NHL Rumor Mill – February 7, 2020

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The latest on the Rangers, the Leafs might not be done dealing, plus updates on the Flames, Kings, Canucks, and Sabres in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks doubts Henrik Lundqvist will be moved by the Feb. 24 trade deadline, but he can’t imagine the long-time Rangers goaltender will return with the Blueshirts next season. Buying out the final season of Lundqvist’s contract in June will allow the netminder and the club to “move independently into the future.” It would free up $3 million from their salary-cap payroll next season.

Jacob Trouba‘s no-move clause kicks in on July 1. Brooks thinks Rangers management would be foolish not to listen to offers for the 25-year-old defenseman before then. He feels promising Adam Fox will soon become their No.1 right-side defenseman. Fox is on an entry-level contract through 2021-22 and would be more affordable than Trouba’s $8 million annual average value. Brooks feels the Rangers need more from Trouba, who’s struggled to adjust in his first season in New York.

TSN: Pierre Lebrun reports contract talks have finally begun between the New York Rangers and the agent for winger Chris Kreider. He feels it’ll be difficult for the Rangers to re-sign Kreider, but there will be an effort made.

Should the New York Rangers entertain trade offers for Jacob Trouba? (Photo via NHL images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what happens with Lundqvist during the off-season. He’s coming to the end of his illustrious career, but might not be keen being relegated to a backup role with a rebuilding club next season. A trade is possible, but only if he waives his no-movement clause and if the Rangers absorb part of his $8.5 million AAV.

Seems a bit premature to give up on Trouba after only a year. I’ll be surprised if they consider moving him this summer. If there are clubs interested in him, the Rangers could be forced to pick up part of that expensive cap hit or take back another expensive contract in return.


TSN: Darren Dreger believes injuries to Morgan Rielly and Cody Ceci puts the Toronto Maple Leafs in the market for a top-four defenseman. With the Los Angeles Kings retaining half of the recently-acquired winger Kyle Clifford’s salary, Dreger believes the Leafs are in a good position with Kasperi Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, or Alexander Kerfoot if the right deal can be found.

NHL.COM: Dave McCarthy reports Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas said Rielly’s status will determine what they’ll do leading up to the trade deadline. Rielly is expected to be re-evaluated at the end of this week. “We would want someone to move the needle for us in the long run, not in the short run unless it was the perfect deal,” said Dubas.

TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan suggests Anaheim’s Josh Manson or Minnesota’s Matt Dumba could fit the bill if the Leafs go shopping for a blueliner.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once again, the Leafs’ limited salary-cap space means Dubas must get creative to add a top-four defenseman under contract beyond this season. If he does acquire one, he must ensure he can free up sufficient room for when Rielly comes off long-term injured reserve.

If Manson’s available (and I don’t think he is), the Ducks won’t just give him away. The same goes for Dumba. Manson also carries a $4.1 million AAV through 2021-22 with a 12-team no-trade list. Dumba’s AAV is $6 million through 2022-23.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports the recent injury to Mark Giordano could affect the Calgary Flames’ trade plans. There was talk blueliner T.J. Brodie could be available and they could pursue a top-six, right-shot winger. With Giordano sidelined, a source tells LeBrun they might instead pursue a depth defenseman. He’s not saying Brodie won’t be traded, but Giordano’s absence makes that more difficult.

Darren Dreger reports some wonder if Flames forward Sam Bennett is ready for a change. The Flames don’t want to move Bennett and they’re not actively shopping the versatile forward. Nevertheless, his name has been in the rumor mill for some time. Dreger believes Bennett would like to prove he’s a top-six forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: After trading Michael Frolik to Buffalo last month, it was assumed the Flames would pursue a top-six forward. Giordano’s hamstring injury complicates things. Their recent slump will only ratchet up the pressure on GM Brad Treliving.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports Los Angeles Kings defenseman Alec Martinez remains available. The Florida Panthers and Winnipeg Jets have shown various degrees of interest, but the Toronto Maple Leafs aren’t among them. The asking price is believed to be a second-round pick and either another pick or a prospect.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting that the Leafs weren’t interested in Martinez. He’d fit their wish to bring in a defenseman with term on his contract. It could be because they’re awaiting word on Morgan Reilly’s condition.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports uncertainty over the health of sidelined winger Micheal Ferland could push them into the trade market. He said New Jersey Devils winger Wayne Simmonds has come up in their internal discussions. They had an interest in Simmonds last summer before he signed with the Devils.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmonds is on a one-year contract worth $5 million and lacks no-trade protection. However, he reportedly prefers staying with the Devils. The Canucks only have just over $1 million in deadline cap space.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Buffalo Sabres will continue their search for a forward. Defenseman Rasmus Ristolainen’s name has been in the rumor mill for a while. Dreger also suggested blueliner Brandon Montour, though he’s not saying he’s being shopped. The only way he sees either rearguard getting traded is for a top-six forward.



