NHL Rumor Mill – April 17, 2020

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Recent speculation on the Leafs, Senators, and Sharks in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Jonas Siegel and James Mirtle consider Tyson Barrie and Cody Ceci as the most likely not to return with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Both defensemen are unrestricted free agents who underwhelmed during their one-season tenures with the Leafs. They also considered forwards Kasperi Kapanen, Andreas Johnsson, and Alex Kerfoot among the Leafs’ likely trade chips as the club seeks to shed salary and bolster their blueline depth.

Don’t expect to see Tyson Barrie with the Toronto Maple Leafs next season (Photo via NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most of Leafs Nation will agree Barrie and Ceci won’t be back. It just didn’t work out for either guy.

Kapanen, Johnsson, and Kerfoot frequently surfaced as trade candidates through this season. General manager Kyle Dubas didn’t have to move them during this campaign but could have no choice during the off-season.

The Leafs have over $76 million invested in 16 players. They desperately need to bolster their defense. Dubas surprised most observers with his slick moves last summer to free up sufficient cap room to re-sign Mitch Marner. Unless he’s got another trick or two up his sleeve, Kapanen, Johnsson, or Kerfoot could be shopped for a top-four defenseman.


OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren believes a flat or reduced salary cap for next season could work in favor of the rebuilding Senators as cap-strapped clubs attempt to shed salary in the off-season. The Sens only have around $41.9 million invested in next season’s cap payroll. They don’t need any more draft picks, but Warren believes they should listen if some promising prospects are packaged into the deal.

NBC SPORTS: Scott Charles believes the Senators should look for short-term players that other clubs no longer have the patience for, such as the New York Islanders’ Joshua Ho-Sang. Charles points out Anthony Duclair turned into a successful reclamation project for the Sens.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Senators also have 13 picks in the 2020 NHL Draft, including three in the first round, four in the second, and two in the third. They also hold three second-rounders in next year’s draft.

Their first-rounders are off the table, but GM Pierre Dorion could offer up a couple of those other picks to take on a toxic short-term contract that’s packaged with prospects or young NHL-ready players, or perhaps a player who could accelerate the rebuild. He can even afford to acquire someone like Ho-Sang on an affordable contract that can be easily buried in the minors if that player doesn’t work out.


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: During a recent interview long-time San Jose Sharks broadcaster Dan Rusanowsky told Brodie Brazil he believes the club needs to make a big change or two, partly for salary-cap reasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s easy to see why Rusanowsky feels this way. Despite spending to the cap ceiling to ice a star-studded roster, the Sharks were among this season’s worst clubs.

Making a big cost-cutting change, however, won’t be easy. The Sharks have over $66.6 million tied up in 13 players for 2020-21. Logan Couture, Evander Kane, Brent Burns, and Martin Jones all have three-team trade lists, while Erik Karlsson and Marc-Edouard Vlasic have full no-movement clauses.

Timo Meier ($6 million annually through 2022-23) lacks no-trade protection, but GM Doug Wilson could be reluctant to peddle the 23-year-old winger. Winger Tomas Hertl ($5.625 million AAV through 2021-22) also lacks no-trade protection for this season, but his long injury history could scare off potential suitors.


  1. Hi Lyle and all

    Hope all is well with everybody and all of your families/friends. I really enjoy this forum but have been so absolutely bogged personally and professionally for the last month due to this horrific Covid-19.

    None of my family, nor any of my staff , has been directly affected, but we all know of someone that has been affected.

    Lyle was extremely nice to actually send me an email asking if all was good with me and my family. All good; just stir crazy and cabin fever frenzied. Thank you once again Lyle.

    I miss this forum. I miss hockey. I do however understand all the precautions taken. My heart goes out to all of you that have been affected by this in any way; but even more so for those here that are either directly suffering from; have a close family member or friend suffering from it; or even tragically have lost someone close to this brutal virus.

