, will be giving up their first to get a top 6 fwd to replace (somewhat replace) Guentzel

        They don’t have a 2nd this year; so giving up a 3rd leaves them not picking until about pick 120 or later

        Perhaps Jimbo can float Laffy and a 5th??

      • @pebgy..poulin addison lagares untouchable.

        1st round pick, 2021 2nd round pick Pierre oliver Joseph all can be used if it gets us what we need to seriously compete for a cup.. i see Marino pettersson and addison our 3 young d corps in the next 5 years..

      • Hi BNG

        Concur on Pettersson; Marino and Addison as core D in future

        I’m still confused re Sully last night , playing Ruhwedel on his wrong side instead of using the far superior ; much much faster; bigger; and younger, natural Lefty Rikkola

        When Dumo back the strongest D pairings Pens could (and should) dress




        *I’d play it this way but flipping Marino and Shultz would also work

        Re what can be used in trades …. yes for 1st but not if ALSO trading 2nd in ‘21

        In order of importance (where top of list is least important for Pens to keep) here are the trade chips I see for Pens (not a mutually exclusive list as it will likely take more than one) to acquire a top 6 winger:

        2nd ‘21
        PO Joseph

        I still think a call to Stevie Y asking price in AA is in order…. not too high; worth the risk

        Jimbo should also explore with Bergevin to find out ask on Tater-Tots

        If nothing connects on those deals

        On to Murray re Rakell

        Then on to Blake re: Tiffoli

        Then Jarmo re Anderson

        Then Dorion re JGP

        Circle back to Bergevin on Kovy

        Gorton….. on Kreider

        Nothing at that point? GMJR ; throw in the towel

      • Hi BNG,

        Concur on Pettersson; Marino and Addison as core D in future

        I’m still confused re Sully last night , playing Ruhwedel on his wrong side instead of using the far superior ; much much faster; bigger; and younger, natural Lefty Rikkola

        When Dumo back the strongest D pairings Pens could (and should) dress


        *I’d play it this way but flipping Marino and Shultz would also work

        Re what can be used in trades …. yes for 1st but not if ALSO trading 2nd in ‘21

        In order of importance (where top of list is least important for Pens to keep) here are the trade chips I see for Pens (not a mutually exclusive list as it will likely take more than one) to acquire a top 6 winger:

        2nd ‘21
        PO Joseph

        I still think a call to Stevie Y asking price in AA is in order…. not too high; worth the risk

        Jimbo should also explore with Bergevin to find out ask on Tater-Tots

        If nothing connects on those deals

        On to Murray re Rakell

        Then on to Blake re: Tiffoli

        Then Jarmo re Anderson

        Then Dorion re JGP

        Circle back to Bergevin on Kovy

        Gorton….. on Kreider

        Nothing at that point? GMJR ; throw in the towel

    • LOL. Far from it Caper – but in my best Walter Mitty guise -…

      re Pageau – as I’ve posted a couple of times over the past week and a bit, IF Pageau is made available at the trade deadline it will be because he and his agent firmly believe that, when the UFA bidding starts later this spring, he will get something north of 4 years term and $4.5 mil per. I doubt he gets that kind of offer from Dorion since, over the span of such a deal, he will be surpassed by kids coming up through the system better suited as # 1, 2 and even 3 C. His career year this year is simply die to his getting top minutes 5 on 5 and lots of pp time. That won’t continue.

      Nor, if he goes anywhere at the deadline to a contender, will he get those minutes on a deeper team. He could be one of those rare pure rentals who, when the season ends, re-signs with his original team at a realistic settlement.

      Duclair is a different kettle of fish. He’s a 24 y/o RFA with decent size and speed who seems to have finally found his niche in Ottawa and, coming off a $1,650,000 cap hit, is likely looking at a 5-year deal in the area of $3.5 – $3.8 mil per – perhaps higher if his production continues at the same pace over the rest of the season. No need to shop him.

      • Thanks George O, my concern with Duclair is he a one year wonder, happen to have his best year at a very opportune time. He would make me nervous to sign for a long term contract; however if this is the new norm, well then sign him up.

        Pageau if not part of the future to the highest bidder, but helpful and good player to have during the rebuild.

        Should be a fun draft for the Senators, should they / will they trade a first round pick for immediate help?

      • No they won’t Caper. Dorion will stay the course at this stage. That is, unless they or SJ suddenly start moving up the standings where their pick falls outside the Top 10. And I just don’t see that happening.

