NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 6, 2020

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Teams prepare for Phase 2 of Return-To-Play Plan, Patrick Kane donates to Chicago organizations to combat racism, Kyle Okposo undergoes surgery, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


SPORTSNET: Maple Leafs players already in Toronto underwent COVID-19 testing yesterday in preparation for the second phase of the NHL’s Return-To-Play Plan on Monday. Teams will be allowed to reopen their training facilities (based on local and state/provincial medical protocols) to allow voluntary small-group training of up to six players per group. Those in the Toronto area include Mitch Marner, Zach Hyman, Jake Muzzin, and Kyle Clifford.

NHL training facilities can reopen on Monday.

The Vancouver Canucks will be keeping Rogers Arena closed until there is a demand from the players for ice and training space. Alex Edler, Chris Tanev, and Troy Stecher are the only Canucks to spend the coronavirus shutdown in Vancouver, while Josh Leivo stayed for medical treatment.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Canadiens players will have to wait until Thursday to begin skating at their practice facility as no ice has been laid there. The club claims it’s due to maintenance work at the facility, but a source said the ice crew had been laid off because of the pandemic. Another source indicated the ice would be ready for the players on Thursday. Paul Byron and Jonathan Drouin are the only Canadiens currently in Montreal.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Nearly every member of the Jets are currently at their homes in Canada, the United States, and Europe. There isn’t expected to be much activity at the Jets training facility in the near future owing to travel restrictions and the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine upon returning to Winnipeg.

STLTODAY.COM: After consultation with his players, Blues general manager Doug Armstrong said his club won’t be opening their facilities until they request it. Approximately 10 of the Blues’ players remained in the St. Louis area since the NHL began its self-quarantine period on March 12.

TRIBLIVE.COM: All Penguins players and staff will be tested for COVID-19 before using the club’s training facilities. Medical evaluations for those who test negative will begin on Monday.

NEW YORK POST: The Islanders will be ready to open their facilities on Monday, while the Rangers will require an extra day before opening theirs. Chris Kreider, Marc Staal, Brendan Smith, Adam Fox, and Brendan Lemieux are the only Rangers currently in the local area.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Pierre LeBrun (subscription required) has a full listing of each team’s status and how many of their players could use those facilities when they open next week.

Most players have resided at their off-season residences since the league paused operations in mid-March. Because participation in Phase 2 is voluntary and given travel restrictions and local health protocols, most will likely remain where they are during this period. Those who reside in NHL cities other than their respective teams’ have permission to train at those facilities if they wish.


THE SCORE: Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane is donating to local Chicago charities combating racial injustice.

“Racism and injustice in our country must end,” Kane said. “As a white male in this society, I will never truly understand. But I want to help in this fight for change – and I know I cannot do that in silence.”

ESPN.COM: Greg Wyshynski reports Kim Davis, the NHL’s executive VP for social impact, growth initiatives, and legislative affairs, announced the league is forming four committees to examine and address the diversity issues facing the league and the sport. The committees are the continuation of the work announced at last December’s board of governors meeting after several players reported racist language and physical abuse from coaches during their playing careers.

WGR 550: Buffalo Sabres winger Kyle Okposo underwent successful surgery on his right knee this week. He’s expected to make a full recovery in six weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Okposo could be ready to participate in training camp, tentatively slated to open sometime in July.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Eric Duhatschek reports the Hockey Hall of Fame’s annual selection committee will be held as planned on June 23 and 24. This year’s prominent first-year eligible players are Jarome Iginla and Marian Hossa.

OTTAWA SUN: A debate over distribution of funds was among the main issues that led the Ottawa Senators Foundation to announce it was cutting ties with the club on July 3. The foundation’s focus is on supporting youth programs. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who underwent a successful liver transplant in 2015, wanted a portion of the proceeds to go toward organ donation awareness.

SPORTSNET: announced award-winning sports broadcaster Chris Cuthbert will be joining the network as an NHL play-by-play announcer.

KUKLA’S KORNER: The Athletic yesterday announced it was cutting eight percent of its staff. Among those laid off were hockey writers Ken Wiebe, George Richards, Scott Gordon, Tom Reed, Joe Yerdon, John Glennon, Craig Morgan, and Marc Dumont.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They are among some of hockey’s best pundits. Here’s hoping for better days ahead for all of them.


  1. If those Athletic pundits want to know what’s ahead – or if any still working anywhere want to know the likely outcome of the playoffs – maybe they should consult with Peter Turchin! This guy nailed the current civil unrest in an article published in 2012!