    Thoughts and prayers out to all

    I know this site is for hockey, but I wanted to make that statement to all first. I will post separately my thoughts and queries w.r.t. the NHL

    God Bless

    Pengy and Family

    • Hey Pengy!
      Good to hear from you.
      We’ve been worried.

      • Thanks ShoreOrrPark

        All good health wise, family and friends and that is the key and most important thing.

        Financially costing me big on paying salaries with limited revs for a while; but it is what it is

  2. Question first re NHL then some of my thoughts

    To All: RE: UFA/RFA— supposed to be 1/7/20… my understanding is that is the date at which the contract has expired (30/6/20) and therefore entitled to bargain with any club (matching rights if RFA; free to sign anywhere as a UFA).

    My question is w.r.t. players that are either RFA or UFA on 1//7/20 and if the season and/or playoffs are still on… can they play? If it is regular season; are they in effect playing for free. To me the obvious answer is that each contract is over-ridden by the codicil that the NHL has a right to move that date in emergency situations; and all terms/conditions in each contract would stay in place until that adjusted date. All my friends who are laywers have no actual hands on knowledge of the individual NHL contracts but say that if it is a contract with a start/end; that is it…. Does anybody here know for sure?

    The other question is w.r.t. the season being canceled… pics traded with codicils dependent on making the playoffs …. Where they can be shifted to next season…. For instance my beloved Pens have sent a 1st to Minn in the Zucker deal but it is worded (I believe) that it is a 1st in ’20 if they make the playoffs. If they don’t (with a season being canceled) then Penguins could in effect be in the lottery (however remote a chance it may be) for first over-all…. Do I have that right? Thoughts?



    P.S. BTW I notice on CapFriendly that Carson Soucy is UFA this July. That really surprised me. IMHO he will be an excellent pick up at a very reasonable price … he is my new bromance. Big and smooth skater, good in both ends. He is a late bloomer and I see him on a similar arc (maybe not as high but similar) to one of my other bromances… Colton Parayko. 2 year prove me contract; would be an excellent signing.

    • Hey Pengy, welcome back.
      Interesting post, and the icing on the cake is use of the word codicil. That’s a first on here for me.
      Regarding the contracts, I obviously haven’t read them either but if both sides agree to negotiate a solution, they can. Both have incentive because of the $ involved. If not, than ya it is enforceable.
      The way I understand there is also a clause in the CBA for reconciliation if the monies held in escrow don’t cover the revenue shortfall, the teams can invoice player to make up the difference. This could actually happen if the season doesn’t resume. I only bring this up as it is another reason for the players to come to the table and negotiate.

      • Excellent and may thanks Ray

        for sure— both sides should (and better) come to the table with a jug of coffee and sleeves rolled up

        I’m still at 25% (in my mind) probability of a ’20 Cup being awarded.

        Maybe 10% probability of any reg season games

  3. Re: Season/Playoffs if/when:

    To me there has been so many discussions/comments etc by TSN, SN ,ESPN that vary … everything and nothing seems possible. What they all seem to have in common is their approach to see if they can come up with a way to fit in the season and/or playoffs and working from current date forward..

    To me this is the wrong way to approach this. The way I would approach it is with the end game and work backwards. To me, the end game hopeful for the NHL is to get in 2 cups, a full 20/21 season, and do the ’19 playoffs in the fairest fashion (continued or partial remainder of the season is a desire but not mandatory)….. all completed by late June ‘21

    A 20/21 season with say a 2 week pre-season; and full ’21 playoffs, even with crimped schedules, no usual 5 day layoff for each team and no Allstar break and even with a reduced 76 game 20/21 schedule (some have suggested) will take 30 – 32 weeks minimum … meaning with that already crimped scenario, that the ‘20/’21 PRE-season must start no later than Mid Nov; and of course from potential ‘20 Cup to start ‘20/’21 PRE season needs to be at a min 7-8 weeks… so ’20 Cup would need to be awarded by mid Sept and even with some best of 5’s and a somewhat (read very) crimped warm-up (pre-playoffs or some remainder ‘19/20 reg season games just to get healthy and game ready) schedule… that would have to start absolutely no later that first week in July… with that logic; if no viable to start by 2nd week in July — season needs to be/should be scrapped. Not my hopes, just my logic.