  8. Funny how people think Pageau isn’t worth 4.5 million for 4 years.He has always been a consistent performer including playoffs
    32points and a plus 12
    And yet Colin White was a great signing of 4.75 million for 6 years.
    14points and a minus 14

    I think Ottawa needs to keep some veterans, they are the ones who keep it going the right way .
    Thomas Chabot is minus 19
    Brady Tkachuk is minus 14
    Hainsey plus 7
    Borwicki plus 7

  9. Some interesting posts already today! A few thoughts:

    If JR is willing to give up the Penguins’ first rounder this year, then how about this:

    To FLA: 2020 1st round pick, D Juuso Riikola, F Alex Galchenyuk

    To PIT: R Mike Hoffman, F Denis Malgin

    Florida has been looking for a defenceman (left shot probably), so each team fills a need.. Acciari’s ascendance means a few Panther players can move up a spot in the depth chart to make room for AG on the third line. Florida retains salary.

    Another thought: Riskier, because of his injury history, and being in Alberta and watching their games, the Oilers seem to love his puck handling ability, but a swap of Matt Murray for Mike Smith + …. might make sense.. if the Oilers make it to the show, Murray has as good a chance as any goalie to backstop them, and Pittsburgh gets a goalie who can capably back up Jarry.

    To EDM: G Matt Murray

    To PIT: G Mike Smith, D William Lagesson

    Make those two trades together, and Lagesson becomes the replacement for Riikola (Lagesson has been talked about by pundits as an “on the cusp of making the NHL” player)

    • I would also like to remind everyone, before slamming Smith, that he was the only reason the Flames won a game at all against the Avalanche in last season’s first round…

      • And Smith has been good lately for Edmonton, it started right after I suggested the Oil should play him less and Koskinen more.
        I like that trade for Edmonton.

    • Hi Augustus

      I really like Riikola; but somehow Sully doesn’t (so much so that Sully played the far far far inferior Ruhweedel on his wrong side last night)

      Did Riikola flirt with Mrs Sully????

      If Sully dislikes Riikola that much and therefore ranks him below both Rhuweedel and the horrific JJ

      THEN… your trade proposal of

      1st, Riikola, G-Chuck

      for Hoffmann and Malgin

      I’d do that in a heartbeat

      Not sure Tallon bites on that offer tho

      Re the Ed proposal; I’ve no Challenges with Smith; but my thoughts would be to stay status Quo on the current goalies

      MM has been much better the last few games

      • Hi Pengy,

        I read back when he was signed that Sid and JJ are good friends, and Sid had a big hand to play in getting Rutherford to sign him. I think that explains why he gets the ice time he does as well. Not saying that Crosby is like Dominik Hasek and just gets what he wants, but the weight Sid carries might force the hand of Sullivan to play him regardless of his on-ice value.

        The reason I think Tallon would bite on that is because Florida is dangerously on the playoff bubble. In my opinion, they have too much competition to be in the mix this year. They will battle Toronto for the third spot in the division, and for the wild card spots will be battling Toronto, Carolina, Philadelphia, Columbus and the Islanders. I see them being on the outside looking in…. so for that reason, trading UFA Hoffman and receiving a 1st round pick and an RFA defenceman is a solid return given that Hoffman might not be back anyway.

      • Minus the part about fighting Toronto for a wild card spot. Like the elderly guard at the abandoned prison in The Simpsons said after yelling “is anyone there?…. why do I always yell that first”……. “oh well, I’m an idiot.”

      • Hi Augustus

        Yes ; childhood school buddies… same hockey team and baseball team

        Yes , Sid encouraged Jimbo to bring JJ in

        That doesn’t excuse them playing JJ top pairing at the expense of every single player; all fans ; and ownership

        Sully can still save face and not embarrass Sid or Jimbo by going with (before Dumo is back):




        When Dumo back




        JJ ; early in season; playing 12-15 sheltered minutes did ok 3rd pairing; overpaid; but no where near as detrimental to the team then as he is now

        Re FLA…. I agree with you re trade and Tallon biting on it; IF I felt they would be on the outside looking in

        As at now I think FLA will get in

        Big game on Mon (vs. Leafs)… I’ll be at that game

        I expect 9+ goals between the two teams … LOL

      • You live in Toronto, Pengy?

        On the goals you expect to see, I can’t say I disagree haha.

        I recall a hilarious moment when I saw the Flames at Air Canada Center back in the day when we had Kipper and the Leafs had Toskala. The Flames were badly outshot (35-16 or something) but won 5-2 on Iginla’s 2 goal effort…. after one of the goals, I overheard a Leafs fan say: “how come they have the good Finn goalie and we get the s****y Finn goalie?”

      • Hi Augustus

        Yep born and raised and still live here

        Dual fav teams : Leafs/Pens

        Leafs since ‘67 Cup (barely remember sitting on my Dad’s knee watching on 20” B&W screen)

        Pens since mid 80’s after they got Mario

  10. I wouldn’t be surprised if Carolina traded either Haula or Dzingel before the deadline in addition to one of their first round picks. They also have an extra draft pick in the 2nd and 3rd round to work with.

  11. Given the price Dubas paid for Muzzin, I wonder if Waddell would do:

    TO CAR: Jeff Petry, Ilya Kovalchuk

    TO MTL: Jake Gardiner, Ryan Suzuki, Jake Bean, 1st 2020

    • Good Heavens. Why would Waddell even consider that?

