NHL Playoffs Breakdown: Flames vs. Jets

by | Jun 21, 2020 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. The Jets were led in scoring by Kyle Connor.
    Good summary otherwise.

  2. Talbot had a .919 in 22 starts; good for 13th among goalies with at least 15 starts. Don’t get me wrong, Hellebuyck is clearly the better keeper of the 3 who may see some games in the series, but Talbot has put up some quality starts. And Rittich has a tendency to start the year extremely strong and tail off; so with the break, it will be interesting to see which version of him comes to play. Flames fans call him Big Save Dave for a reason.

    I see this series as Too Close to Call as the teams are pretty damn even. Can’t complain (even as a Flames fan) to see most people calling it for the Jets by reason of Hellebuyck.

  3. The break worries me as Helly was a goalie on a good long roll. I am hoping his quality of play begins again close to the level when the stoppage occurred.

    The shorty team percentage was about the same as the pp percentage until around the middle of November and became a quality NHL pk team after that time. The horrendous start skewed the numbers badly right until the end. It should also be considered that much of the year was played without Adam Lowry (key penalty killer) and the Jets didn’t take many penalties this year.

    I like there chances vs Calgary.