    • Are the non playoff teams having training camps in July ? I assumed they were done for the year ..

  2. I wonder why 4 different committees are needed?

      • Huh?

    • Because when they screw it up no one person takes the blame. Fingers will be pointed in all directions. Think United States Congress

  3. Patrick Kane isn’t he the guy who beat up a 60 year old cab driver and a year later charged with rape? He is the last guy who needs to be telling people how to act.

    • People can change obe, it just seems a large number of police in the US it takes longer! A video surfaced of a white cop getting physical with a protester on their knees and a female black cop breaking it up and reprimanded the other cop. The world needs people to step up like that no matter gender or race and stop the stupidity of violence

    • That “rape” charge was shot so full of holes it was withdrawn. Quit bringing that up.

      • Very true George

  4. Chris Cuthbert – the NHL’s gain is the CFL’s loss. He’s a quality play-by-play man.

    • Yes. He’s one of the best.

  5. Leopard doesn’t lose his spots if you want to change and do good in the world start by donating and not telling everyone that you did.

    • Well hopefully a large number of police start donating!

      • Just curious are you ok, with the Police horse having his nose broke after being struck with a Brick?

        R u OK with a person dieing in a burning building because protesters wouldn’t let the fire dept in

        R u OK with the elderly lady being punched in the head several times and then hit with a 2 x 4

        R u ok with a Police being stabbed

        R u ok with a Police Officer being dragged on the ground.

        Black Lives Matter

        This utter h#te you show for Police, businesses being destroyed, lively hood bein lost, innocent people dieing or being injured is wrong.

        Unfortunately media is pushing a narrative and with that narrative they dont show or want to show the ugly side of what is happening.

        Police are being looked at as guilty, they’re all guilty, must be, why else is everyone shouting at them as if they’re all racist.

        Hopefully you never need them, hopefully if you do you gain a little respect for what they do.

        Black lives Matter

      • Folks, more than 1 thing can be true at the same time. If your looking for a simple answer that conforms with your current opinions, it isn’t that easy because this ain’t that simple.

        Today the media is whatever you want it to be. Search for multiple views on this and try to understand both sides of this issue. It is complicated and so are the solutions.

      • Caper I’ve said multiple times that I don’t agree with any violence, but when the “law”is breaking the law what Do you think is going to happen? There are a lot of good cops but also a lot of good protesters

  6. Well said Caper yes black lives matter all lives matter police matter.

    • When the “ law “ is breaking the law what do you honestly think is going to happen?

  7. When the law breaks the law they should be held accountable and pay the price. Doesn’t give the right to murder cops beat old men and old ladies up abuse animals burn down cities steal and destroy other properties. What if your father brother mother sister was a police officer?

    • My brother in law is! When there is no video how can the law be held accountable? No one is believing the word of a protester or anyone for that matter over the word of officers. And it was utter stupidity bringing innocent horses in the mix

  8. I was talking about the dog the black guy abused and there was no video when Kane was with that cab driver or the girl was no video when OJ was with Nicole Brown there’s no video most places and speaking of utterly stupid read your posts. Promoting violence utterly stupid maybe cheer for another team your embarrassing.

    • You need to learn to read! Not once did I promote violence never ever will, who is talking about oj? What does that have to do with the violence toward the protesters that you’re promoting? And no innocent dogs should be involved in this either! Human beings brought this on a few bad seed police officers abusing their authority and got caught on camera yet again, like you say everything doesn’t get caught on camera just imagine how much police get away with!

  9. Your right cameras not on while the police are being shot at spit on knives pulled on in high speed chases when show up at horrible accidents trying to save lives. When things go terribly wrong who gets called when that idiot went on shooting spree Who got called who died the police. Show some respect for the people that go to work for peanuts protecting your life every day. If you don’t want to deal with the Police obey the law and if not suffer the consequences I for one thank God they are on my side.

    • I can say the same for all the innocent people that get pulled over for driving in the wrong neighborhood, or stopped walking because they look “ suspicious “ , it’s a 2 way street and needs to stop . Not all black people are criminals and not all cops are racist

  10. This site is usually filled with many, many prognosticators….who is in…who is out…how many will he score…will he be resigned…should he be paid that much….and the list goes on and on.
    ……….So weigh in on this one……
    The pendulum on the race issue has begun to swing….
    1…Far far will it go ???
    2…What will it look like when it stops swinging ????
    3…Are you prepared for that ???