  1. Sami Vatanen may very well be moved. Not sure which club(s) are interested but sure Devils will take back salary (he makes 5 mil) or trade for a player with similar salary. Maybe Devils trying to resign?


      Really surprised Troubas name is in the mill all ready ..dont get that one !

      On Krieder…i think the issue here is that teams are not wanting to give up this years 1st rounder and that is what te Rangers really want …they dont see a player for player swap being beneficial as most players in any deal my not be on par with the quality of a player of Krieder so why bother other than if its just money.
      This could also be very good posturing by Gorton ..trying to give teams one last chance to anti up …before he makes a deal ..I think the room really likes Krieder so that would be devastating to them if they dont get any quality back ..long term.

      Flames / Leafs
      Id really love the Leafs to trade Kerfoot for Bennett …I think this would be a quality deal for both teams …Leafs need some size and skill on the 3rd line who can make plays ..and is young at a low cap hit …Flames are looking for a top 6 plyare and 3rd liner who can be responsible and be more of an impact and Kerfoot is under contract so Flames have control and know what they are getting ,.,,it seems as if Kerfoot has been a wanted player by a number of teams by the sounds of the rumour mill …I think this would be a solid deal !

      Leafs / Sabres

      Risto for Kappy and Ceci to make money work for est of the season !

      This make s a bunch of sense for both sides really …Sabres are looking for a top 6 player Kappy has that and would look good beside Euichel with both of there speed …that seems to be what is missing for Sabres is speed to play with Eichel ..If Leafs move the Ceci contract in the deal the money works out and the Leafs get there D man under contract ..Sabres get the top 6 and the Ceci deal dies on the vine as he i a UFA anyways !


      If I am Benning …I am all in on Kyle Palmieri / what a great addition this would be for them in a playoff drive !
      …Canucks have some pieces to throw at the Devils …

      Di Pietro ( G )
      J T Miller
      ( Draft PICKS )

      Perfect player for this team and where they are right now !


      • I would LOVE to get Palmieri on Canucks.

        With Simmonds, Im sure contracts to one or more of the dead weights will be involved. It would have to be for the trade to even work.

      • I wouldn’t necessarily say Trouba’s name is in the mill. I would guess it is more than likely lame brain Larry concocting some outlandish nonsense for attention.

        Buying out Lundqvist would do-nothing for either parties best interest. On the Rangers side they lose an asset with no return and absorb dead cap space. Hank wastes another post season. If you are going to move him you get him to accept the fact he’s not going to reclaim the starter role and a trade gives him 2 shots at a cup with a legit contender.. Hello Colorado..

  2. If Rielly is help held out till the end of 82 games, and Ceci is waived (assuming his ankle injury is short-term) and sent to the Marlies to clear $1m from teh cap, the Leafs could spend an additional $6m for their playoff push, plus any money going out. I.e. $3.4m if Johnsson were to go the other way in a trade.
    The problem, you’d have to give up a LOT for a $6m or $9.4m player.

    In saying that, how sweet would Doughty look on the Leafs if you could erase the last 5 years from his contract.

    • That’s exactly what the Leafs need… another player making $11,000,000.

  3. On the Rangers: I’ve been on the keep Kreider wagon. Hoping they get a deal done. I think he’s the one guy that would be hardest to replace out of other trade candidates. I’ve mentioned before that maybe Lundqvist would waive ntc if it was clear they’d buy him out after season. Still think both options aren’t so likely. But, after Toronto dealt for a different goalie, wonder if Rangers plan on keeping Gorgiev? Thought for sure he was heading to Leafs. Crazy to think Rangers would trade Trouba. Not happening. Funny how most fans immediately look at offensive numbers on d men, but always complain about lacking size and toughness on their teams. Brooks article mentioned he didn’t think Trouba was playing up to his salary. A legit argument, but I think NY knew what they where paying for.

    • Would Hank want to go to San Jose? Clearly goaltending has been the issue BUT with Hank in net it gives him one more run next season.