    To me, very very slim chance, but is still feasible.

    Add to that the already crimped finances… the first few games , if not most of the playoffs (if they go forward) will be played in either empty arenas or in smaller non metropolis locations and revenues will be way way down. The economics of actually going forward this year just might not be feasible.

    If all falls into place and season is salvageable my thoughts on how to proceed…. 74 game season

    3 Cal teams, Ott, Det, NJ, Buff and Mon can’t get in with a 74 game season… no more games for them… ranked as they are now for lottery (note ranking them by points gained per game played will not change ranking)

    All other teams play 74 games but must play at least 4 games (those already at 71 would play one exhibition game against one of the other teams with 71 games—Oil vs Jets; Blues vs Knights). Games remaining must include any games in which a team has yet to play another team still in the mix (that is , if they have not played them at all this season, they would need to play that team, regardless of conference, twice, one as the home team and one as the away team); and then all other games to be intra-div games. Before these games happen— 5 days allowed for practices etc. 3 weeks to get all in (note: Canes and Isles would have 6 official games to play). Rank as usual – top 3 in each div plus 2 wildcards in each Conference. Same match-ups—top in Conference plays lowest WC; other Div lead in same conference plays top WC in conference; 2nd v 3rd in each Div and so on. Best of 5, Best of 5, then Conference finals and SC remain at best of 7.

    Doable, but plausible? Probable?

    Captain Obvious …..Things to note if season and/or playoffs do go forward…. Unless a player is already out for season ending surgery; most teams will be playing with a full and healthy team.

    My gut feeling— 25% chance as at now that there is a ’20 Cup awarded and if so.. I would put Bolts vs Knights as the most likely Cup final as at now. 2nd A and 2nd B most likely ’20 cup finals, if it happens is Pens/Knights or Bruins/Knights.

    Looking forward to hockey……… soooooooooooon??????

  4. Welcome back Pengy … happy to hear all is going well with you and yours in these trying times.

    Re the suggestion above that Ottawa should take a look at Ho-Sang as another reclamation project along the lines of Duclair – a big NO THANKS.

    Unlike Duclair, who did have a 20g 44 pt season in Arizona to show he could play in the NHL, Ho-Sang has done squat at both the AHL and NHL levels. He, like Yakopov, is a bust.

    If the Senators are to indeed to take on a contract (or two) from teams needing to create cap space, there will be plenty of legitimate NHLers from which to choose – such as Anderson in Columbus as one example.
    And, no Pengy, they don’t need Jack Johnson 🙂

    • Thanks George

      Hope all is well with you and your fam

      I agree that HoSang is a huge gamble… but for the right price??

      I think Sens, with all this confusion and cap hell etc etc; are positioned very well for the next couple of years.

      I think the NHL should definitely explore the “get out of Jail Free” card… Cap free buyouts (2) to help teams out; as a flat (at best) Cap is going to be unbelievable for many teams (not Sens).

      Sens have the ability to take on short term (1 -2 years) Cap heavy, Sal light contracts at the expense (to other teams) of up and coming prospects.

      Re JJ… yep, I know Sens will not take him…. he should (read better) be a goner if the NHL allows the “free” buyouts.

      • Welcome back Pengy. Morning George. Hope everyone is ell in the pandemic. I am a long-time reader but new to posting. I am a Columbus resident and CBJ fan.

        Very detailed and thoughtful analysis of potential approaches to season resumption. I also wonder if time becomes prohibitive for more regular season games if they consider proceeding off of points% or the frequently cited roll back to 68 games.
        I am also in favor of some form of reasonable compliance buy out (if it is fair and not just rewarding the major market teams and penalizing the mid-market teams) and an artificial cap (perhaps $82-84 million) depending on if the escrow implications can be managed.

