NHL Rumor Mill – February 4, 2020

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The effect of a potential mutual contract termination between the Jets and Dustin Byfuglien, some possible goalie trade targets for the Leafs, and the latest on Josh Anderson in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck cited a report by TSN’s Frank Seravalli claiming the Winnipeg Jets and Dustin Byfuglien’s representatives are working toward a mutual contract termination. It would also address the grievance filed by the Byfuglien camp in November over his suspension without pay. The 34-year-old defenseman didn’t report to training camp and subsequently underwent ankle surgery.

The Winnipeg Jets and Dustin Byfuglien are reportedly working toward a mutual contract termination (Photo via NHL Images).

The agreement would make Byfuglien an unrestricted free agent after clearing unconditional waivers. He would also forfeit the $8 million in salary he’s owed for this season and $6 million he’s owed for 2020-21, the final season of his contract. It would clear his $7.6-million annual average value from the Jets’ salary-cap payroll this season and next.

Regarding questions over why the Jets didn’t trade Byfuglien, Billeck points out the big blueliner’s ankle surgery make his trade value nil for this season. Uncertainty over his status would also make him difficult to move him in the offseason.

The Jets are reportedly in the market for a top-four defenseman. Freeing up Byfuglien’s cap hit would provide them additional flexibility to make that move before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet reports Byfuglien could be placed on waivers as early as today. If Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is shopping around for a top-four defenseman, the sooner this happens, the better.

Based on comments made by coach Paul Maurice, I don’t think they’re in the market for a rental player. They’ll likely pursue one with term remaining on his contract.


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox believes the Toronto Maple Leafs should pursue goaltending depth before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Last night’s injury to starter Frederik Andersen and backup Michael Hutchinson’s inconsistency should serve to hasten GM Kyle Dubas’ efforts.

Fox suggests Los Angeles’ Jack Campbell, Pittsburgh’s Casey DeSmith, the Rangers’ Alexandar Georgiev, San Jose’s Aaron Dell, Chicago’s Corey Crawford or Robin Lehner, Ottawa’s Craig Anderson, and Anaheim’s Ryan Miller as trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Campbell’s availability could depend upon whether Kings’ management believes Cal Petersen is ready to become Jonathan Quick’s full-time understudy. Landing DeSmith or Georgiev could cost the Leafs a good, young winger. Dell’s had his issues with consistency over the last couple of seasons.

With the Blackhawks in playoff contention, Crawford and Lehner aren’t going anywhere. Anderson could be a viable option, provide the Leafs aren’t on his 10-team no-trade list. Remember, the Leafs and Senators have a recent trade history. While Miller’s career is winding down, I doubt he’s keen to leave his family behind in Anaheim for a final shot at pursuing the Stanley Cup.


TVA SPORTS: cites BostonHockeyNow’s Jimmy Murphy reporting sources claiming the Boston Bruins and Montreal Canadiens are among a long list of teams interested in Columbus’ Josh Anderson. Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen is said to be willing to entertain offers for the 6’3″, 222-pound Anderson.

The 25-year-old winger is in the final season of a three-year deal worth an annual average value of $1.85 million. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer who’s a year away from unrestricted free agent eligibility.

Anderson’s trade value has been affected this season by his low production and injuries. Murphy said it’s believed the Jackets’ asking price could be a prospect and a second-round pick in this year’s NHL Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Jackets jockeying for a playoff spot, Kekalainen could be reluctant to ship Anderson to a potential postseason opponent like the Bruins. The Canadiens, on the other hand, are all but out of the playoff chase. They possess an additional second-round pick in this year’s draft, which could give them an edge if they are bidding to land Anderson.

Bear in mind Kekalainen isn’t under pressure to move Anderson now. He could hang onto him for the playoffs and consider moving him in the days leading up to the draft in June.


  1. Unless he’s overwhelmed with an offer that he can’t possible refuse between now and February 24 I can see the logic behind Kekalainen waiting until the off-season to deal Anderson. He’s under absolutely NO pressure to deal him now.

    • Good morning


      Dubas has had the better part of 2 months after firing Babccok to evaluate and address the SERIOUS deficiencies of this team that have been a multi headed monster for over 3 years now …

      1 ) Solid Back up Goalie

      2) Defence that are not offensive only players ..right now the only shut down D man is Muzzin

      3) More physicality in the bottom 6 and up the middle …THERE IS NONE….AGAIN!
      Kadri was the ONLY player …and he is gone..