      Incredibly lopsided in Montreal’s favor.

      Fun to read, all the same.

      • Petry has assisted on all 3 goals for Montreal this afternoon and with about 8 minutes to go Price is pitching a SO

      • Correction – they just scored again – 4-0 – and Petry has assisted on all 4

      • No slight intended against Petry.

        He’s excellent.

        He’s not worth that package though.

  12. It’s not like jr doesnt know how JJ plays. He knows I promise. He cant just go put and say how bad he sucks etc..he has to sell that jj is ok. If he has any Hope’s of unloading him it’s not a good idea to make him seem worth less. They have been just fine without Schultz this year, and he is gonna leave either now thru trade or later thru free agency so nows the time to trade him. There are a couple of teams willing to take on bad contracts and I would jump on it if I could unload say jj, Schultz and Galch to kings for tiffoli and a def like Martinez or Roy and maybe hags for pk. We really do not need role players in the bottom 6, we are strong already and deep. We need a scoring winger and there are 0 that can replace Jake. I like chris k coming to pens, but doubt the rangers will trade inside the division. Dont want to lose our new prospects, they are the future and we will need them sooner than later. I dont even think its necessary at all to get a def but we always need to shed jj. Slot in rikkola trade jj and schultz and a pick maybe for a scoring winger. 1st is even ok, since I expect it will be lower than 26th pick. Chris would be my choice, but since that’s nearly impossible to pull off without another team involved to take chris and trade him to pens after. Anything is possible with jr I know but inner division is difficult. I think more likely Zucker than chris though. I dont think pag is what we need. Tiffoli would be my 2nd choice after chris, but it’s a distance between the 2. If I were jr I would offer a lot for him if when talking with him he would be interested in a extension. He would be a great fit on either top 2 lines.

    Horny- simon-hags

    Letang. Dumbo
    Peterson Marino
    Rick -Martinez or whoever not named jack or chad

    Trade jugs for a 3rd pair def or pick to trade later..
    A big trade with kings like…
    Jj,schultz,galch and a pick for
    Tiffoli, haglin, and Martinez,or one of the other bottom 3 def.
    I know kings are trying to shed martinez..but not sure he is a good fit. They have some younger guys with huge size that may be better for a 3rd pair guy. Hags is good on pk, and would be able to slot in the 4th line and move khaun up to top 6 line. Sid loves simon but I think simon needs to be on 4th line. If the kings were willing to take on Jack’s contract it would be great.
    Chris k and mark stall for
    Jj,galch,schultz and or pick. Rangers are looking for younger guys but may be willing to take jj if we gave a decent return..more likely an overpriced return.
    Staal isnt a great fit, too slow, but anything is better than jj honestly and staal is an upgrade.
    If not throw in jugs instead of Shultz. Not likely but possible if pens retain some of jjs money.
    A 1st, galch, and schultz for chris and staal would be a good deal for rangers who would get a good pick, a pick moving def with cups on his resume, and a high pick that needs a new team as well as trade staals contract for his and buy him out at season’s end.
    They may have to do multiple trades instead if they cant get the rangers to trade in the division. I would shoot for tiffoli if that’s the case over Zucker but either would help.

    Horny-simon- khaun

    I hate to say it but trading horny is a good move now too even tho I like him. He is getting older and not producing. He is a playoff player but can be replaced imo. If it took horny to get chris or tiffoli i wouldnt hesitate.

    • Wall of text was unintentional. Proper paragraphs were used when written but on phone it changed it. Also preds couldnend up.being a good trade partner as well if they fall out of reach of playoffs before deadline…and we have a good history with them. If we could pry bonino back for horny would be great. Smith is a good grinder as well but stay away from #8..turris…no thanx…..lol granlund may be a good fit as well.

      • Wicked 1

        You must have same phone as I do

        Onboard with any reasonable trade that jetisons JJ

        Re Kreider …, it’s a catch 22– you don’t want Eastern competing teams to get him; but Pens can ill afford a bidding war price

        I think come 5 PM TDL ; Kreider is either a Bruin or Ranger

        Like ur LA trade

        I’m not huge on Zucker; certainly a fair player; but will cost quite a bit in trade (as he has term) and I don’t see him putting them over the edge

        I think acquisition cost of Zucker would be close to what is needed to acquire (in 2 separate trades) both Tiffoli AND AA; I’d rather have both Tiffoli & AA

        …. now if Billy G will take Bjug & JJ and say Laffy or a 3rd for Zucker….. well 👍🙂

  13. Anyone hear if pengy is back from shopping yet?

    • Lol

      Typing from Costco check-out line

      • Dang

        Forgot TP

        Have to go to the back of the store again

        Anybody see a 4’10” Octogenarian wandering around????

      • Hi Chrisms

        I tried the link but couldn’t get it to work

        I’m guessing it’s a SP episode about TP