      Dillon & Karlsson for Hank 40% retained?

      Would Hank want to go to sunny Cali?

      • @ ihatecrosby

        I think hank will stay in NY or move to a legit Contender…how good would hank look in an Oilers uniform though for the rest of this season if Oilers make a serious push.

        I think the Sharks should make big play for Gorgiev….this guy is clearly a starter and San Jose needs a NEW starter….. in a rebuild !
        I M O …Cheers

      • Wich Karlsson? Erik no way! EK65 has much more worth than an aging Hank! Maker K and Dillon sounds more even, but what would NYR want with 2 more 3 line players?

      • @DBS
        their forward not EK lol

        only suggesting if Hank wants a cup run next year
        he gives them a legit chance.

      • @DBS
        can flip Dliion for more picks
        and MK can play 4th line instead of Haley lol

        then trade off in offseason or deadline if someone wants.

  4. *held, not help.

  5. I would like to see Boston pick up Georgiev from the Rangers. I think he could be Rask’s back up next year and possibly take over for him in the future.

    To Bos: Fast, Georgiev

    To NYR: Heinen, rights to JFK and a 4th round pick

    • Not bad.

  6. Friedman made some comments about Muzzin and Barrie still being available as pending UFA’s… I think if Leafs are out of playoff contention that Barrie will definitely be moved, but Muzzin will be resigned and hopefully Ceci put on waivers. I’d like to see Kerfoot and Jonnson pkg’d for a young D with potential or a solid top 4 D under 5m with at least 2yrs left on their contract.

    This isn’t going to be a playoff winning team this year, they might squeak in, but to.e for some reality to sink in and look at the long game.

    • @ Leafsmedic

      I agree 1000% on moving Barrie ..in the playoffs or out actually …get back what you can teams will need a low cost D man for a run who can play on PP….he wont be signing or SHOULD NOT be signing in Toronto ..so move him now and recoup what you can ..his best value is at the deadline !

      all in on signing Muzzin $ 5 million AAV for 4 years and moving out Ceci as well…was never a fan of the signing to begin with ..not sure why in the world you sign Ceci after moving out Zaitsev and his equal cap hit and you know you were going to be up against the cap at the start of the season…Hainsey was a better player than Ceci …should have just kept him..instead …

      The old saying goes ..better to go with the devil you know than the devil you dont …Hainsey brought wayyy more to the table at his age than Ceci does ..or did now….poor evaluation…again!


      • Ceci wasn’t signed, he was acquired in the same trade that Zaitsev was moved out with…..

      • He was an Rfa. Still needed signed.

      • @Cucumber he was traded then the leafs signed him to a 1 year contract. He was an RFA.

      • So now that Leaf fans have thrown in towel, since they are 2 pts out of a playoff spot, who is going to play defense for you next year?
        Sounds like I am trolling, but I do actually wonder what the plan would be if Ceci and Barrie get moved.
        Muzzin isn’t signing a 4 year deal at 5M. More term or dollars or both. Sounds like they will work out a deal, but it isn’t done until it is.
        They’ve got some $$ next year, so doable. Just who is it gonna be, and if Muzzin leaves huge problem. Top 4 D don’t grow on trees.

      • @Ray:
        I am a Leafs fan and I also don’t think that Muzzin will sign only for $5,000,000 for 4 years.
        They will let Barrie and Ceci walk via UFA but according to capriendly the Leafs have only $11,353,134 in cap space (this includes Sandin, Liljegren and Marincin) with an upper limit of $81,500,000. Demoting Marincin and Liljegren frees up another $1,500,000.
        But they have to re-sign or replace Clifford, Engvall, Spezza, Timashov, Gauthier, Dermott and Muzzin. Some of them will get raises and then there is not much left to sign a top-4 d-man.
        I would try to trade Nylander (if necessary Nylander + ) for a top 4 d-man.

      • @ JUSS 76

        Dont want to get caught up on just leafs talk her as its not kosher…but here is a scenario that would be decent ..and work $$$

        Trade Kerfoot for Bennet ( Flames )

        Saves Leafs $1.5 million


        Kappy $3.2
        Ceci $4.5 ….LMAO …= $7.7 Mill

        to Buffalo

        Ristolainen = $5.4
        Saves leafs …$2.3

        In these 2 transactions youve upgraded and Save signed players as well…and saved or opened up …$2.3 million and $1.5 million
        to = $3.8 million surplus for this season …

        Move out Barrie and his $2.75 …for and try and get back your 2and or 3rd round pick in the 2020 Draft plus a mid range prospect !

