NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 2, 2020

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More teams and players speak out against racial injustice, the latest return-to-play news, and much more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


SPORTSNET: More NHL teams and players are speaking out against racial injustice as protests continue across the United States and Canada following the death of George Floyd in police custody last week.

Twenty-seven of the NHL’s 32 teams (including the expansion Seattle franchise) issued statements thus far, as well as the NHL, NHLPA, NWHLPA, PWHPA, NHL Coaches’ Association, player agents and numerous players.

New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban is among a number of NHL players to speak out against racial injustice (Photo via NHL Images).

The notable players issuing statements include Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin, New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban, Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba, Dallas Stars forward Tyler Seguin, Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares, Edmonton Oilers blueliner Darnell Nurse, Ottawa Senators winger Anthony Duclair, and New York Rangers prospect K’Andre Miller, who was the target of racial slurs during an online Q&A with Rangers fans after signing his NHL contract earlier this year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Critics will say these statements are empty words that won’t bring about any real change. Some will suggest the players should stick to hockey and not weigh in on such matters. However, they have as much right to express their views about this issue as everyone else taking to social media in recent days to do the same.

Maybe their remarks will be empty gestures swiftly forgotten once this situation has passed and hockey resumes. On the other hand, their comments could mark a genuinely positive step toward addressing any instances of racism, bigotry, and intolerance within hockey and society.


THE SCORE: Florida Panthers defenseman Anton Stralman questioned the safety of the NHL’s 24-team return-to-play tournament. He’s dealt with bronchiectasis for several years and stopped taking medication for it last year.

“I think you should be concerned,” he told The Athletic’s Joe Smith. “There are so many ways to look at this thing. I know everybody wants hockey back, but safety has to come first. And it’s a little bit worrisome, I can’t deny that. Even though most players are young and healthy, I’m sure there are players like me that have underlying health issues. I don’t know how my body will react if I get this virus.”

NEW YORK POST: Rangers rookie winger Kaapo Kakko is working out in Finland and feeling great as he prepares for the playoff tournament. A type-1 diabetic, Kakko could be at risk of contracting COVID-19. The Rangers’ front office is closely monitoring his situation. Team president John Davidson recently said they’ll listen to what their medical people say. “If he, hypothetically, cannot play, he can’t play. We’re going to take care of him, he’s a big part of us.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stralman probably isn’t the only player concerned about the league’s ability to ensure their health and safety throughout the tournament. Some, like Kakko, might be prevented from taking part because of their existing medical conditions.

So far, the NHLPA is working with the league toward returning to action. That could change if a majority of the membership believes they cannot be adequately protected from the coronavirus.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones examines some creative ways for broadcasters to televise the tournament without fans. Empty stands could create opportunities for unique new camera angles. The sounds of the game could be amplified, though the raw language of players and on-ice officials during gameplay could quash that notion.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tell the players and officials to refrain from swearing…LOL, who am I kidding? If you want to amplify the sound of gameplay, expect to hear lots of expletives.

NBC SPORTS: Virus-proofing sports facilities will prove a significant challenge for North American pro sports leagues as they attempt to return to action.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators general manager Pierre Dorion and head coach D.J. Smith could name a team captain for next season. The captaincy has been vacant since Erik Karlsson was traded to San Jose in September 2018. Garrioch speculates Thomas Chabot and Brady Tkachuk could be among the front-runners.

NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: Capitals assistant coach Reid Cashman was named the new head coach of Dartmouth College’s men’s hockey team. He will remain with the Capitals during the 2020 postseason.

Former NHLers Chris Wideman and Frank Corrado have signed with KHL teams for 2020-21.


  1. It’s great that players voice their opinion. But if they feel the need to voice their opinions publicly… why not stand up against this non stop violence , looting, Desecration of national monuments , killing , mauling of citizens and police?

    Why not encourage people to continue to protest Peacefully, and condemn the other bs being veiled by “social injustice “?

    • The easy answer I suppose, Nyr4life, is that to take that stand as well isn’t “politically correct” given the current atmosphere.

