NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 27, 2020

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The Lightning crushed the Bruins, the Flyers edge the Islanders in overtime, and the Avalanche get a big win over the Stars. Meanwhile, the NHL faces criticism over its response to protests over the Jacob Blake shooting. The latest in today’s morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: The Tampa Bay Lightning thumped the Boston Bruins 7-1 to take a 2-1 lead in their second-round series. Nikita Kucherov scored a goal and set up three others while Alex Killorn tallied twice and added an assist. The Bolts chased Bruins goalie Jaroslav Halak from the game after he gave up four goals on 16 shots. His replacement, rookie Dan Vladar, didn’t fare any better, allowing three goals on 15 shots.

Tampa Bay Lightning winger Nikita Kucherov (NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This game was over in the second period as the Lightning scored four goals to take a 6-1 lead by period’s end. The Bruins were undisciplined and the Bolts made them pay with three power-play goals. 

Philippe Myers scored in overtime as the Philadelphia Flyers edged the New York Islanders 4-3 to tie their series at a game apiece. Kevin Hayes scored twice for the Flyers, who blew a 3-0 lead as the Isles battled back to tie the game after replacing goalie Semyon Varlamov with backup Thomas Greiss.



SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers’ top forwards played significant roles in this game, with Hayes scoring twice, Sean Couturier potting his first of the playoffs and assisting on Myers’ game-winner, while Claude Giroux and Travis Konecny each collected an assist. Nevertheless, the Flyers also learned a three-goal lead isn’t safe against the determined Islanders.

The Colorado Avalanche scored three unanswered third-period goals to defeat the Dallas Stars 6-4 in Game 3 of their second-round series. The Stars lead the series two games to one and were on the verge of taking a 3-0 series lead after rallying from a 3-1 deficit to take a 4-3 lead before the Avs’ staged their comeback. Nazem Kadri netted the winning goal, Cale Makar collected three assists, and Nathan MacKinnon added two helpers. Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin tallied for the Stars.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was an entertaining contest that see-sawed back and forth before the Avs rallied for the win. It wasn’t a shining moment for the goalies, as Colorado’s Pavel Francouz and Dallas’ Anton Khudobin looked shaky in this match.


SPORTSNET: The NHL opted not to postpone Wednesday’s games in the wake of the NBA’s decision to delay its games after players from several of its teams boycotted games in protest over the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The NHL instead staged a moment of reflection before the Tampa/Boston and Colorado/Dallas games.

The NHL’s decision prompted criticism from Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba and San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane, who are among the members of the Hockey Diversity Alliance fighting racial injustice. Dumba called the move “disheartening” while Kane felt it was disappointing. Both men felt the NHL should do more to acknowledge the situation. 

CBC SPORTS: Hockey analyst Kelly Hrudey shared those sentiments, saying he felt the NHL should’ve postponed those games to show support for their NBA peers and the Black Lives Matter movement. He felt the league was missing out on important discussions about racial injustice.

ESPN.COM: Boston Bruins and Tampa Bay Lightning players said they learned about the NBA players boycott just before their game and didn’t have sufficient time to discuss the matter.

Bruins captain Zdeno Chara voiced his support for his peers in other sports who sat out yesterday’s games. Bruins coach Bruce Cassidy said he would’ve supported his players had they opted not to play. Tyler Seguin and Jason Dickinson of the Dallas Stars and Nazem Kadri of the Colorado Avalanche also voiced support, adding boycotting games isn’t the only way to back the cause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what transpires for today’s NHL games between the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Islanders and the Vegas Golden Knights and Vancouver Canucks. The league could be forced to postpone those games if players from those teams opt not to participate in support of their NBA peers.

THE SCORE: Sharks captain Logan Couture issued an apology after a tweet he made regarding American politics went viral. Couture claimed he was sucker-punched in Toronto after talking about voting for the Republican Party and mentioning US President Donald Trump. He added he didn’t explicitly say he’d vote for Trump but would vote Republican if he was an American citizen. Couture subsequently deleted those tweets after facing considerable criticism. The Sharks issued a statement condemning the use of violence toward Couture.

