NHL Rumor Mill – May 20, 2020

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Could Shayne Gostisbehere become a Flyers’ off-season trade chip? Could the Ducks trade one of their top-three defensemen? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall reports Shayne Gostisbehere remains the subject of frequent trade speculation. The 27-year-old defenseman is in his playing prime with offensive skills and an attractive contract that could make him enticing to other clubs.

Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Shayne Gostisbehere (Photo via NHL Images).

Following the Feb. 24 trade deadline, Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher admitted teams had made inquiries about Gostisbehere but he wasn’t shopping the blueliner. Nevertheless, Hall doesn’t dismiss the possibility he could become an off-season trade chip.

The development of prospect Egor Zamula, efforts to re-sign pending UFA rearguard Justin Braun, and whenever promising college prospect Cam York turns pro could factor into Gostisbehere’s future in Philadelphia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gostisbehere also lacks no-trade protection, making it easier for Fletcher to move him. I don’t doubt there was interest in “Ghost Bear”, but his stock has tumbled this season. Despite his offensive abilities, he’s been criticized for sloppy defensive play.

If Fletcher were inclined to move Gostisbehere, he’d probably want a decent scoring forward in return. That deal probably isn’t available right now. 


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens recently mused over the Anaheim Ducks’ blueline plans in the wake of their signing Christian Djoos, Brendan Guhle, and Jani Hakanpää to new contracts. He feels the Ducks are trying to fill a pressing need for depth among their bottom-three defense.

The new contracts for Djoos and Hakanpää are ‘show me’ deals based on their promising auditions this season, while Guhle’s contract indicates they want to iron out the inconsistencies in his game. Stephens doubts Cam Fowler, Hampus Lindholm, or Josh Manson will be subtracted from an already question-filled blueline corps. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fowler and Manson frequently surfaced in trade rumors this season. At one point, Fowler was linked to the Montreal Canadiens, while Manson is often suggested as a trade target for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Given the Ducks’ defensive woes over the last two seasons, I don’t think they’ll make a bad situation worse by shopping any of those three. Besides, Fowler has a four-team trade list while Manson has a 12-team no-trade list. 


  1. The Ghost in Montreal is a fit for a few reasons. What in return is anybody’s guess.

    The Ducks can’t trade any of their big 3…Why would you ?

    • I agree. The Ghost would be a great fit with the Habs. The team needs a solid, puck-moving LD and I’m confident that he’ll bounce back. Worth taking a chance on, but I’m not sure I’d give up a top 6 forward for him – not without getting a good prospect or a pick in return.
      I’d give up a guy like Drouin and then some for Lindholm from Anaheim. But I agree that the chances the Ducks trade him are not great.

    • Does ghost have a trade list? He would be a good fit but I dont think he wants anything to do with the habs

      • Fd, I had no idea you where Ghost’s agent with personal knowledge about where he wants to play.
        He does not have any trade or movement protection, so he’d have to go where he’s traded. And just by the way, he played his college hockey at Union College in Schenectady, a drive of 4 hours or so from Montreal, if that means anything.

      • Why would anyone want to play in Montreal?

      • Or philly for that matter. Good lord.

  2. Agreed regarding the Ducks big three, SilverSeven. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped a few pundits and fans from mentioning them as trade targets.

    • Man, this is going to be a real interesting “off-season”.

    • Well Howard, I guess with no trade protection he would HAVE to go to Montreal.

  3. Whether it be the big 3 in Anaheim…the big four forwards in Toronto….Price and Weber in Montreal…or who ever where ever….a team that needs structural change needs to make fundamental change…not surface changes….yet year after year team after team….they do not and they end in the middle of the pack…

    Who are the teams with a credible “window” in the next few years….I would say St Louis, Edmonton, Dallas, Washington, Pittsburgh, and a couple of others….What the hell are the rest of these teams thinking when they won’t trade one of the Big 3 defense of Anaheim or the big 4 in Toronto or Price and Weber in Montreal…or other examples

    The league is a league of courageous athletes and cowardly managers….

    Take a risk somebody….guaranteed 30 unhappy teams at the end of any season…God it is frustrating being a fan of this league….

    And now to make sure everybody takes the courage less Kool Aid…the NHL offers you a 24 team play off….anyone want to buy Minnesota at Toronto tickets next February for $200 a pop….

    It will be cold….parking another $35 $8 a beer hotdog $7 players are thoroughly bored …and the game will be meaningless

    I love hockey…but maybe it is time for a divorce…at least a time out

    • OBD, I think there will be plenty of player movement once the league finds a way to resume operations. The salary cap problem isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it could get pretty drastic in the near term.
      Might be wishful thinking on my part but I expect multiple blockbuster deals before the start of the 20-21 season. Hope so anyway.