      You know, that political phenomenon where liberal thinkers regularly circumvent the truth to avoid sounding racist, sexist … or otherwise generally observant. It’s become so all-pervasive that no one – professional athletes included – dares state certain truths because they may offend certain people.

      • George, I couldn’t agree more. It is truly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen in my lifetime.

        Mayors and governors afraid to even control their city / state. Putting citizens and law enforcement in harms way to stay pc.

        How many stores have to burn, TVs need to be robbed, police and civilians killed or injured before they grow some balls?

        This is going on day 8. Mobs in midtown Manhattan looting, running cops over….

        If local government won’t stop this carnage, people need to step up themselves.
        Great stories out of Philly last night. One guy blew himself up after trying to blow up an atm machine… another shot dead by a gun store owner!

        It’s time someone takes control!

      • You two should drop your poor opinions on this and stick to hockey. Many of us are offended by your comments. We get your point, trust me. It’s that which makes it upsetting to some of us. I’m sure you don’t or are not going to understand but that’s ok.

        Let’s just move on and talk hockey.

      • And I’m offended by y our lack of cognizance and willingness to bury your head in the sand. So what?

        But if you bother to read above, it says


        SPORTSNET: More NHL teams and players are speaking out against racial injustice as protests continue across the United States and Canada following the death of George Floyd in police custody last week.

        Twenty-seven of the NHL’s 32 teams (including the expansion Seattle franchise) issued statements thus far, as well as the NHL, NHLPA, NWHLPA, PWHPA, NHL Coaches’ Association, player agents and numerous players. ”

        See, THAT is part of the subject matter.

      • Ron,

        I don’t really care that my opinion offends you… Really, I don’t lose any sleep whatsoever knowing that you don’t like me or my opinion. I don’t know you, I more than likely will never know you, nor do I care to ever know you. May you live 1000 more years or die in your sleep tonight….. my life will roll right along.. Try not to forget that in your future replies.

        Maybe your a tad too sensitive to be using the internet if you’re offended by any random strangers opinions on any given subject?

        And now you speak for EVERYONE here? Really?

    • I don’t understand the point of your post NYR. Looting and rioting bad, we get it. Everybody gets it. Nobody condones it, it is a layup. It happens too regularly and not just in situations like this. Crap, VCR lost the cup in 2011 and some folks went wild. Looting, vandalism, fires. Same sh**.
      There is a specific criminal part of society that takes advantage of these situations.

      So is your point that if players, or anybody speaks up about the unfairness of the justice system, but not about looters they’re bad? They have to do both or they are encouraging the other? If they don’t talk about looting they are anti law and order?
      Who is doing the veiling? Subban and Toews?

      For clarity, my point is that these are separate issues. More clarity on my views – I despise the people that are looting and rioting because they are destroying peoples lively hoods. They are also moving the discussion away from what it should be about.
      This is not a Liberal vs Conservative discussion, or at least it shouldn’t be.

      • I’m saying if they feel that their voice / opinion can make a difference…. and needs to be heard, why not at least TRY to be a voice of reason.

        The veil I’m speaking of is these looters pretending this has ANYTHING whatsoever to do with the death of Mr. Floyd or social injustice or equality.

        This has NOTHING to do with any of that.

      • I think we all understand that NYR?
        Social injustice is a difficult problem that has lasted centuries and we still struggle with it.

        Looting bad. No sh** Sherlock. 99% of society agrees with that.
        That doesn’t require a push to drive actual reform, racial injustice does. Too many people seem to ignore it as it doesn’t impact them directly. We all feel bad about when it is pushed in front of our face, then we move on to our daily lives. And on and on it goes.

        Hence that is what they speak up about.

      • Ray,
        let’s keep it civil.

        99% agree? Apparently not. Look no further than this site. Never mind the 10s of thousands taking to the streets of major cities and burning, stealing and mauling whoever or whatever they feel like. Or are you trying to convince me a hand full of thugs basically took control of Manhattan and the Bronx last night?

        Side note, too many people like to assume they know more about you than they actually do here. Or that somehow they’re closer to the great struggle than me…..