Vegas Golden Knights winger Jonathan Marchessault issued an apology for lashing out at several fans on Instagram who criticized his play during his club’s 5-2 loss to Vancouver. 

STLTODAY.COM: St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko will undergo a third surgery on his left shoulder and will be sidelined for five months. Meanwhile, Blues general manager Doug Armstrong indicated one-fifth of his squad tested positive for COVID-19 at some point before they departed for Edmonton on July 19. None of those players were asymptomatic, but their fitness levels were affected because they couldn’t train while under quarantine.

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Arizona Coyotes will forfeit its second-round pick in 2020 and its first-round pick in 2021 as punishment for violating the NHL’s combine scouting policy. The league prohibits teams from testing prospects’ fitness before its’ annual draft combine.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Claude Julien expects to return behind the Canadiens bench whenever next season begins. The Habs coach had to leave his club during their first-round series against Philadelphia after experiencing chest pains. He had a stent implanted in one of his arteries and is expected to make a full recovery.

NHL.COM: Defenseman Mike Green announced his retirement after 15 seasons with the Washington Capitals, Detroit Red Wings, and Edmonton Oilers. He netted 501 points in 880 career NHL games, as well as 37 points in 76 playoff contests.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Green’s best years were with the Capitals, including back-to-back 70-plus point campaigns in 2008-09 and 2009-10. He was a First Team All-Star and a finalist for the Norris Trophy in both those seasons. Injuries, however, would hamper his performance over the remainder of his career. Best wishes to Green and his family in their future endeavors.


  1. Hi, folks. I realize that some of the topics in today’s Morning Coffee Headlines are bound to generate strong emotions and opinions.

    I ask that everyone please be respectful toward each other and refrain from harsh and abusive language or intolerant behavior.

    We can discuss and debate the issues raised without degenerating into childish and obnoxious conduct. Thank you.

    • Well said Lyle

    • A touchy subject for sure Lyle. All I’ll say about that “incident” in Wisconsin is that, while undoubtedly the inquiry will try to produce some sort of rationale for the police officer’s action by he and his lawyer(s), there is NO rationale for shooting someone in the back. SEVEN times. Shades of that “dirty little coward who shot Mr. Howard” – Robert Ford.

      • Agree George was NO need to shoot him in the back

      • Agree 110% with the thought on the 7 shots, to be clear, absolutely no need of that action .
        However , the video I watched the cops are telling the man to stop with guns drawn as he walks around vehicle and reaches for something, if that something is a weapon , the next few seconds are going to go south in milliseconds with women and children present . If he had shot once I think I could understand the action. Has anyone heard audio of the video? What was the man going to grab? What were the officers yelling as he walked around the vehicle ?
        This comment is not made to create a debate or justify the 7 shots, I just think we have to be careful in how we view these situations, not all cops are bad ones and they need to be able to protect themselves in high danger situations too. Again I still have no explanation for the other 6 shots, up to the first shot , I think errors were made on both sides leading to the shot .

      • Can I assume that you’re a patrol police officer? Why do people expect cops to be perfect in making split second decisions which only cops have to make? Before I condemn anyone, I want a full investigation. Has everyone forgotten that, in America, a person is innocent until proven guilty?

      • No I’m not an officer of any kind , but putting myself in that situation , without the audio and not knowing more than what you see on the video .
        The man is not responding to whatever is being shouted, walks away with guns drawn on him and reaches in to the car, taking the first shot in the position they were all in I think can be justified to ensure the man is controlled and no unnecessary scuffle begins when bullets could fly in any direction putting the kids and women in more danger and the officers themselves. Where I really start to get troubled is the 7 shots . 1, maybe 2 in the split second reaction, but 6 more ?
        Agree Paul, before jumping too deep in the hole we need to see or know more facts. My position now would be as I stated , up to the first shot , I think you can justify the action . Not sure how to justify or what could change to be able to justify the other shots. But we need to let the investigation take place.