      I have been pounding this away for over 2 years now ..if the Leafs are going to have any success at the playoff level or be a dominant team ..they need to be more physical in the middle of there roster …the inability to wear teams down …in just a game alone has allowed teams to stay in the game and come back to win time and time again ..this is a DIRECT correlation to not playing a physical game ….even though the game has changed you can not JUST outscore and out skate every opponent….there has to be a way of causing teams to think twice to make certain plays…especially on the back end …and in the corners on the O side of the puck…


      Id move Kappy for Anderson …ASAP !
      As it has been stated …Kakko …doesn’t have to move Anderson ..there is no pressure ..sure there is none …but he doesn’t want to go through a bitter contract dispute either in this market …AGAIN..and not resign a player …it will continue to look bad on the organisation…as other high end players have left even though they wee given the BIG BUCKS…Bobs and Panarin …I think Kakko needs to get ahead of this and trade Anderson for a player with term …and avoid a dispute…I dare say but after the last round of talks with Anderson he is going to ask for BIG bucks that the Jackets may not want to pay him …again…and to that conversation..I dont think Anderson even wants to stay in Columbus …so that may make things worse as well…and thats what you dont want to get out into the fan base like Bobs and Panarin…ANOTHER PLAYER not wanting to be in Columbus …so IMO you have to trade him if you have this knowledge !


      • The thing is, he doesn’t have to “go through a bitter contract dispute either in this market …AGAIN..and not resign a player …”

        Not if he has made up his mind to avoid going down that same road. However, holding onto Anderson until the off-season costs him nothing, he gets the services – and benefits – of a big player who will play the rest of the way determined to shrug off a poor start to this season and, in that event, if can only drive up the quality of returns he can assess when teams are in the early stages of reorganizing their rosters for the new season to come.

      • Not sure how the Leafs add Anderson for Kappy, address the hole in the blue line, add a backup tender with their limited cap space.
        I get moving Kappy, but shouldn’t it be for help on D either at the TDL for a guy with term or in the off season? To me it looks like they will need every $ for that next year.

      • @ George

        While I do agree with you on that scenario…If Kakko has an opportunity to get a player with term and do either an upgrade or sideways move to avoid a future negotiations ..why not ???
        If you can get another player …i.e Kappy or the likes there of at $3 million with some term ..than it essentially dissolves any reason to keep the player and regret giving him more ,one later for the same output …just to keep the player in the organisation..and regret it later …which is a possibility …hence why he may be on the block now…no??

      • Our whole existence is filled with “maybes” Kal-El – and while it may play out the way you see it, I just think Kekalainen – and Tortorella – will be better served having the input of a big, determined F down the stretch. In the final analysis, I would have to think he’s a pro first and foremost and that, even if he does indeed want out of Columbus eventually, he knows that doing his level best for his team the rest of the way can only improve his chances at a nice, fat contract somewhere else.

      • Love Josh Anderson- problem is he isn’t signed and a year from UFA status.
        Yes Dubas has had 2 months BUT Hutchinson has looked good (last night aside), some of the options out there aren’t much better and other young goalies like Georgiev, Desmith have a seriously high asking price.

        I am starting to believe kapanen is all but gone in next couple weeks…will be curious to see what he is used to acquire. Im a Leafs fan but lets be honest Kapanen isn’t a future star he has speed to burn- zero creativity and no hands…lol. He can play on a second line and get you 20 down the road..valuable yes – but hardly untouchable .
        All that being said would rather the leafs deal Kerfoot and play engvall or spezza at 3rd line c.

      • Kal El, at worst Anderson goes to arbitration and is awarded a one or two year deal. Then at that time Kekalainen can make the decision to trade him before he becomes a UFA. Who knows, maybe at that time he is back to his 20 goals a season and the Blue Jackets would get more for him then than they would get now.
        I don’t put much stock in players not wanting to play in certain markets. Players who sign elsewhere like Panarin and Bobrovsky are fewer than players who end up resigning in with their current teams like Kassian, Jeff Skinner in Buffalo.

      • @Kev if Anderson elects arbitration and he will it`s his best option. If he wins Columbus has two options agree or walk away. If Columbus agrees they can`t trade him for one calendar year so they get nothing for him. Anderson is in the driver`s seat on this one being a year away from UFA status

    • @ GEORGE

      What would be your ask ….for Goalie Graig Anderson be ….what would you be happy with ??

      • Very little. (4th round pick? Warm body)
        He’s still very good – yes Ottawa people are biased and his numbers are ho-hum, but he’s had goofy defenses in front of him the last two seasons. Put him in a structured setting with good D and he’ll thrive.

        So….with that thinking in mind – leafs are not a good option. Defensive trainwreck.

      • As Dark G says – they can’t expect much for a 41 year old goalie. And until Nilsson gets back from his concussion issues, I don’t think Dorion wants to go the rest of the way with two rookie goalies (Joey Daccord, who’s having a great run in Belleville’s surge to 1st [place in the AHL, would likely be the other).

        In the end, I think Dorion will leave it up to Anderson as to whether or not he wants to go to a contender for the balance of the year and, if he’s so inclined, the best they could expect in return would be a mid- to low-level pick.

        Having said that, the closer we get to the deadline combined with the sudden loss of a prime goalie somewhere, could drive the return up – but only slightly.