        Risto takes Barries place …

        Surplus now of $6.55 million

        Gives you enough room with a surplus to bring back Rielly and sign Muzzin in off season

        Can still play Sandin & Liljerg on entry level contract ..Marincin as depth at $750,000

        Spezza Gautier and Timashov will not be back next year …IMO …all off the books…

      • @Juss76, A top 4 of Reilly, Muzzin, Holl and Dermott seems likely, not the best top 4 obviously but I have liked Holl’s development this year. Sandin and Lillegren will both likely be rounding out the top 6 D

        I’m fairly certain Clifford will be resigned as will Spezza if he takes another $700k contract.
        Engvall, Timashov and Gauthier amd Mikayev (without the injury he may have gotten one) are all RFA and won’t get a substantial raise. Dermott will get a contract similar to Holl’s.

      • I think Clifford will end up signing back in la, they love him there

      • Kal El: How does Kerfoot for Bennett save the Leafs $1.5M? Kerfoot has a cap hit of $3.5M and Bennett is at $2.55M. Skill wise, that is a pretty even trade.

        Muzzin isn’t signing for 4 years at $5M/year. For that cap hit, the term would likely be 6+. Muzzin will be 31 when he’s a UFA and will want to capitalize on his last big contract.

        Kapanen and Ceci for Ristolainen is ridiculously lopsided in the Leafs favour. In addition, Buffalo is right up against the cap and can’t take an extra $2.3M in cap hit this year for this trade. Toronto would have to eat half of Ceci’s contract for that to work and that would still be a terrible trade for Buffalo.

      • Ya Van, not trading Risto for Kappy. Risto plays more than 3 minutes a night more than the next closest D man. He is their #1.
        #1 D man on a good contract for a 3rd line winger who might turn into a nd line one? Nope.
        Unless Buffalo wins the trade outright they aren’t moving him.
        There are some UFA’s like Tanev & Hamonic out there who fit the stay at home, plays tough, blocks shots, mold the Leafs seem to need. Not gonna be cheap either.

      • I have not seen Ceci play much this year but I can reconfirm the fact that I was beating the drum the past 2 years for the Sens to trade him. Classic case of playing in your hometown is not a good thing.
        I have had a chance to watch Hainsey alot this year , he is a slight improvement over Ceci but not by much. Hainsey is a turnover machine , his biggest asset is his size , he covers a lot of ice in the D zone. He has had a pretty good career but his best days are behind him.

      • Sabres have zero cap space. They won’t make any good trades

  7. If I’m Leafs I do the opposite I move all my UFA D men for picks and prospects it’s going to tuff for them to make playoffs and if they do tuffer to win. Toronto could get a nice haul and would help set them up for next few years I wouldn’t have made that trade for Campbell either they could have signed someone for cheap next year. Matthews Marner and their young guns need a year or two to mature and fill out.

    • After possibly giving up a 2nd and 3rd for a 4th liner and ahl goalie I don’t know if leaf fans want dubas making anymore trades lol looking at his trades he payed way to much for muzzin and the Kadri trade was just a disaster

      • That Kadri trade was the worst thing he ever could have done.
        He was the one guy who would drag the rest of the kids into battle whether they wanted to ir not.
        Kyle Clifford (God love him) can’t duplicate that.

      • Totally agree that trading Kadri was a mistake.
        Re-signing Ceci was also mistake.
        Behind that defense no available back-up would look good. I don’t think that Campbell is an upgrade over Hutchinson.

      • @ Bigbadbruins…

        I agree about your DUBAS trade remarks…as you can tell by my posts …

        I still think the Bs have the team to be in the dance again this year..

      • to TML: Bogosian
        to BUFF: Ceci


      • @ihatecrosby Bogo for Ceci make no sense for the Sabres…they would probably want a low draft pick.

      • And how was the Bruins trade for Nash lol

    • @Kal El So with 0 Cap space to work with how exactly do the Sabres absorb 2.3 Million?

      • Dubas traded Kadri but, if it had been Lamoriello who said “enough with the suspensions when we need you the most”, I’m sure Lou would had the support of the posters here.
        Dubas could make the greatest trade of all time and he’d still “be in over his head,” right?