      • There is no rational answer, you arrest the offenders, you charge them and investigate them. If you decide to go ahead with a trial, the punishment needs to fit the crime, if murder, then the death penalty. You do not have the right to burn a city, kill someone who had nothing to do with it, beat up someone because of their race or the hat they wear or their political opinion. Two wrongs don’t make a right and looting someone else’s property or
        causing death or injury to an innocent person just because you “feel” like it doesn’t work.
        If players want to go home, let them without pay. What if a doctor decided not to respond to your heart attack because he just didn’t “feel” right because of what happened in Wisconsin. What if every super market worker decided to “strike” and still get paid, you ok with that?

      • Maybe the cop knew? I don’t know…. it’s not like they could not have run his information.

        Did he not understand how to comply? A good way to not get a new moon roof in your head is to comply… idk… maybe not make a move that looks like you’re reaching for something? Idk…. maybe not be in the middle of a felony or a dozen….? Nah… that makes too much sense.

        Every one of these stories pretty much starts with a felony being committed…. and that usually gets lost on the story.

        Breanna Taylor… in bed with a felon , known drug dealer, during a no knock felony warrant being served. Drug dealer boyfriend opens fire on the cops striking one in the process, Breanna Taylor is caught in the crossfire… all we hear?

        How she was on her way to being an Astronaut that will cure cancer…. the rest of the story? Nah… why bother with some harsh truths.

        And don’t worry BBB. I always have at least one on me… sometimes 3-4?

    • Here here

      • I live in a black neighborhood, taught in South Central, and was married to a black woman for twenty years, so I saw a lot of police abuse first hand. Replying to Mr. Van Impe: George Floyd listened to the cops, and what happened to him? People are fearful. They may react in panic, and this is both black folks and cops. But no one should be shot 7 times in the back, especially someone who was trying to break up a fight. Police unions are now reacting to cries of de-funding by pledging allegiance to Mr. Trump, the instigator of much of what is happening with his racist policies. While I agree that there are bad apples on both sides, this is the time for dialogue and making an honest effort to correct the injustices people of color face on a daily basis.

  2. As I said yesterday, “a back-to-back could hurt the more veteran-laden Bruins who also have to decide if they put Halak in again or go with playoff – even NHL – inexperienced Vladar, or Lagace who at least has played some in the NHL”

    They went with the veteran first and pulled him after 3 goals … then gave Vladar his baptism of fire when the rest simply couldn’t keep up with the fired-up Lightning.

    A day of rest for the older bones should produce a better effort.

  3. Well said, Lyle. I’ll take the safe route and simply say that, when healthy and in his prime, Mike Green was a pleasure to watch. Like all stars, he could make the game look very easy.

    • He really was, wasn’t he?
      Heads up, fluid, breakout passes. Fetched pucks like a Lab. Hard, accurate shots. He was the best offensive defenseman for a nice piece of his career.

      Not a Hall of famer, but a great career nonetheless.

  4. I agree with dumba and Kane, even hrudey said they shouldn’t be broadcasting. The Blake murder was one of the most cowardly murders by a cop yet. Nobody can deny cops treat black people different from white people, the video of the female officer that didn’t shoot a white guy that was threatening her and coming right at her , yet Blake gets shot 7 times in the back no less

    • That should be shooting not murder*

    • Not “murder” yet BigBadBruins” – but the guy will likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair. Attempted murder should be the charge.

      • Good job respecting the writer and the site in general Ed!

      • Chrisms people who are defending this latest horrific injustice are basically defending shooting an unarmed person in the back – 7 times is…

        I really like to know what is the argument to accept shooting a man in the back. There is cowardly actions then there is this. No one can honestly defend this action.

        American society is basically personal rights over the rights of the common good of the people in general. It’s that simple. S#it that happens to others will eventually trickle down to you. If you that defend these actions are gonna be hard pressed to find anyone’s ears when it come to them.

      • Huh? Ron I was addressing a posters inability to refrain from bringing the conversation into the gutter. I can’t defend this action. I can’t defend the persons failure to not put himself at greater danger with his actions. Everyone in this situation failed. And now one is dead.

      • Oh just adding to your points.

    • Really BBB that the argument your going to use? Your basically saying if it was a black man that was chasing the white female cop she would’ve shot him? Your saying that every white cop will shot a black man.

      I have one word “comply” why didn’t he just comply to the officers demand and simply stop.