        Just for 💩 s and giggles . I’d like to hear where everyone is from. Every single person that is chiming in on this thread….

        And go!

      • And if 99% agreed , this wouldn’t still be going on.

      • Yes NYR 99% of the people are not looting/rioting or supporting it. I have yet to hear anyone say looting is the right way to protest or handle this, only the opposite.
        Zero, on this site or anywhere else. Give me one instance on this site.
        1% of the US population is 3.3M people, so I should rephrase the 99% and say it is 99.9%.
        Protesting and public dissent is a right in the US and Canada, and personally I think dissent is good, if done peacefully. Being allowed to disagree and criticize power is kind of a big deal in a democracy. The vast majority of protesters aren’t rioting and looting. Those folks seem to come out at night.
        To answer your question, I am Canadian. Raised in small town Saskatchewan, now live in Alberta. Why do you ask?

      • Ray,

        I ask because I’m wondering how these riots directly impact all of those commenting.

        I no longer live in NY, (I seriously doubt this would be a problem in my backyard) but all of my family and close friends do. Most of which are terrified of what’s going on in their communities.

        I think it’s a lot worse than you make it out to be. I watched the news all night in horror of what’s going on. Not only in NY , but all over the country.

        200 businesses in Minnesota alone have been burned. I don’t think this is the work of a handful of people.

      • Ray, just for the record, point to just ONE such legitimate protest that was taken over by violence committed by the political right. I can pin-point many where the political left did do – union strikes included – but in my memory I can’t think of one where it was the other way around.

      • I can think of one where there was good people on both sides…. didn’t have to google it or nuthin!

      • Well guys, I will let the folks at the Bulwark explain it better than I ever could. The Bulwark is a conservative web site, like a real conservatives, like what existed for decades until recently. William Kristol and Charles Sykes started it. I often agree with these guys.

        Here is a paragraph, but I suggest the entire article. It doesn’t matter who it is, and we don’t know yet, what matters is who will end up paying the price.



        It doesn’t matter whether it’s alt-right terrorists or entitled millennial Marxists or saboteurs taking direction from a troll farm in Saint Petersburg. The first are racists hellbent on destroying black communities. The second are thugs who borrow victimhood from communities with real suffering, who distort, pervert, and toxify what was never theirs to begin with. The third is a foreign government violating us once more in an attempt to get us to kill one another.

        Sums up my thoughts nicely.

  2. I haven’t seen anybody encouraging continued violence and looting.

    The players have voiced their desire for fundamental change to end systemic racism and – something everyone agrees on – justice for the George Floyd.

    • Yesterday someone postulated that some of us “missed the boat” because we “don’t understand the looting as part of these protests.”

      As renowned academic, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst at State University of New York in n Syracuse once observed “two wrongs don’t make a right but they do make a good excuse.”

      The problem is, there can be NO justification for the burning, smashing and looting thereby targeting innocent people. None whatsoever.

      • So, by saying or doing nothing about it is, de facto, encouraging it.

      • George I’ll start off by saying I don’t agree with the violence, but this clip from toews makes you think

        “ I’m not condoning or approving the looting, but are we really going to sit here and say that peaceful protesting is the only answer?” Toews added. “If it was the answer. we would’ve given it our full attention long ago.”

        It also doesn’t help that trump can’t keep his mouth shut and had no idea what he is doing

      • I wonder how much of this volatile behavior is due to pent up frustration from COVID lockdowns. Regardless, it’s wrong and unjustified. It’s like watching children that have been raised without discipline or respect. I support peaceful protests but burning down Target stores and beating shop owners in some other state, looting and vandalism has nothing to do with justice for George Floyd. MLK would not have condoned this IMO. This is akin to a tantrum and opportunistic theft, arson, assault and whatever

      • So, Bigbadbruins, according to Toews, the answer is anarchy?

        Get your point across by smashing, burning, looting the property of people who had nothing to do with the initial issue??

        That sort of “justification” to make one’s point sounds eerily similar to Kristallnacht to me


        If Toews really did see it that way all that says to me is that he has s*&t for brains.