      • Lol no you can just look at the facts and admit that was a bad trade by dubas! He really hasn’t done much good, leaf fans are even calling for Tavares to be traded which imo was the biggest mistake the leafs made in hurrying up their rebuild

  8. I have a hard time see the Rangers buyout Lundqvist. IMO that would be a very classless thing to do and NYR have never treated a long time Ranger that way before and don’t see them starting now.

    • I get that a teams best four defensemen necessarily cover for each other throughout a season but the skill gap between 1 and 4 is substantial on most teams such that the phrase “top four” doesn’t say to me what a team needs when looking for a “top four”. I would think Kapanen would get you a number 4, maybe a 3, but isn’t enough for a 2.
      I would also think the Leafs are ideally looking for a 3 … and by that I mean a solid 2nd pairing you would be comfortable moving up. Jeff Petry?

      • Apologies for nesting this comment in a reply: driver error.

      • Kapanen highest point total is 44 and he will be around that this year, is he really worth a top 4 when most teams are looking for dmen?

      • @Bigbadbruin. Kapenen plays bottom pairing minutes. Put him on one of the top 2 lines and give him first power time and his point totals go up by a lot. The leafs are just to deep at forward. Kapenen is a top 6 forward and although you would need to add a bit depending on the quality of the top 4 defensemen he is worth that.

      • There’s another reason Kap doesn’t play in the top 6.
        He isn’t good enough.
        Fast? Yes. Good? Nope.

    • Brooks giving opinion on what he thinks they should do. On the contrary, his colleague Cyrgalis has bluntly said “not happening”. IMO, Rangers have treated Hank pretty well (career earnings over 97 mil!!)and buying out final year of deal if absolutely necessary wouldn’t be worse thing.

  9. Henrik Lundquist, a 1st rounder and a 7th rounder for a Detroit 6th rounder.

    The Patrick Marleau special.

    • Odds Lundqvist waives to go to Detroit?

      • Even. 😛

    • @ GARTH…..

      Ooooooo….That hurts …

      REALLY !! LOL

  10. As much as I hate to throw it out there, might be beneficial for both teams…

    Tor: Vlasic
    SJ: Nylander

    And yes, Vlasic would have to waive his NMC.

    Leafs get a legit shutdown Dman; Sharks get much needed scoring punch on the right side. Obviously works out better for Sharks long-term, but does give Toronto a much better win-now option.

    • Vlasic 32 6 more years at 7 million that`s a hard pass. Don`t know how you get the idea this helps both teams, this is the type of deal you run away from.

  11. Here`s a little tidbit George would appreciate as far as how good of a goalie Campbell might be. According to Natural Stat Trick Campbells, HDSV% is 0.741 almost last in the NHL. Hutchinson is 0.788 and McElhinney is 0,842. Plus you have to remember LA was a low scoring defensive type of team. I hope Campbell can do the job but somehow I`m not holding my breathe on this one

    • i’d do a trade

      to TML: Gorgi, Staal & McKegg
      to NYR: Kapanen, Ceci & Campbell

      flip Ceci to Chicago who wants D for a pick

      Kapanen plays line 2 with Panarin & Strome

      • The tricky part of that idea, ihatecrosby, is contained in your statement “Chicago who wants D” – not only wouldn’t they be getting that in Ceci, they wouldn’t even see him on the ice for the better part of a month if the prognosis is correct, by which time their fading playoff hopes would be history anyway.

      • No thanks Georgiev`s stats aren`t much better, Staal`s a LHD and can`t skate plus has another year left. We already had McKegg

      • @ George that was pretty funny lol

        Ya Ceci is that bad . It’s the thought that counts right? =)

      • Not comparing Gorgi to Hasek but many said the same about Hasek not having good stats and he took off. Campbell has been dealt by Dallas and now LA.
        There is a serviceable size of data for Capmbell where there was Not for Hasek and not a as much on Gorgi. Gorgi can be the real deal. Watching him play he comes up with some BIG saves and is consistent.

        Gorgi will be good.

      • Goalies are funny You think you have the real deal then wham not worth anything. Dubas overpaid to get Campbell and Clifford now you want him to overpaid to get more bench warmers. You think he`s that stupid. Maybe forget I asked that question

    • Interesting stats for sure Bob. Another factor – the reality of which is as yet unknown in Campbell’s case – is how he will handle the tremendous pressure he will now face in Toronto as compared to L.A.

      The Hockey Graveyard is riddled with the corpses of players who buckled under the intense attention and coverage of every move (including, I think, bowel movements). If he can handle that, especially when he has a bad night, he’ll be ok.