      No he should not have been shot 7 times in the back, the officier was already pulling him back by his collar.

      What was the NHL to do cancel last night game in show of solidarity? Then what play today? Cancel the remainder of the playoffs?

      Kelley Hrudey, Jason Blake, Eilliott Friedman, Pierre Lebrum all wanting the NHL to do more. Then why don’t they themselves do more. Come out an announce in show of Black Lives Matter, we will not watch, write, or tweet about NHL we are taking a stand in support. Be a leader do it yourself.

      Ironic that some of the same individual that want Milbury fired over he statement are the same ones that said nothing when Austin Matthews dropped his pant and moon a security guard and tried to gain access to her car. But hey that just a young man having fun in th wee hours of the morning.

      Let the investigation run it course, but I’m doubt there will be a fair outcome.

      • I don’t think that’s what BBB said at all Caper. He is pointing out that white cops are more likely to shoot is the suspect is black. Is that not the case? Compliance with police is difficult when you feel there’s a good chance you’re going to get beat on or shot anyways. I’m not saying people should resist cops, but I understand it.

      • Really caper comply is the weak argument you’re going to use? Why not ask the numerous black people that do comply and still end up dead or injured? So in your mind if a teenager shoplifts and run from the cops he deserves to be shot? And yes if the man that went towards the female cop was black the odds are he would have been shot

      • Rock if you read BBB reply that’s exactly what he is saying. “All White Cops are racist”

        And basically your saying the same thing. Your saying if he had of complied he would’ve got shot anyway. I don’t agree with that at all.

        These are NOT answers they’re excuses.

        As i said NO he should not have been shot 7 times or at all.

        He, this criminal showed no regards for the police and basically said i don’t need to listen to you.

        Did the police know he was a criminal at the time and that he assaulted a police officier before. I doubt it; but doesn’t that also show what the Police are up against? They don’t know what they are getting into.

        This situation isn’t close to the Floyd case. This man need to take ownership of his actions, he isn’t above the law.

        Anybody who wants to color all Police with the same brush; then your part of the problem.

      • Yeah, total weak argument.

        Do what you’re supposed to do and you won’t get shot….

        How crazy is that concept ?

        Gtfoh …. that’s insanity! Probably less likely to get shot by not complying….

      • Caper you’re just making excuses for white police officers that clearly look at a black man differently than a white man. And again if a kid/teenager shoplifts and run from the police do they deserve to be shot in the back also? Answer the question or it seems like that’s what you’re saying

      • BBB i believe that the vast majority of police officiers regardless of color, religion or political views are good decent people.

        Is there bad cops, dirty cops, racist cops…. Absolutely; so deal with them.

        Did this person deserve to be shot no… did he comply no.

        of course no kid or teenager or adult BBB deserves to be shot for shoplifting, or are you implying an adult should be shot for shoplifting?

        Try to stay on point BBB, i did not say he deserved to be shot. I said if he simply complied we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

        Why would you walk away from the police who are pointing guns at you and telling you to stop? That i don’t understand.

      • I think now we can see evidence that there is definitely a difference of how people of color are treated throughout history than whites. Is there anyone here who wants to disagree that fact?

        So if we can come to some agreement to that then the next step is are all people equal and again if someone can show me how that isn’t true I’ll be interested in hearing your argument.

        If you agree to both points, then why does the first point continue to exist? Do you believe otherwise and if so, what is that you see?

        Lastly, anyone living the past 6 years, can you honestly say things have been good or bad, for you, your family, and country? Who do you think is responsible for that? Are you a person who blames the car for a crash or the driver, or is it the guy you got the car from?

        Lastly, these are not normal activities and we should not normalize and accept this behavior. We need to remember that these are not just inexcusable shootings but are first and foremost about a real human being who has value to their life like you believe you have with your life and it’s apparent the value of life is being lost here. It’s not just about black vs blue thing. The world is watching in disgust and wait to see if Americans are made of… are you what you say you are or are you what we are all witnessing?