      • as much as I like power forwards they are slowly becoming extinct as the game transforms. How could players like Benn, Lucic, Simmonds, to name a few,  all of a sudden lose there effectiveness from one season to the next ? it seems like the trend is once a power forward reaches age 29 they begin to  lose their effectiveness. This style of play takes a toll on your body.Tom Wilson. probably the best young power forward today seems to be more focused on playing hockey these days which bodes well for his health and longevity. BTW his current contract expires, at ….age 29. Josh Anderson, @ 25 , still has a few good years left if his shoulder injuries are not severe. A power forward with an unstable shoulder(s) is a recipe for disaster. Based on that I would say he would be a great contribution for most teams but I would not be prepared to sign him for more than 4 years. 

      • Good points.

      • By the way, I see where Florida have placed back-up goalie Dreidger on LTIR. Maybe they take a shot at Craig Anderson. Miami is his home.

        Or will they rely on Montembeault?

  2. GMKD ….. please do not panic and trade futures/roster players for rentals

    My rationale is explained in my cut/paste below from my post (this morning) on the morning coffee side of Spector

    “I was at last night’s Leafs/Panthers game.

    For such an important game (winner 3rd place Atl; loser sitting out of playoffs) you’d think there would be great excitement from crowd

    Far from it

    Humdrum from crowd all first period

    Only time any real crowd “buzz” was the less than 2 mins that they (Leafs) had a 2 goal lead

    Start of 2nd when the announcement was …. “and now in goal for your Leafs…. Hutchinson…” ….., the crowd collectively gasped… it seemed very odd and I’m sure didn’t help Hutch

    Leafs didn’t lose this game; Hutch didn’t lose this game; Bobo stood on his head. Give credit where credit is due. Last night he (Bobo) played at his Salary level


    do not panic and trade assets/roster players for any UFAs…. Cup window starts next year

    In or out of playoffs this year does not matter ( out is not cataclysmic).

    Spending current assets in a gamble to maybe win 1 round (two would be mind-boggling this year) if Leafs get in; while simultaneously weakening rosters of ‘20/‘21 through ‘23/‘24; is not a prudent move


  3. Re Buff

    Will any other team take a “Kovy” on him…. very low risk $700 K up/$200 K AHL deal

    Any team taking him has the upside if only paying him $200 K (annual rate) if he is not ready; by dumping him in AHL; and upside of cheap Dman if he does play well

    He’d have to have Dr’s approval and show fit to play in the next 20 days tho

    • Pengy, I don’t think big Buff will sign for the league minimum. If he forfeits his salary for the rest of this season and 2020-21, he’ll be looking for a competitive offer from a team.

      • Hell yeah – if he can’t be “motivated” by $8 mil what makes anyone think he’d willingly batter his body for $750,000??

      • Hi BC Leafs fan

        Noted and agree

        No offer “should” be greater than $1M (ann. Rate) unless he shows up at 255 and can show that he’s been diligently working out for 3 weeks

        Do I think he gets down to 255 and/or works out (with video to prove it) in next 3 weeks…. nope

        Do I think there will be GMs calling him (his agent) once his current contract is terminated …. yep… quite a few…. it’s nothing but an exploratory call

        Odds he signs by TDL; as at now …. I’ll throw out 10%

        This will go up if he publicly comes out stating he has desire to play this year and shows some progress

        Time will tell

        If he has absolutely no desire to play again …. I think we’ll hear about it

        However , if he does want to play next year and get a fair contract… golden opportunity to do like Kovy ; sign low ; prove yourself now and in playoffs; good UFA contract in summer

        Do nothing until summer; offers will be few and much lower

      • Sorry, that is suppose to be (a great source) reported…

    • Pengy….It seems like the Penguins are going to get Jason Zucker….Rutherford is fixated on him for some reason for 2 years now.

      I’m worried it is another Derrick brassarDs he was so hyped and poof average. We need a top 6 guy who can contribute and score close to Jake’s out put.

      Anthansiou came back last night for the Red wings and looked rusty….to be expected he missed a month. I can see why he is -35.

      He is young and has potential. I like Palmeri best for the Penguins the right amount of speed, grit and scoring touch.

      who you got for our penguins?