      • Thanks DeaconFrost

        The roll-back to the 68 game level with points earned per game percentage but there will still be a couple of bubble teams just losing out and possibly at unfair advantages in that number of home games played is different and/or skewed number of opponents coming up (lets say a team had 3 fewer home games at 68; had won it’s last 3 or 4 to get to where they are at and the final remaining games on the schedule for that team was heavily weighted towards playing weaker non playoff opponents; the team that with the math just getting in ahead of them has lost last 3 or 4; had more home games at 68 and was facing top end teams for their last dozen games.

        No matter what way it is sliced…. there will be a perceived (one could argue definite) advantage for some at 68 roll back and disadvantage to others.

        I have no quandry at all with the nixing (from playoffs) of the current bottom 8 and ranking them as is (% of points does not make a difference in fact) for the lottery.

        It’s the decision of the league on how to proceed that most affects the two NY based teams and Panthers; and to a lesser extent (but with a remote possibility of still getting in mathematically at my proposed 74 Game model); the Habs

        Panthers were only 3 points out of Atl 3rd; with a game in hand and were still scheduled for a head-2-head with Leafs.

        If the League does decide to do some games— the Leafs vs Panthers game is a must

        No matter what; there will not be happy campers in a few cities.

        Go Leafs Go

        Go Pens Go

      • No Ho-Sang – not even at rock-bottom ELC. They simply do not need him with the host of prospects they have in their system and a bunch more to come in this draft – including maybe picks 1 and 2 🙂

    • Hi George O

      I hope you.are doing well.

      I.agree with you about Josh
      Anderson he makes alot of sense for the Senators.
      What about someone like
      Josh Leivo I think he is also
      a restricted free agent?

      Also I heard on the radio the other day that the Dorion might look to add
      another goaltender what do you think?

      Here are some names that I can think of that make sense.

      1. Jonas Korpisalo
      2.Tristan Jarry
      3.Matt Murray
      4. Casey Desmith
      5.Braden Holyby

      What do you think George O?

      • Morning Alex. I hadn’t heard anything of that nature in the local media. Right now – all things being perfect – their tandem for next season was to be Nilsson and Hogberg.

        But as I said the other day, Nilsson is still experiencing problems related to his concussion – which happened in December – and the longer this drags on it starts to take on the appearance of another MacArthur-like problem.

        Their goaltending depth is decent enough with Daccord and Gustavsson doing OK in Bellevelle and having just signed Q top goalie Mandolese to a 3-year ELC (he’ll likely start in Brampton of the ECHL). But if Nilsson isn’t going to be cleared to play before training camp (whenever that is), I can’ see Dorion sinking any assets into acquiring one from another NHL team.

        Daccord will be better served getting a lot of work in Belleville – with periodic call-ups here and there to Ottawa throughout the season – so I could see Dorion bring Craig Anderson back for 1 more year. He keeps in good shape and would be just fine sharing another season with Hogberg.

        The Sens will be an improved team – but they still aren’t going to surge back into the playoffs, not even with a Murray or a Korpisalo – so concentrate instead on using their cap space to pry a serviceable D-man or a big power F with term out of a team that will absolutely NEED to create cap space.

      • Korpisalo just resigned 2 yrs at 2.8 AAV. This was expected as he was an RFA. Interesting to see what Elvis’s RFA deal term is. Still rumblings that they would trade Korpi in the right deal…should be interesting

    • Hi George O

      There are some serviceable defensemen on the UFA market potentially whenever when that is.

      I agree with you about the power forward and defensemen should be number 1 priority for Dorion.

      A name that would be interesting for Dorion look at is Joel Edmundson.

      What do you think
      George O?

      • Someone of that nature would be a great fit Alex – but I thought we were talking about prying a serviceable D or power F with term out of a team needing to clear cap space?