      • That`s true there too George. Campbell in his interview when he first got to Toronto says he`s enjoying the limelight so far but then he hasn`t lost a game yet.

  12. Steve Simmons wrote a great column today in the Toronto Sun about Dubas and other Leafs GM’s mistakes with goal tending.
    As Simmons wrote, the last time the Leafs won the Cup, they had Johnny Bower and Terry Sawchuk as their goal tenders.
    It been downhill since then.

    • It doesn’t matter who you put behind that terrible defence, way to many high scoring chances against

      • For the most part Bigbadbruins, Andersen has held the fort. Similar situation in Ottawa with their goalies – Nilsson, Anderson and now Hogberg – who regularly see upwards of 40 to 45 shots per game. All have had great moments in those circumstances in recent weeks, especially when Hainsey, Zaitsev and Demelo were all out at the same time.

        A good goalie can cover up for the defensive gaffes to the point where – IF they have a potent offense – they can outscore the opponents. Unfortunately, Ottawa doesn’t have anywhere near Toronto’s offense.

        But when a backup is in and the game is tight, a bad goal can deflate the whole team. Realistically, maybe it shouldn’t where pros are concerned … but it often does.

      • Freddie has the 34th ranked save % and 39th gaa yes the offense gets the wins, but why not move some of the offense for defence? Dubas added Barrie who would be better off at forward, ceci who is bArely an nhl defense man

  13. SJ has a ton of work to do. The leafs need change now.

    Burns to the Leafs make sense if they can fit the beard under the cap. The Leafs are in dire need of a dominant Dman to take pressure of their offensive lot up front. Reilly is good but he is not the type of beast that championship teams are built around. A 1st and Kapo, SJ retains significant $$.

    • My Jesus! What?

      B. Burns for Kap and a 1st and Wilson pays Burns’ salary while he toils for the Leafs?

      Wilson has had a great career as a player and a good one as a manager. Why not taint it with the 2nd worst trade proposal in the last 4 months?

      • That is just a tad off the wall! And what 1st? If Dubas went into back-to-back drafts with no 1st round pick the angry elements of Leafs Nation would turn into a lynch mob.

    • Leafs don’t have a 1st to give. And I don’t see Burns helping from a defensive pov. Doubling down on Vlasic as the better option for the near term. Hate to lose him, but probably the best option if the Leafs want a true shutdown defenseman.

      Realistically, it’ll be a more affordable option like Dillon, but I think Vlasic would have a more immediate impact for the Leafs, at least in the short term.

  14. Pengy….Article out that the Hurricanes have been inquiring about Justin Schultz? they were offering speedy center 28 year old skilled Eric Haula.

    I would make this move in a second. Eric Haula can fly and just needs a change of scenery. We can then get an top 6 winger (PALMERI) and also move speedy McCann to wing as well.

    Haula was good in Vegas and Minnesota and is at $2.75
    Schultz s at $5.5

    your thoughts

    • John Marino cheek bone is broken. Doubtful Penguins trade Schultz.

      • He needs surgery. It would depend on recovery time. But schultz as a trade chip just got murkier

      • Damn well he can play with a cage or shield like many before him…..yeah that may put a damper on things..

        this team is cursed with injuries..

      • Marino only 2 to 3 weeks they are saying now…. we can still move Schultz at the deadline…

        He isn’t resigning in Pittsburgh and he isn’t currently playing well either.

        get a good player for him…..if we want him so bad we can resign him in the off season…

  15. This means more time for Turnover Letang and lead foot Johnson were f***ed…they better go get a d-man.

    Dumoulin hasn’t even started skating lightly yet. His minimum was 8 weeks we are at 9 weeks almost 10 weeks and he isnt even skating and now Marino!!!!…

    GMJR .work the phones Alec Martinez or Sammy vatanen someone or all the hard work to get up in the standings could be for not…

  16. Have a feeling the Bruins will go the Toffoli route in a trade and also bring in a vet Dman that’s also a UFA let them both walk after season

  17. For Dman… let’s try B Dillon

    Toffoli & Dillon two nice adds and won’t be a crazy cost …..window is going to close soon Sweeney

  18. I think Burns could be moved. Not sure Toronto works. It would have to be for two roster players. They made (and ruined their bed with Karlsson.

    I hope there are lots of deals this year because nothing to speak of so far.
    Some good talent apparently a available

    Jankowski maybe Magipane before Bennett . Who by the way is Calgary’s highest draft choice ever- 4th


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