Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 7, 2020

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Should the Buffalo Sabres listen to trade offers for Jack Eichel? Should the Canadiens target Mikhail Sergachev, Pierre-Luc Dubois, or Torey Krug? Check out the latest in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NHL.COM: In a recent mailbag, Dan Rosen was asked if he thought any of the non-playoff NHL clubs might attempt to acquire Jack Eichel. Rosen doesn’t believe the Buffalo Sabres’ captain is on the trade block. He also thinks it would take a significant offer (high draft picks, top prospects, at least one high-end NHL player) to get him.

Should the Buffalo Sabres listen to offers for Jack Eichel? (Photo via NHL Images)

If the Sabres were willing to trade Eichel, Rosen doubts they’d limit their market to just the six non-playoff clubs. Nevertheless, he thinks those teams (New Jersey Devils, Detroit Red Wings, Ottawa Senators, Los Angeles Kings, Anaheim Ducks, and San Jose Sharks) should at least ask about Eichel’s availability. He also believes it costs nothing for the Sabres to hear what other clubs feel their 23-year-old captain is worth.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt Sabres general manager Jason Botterill has any plans to move Eichel unless he requests a trade. And no, I don’t believe Eichel’s reached that point where he wants out of Buffalo.

I agree it doesn’t hurt for Botterill to at least listen to offers for Eichel or for those clubs to inquire into his availability. But unless the Sabres front office has decided to tear down their roster and start another rebuild, I don’t see Eichel going anywhere. He’s their cornerstone player, the guy they have to build around if they hope to become a playoff contender next season.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): In a recent mailbag segment, Arpon Basu was asked if he’d prefer seeing the Montreal Canadiens sign Mikhail Sergachev or Pierre-Luc Dubois to an offer sheet, or Torey Krug via unrestricted free agency.

Basu doesn’t see the Canadiens prying Dubois away from the Columbus Blue Jackets, who have lots of cap space and love the 21-year-old center’s game. If Krug doesn’t re-sign with the Boston Bruins, he’d love to see the Canadiens sign the 29-year-old defenseman.

He thinks the Tampa Bay Lightning would have a difficult time matching an offer sheet for Sergachev, making the 21-year-old blueliner a tempting target if Habs GM Marc Bergevin fails to make progress with Krug.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the three, the Canadiens stand a better chance of signing Krug than Sergachev or Dubois. That’s assuming, of course, he’s willing to sign with the Habs if he tests the UFA market.

Dubois’ not going anywhere. Neither is Sergachev. While the Bolts have limited cap space, it’s assumed they’ll shed a salary or two to clear up cap space for Sergachev and fellow RFA Anthony Cirelli. We also shouldn’t assume Sergachev is open to an offer sheet.


  1. Last summer proved what everyone has been saying for years. Offer sheets do not work. There’s no way Columbus doesn’t match any offer sheet to Dubois. And the Lightning will find a way to keep Sergachev.
    I would like to see the Habs make a run at Krug, though they are obviously far from guaranteed to sign him. There will be other trade or UFA options.

    • If the Habs overpay Dubois would he sign? He is not getting 100 points and he would be scrutinized every night….

    • Howard, what you say may have been true in the past – but this new reality that is having an enormous impact on world economies (and we haven’t seen the worst of that yet), a flat cap that won’t rise for some time (if ever), and no move towards compliance buyouts, will make it extremely difficult for teams like Tampa Bay to simply clear cap space from their roster in order to match an offer sheet.

      Where do they send those contracts – ostensibly players they can do without – if many other top teams are in the same fiscal nightmare? To teams with plenty of cap space – like Montreal? Any space they have will be quickly eaten up if the Sergachevs of the world accept the offer. Ottawa, Anaheim, Detroit, NJ? Why would they want players Tampa is only too willing to shed? They’re going to have enough trouble in a few short years keeping all the young prospects they now have – and will soon add to.

  2. Krug is the obvious choice here and Bergevin can’t afford to make another enemy GM in the league right now. While he has tons of picks in the cupboard to make another offer sheet is it worth it? Rather see him pursue Krug and work a trade for Ghost with those picks, he needs to watch his cap space as several players are due for contracts this season and next; Domi, Tatar, Petry and Gallagher to, name a few and those guys love playing in Montreal. He still has to address a large mobile scoring centre And solid reliable backup goalie. I say we leave Sergachev and Dubois where they are for now.

  3. Note that Basu was asked who he’d prefer, not whether he thinks they should pursue any of the three.

    I get that these are dog days for hockey fans but the “should the Habs chase Krug with an offer sheet” has been done to death.

    • Krug is a UFA it’s Sergachev everyone is saying Habs should give an offer sheet to as he’s a RFA. My concern with Krug is he’s small and keeps a Habs d-line small if he does sign although the though of him paired with Weber is very intriguing

  4. Gretzky was traded so anyone can be though I doubt Botterill has the testicular fortitude to move Eichel. Do Sabres fans have the stomach or patience for yet another rebuild?
    Moving Eichel would be like moving McDavid or Matthews. It would require NHL player(s), prospects and picks.
    I was surprised when Eichel signed his extension, may have been wiser to go short term and see how the team drafted, traded and developed before making such a long term committment.

  5. Eichel went to the next level last season and easily in a MVP conversation .
    Okposo under the knife 6 weeks . Has to be a buy out if he can stay healthy enough. Other wise a mainstay on the injury report.
    I must say the widest player I have ever seen live. He gets noticed and can make plays but all factors considered bye bye . Hey pull a Stone and resign but for far less than the north of 6

  6. Trade Eichel? Let’s not get stupid here.