      • Try to stay on point caper, you’re saying comply but if a kid,teenager or adult run after shoplifting should they be shot? And why did the police have their guns out anyway? Oh I forgot they were dealing with black people so it’s mandatory to shoot first ask questions later

  5. I love high scoring games…. 25 goals over 3 games on paper sounds good….. two were exciting and the other not

    Killed me in my draft pool (I have 8 Knights , 2 Bolts… Cerelli and Paquette held off the sheet)

    the 6-4 (let’s call it 5-4 due to EN goal) Avs “must win” game was exciting… especially in the third

    OT games 👍👍👍👍

    7-1 games are only exciting for the winning team and their fans

    Kudos to Avs for getting back in the series

    We’ll see what happens in the next for Bruins…. it’s a possibility that if they go down 2-0 early in the next game; that the series might be over

  6. Bruins showed absolutely nothing on the ice as they did in last years SC they looked intimidated….. Before it’s gets to a total rebuild for them which is coming quick maybe they should start the rebuild process this offseason ……this whole roster needs to be looked at …Chara this isn’t all on you but it’s time

  7. Boston I thought played very well in first let’s be honest a couple horrible breaks and down 2 zip now that doesn’t give excuse to not keep foot on the gas. Tampa a very good team Boston will be better next game need to sit Rich and Moore Cliffy hockey needs to play and bring up Studnicka. With all this violence and rioting a lot more innocent people will die very sad to see these states not bringing in the national guard. Racial tensions will increase let’s just pray no more 5 year old boys will be Executed. As far as NBA not playing I think it’s for the better they are causing more tension than good and nobody watching anyway. Take care stay safe

  8. Re the Blake 7 shots to the back sit

    I can tell you that it made me sick to my stomach to watch that

    We will find out further details I’m sure. To me I can’t fathom anything that preceded this that event and/or any rationalization by this officer that even remotely warrants shooting any unarmed individual 7 times from behind. Sickening, period, full stop.

    I am a WASP. I cannot even fathom the discrimination at the levels we are seeing.

    Empathy would envision that I could put myself in their shoes. I can’t. I have no idea how that feels.

    To say I feel their anguish would be out and out lying

    I can tell you that I’m saddened; awoken; and enlightened.

    The passion and solidarity of the NBA and WNBA on this issue is remarkable, honourable and I respect their collective and passionate decision.

    I have no idea what will happen wrt the NHL on this. I expect nothing less than candour , introspection, and open discourse amongst the players (inside and outside the bubble).

    I will respect their collective positioning on this

    I will also respect any politely worded rebut of my stance.

    Mine is an opinion , as is yours


    • Pengy , can you at all see what led to the first shot? From what we know? I’m with you on the 7 shots, 110%. But why is he walking away from officers , guns drawn and reaching in to his car ? Do the officers wait to see what he grabs to confirm it is not a weapon ?

      • Yes, they wait. Because he could be reaching for a water bottle. Or nothing. You don’t shoot unarmed people 7 times in the back for walking away, or for the fact that he might reach into a car for something that you can’t see and don’t know exists.

        Anyone who disagrees that US cops are far, far too trigger happy is ignoring way too many examples that show that is the case.

        In Canada there is much less of this (except for James Forcillo). We can disappear into endless debate about why that is, but it starts with the training and attitude of how police are trained.

        And before you start no, I am not anti-cop. You have to respect strangers who will come to your house at midnight to get a criminal coming through your bedroom window.

        But that doesn’t justify the far too many trigger happy cowboys wearing badges. Things have to change. The price for walking away from the police isn’t 7 bullets in the back, and the price for being arrested isn’t being suffocated to death.

        And just for a little Canadiana, the price for holding a stapler isn’t death by taser.

        And, Ed Vanimpe, don’t bother replying to me. It is quite obvious from your comments above you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to this topic.

      • Hi Craig

        As I said; I can’t fathom any rationale ever anywhere for 7 shots to an unarmed guy from behind; that’s my point.

        Were he shot once; subdued; arrested (if the case) and hospitalized and treated (and released ) for the single gunshot wound… completely different story altogether

        Two shots… non serious… maybe

        7 !!! … again I was not there; I am not privy to what went on before hand; what was said beforehand; what the officer felt or thought. It’s the 7 shots to the back of an unarmed individual that is the issue

        I support and applaud police officers for their protection of society and certainly support their heroism in putting their lives at risk. This is not an issue whatsoever.