        Edmundson is a UFA and will be looking for a substantial increase over his expiring $3.1 mil cap hit. Someone like Josh Anderson, on the other hand – although not having term, is still only an RFA coming off $1.8 mil, and while he’s likely expecting a raise of some sort, it won’t be anything near the $3.1 of Edmundson’s deal.

  5. The Ho Sang, Duclair comarisson is pretty weak. One played NHL seasons and the other didn’t. Like George said.

    Some teams I think would look to make a deal are:

    Blues – they want to resign Pietro but need to trade a contract or 2. Allen, Schwartz, bozak

    Leafs – obvious reasons

    Lightning – sergachev and cirelli rfas

    Blue jackets – after Dubois signs, cash will be tight

    Sabres – want to shake up after a disappointing season… Again

    Panthers – they have a lot of money tied up and management said they are looking to shed salary

    Canucks – Baertschi is a prime candidate, he’s buried in the minors. Even Eriksson

    Maybe some of these teams will package a useful player with one on a bad contract for a pick from Ottawa

    • Hi Cmac

      Concur on most

      I really think that the NHL must explore the “free” buyout scenarios.

      If allowed, this changes things dramatically.

      I know if favours rich teams who can easily pay for the effective Cap relief; but I think it should be done.

      For instance, Blues who have to make a move if they want to sign Petro, will have a big “boon” if they get to do a buyout for “free”. The obvious being Steen… cost is only $1.2 M in each of two years for a $5.8M Cap savings. Long time player but at 36 if he is weighing losing only $1.2 M of Cash and being able to retire w/o fear of a re-vamp of the Cov-19 Curves and putting his body through another year ending when he’s 37… he just may be OK with that.

      • CMac agreed on those. A little context on CBJ. While they have several RFAs to be signed including Dubois, Anderson, Gavrikov, Korpi, and Elvis, their cap situation is actually much more favorable than it may appear on the surface. The most recent verified updates: Both bridge and LT deals are being discussed with PLD. LT deal is being negotiated with Gavrikov and a new deal (term unclear) is being negotiated with Elvis. No news on Korpi (an All Star Goalie this year) which may be interesting to note. Connected murmurs continue that CBJ will very active looking for high end skill F….they missed Panarin immensely….and that Anderson, any D (not named Jones, Werenski,, and Gavrikov), Korpi, Wennberg are all available in the right deals. There could be a few surprise players available in the right deal. They also have Dubinsky who didn’t play a single game this year who could be placed on LTIR to free up $5.85 million of cap should it be needed. So while on the surface your evaluation that it looks tight is spot on, but Jarmo has recently stated publicly they have space and are looking to add F pieces that help “now and in the future” There could be many very interesting potential deals. Certainly fun for fan speculation and discussion.

      • I am not a fan of the compliance buyout idea. It is not the GM’s fault that the COVID caused financial problems have to be dealt with, but those can be dealt with in other ways by keeping the cap flat and not having buyouts. Increased escrow, spreading out the pain over 3 years to lessen the impact and not reduce the cap.
        Compliance buyouts greatly benefit some teams, those who made bad decisions, and hurt others who now have a position of leverage to improve their teams because they managed it effectively. It will reward mismanagement and punish sound management teams who are now in a good competitive position.
        In short, it isn’t fair.

      • Great to hear from you Pengy (and all),

        I may be naïve, but I just don’t see the Steen years with the Blues ending in a buyout!?

        ps. You are allowed to continue your bromance with Colton, but keep it a LONG distance relationship.

      • No they cannot do a free buyout period.

        No team should get a free pass, to clean up their own mistakes.

        Any decision has to be fair across the board

        I dont believe most GM would sign up for that.

        I will have to go look at capfriendly numbers and see how many teams benefit.

        Covid-19 is about giving a team a new lease on life and clearing an error of their ways. There is no due over.

      • Hi Ray

        Agree that money for nothing buyouts is certainly not favourable for all teams and for sure it canNOT be a solution proposed that fixes everything; it doesn’t.

        Your other solutions are definite workable. I think everything is (as should be) on the table.