      • Hi BNG

        I fear that you are right

        I absolutely don’t get the Zucker hype. A fair top 6 ; BUT absolutely not a needle mover; has a risk of being a heavy wasted contract in out years; and most importantly ; due to acquiring a player with multi-year term left; will cost a great deal in trade

        I urge GMJR NOT to go that route

        I’d prefer at least an exploratory call to Stevie Y on AA; and if reasonable; take the risk… I do think AA will thrive with a change in scenery; if Stevie Y would take 2nd ‘21 and Laffy or Legare…. 👍

        That said; my preference is for a deal with Bergevin for Tater-Tots

        Speed; hands; leading Habs in pts (on pace for 30-45-75) ; NOT UFA (still 1 more year left at reasonable $4.8 M)

        I firmly believe that Billy G will be requesting about the same for Zucker as Bergevin will be for TT

        1st and prospect a definite; possibly/likely more

        Were it me ; offer

        1st; Laffy; G-Chuck (Cap for Cap) for TT

        but the final might come down to

        1st; Legare; Laffy ; G-Chuck

        Above plus JJ max at 3rd pairing; 12 mins; no PK…. gets Pens to ECF IMHO

  4. Lundqvist got yanked after 2nd period last night. Have to think this wouldn’t have happened if they weren’t carrying 3 goalies. Gorgiev was the backup and got one period of work after being odd man out in 2 games back from long all star game break. Shestyorkin needs to be #1, with Lundqvist as backup. Gorgiev to Toronto makes a ton of sense and for both sides should be done sooner than later.

    • Hi Slick62

      If (big if) cost for Georgiev not too much (which I don’t believe is the case) then him to Leafs OK

      However ; I believe Gorton in driver seat in negotiations for one of his goalies; and a team will over-pay for Georgiev …. and this year is not Leafs window…. so GMKD please do not be the one to overpay

      DeSmth , if reasonable trade

      • Pengy, I don’t think the cost will be anything close to what some have reported. I’m a Ranger fan, and although I like Gorgiev, I don’t over value him as much as other fans do. As little of Shestyorkin as I’ve seen, there’s nothing to show he can’t handle #1 duty. He’s excelled at every level. He’s the best of the 3, and the other 2 can’t be sent down. So, something has to give.

      • Hi Slick62

        I don’t challenge your assertion on his “real” value…. I’m with you

        But actual value is what market bears and what panicking GMs are willing to pay coupled with Gorton’s edge in bargaining position (he doesn’t HAVE to trade a goalie)

        For that reason; if traded ; I believe his actual trade recoup will be greater than our “real” perceived value of him

        I certainly don’t want GMKD blowing his asset wad on Georgiev

      • Pengy…hockey buzz is saying islanders and Yotes talking Taylor hall..thoughts?

        poor guy can’t find a home he just left that area doubt he resigns with the islanders so that would be Jersey Coyotes Islanders (if traded there) and a new free agent team next year…

        For Penguins
        i like Palmeri best
        then Anthansious
        then Pageau
        then Tatar
        then Zucker
        then Tofoli
        the Namestikov
        i love Kreider – i think we have 0 chance

    • @ SLICK

      Agree 1000%

      • @ Pengy

        Not sure if you read my post the other day ….

        If I am Pitt ..id move Murray for Howard in a multi player deal ..

        Detroit is looking for a new apparent #1 for long term …Murray has Stanley cup wins so this make for a good trade for both …this year ..Howard is a UFA and if the Wings hold $3 million back he is only at $1 million cap hit which save them money to ADD this year ..Jarry and De Smith are more than capable as they have shown to be to make a run !

        If you can get Athanasaiou as well in a broader deal than make that trade !


      • Hi KalEl

        Sorry must have missed that post

        Under absolutely no circumstance should GMJR take on Howard. Never

        MM has been doing well lately; can (if absolutely need be) be moved post season

        Goalie sit as is should stay for balance of year

        The exception is a move for DeSmith ; with a back-up PLUS coming back (back in return required else Pens in major peril if TJ or MM go down)

        From today there was a suggestion of Leafs interest in DeSmith

        Both my fav teams so I’m good on a relatively neutral deal

        it would be Hutch for DeSmith and then a kicker from Leafs…. what is the kicker that makes it fair to both

        I guarantee it win’t be a 7th rounder

        And I equally guarantee it won’t be Kappy

        Regrettably and absolutely unbelievably …. Sully either hates Riikola or is ABSOLUTELY and COMPLETELY blind to his abilities

        If they are not going to play him; from my perspective as a fan of both teams




        Kappy fits in middle 6 ; but Pens still need a Guentz replacement (again my hopes are TT)

        For AA; I’m sure he can be had for much less (being forced to take Howard in the deal)


    • I don’t think Shestyorkin should be the #1 today. They’re already rushing or have rushed Kakko, Chytl, Fox, Andersson, Howden etc. Why add another to that list?

      Ideally Lundqvist gets caught trying to sneak pain killers through customs, or maybe has a surgery the Rangers are unaware of in the off-season and gets suspended…. contract terminated….

      Hey, it’s worth a shot!

      It would be nice if NY could find a way to keep Georgiev and Shestyorkin for a couple of years. Shestyorkin looks like the guy…. but when it comes to goaltenders….. who really knows….. until they know?

      A couple of years ago, someone here were saying Matt Murray would be passing Lundqvist and Brodeur on the wins list….. fast forward to today…..