      • Hey old man child, my name is Ron. You do not get it…BBB gets it, Toews gets it but hey you don’t so it’s bulls£it. No one wants violence ok? THAT is the issue. I know what you’re thinking, then why bring on themselves or cause it?…

        Some of you have sons, yes? So I’m assuming you all had a chat with them since they where 12-13 about how to act or say or do if you where ever stopped by a cop? Or how about randomly getting pulled over or stopped on the street or have been asked, where you going or coming from? Like me, I’m guessing never. But for many of my friends, it’s always and had been there to witness it is not fun.

      • Now it’s a crime in your eyes for someone to be “old?” When, exactly, did you become King S*&t of Turd Island?

        You “get” what Toews say – apparently in your view I do not. I look at the statement “I’m not condoning or approving the looting, but are we really going to sit here and say that peaceful protesting is the only answer?” and can only conclude that what he – and you – are saying is “we decry the violence but realize it’s something we may have to live with if we want change.”


  3. I’ll repeat from yesterday:
    Gregg Popovich – what he said.

  4. Come on, George, you know that Jonathan Toews is not saying the answer is anarchy.
    What I hear from his comments is that, if things have reached this point today, with violence between protesters and the police, there must be a powerful and historic reason.
    Jonathan Toews is a bright, thoughtful guy and I’m sure you feel the same about him.

    • Exactly BCLeafFan

    • Not having heard Toews I am going by the quote provided by Bigbadbruins. Had he said it along the lines you attribute to him, then fine. But when I read “I’m not condoning or approving the looting, but are we really going to sit here and say that peaceful protesting is the only answer?” how else am I to interpret THAT?

      If we are to accept that peaceful protesting is NOT the only answer, then what are we to conclude?

  5. Cover page said 18 comments… now der be 6!


    Rut row!

  6. So.


    The people who are looting and being violent, hurting others like small business owners are insane. No argument can be submitted that could deny that.

    Years and years of non violent protests haven’t changed anything so… what is the saying about the definition of insanity?

    So both sides are insane?

    I won’t pretend to be smart enough to have the answer. But while the current violent actions are wrong…. the fact society hasn’t changed over the years has perpetuated an environment that permits this situation to develop. And anyone who didn’t step up (including myself) to make changes owns just a tad of the responsibility for the current situation.

    • I can relate to that Chrisms

    • Let’s not kid ourselves here folks. You dont just fly out of your mother’s womb and hate someone or some people. It is taught. If it is not understood or no logical reason is left. It is automatically racist. That is the belief. From what I saw, yes a man was murdered. Was it racially motivated? Dont know, from what I saw/heard from a video clip. I dont know the officer or his belief’s. It is still up in the air…technically.

      • The stuff has to be bred out over time. Example. My father, a very good man mind you, cannot tolerate the thought of gay people. Would never be rude or mean to them but truly can’t deal with it. To me and my brothers it’s like… so what? Dem dudes is gay. More power to them.

        Now here’s me… I cannot wrap my mind around trans people. I’m flabbergasted. Would never be mean or rude. But… damn. My kids are probably gonna be like.. dad. Chill. So what.

        But waiting for racism to go away over time sure don’t help the people of this generation.

  7. Why is it when a white cop kneels on a black criminal and he dies it causes protest riots burning of churches police stations murder looting theft shootings killings destroying property and total destruction but when a black man goes into a graveyard shoots an innocent old couple in the head who were visiting their son minding their own business in their eighties it barely makes the news. Just asking please someone explain.

    • Don’t hold your breath Obe – it isn’t politically correct to do so, so it won’t be done – not on CNN that’s for sure.

    • Was the black man in that story a police officer? Or someone else with a position of power and responsibility? If not than that’s a terrible attempt to compare the situations. Do better.

  8. Thanks Chrisms that explains it perfectly I knew you were smart.so does that mean never in the history has a black officer killed a white criminal or did I miss that on the news also?

    • Sure obewon. Use that as an example then. There a actual good examples to make your point. The one above was similar in the fact the races were different and it was a horrible act. Lacking was the power discrepancy and the systemicness of the situations. You want to make what could be a valid point you need to do better. The comment above made you look like a clown.