        I would however, be surprised if it (“free” buyouts) is not explored

        Iowa Boy,


        Yes, not a fair thing for Steen and a difficult move to make (if available).

        That said, if Army has a great relationship with Steen, perhaps a candid convo on it to see where he lies.

        His financial loss take home is about $600 K for the buyout; to play at 36 and finishing at 37 and still playing with the hanging minimal (but potential) probability of a covid-19 redux outbreak sometime in the 20/21 season.

        It’s just food for thought

        Re Colton— would absolutely love him on Leafs or Pens but convinced he is a Blue for quite a while.

        My new bromance is with Soucy who I believe is tracking similar (maybe not as high an arc but similar) to what Parayko was 2-3 years ago.

        Soucy— 25, big, smooth skater, great in both ends; heavy on the upswing in his development– UFA 1/7/20

  6. Those second rounders this year should have some significant value. Especially Ottawa’s own selection. Move 2-3 for salaried players but non toxic contracts. I keep banging the drum but Allen would be a nice fit in net for the Sens and help both teams. J.Anderson should be one second this year and a good prospect with a conditional second next. There is some doubt on his stability long term and the condition is games played. Great player if the same player.

    • Hi SliverSeven

      Have to respectfully disagree that 2nds moves the needle for Anderson. LeBrun wrote in the The Athletic that even at the trade deadline an injured Anderson had >12 teams inquiring and significant assets were involved. I fully concede recovery from the surgery is going to be key to the return so the jury is out. But Anderson is still the rare power F with exceptional speed and physicality in his prime at 25yrs old. Torts loves him there is question if he will sign LT in CBus. Legitimate insiders reported deep discussion around or on trade deadline day with COL, CAL, BOS (maybe out now with Kase acquired) and especially BUF. So no offense intended but with that many teams bidding a 2nd and conditional 2nd may not move the needle.

    • SilverSeven

      I like the idea of Allen also

      Whar about for example
      Korpisalo or Jarry?

      That makes sense for J Anderson.

    • Silver,

      I keep “clanging the cymbals” for Carter Hutton to return to the Blues—-heck of a band. Allen for Hutton frees up a few million—-that’s a start.

  7. If the NHL and NHLPA pursue and agree to compliance buyouts, there are some interesting options. As pointed out, this favours the rich clubs that never had an issue with spending. I agree many of these contracts were poor choices as soon as the ink dried but things, including the future of some clubs, is different now.

    What I would like to see if they do go this route, and each club has 2 (or what the number will be) buyouts, that these become a tradable asset.

    A compliance buyout as tradable commodity would generate additional interest (if that is what the league is wanting) and allow clubs to trade away one or both of their buyouts for assets. Even if it was one buyout per team, being able to swap that for younger players/picks would improve their future.

    Teams still have to have the capacity to actually pay the buyout and some players will sign another deal somewhere else, but if they go the buyout route, it would be nice to see this as something that improves all clubs.

    • Hi CDM

      As a captilist and believer in free market system; the tradeable compliance buyout (with a max allowable per team receiving) is a novel idea with merit but still heavily favours the rich teams (Leafs, Rangers, BlackHawks, Habs etc).

      Now if say there was an ability to actually buy the “extra” compliance buyout… say one of the Cap strapped, CAsh rich teams were allowed to pay Sens $5M cash and a prospect for Sens compliance buyout chit; with $5 M bubble being included in Sens Cap hit for 20/21…. then that is a win win… Sens have space, even with the extra Cap hit (w/o paying) of $5M; benefit from extra $5M in cashflow; and the Cash Rich team has $5M cash in “sundry expenditures’ ” budget constraints; to pony up; and they need space

      I’m very interested in how this plays out

      If Panthers were the Leafs; walking away from Bobo’s contract for just cash would not take a huge bite out of their already massive revs.

      This will be very interesting to see what happens. All is on the table (as should be) and both sides will be bearing the brunt of the economic impact of the Covid-19 crisis.