    • Yep
      The 3 D-men in Anaheim are really good, not super stars but good, Still young and not overpaid. Anaheim is in rebuild, and in order to REBUILD you have to offer something up for picks and prospects. Besides if you can LOSE with Fowler, Manson and Lindholm you can lose without them. Time to take chances and move on.

    • $8 a beer? Sign me up! Ranger games at MSG are already $14-$15.

      • I know, right? Same in San Jose.

    • Maybe a trial separation will do the trick Old Blue Dog – something that may be unavoidably foisted upon us all 🙂

    • You are already in a time out right now….

    • Easy, OBD. Frustrating situations everywhere we look. One reason we are making ourselves crazy is that we don’t have real sports to fill our time.

      This is a perspective of a Habs fan, but I think there is more reason for the Leafs to trade one of their “big 4.” As you have pointed out their O/D balance is out of kilter.

      Price and Weber will not be traded by Montreal, for several reasons: They will not give the receiving team 3 years of high end performance, and their salary in a frozen cap world is more important today than it was several months ago.

      They currently provide stability in a team that needs it. Montreal is hard on players at the best of times, and these are not the best of times. Cool heads amidst the howling is important for the younger players.

      The Habs are by no means a contender now. But they have 4 legitimate youngsters who can change that: KK, Poehling, Romanov and Suzuki. They are thus closer to being in balance than the Leafs, albeit the Leafs are better at this moment. T

      That’s my opinion.

  4. philly has been unhappy with the ghost for at least the last 3 years, why would anyone want to trade for him.

    • That’s when you can get a guy, when his team is unhappy with him. At this point, the return would be manageable and he’s worth taking a chance on.

    • Why?
      Gostisbehere is better than any stiff on the Canucks not named Hughes.

      Tanev? Edler? Myers? Stecher? All trash.

  5. Ghost in MTL could work if partnered with someone who can make up for his sloppy D. Philly unhappy with him could allow Bergie to use the surplus of draft picks in his bank. If they insist on a top six forward then it will cost them more than the ghost.

    • I agree I can ghost move for a 2nd and a b prospect, the habs could take a chance on him Weber would definitely make up for ghosts mistakes in the defensive zone

    • Andy, the Habs aren’t deep at D. They don’t have the luxury of covering up for sloppy d to get a marginal increase in offense.

      Besides, the Ghost’s offensive production has fallen off at the same time the Flyers have gotten better. Yikes!

      • I never said the Habs need or want him. I simply said what the price would be. I’d rather see Bergie make use of his draft picks and caps space to go after a top3 D or large number one centre Like Torey Krug and Matt Barzal who could become outcapped in offseason.

      • Ooooohhhh man! Please please let bergivan pull another aho and get played again. That would be so tasty.

  6. Roster spot opening up with the Sens- Bodeker signed overseas . What will they do 🙂

  7. There is literally nobody on Montreals roster Id want to trade Gostisbehere for.

    Weber? Expensive and injury prone so no thanks.
    Price? Pretty expensive backup, so hell no.
    The rest are all undersized smurfs.

    2nd round pick maybe.

    • Aren’t these the same flyers who supposedly had these great young dmen coming up? Another big hit and a miss the flyers will be in a major rebuild soon maybe they should hire hextall back lol he wouldn’t be any worse than their present gm.

      • Clueless. The Flyers are stockpiled at the D position. They might have to trade 2 current NHL dmen to make room for York, Zemula and at least 2 other top D prospects without even mentioning Morin if he ever gets it together.

        Ghost is trade bait because of his age, contract and can be moved any where. He’s certainly be top 4 on over half the teams in the league.

        Good player but Philly just has a plethora of D men coming that are better fits long term cap wise. Not saying he is going to fetch Marner in return but he should be able to get a top 6 forward plus in return.

      • Hard to find fault with Provorov or Sanheim. Injuries derailed Sam Morins progress.

        My personal opinion is the Flyers never should have fired Hextall, and if they were going to Fletcher was a poor choice as his replacement. Refer to : Wild, Minnesota

      • Hextall was the worst gm in the league by a country mile, and those so called great prospects have not even come close to what people were saying, philly fans were like the Toronto media way overhyping their players and picks

      • It is you bbb! Ahahahaha

      • Philly is closer than the habs bbb, maybe you can sort out your double identity like the habs and attracting FA’s.