    • A black cop shot a white woman 2 years ago, of all places … Minnesota. it made the headlines for 20 minutes. But somehow people managed to get by without riots or stealing some flatscreens.

      • Now that’s!!! A fair comparison. Now prove it’s systematic and you win the kewpie doll.

      • We’re not saying white cops are shooting African Americans is the norm…. are we?

      • It doesn’t have to be “the norm” to be systemic. Nice try though. Ain’t won that doll yet.

        Anyone else? Step right up!

      • Define: systemic

      • I think you’re either using the wrong word, or you are confused of the meaning of systemic.

      • Systematic or systemic?

        Saying it’s systematic means it’s part of the overall plan…. the norm …

        systemic Makes no sense here at all….

        So you may want to choose words a little better. Because it doesn’t even seem like you understand what you’re saying.

  9. Thanks that explains it perfectly so never in our history has a black cop killed a white criminal ? Hmmm must not have made news either

  10. Just for something different.
    Pierre Dorion the accidental genius.

  11. All I know if they protest down my block peacefully fine but if they come to burn down my house and threaten me or my family I won’t be shooting rubber bullets Chrisms

    • Neither would I obe. They come to my place they getting a face full of shot. Damn pa… I finally get it in my head to get a handgun license and the court houses shut down.


      But again obe… what does self defense of your home and family have to with your statement?

  12. Chrisms do you remember Justine Damond was tragic and a mistake, police officer got 12 years jail but I don’t remember any riots or protesting all I’m saying is it works both ways I don’t remember Lebron or Evander Kane speaking on her behalf actually I don’t remember many people talking about it.

    • They got you obe. They got you.

      You put mistake in that statement. What just happened wasn’t a mistake.

      Again. Obe. You undermine yourself again.

  13. So the white cop hated black people and was a racist but the black cop wasn’t a racist ? One kneeled on a criminals neck and one shot a non criminal and killed her. Something doesn’t quite seem right you and I both know their are plenty of black people who hate white people and if you don’t believe it walk down downtown Detroit in the dark you won’t come out the other side. Works both ways.

    • I can try and explain the difference. The example NYR gave happened 2 years ago, correct.
      The result was protests, but not riots. The officer was sentenced to 12.5 years and convicted of 3rd degree murder.
      Eric Garner choked to death with multiple officers watching and participating. Not convicted.
      Tamir Rice – 12 yrs old with a toy gun in a park in Cleveland. No charges
      Freddie Grey – 2015 Baltimore. Had a legal knife. Thrown in the back of a police van. His spinal cord was almost severed. No conviction.
      Jamar Clark – Minneapolis. Unarmed. Cops said he went for their gun. Witnesses say he was handcuffed. Not charged.
      Alton Sterling – Killed on video. Unarmed. No charges. Officer fired.
      Philandro Castile 2016. Gets pulled over with his wife and 4 yr old officer. informs the officer he is carrying a legal firearm. Reaches to get his wallet and is shot 7 times. No charges.
      Stephon Clark 2018 – Cops were canvasing and area because of a B&E. Chased Clark into his own back yard. Fired 20 shots and killed him. Cops claim he had a gun. It was a cell phone. No charges.

      That’s the difference.

  14. The truth is , it is not right when a white man kills a black man. Nor is it right for a black man to kill a white man. Or any type of man to kill one another.
    The truth is it has been happening since the start of time. And it will always will happen.
    My problem would be when someone such as a policeman would intentionally choke a person to death while 3 other people who are policeman watch and don’t stop it. And I don’t care what the color or race is.
    The looting has nothing to do with the death of the man . It is low lifespan taking advantage of the situation.
    Oppression has been a game humans have played on each other since the start of time.
    Us humans definitely have our flaws.
    We should try to continue to change and be better. That’s all we can do

    • Well said Vinnice. Long time reader, first time commenting.

      We’re all tired of being locked down, pushed around, and generally mistreated. I know this sounds ridiculous and has been said quite famously before, can’t we all just get along?