What Are Steve Yzerman’s Off-Season NHL Plans For The Detroit Red Wings?

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. 1. Draft Lafreniere (Or Byfield if another team wins the 1st overall draft selection)
    2. Trade draft picks to acquire more early round selections (1st – 2nd round)
    3. Sign Free Agent quality players to very cheap cap-friendly contracts for the purpose of trading later for picks/prospects during the 2020/21 Trade Deadline

    • Sounds about right LeafsAdvocate.
      This is gonna take a while. Should be able to take on some salary in exchange for more picks, other than that draft and develop and hopefully get lucky in the lottery and if you do win that there are great players available near the top of the draft.
      Yzerman doesn’t seem like a guy that will rush prospects either.

      • We do need some lottery luck. Losing ground in it like we have the past three years makes it that much tougher.. But we are almost mentally prepared to pick 4th.

      • Iago, you will get 1st. American team with GM who is trying to rebuild a big name in slightly dead market, which is also liked by Big boss “B”. What can’t go wrong? Det still has more luck then bunch of others.

      • K – I’m not too sure. Other than NJ (who must have some dirt on B – LOL !), the teams that have jumped the most are the bigger market teams – NYR, Montreal, Chicago, Toronto. I am thinking that B might double up and give a lottery pick to the Habs, Rangers, or Hawks to help them out again. If not, my money is on the Kings.

  2. Maybe he should take some of the awful contracts he signed in Tampa to help the rebuild….. He’S a savvy talent and trade evaluator but his contracts were atrocious

    • You must be confusing Stevie Y with Dubas.


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