      From a Pens fan standpoint… I am begging for the compliance buyout to happen— and you know who Jimbo must jettison 🙂

      • As I understand the structure of cap space and all things related, its purpose is to level the playing field between financially strong teams and poorer ones.

        Allowing teams to shift compliance buy outs starts to unravel that balance. And why would the NHLPA be in favour of this? It isn’t good for the player/member being jettisoned.

        That’s my opinion.

        Another opinion is that there isn’t a free market system. In 2008 and now, governments have come to the rescue of businesses to prevent economic collapse. Necessary, but let’s not delude ourselves by saying we have a free market system. We have a capitalist system underwritten by the government.

      • Well said LJ

  8. If the NHL was to do a free buyout. Then I want the bruin trade to Anaheim nullified for Kase; we will take Backes and our 1st round pick back and buy out Backes for free.

    • Sorry Caper, I really don’t see any trade nullifications happening, but this does raise an interesting question. The Bruins retained $1.5m. for next season in the Backes trade. Under current regulations, can that be bought out?

    • I’d still make that trade.
      Kase is a high talent shooter with term and value.
      Just what we needed.

      Good luck to Backes and the 1st rd pick.

  9. Problem Leafs have is that teams are not going to trade top 4 D men for an average forward just isn’t going to happen. Toronto needs to trade these forwards for prospects and picks and find their defensemen from other countries or sign UFA,s. Teams will however trade D men who are on expiring contracts or are on a downward spiral of their career. Only way Leafs get a top D man is to trade one of the big 4. They cannot afford to sign top UFA,s just don’t have the room. Good Luck

    • @Obe you realize that it`s easier to find a 3/4 defenceman than it is to find a decent goal scorer. Now according to the insiders Dubas has already turned down offers for Kappy involving defenceman that you think they can`t get. They know with 100% certainty that Carolina has offered more than once a top 4 defenceman for Kappy. Almost every team in the NHL is looking to add a goal scorer at the deadline or in the summer but usually only a few teams are in need of a top 4 defenseman.

  10. Pengy, you seem to stuck on wanting to give a cap stuck team a free ride. This isn’t happening. Personally I dont think your suggestion has any merit what so ever and I dont see the majority of the teams signing off on that unless there is something substantial in it for them.

    The is why the NHL will wait until the very last minute to cancel the playoffs. To many tangibles involved, teams traded picks and players for a run at the cup, some getting ufa, that now would have no value.

    Cap issues, ufa, draft picks, the only way to clear it up is to have a playoffs.

    With NHL looking at no fans and potential of $500 million in advertisement fees, they will run a playoff, how it looks remains to be seen. Best of 5 until the conference finals or cup finals, nothing is off the table.
    Well one thing is off the table, there will be no free buyout and if there is you should automatically default your next 1st round pick.

    • True that Caper.
      While I enjoy reading the conversation regarding the compliance buyout idea because it brings in all kinds of interesting scenarios, I just don’t think it is an idea that the NHL is even considering seriously.
      For the point that Caper makes about the Bruins, who paid the price for their Backes mistake, and how it impacts teams like OTT, COL and others who have actually managed their cap effectively or spent assets to improve their position.
      Teams that haven’t will have to deal with it the old fashioned way. Give up assets to move contracts.
      IE – The Leafs can solve their cap problem, trade expensive forward(s) for less expensive D. Problem solved.
      Will they be worse? Maybe, but that is the bed they made.
      Or do what Obe suggests, scour the world for cheap guys you can plug in and hope it works. And it might.

    • The thing with a flat cap, presumably for multiple seasons, is that it might end up looking like a government deficit, i.e. huge. Can the NHL survive years of reduced revenue with an artificial salary cap?
      I don’t think it can. Compliance buyouts could be a way to get through some lean years.
      Welcome back, Pengy. All The best.

      • That is one way BCLeafFan, I just prefer that they increase escrow amount.
        Players get less $$ if revenues decline (which they will short term), but cap stays the same. It does make it an artificial # but in the end it saves the team the salary $$.