      • @Nyr4life less than a year ago Toronto thought they had 2 up and coming goalie prospects that would be ready to replace Andersen in 2 years. Ian Scott had hip surgery and now his career is doubtful at best and Bob Woll who is having a hard time making the jump from the college ranks to the AHL. That`s why goalies don`t fetch as much in the trade market as everybody thinks they might or should

      • I definitely don’t think goaltenders return anything. That’s why I think Georgiev has more value to ny than he does in any trade.

  5. Re Leafs and potentially shopping for a goalie…. must have term (see my points above)

    A trade with Pens , for me at least (as they are both my fav teams) should be neutral

    However ; Pens can ill afford to move De Smith w/o another goalie coming back

    De Smith out ; w/o a goalie in return leaves Pens with one goalie injury /sickness away (TJ or MM) from having a back-up that has only recently made the AHL; was an ECHL goalie

    So…. it would be Hutch plus for DeSmith…. what is the plus??

    Re other options

    Crawford; Lehner; Anderson ; Dell… UFAs …. no please per above rationale

    LA won’t be moving Peterson

    I’m sure Gorton will fiercely negotiate and get top whack in a trade for Georgiev


    stay the course or trade for De Smith

    • I’ll get pregnant before the Jackets make any trade with Boston. There’s a lot of anger over some probable head hunting done by The Rat during last year’s playoffs in Columbus.
      Note to Toronto: The Jackets are overloaded with quality goalies.

      • 5’8 -182lbs Marchand,

        “probable headhunting” against the BlueJackets in last years playoffs.

        And this will deter Jarmo from dealing with Sweeney?


      • Shoreorrpark, hello

      • Hi, Kick!

    • Pengy–How many trades would be made if teams were more concerned with worst-case contingencies than with addressing obvious needs? Both of the Penguins’ roster goalies are arbitration-eligible RFAs after this season, and neither of them is likely to want to be the other’s backup next season. Even if those goalies were receptive to that, the team’s salary structure would be wrecked if it were to re-sign both, only to eventually lose one to Seattle. Lack of foresight would hurt the Penguins as surely as it would hurt the Leafs, wouldn’t it?

      Which of the “what if’s” is most likely to occur: the Penguins lose a roster goalie and receive nothing in return; the Penguins trade their AHL goalie and end up starting someone from the ECHL? It’s smart for a team to use its surplus to address its deficit, and the Penguins need a top-6 wing to have a chamce at the Cup. Only one goalie can be on the ice at a time–Rask and Binnington played 24 and 26 playoff games, respectively, last season. The Penguins should listen to offers for any one of their 3 goalies.

      • Hi Francis S

        sound rationale and noted

        I don’t necessarily see both TJ & MM as Pens come September; but Pens all in now and I believe a move of either TJ or MM (BTW who has been very solid over last 8 starts) now would be a move with risks so high; no return is worth it

        More likely (I’m not advocating ; but more likely) is a DeSmith move (note with a goalie coming back…. can’t have freshman AHL goalie as NHL back up if there is an illness or injury to TJ or MM)

        The DeSmith for another goalie (who will be worse than DeSmith) will need to have a kicker; what will that be?

        So to answer your odds question

        Most likely – goalie status quo

        Next likely – DeSmith for a weaker current NHL back-up UFA at low AAV; PLUS a kicker

        Virtually completely unlikely …. MM traded for top 6 winger (what team though)? Anything less…. GMJR is making akin to the JJ fiasco move

        Impossible …. TJ moved


        GO PENS GO

    • Pengy, I see where the Leafs have called up goalie Kasimir Kaskisuo. Is that just precaution or has there been more news on Andersen?

      The other day I mentioned where the Wild were trying to sneak big D-man Seeler 0 who had a fairly good season last year – through waivers and wondered if anyone would grab him. Chicago did.

    • Hi Paul

      You responded to me wrt Bos/Clb trade; I was discussing Pens and Leafs goalies

      I saw ur ending of post re plethora of avail. Clb goalies

      BUT …. if the Bos/Clb trade does materialize; and you find yourself pregnant …. can I be ur agent?

      The talk show circuit alone will make us both a fortune … LOL

      Won’t Mrs. Bowles be surprised !

    • Thanks, Pengy.

      That’s not what I thought you would say. but I asked for your thoughts, and you gave me what I asked for. I still believe, though, that lacking the top-6 wing that JR wants is more likely to lead to the Penguins getting knocked out of the playoffs than is not having a decent backup goalie to the backup goalie. One not qualified to be the Leafs’backup isn’t comforting.

      • Hi Francis

        Pens plugging away fine now

        But playoffs as you have alluded; are a big difference

        I know I blab on and on about JJ and it gets sickening to those reading here

        However ; trading for top 6 ; if JJ continues at top pairing; will not get them far ; and could oust them first round again. High probability.

