NHL Rumor Mill – March 7, 2020

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Does Cory Schneider still have a future with the Devils? Could Anthony Mantha’s contract talk with the Red Wings become complicated? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NORTHJERSEY.COM: Abbey Mastracco wonders what the future holds for Cory Schneider. The 33-year-old veteran goaltender spent part of this season in the minors, but he seems to have regained his form since being recalled on Feb. 20. Mastracco believes whoever takes over as the Devils’ full-time general manager during the off-season could face a big decision regarding Schneider. He has two years remaining on his contract worth $6 million annually, which could prove difficult to move.

Could the New Jersey Devils part ways with Cory Schneider? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries have adversely affected Schneider’s play in recent years, resulting in the type of inconsistency that sent him to the minors this season to sort out. He’s played well since his latest recall, but Mastracco points out he also finished well last season only to struggle again in the fall. With Mackenzie Blackwood looking more comfortable in the starter’s job, interim GM Tom Fitzgerald or his replacement could try to trade Schneider or buy out the final two years of his contract.

Schneider has a full no-trade clause so he’ll have to sign off on any attempt to move him. While his $6 million annual salary is difficult to move, the Devils could offer to pick up part of it. A budget-conscious club looking to reach next season’s salary-cap minimum ($65 million?) could have some interest if the Devils include a draft pick or prospect.

With the Devils investing over $55 million in 13 players for 2020-21, Schneider’s cap hit shouldn’t hamper their efforts to re-sign key players and add others during the off-season. The next GM, be it Tom Fitzgerald or someone else, could decide it best to hang onto Schneider and see how things play out.


THE DETROIT NEWS: Ted Kulfan reports Anthony Mantha expected his contract negotiations with the Red Wings this summer could get complicated. The 25-year-old winger will become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. While Mantha’s scoring abilities are obvious, he’s been hampered by frequent injuries, missing 28 games this season to a knee injury and a punctured lung.

Mantha is in line for a significant raise over his current $3.3-million annual average value. However, his injury history could affect what type of deal he gets. Mantha, meanwhile, insists he wants to be in Detroit for the long term.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mantha’s situation could be worth watching over the summer. If things get complicated, it could spark some trade speculation.


  1. Are there any more teams like the yotes a few years ago looking to just reach the floor? I can’t think of any. That being said would schneider at 3 mil tempt some teams looking for the 1b vet back up? Maybe a return to coover to back up demko if Markstrom leaves? A trade with 50% retained beats a buy out.

    • Ottawa

      • Yeah. Ottawa

    • Ottawa won’t need a goalie entering next season. They have Nilsson and Hogberg as their tandem plus good depth in the minors. They need to spend money elsewhere though.

    • The Habs LOL

  2. it’s minors or waive and move with 50% held. A good backup with someone – I think .

  3. They do have 3 1sts to work with if they really want to deal Schneider. However, they do need a goalie to expose for the expansion draft as well, so they could hold onto him for another year. A buyout next summer would be more favorable.
    Being a Sabres fan, I would trade Hutton and a 2nd for Schneider and one of their 1sts.

    • They arnt in cap hell a la Patrick m and the leafs. No need to move a 1st to move schneider.

      • If it’s a ntc he can be exposed. If it’s a nmc he can’t. Which is it? It says ntc above

      • According to Capfriendly, it’s a NTC. Schneider can be exposed in the expansion draft, but would need to approve any trade. NJ sent him to the minors for a good chunk of this year and wouldn’t have been able to do that without Schneider agreeing if Schneider had a NMC.

    • Schneider has a no movement clause as clearly stated in the article above. He cannot be exposed in the expansion draft and even if he was Seatle is not taking him without a sweetener.

  4. So Lyle… how do we go about luring those wing and devils fans to the board. Content is … light today.

  5. Looks like I was wrong about Zucker and Sid having chemistry.

    It’ll come soon enough, I suppose.

    87 is tough to play with, unless you can think like him.

    • Bring back super duper! Bring back Kunitz! Bring back army!

      • Better off trading Crosby, as he’s to difficult to find linemates to work with him.
        You’ll probably have to eat some salary though. 🙃

      • Maybe the leaves would give us Reilly and muzzin for him.

      • No, no. The kids hate Paul Marner, this week.
        Marner for Crosby and a 1st.

      • Wouldn’t it be Marner and a 1st for Crosby? With salary held?

      • No. Leafs are more valuable than Penguins.

      • Ah. So true.

  6. There are a few Wings fans that read this site regularly, although it’s hard to admit in public!

    Mantra has been injured quite a lot yes, but he’s definitely worth a long term investment. Personally I like his game more than Larkin’s game.

    The best thing for the Wings, though, might be a bridge deal. I’m thinking it would be somewhere north of $6M but under $7M for 3 years.

    But then it would take him until he’s 28 and there’s no way he’s getting an 8-year contract if he still shows to be injury prone. So for him getting a long term deal right now might make more sense.

    I’m glad Yzerman is making the call, in Holland I did not trust!

    • Nice post.