  11. In regards to the CBO discussion, my suggestion was that they allow one for each team, but the cost would be a draft pick. Not a 1st rounder, but perhaps a 2nd round pick.
    At the same time, there should be an award for the responsible teams that don’t need to use a CBO. Perhaps an additional 2nd round pick.
    In essence the 2nd round would end up being each team that didn’t use the CBO would be picking twice and the others would not be picking at all.

    • Makes sense Ray to combine a flat cap with higher escrow but players may be willing to go with compliance buyouts to avoid the escrow. All for one, maybe not one for all.

  12. George O

    Pengy mentioned what about Carson Soucy?

    Here are some defensemen that might be expensive I dont whaf you would think.

    1. Mackenzie Weeger
    2.Mike Matheson
    3.Troy Stecher
    4.Nikita Zadorov

    I know that Zadorov would cost alot to get in a trade and will be asking for a big time raise. That would be a pipedream.

  13. Sharks

    Couture not going anywhere. He is the best overall forward, and remains one of the most underrated players in the league. Time Meier is a stud, possible 40 goal guy. Things get interesting with Hertl and Burns. The Wookie has been rumored numerous times going to Dallas. I don’t know how that could happen considering their cap space is worse than the Sharks. Hertl is a very intriguing option. He’s currently the best offensive player when healthy, and thrived when moved to the center spot last year. All-Star game really showed his talent. Before the injury, looked like he was about to take that next step. But those knee injuries, ouch. Definitely a concern. Still, possibility of Hertl centering Panarin (and)/or Kakko has to salivating to Rangers fans.

    Player most likely to be moved is Martin Jones. Think it benefits both player and team to make the move. Aaron Dell can be a serviceable starter until Sharks make a trade for a Shesterkin or his equivalent.

  14. I just read on another site , keeping with tradition the NHL has suspended Nazim Kadri .
    Also , the Ottawa Senators have San Jose’s first pick as well as their own.
    Last year they didn’t have their first pick Colorado did from the Matt Duchenne trade.

    • I also read the leafs have half the cap Tied up in 4 forwards, haven’t won a playoff round in 15 years or a cup in over half a century! Lol

      • I heard that Boston gave away a 1st round pick to get rid of a bad contract, think someone on here was beaking off about Toronto being stupid for doing that for quite a long time.

      • Lol.
        Way different.

      • Of course it’s different, it wasn’t Toronto so it’s OK.

      • Correct me if I’m wrong – but isn’t the “difference” the fact that Boston got back a 24 y/o 6′ 200 lb RW with plenty of upside in Ondrej Kase, whereas all the Leafs got back for Carolina to take Marleau’s contract + a 7th round pick was a 6th round pick.

      • Anaheim also got Axel Anderson who is a 20 year old defenseman 57th pick in draft , a 1st round pick and B
        Backes for Kase

      • You’re right, Vinnie. Anderson was also moved in that deal.
        It was a better deal overall, but by how much remains to be seen.

      • Not really all that different , with the money the Leafs saved they were able to sign Kapanen and Johnsson. Two good players. That allowed them to negotiate with Marner as well.

  15. ANOTHER Armstrong signing! I think heis basically down to Pietrangelo and Dunn, and is out of $s. Will any of you be able to contribute to the cause? “Go Fund The Blues”

    • Pietrangelo to Winnipeg and big Buff to the Blues. Problem solved lol.

  16. I have said before, a really good team will be ruined by bad goaltending. With that said, if the sharks can get Lehner or Markstrom they could be in the playoffs again. The question is how do they do that?

  17. Buff’s contract is done today. Walked away from $14m. Wow.

    He may sign elsewhere but not for $7m and hey maybe he actually is done.

    I will start the Wild rumour, Rousseau Mn is not far away – a league min.one year deal.

    • Where is Rousseau??? Being from Manitoba I have been to Roseau Mn but Rousseau I don’t know!!!