        Dumo should return in next 3-4 weeks ; thus booting JJ to bottom pairing

        So with Pens playing so well so far without anything from Bjug (on IR; 10 games played 1 goal no assists) ; and G-Chuck playing 4th line at nigh $5M/ season and giving little or no return; and with the window here and now and with Guentz’s space avaiable….

        Pens have a collective G-Chuck (would need to retain 50% ) and Bjug and 1st to offer up ; that in no way crimps the team this year and for playoffs

        There is no team I can think of that has an available worthy top 6er that would take both players in a trade

        So it would have to be two trades (min) ; the first netting assets to be used in a subsequent trade for a top 6 forward

        So collectively the assets of Bjug + G-Chuck (50% retained) + 1st should net a fair top 6 forward

        Add to that a depth winger (say Laffy) and Legare…. these 5 assets in cumulative value should garner a top notch needle moving top 6 winger

        I believe in the rationale of the value of trades (cumulative) but the complicated nature of multiple trades with multiple assets sends likelihood plummeting

        I’d love to get Tatar on Pens

        Jimbo WILL get a top6 fwd ; who, is the big question

        Unfortunately it seems he has a bromance going with the risky (move for) Zucker


  6. Hey Winnipeg, Detroit has plenty of D who have played in a top four role, whether they should’ve played in the top four or not…

    • Garth

      Zip it… I’ve got Dibs in a ‘Peg deal……LOL….

      Heh Chevy

      Can I interest you in a Dman currently playing top pairing on the team right now sitting 3rd in the entire league. My offer includes driving him to the airport and paying for his plane ticket(first class of course)

      My hard bargaining stands firm in a required return of a 7th rounder in 2032

      Please advise

  7. Rumor mill yesterday ed vanimpe suggested the Penguins need Josh Anderson. Blue Jackets position now making the playoffs , why trade Anderson especially to the Penguins ?!? Besides Hornqvist plays for the Penguins and Samuel Poulin #1 draft pick power forward is coming later.

  8. Can anyone explain to me how Byfuglien’s contract can just be terminated without any cap consequences? I can understand cap relief if a player goes on LTIR, but if he’s now free to pursue another deal, why do the Jets get off scot free?

    This could invite future cases, like with the Hossa contract, where years are added to the end of a contract which the player has no intention of playing, just to bring down the cap hit. And then those last years would be similarly terminated. This is the particular situation the league wanted to avoid.

    • Howard, it started when he didn’t report to camp and was suspended, basically for not honoring the contract.
      By doing so he forfeited his pay. Not sure how many players would be willing to do that and walk from the $$.
      I don’t think this becomes a thing.

    • Howard I agree. He is injured. Should be on LTIR.
      Seems like a sneaky way to get out from cap space.
      I know Byfuglien is walking away from his contract but It still seems wrong. Shouldn’t be allowed. Contract is a contract.
      I wish Backes would do the same thing to help the club. He already got most of the money on his contract.

      • Dave, he had his chance to prove that he was injured when he filed his grievance. Byfuglien walked away from that too which usually means that he couldn`t make a case for injury. For some reason it seems Byfuglien and only he knows didn`t know what he wanted to do. His agent would`ve been all over this if there was any case to be made for an injury and Winnipeg doesn`t get off scott free they now have to spend valuable assets to replace him. Plus they may miss the playoffs because of this so that`s hardly getting off free

    • As always, the good folks at Cap Friendly provide the answer. The link below refer to Patrik Berglund’s contract buyout last season, but the same rules apply.

      The way I see it, Byfuglien breached his contract by failing to report to training camp, then undergoing ankle surgery without the club’s knowledge.


      • Ok thanks Lyle. So it seems like if a player were to breach his contract, the team could terminate without cap penalty and not pay the balance. The player can file a grievance, which Buff did. But he ha snow withdrawn and accepted the team’s termination.

        Still say there is much potential for abuse.

    • Here in Winnipeg the whole thing has been baffling. The Jets organization has seemingly been very upfront but Buff has his own way of doing things. They agreed he passed his physical at last season’s end and out of the blue after one preseason training skate apparently Buff told the team he needed some time for personal reasons. The Jets were accommodating and respectful about his privacy but as good business suspended him as to recoup some salary cap space til he decided on whatever was troubling him. Then Buff, once again, out of the blue had a private surgery without the Jets involvement or knowledge and in came the NHLPA injury greivance and the Jets wtf pushback response. Buff is beloved in Winnipeg and maybe he has decided or may not have been entirely onboard with the NHLPA suit and just going to do something out of the blue again. He had 31 regular season points in 42 games and 8 points in 6 playoff games and is scary strong. If he lands on another team he won’t be taking Kovy money, that is certain lol

    • From what I understand, Buff’s ankle injury wasn’t hockey related and he hid it from the team. That is why the Jets don’t want to use LTIR.
      Just what I heard, not sure how true it is though.

    • “why do the Jets get off scot free?”

      They don’t. They’re losing an important piece for nothing.

      Also, “scot free” from what? THEY DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG.

  9. Why would the Penguins move one of their back ups for the Leafs back up – there by improving an eastern conference rival and weakening themselves?

    There are expensive options for the Leafs and cheap options. Once again, they are in this position by not addressing the glaring need of 1 or 2 reliable stay at home defensemen. They aren’t sexy signings. They arent’ sexy draft picks (Chris Phillips 1st over all) but they are absolutely necessary.

    Instead you over work Freddy A – who is a pretty good goalie. Risk of injury from work or from wingers flying into him unchecked – unboxed out.

    Leafs are almost exclusively offensive D-men

  10. As soon as they announced Hutch as the starter for the 2nd period, the price of every surplus goalie out there went up.

  11. Would a Gostisbehere for Jack Roslovic swap be an even deal?

    • Yes Gostisbehere and Nolan Patrick plus a second round pick for roslovic

  12. Wondering with Winnipeg and Buff mutually agreeing to terminate the contract, is there a price to that? As the NHLPA has file a grievance on Byfuglien behalf; however an arbitrator has been picked. Does this just go away and |Byfuglien gets nothing or the Jets say we are going to pay you $3m to terminate the remainder of your contract. If that the case wouldn’t there be a $3m cap hit?

    Also what a nice pickup for Colorado

    • Bruins ….Buff, Chara & Carlo on back end … lot of size there

    • Caper, I don’t see that happening or see why the Jets would pay him anything if he agrees to terminate. He breached the contract and all the info available suggests he had no desire to work with the team to come to a resolve.
      Sounds to me like a guy who doesn’t want to play hockey right now. In the future maybe he reconsiders that decision and comes back. Not the Jets decision, Buff’s alone.

  13. So many different directions the Bruins can go in at this years trading deadline…either a scoring winger for the #2 line with size & grit or go just the scoring winger route, a shutdown rugged Dman and a 4th line drop the gloves winger if needed type . All 3 won’t happen but hope 2 of 3 do ..

  14. To TOR: Anderson
    To CBJ: Kapanen

  15. Rumor – Maple Leafs inquiring trading for Penguins goaltender Casey DeSmith.

    • Pens don’t have a second rounder….

      • If the Leafs 1st round pick is outside the top ten, then the Leafs don’t have a 1st round pick. So if you are insinuating that the Leafs offer a 2nd for DeSmith then that would mean the Leafs don’t have a pick in the first 2 rounds of what has been said to be a deep draft class.
        Just saying.

      • Yup. Bit not worth moving the insurance policy for anything less. So it seems no match there.

  16. The last thing the Leafs need is Josh Anderson and Leaf fans should know this. Toronto’s defense look like road work a whole bunch of pylons. Players go around them with ease especially Sandin. If they are to trade Kasper the ghost and find a foolish partner it should be for a defenseman who can skate backwards and isn’t afraid to go into the corner.

    • Obe want Staal from NY for Ceci?

      toss in Kappy for Gorgi?

      I know TML needs RD but this may work and he has 1 more year.

      • IHC

        JJ for Staal


      • @Pengy lol

        Staal has 1 more year and JJ has 3…why would I trade that term for JJ’s term? I am trying to clear cap buddy lol

        Offer JJ & DeSmith and something nice for Hall in AZ who is available lol

    • Obviously they need Defense, but Kappy straight up for Andersen, isn’t a down grade either. Andersen is big and has more grit and could possibly be extended for cheaper or at the same cap hit as Kappy.

  17. Wonder how BIG… Big Buff has gotten since last time playing hockey was 4/6/19

  18. They could always call up 6′ 6″ 230-lb Ben Harpur who’s a +10 with the Marlies

    • @ George: I wanted Harpur on the team from the onset of the season but we all know how that played out.

  19. I have not written here for a long time but have been reading other’s opinions on the Leafs.

    Some of you will remember I have thought from the beginning that Dubas is in over his head. With regards to things off the ice he has done some good and important things.


    His job is to win on the ice. I have written here before and taken abuse for it that the worst contract on the team is the Marner one. I asked all of you can you see him meandering through the St Louis defense in May? I sure can’t.

    I think when the term immature was used last week it was more than anyone else intended for Marner. He should it again in the 3 rd period last night taking an unnecessary penalty at a bad time and doing God knows what with a minute to go in the 3 rd.

    I railed against his Father Paul and his agent Ferris during the summer as I wrote here Dubas was being schooled by the two of them.

    I have also written here before that when someone writes like this after a loss like last nights they are not overreacting to one game. They are observing there is a root cause here and as I have been reading other writers here over the last months they are identifying the root causes. Here they are:

    1) Not enough quality blue line compared to overpaid overvalued forwards.

    2) No respect for the importance of the role of a back up goalie. This should be at least a 3 million player.

    3) No fairness in the salary….I think you can justify Tavarres contract as he was a UFA and Matthews contract ( if it were 6 years) But Marner at 10.9 when Rielly is at 5.5, Muzzin at around 5, Nylander at 7 is a joke. I have been around many hockey teams and players….who is going to stand up for an almost 11 million dollar Marner….wake Dubas he is good…he is not a great one….

    I will say….this is not the Leaf window…it in my opinion begins next year….is Dubas the guy to make the needed moves…is Keefe’s philosophy the one that will go 4 rounds…..this Leaf fan thinks not

    Venting over….sorry fans of other teams for the length of this vent

    • SJ: Marner
      Tor: Karlsson

      And yes I’m kidding.

    • Hi OBD

      No challenge on ur 1,2,3

      However; I believe all issues started with the WW hold out capitulation

      If he sits that year (which he should have); there is no way he gets the contract he did; and subsequently neither do AM and MM

      I stated at the time of the capitulation that that move could result in a collective over-pay for WW /AM/ MM of $3M-$5M in Cap … that could go towards a Dman

      Oddly enough; Burke , who I very rarely see eye to eye with; on HNIC close to a full year after I stated it; almost said word for word; the above statement …..re sitting WW would have garnered $3-$5M in Cap
      SSpace from the 3 Fwds more logically spent on a D ;

      As I stated in my earlier post; I was at last night’s game

      Leafs didn’t lose the game; Bobo alone , won it

      Must have made 5 or 6 sure goal 10 bell saves

      Unfortunate; but it is what it is

      Window for Leafs starts next year; so I’m not going to freak if they are ousted first round in 4 or even if they don’t make playoffs this year

      • All good points guys. 3 of the 5 top paid players in the entire NHL are Leafs. The other 2 are McDavid and Panarin. Panarin UFA, McDavid is signed for 8 years so purchased more UFA years than Matthews or Marner. And the better player.
        Agree the Tavares # is likely competitive to what he would have received elsewhere.
        Is Nylander overpaid, ya slightly, maybe, the bigger problems IMO are the other 2 contracts signed to guys coming out of ELC.
        Dubas kind of capitulated, but not really. Nylander call him at the 11th hour, not the other way around. Dubas had him right where he wanted, and then worked out a fair deal, which he didn’t have too and could have got him for less, even a bridge. Might work out just fine.
        Nylander is the 44th highest payed forward in the NHL and is definitely in the range he should be for his production and is just entering his prime. The only issue is Dubas didn’t use the leverage he had and only purchased 1 year of UFA or get him on a bridge. But IMO not out of line and should be easy to trade that contract and get a really good return.
        Matthews is great and their best player, contract is too high as you didn’t purchase any UFA years. Marner? Ya he’s good, not great IMO. He earns $4M more a year than Nylander. That’s crazy.

  20. you may be kidding on Karlson….but Marner even up for Doughty might be good for the window of both teams

    • I have to agree with you I never liked Dubas from the start but I was never sold on Mark Hunter either. As a group they seemed to be Ok but on their own a different story. The rumours of Dubas deliberately torpedoing Babcock to get him fired seems to have some merit to it. Dubas`s moves simply put problems in front of Babcock especially the so called load management Dubas installed which quickly disappeared when Keefe took over. The backup goalie problem Dubas created and other players if Babs liked them Dubas got rid of them even if the replacement was worse.The talk of how the players like Keefe so much and yet now rumours of that`s not the case and the clip in the Florida game that caught Keefe swearing at the players. Yeah Dubas got the guy he thinks he can control behind the bench now. I still think the biggest problem in Toronto is Dubas always was

  21. A big problem for the current Leafs was created when they kept Garrett Sparks and put Curtis McIlhenney and Calvin Picard on waivers, and subsequently lost both of them. Sparks didn’t work out and we all know now that McIlhenney should have been the guy. Painful water under the bridge.
    As for overpaying some of their young stars, time will tell. It seems to me that they are getting better and better and may justify their cap hits sooner than later. Marner and Matthews are really good together and I think we’re just beginning to see how good Nylander could be.
    It’s possible to be a Cup contender with a low-budget defence corps if (big if ) they have young prospects that develop into solid pros at approximately the same time. I think this might happen with Toronto as Sandin and Liljegren look like keepers and should be solid additions next year. Holl has done well once he’s been given a chance to prove himself. Looks like Jake Muzzin wants to be back so, all in all, things aren’t hopeless by any means.
    A backup goalie at the level of Curtis McIlhenney would really help though.

    • The problem is lilegren and sandin aren’t good defensively either! Muzzin is asking mid 5 or 6 million, nylander doesn’t know where his own end is. Tavares is slowing down and who is physical or gritty? Nobody! You could say Hyman but he’s more of an agitator. If Anderson doesn’t stand on his head the leafs lose