        I truly believe that the high majority of police officers are brave; just; and honourable individuals. High majority.

        I have no judgement on this Police Officer’s past; his humanity; sincerity; professionalism ; personal beliefs. None. I don’t know him. I am not judging him for his past.

        All I do know is (1) I was appalled and horrified watching the video; and (2) I can’t come up with any circumstance; rhyme or reason for 7 shots to the back of an unarmed guy. Perhaps I’m wrong and I’m not thinking outside the box to a situation that does rationalize this. That’s on me if I’m missing a situation that rationalizes this.

        Again; that’s me and my take on it. My opinion. It’s only an opinion ; but it’s the one I have

        Again it’s NOT that he was shot; it’s NOT that he was unarmed; and it’s NOT that it was from behind.

        Unarmed single shots to the back in urgent high intensity close up situations have happened before.

        It’s the 7; unarmed; to the back situation that has rocked me

        Sorry to differ with you on this, but that’s my opinion

      • Ever heard the term he brought a knife to a gun fight? It insinuates the guy is an idiot because you can shoot people from a distance and a knife is useless. Why are people assuming that was what he was doing when entering his car? Perhaps he was going to drive the car away? Seems just a tad more likely.

        No, 1 shot is not OK.
        The rule/law regarding police firing their weapon is to reasonably believe your life is in immediate danger.

        You can’t just fire every time you guess that a weapon might be present.
        If you had 3 cops with guns pointed at you, would you go grab a weapon? No, of course not, why are people assuming that he was?
        That can’t be the assumption because people get shot that shouldn’t.
        Haven’t we caught on yet?

        To me it looks like a cop panicked/freaked out and shot him.

        Definitely shouldn’t be a cop. Punishment, I don’t know, depends on state law I guess.

      • Hi Ray

        re “ No, 1 shot is not OK.”

        Sorry if I inferred that it was or that I supported 1 shot

        I was trying to show the difference between a heated frenzy and split second single shot incidence vs 7 ; to the back; unarmed

        I don’t believe that I’m brave enough (definitely too old now) to be a police officer

        I have no idea what goes through their minds in tense situations; no idea how I would react

        I just can’t fathom any circumstances that lead to 7 shots to the back of an unarmed individual

      • Pengy, all good.
        That is why this issue is hard to solve. Why are so many police officers on edge and fearful?
        Seems obvious, they are paid to put themselves into tense, and sometimes violent situations.
        Sometimes it is justified, sometimes it isn’t.
        Some seem to be able to do it, some don’t.

        I think it should be way harder to be a police officer and it should pay way more than it does, because of the difficulty. Get rid of the bully power addicts and the guys who do it just because they can’t get another job.

        So don’t defund the police, reform it and pay for it. My guess is the benefits will pay for themselves.

        And that is just part of the puzzle of what needs to change.
        I recommend watching the Doc Rivers interview, he speaks from the heart and it is a thoughtful response to difficult questions.
        starts at about 2 1/2 minute mark. Like what Rock was talking about. The fear and the promoting of fear.


      • Ray you’re doing a lot of assuming yourself. Why do you get to assume and other not.

        There is two facts in this story

        1. He didn’t comply
        2. He got shot in the back 7 times

      • Thanks s will debunk a bunch of those theories….
        A knife to a gunfight….
        You don’t need to shoot more than once …..


      • Ray Ray Ray, i can’t believe you just wrote that! I agree with you on a lot of things but not this.

        “Get rid of the bully power addicts and the guys who do it just because they can’t get another job”

        Bully power yes…. uneducated no… Wow

      • LOL Nyr4 that video just tells me as a white guy, I could probably over power a cop if I’m ever in a situation where a gun was pulled on me by a white cop. If I was black, I’ll be shot dead before he said a word.

      • I’m more than positive that’s all you got out of that video.

        However , the real numbers and statistics of fatal cop shootings don’t support your narrative. Ahhhhh but what do pesky facts matter on this day and age?

        The point of the video, which you obviously missed is not knowing how capable someone is….

        You saw … a white guy over power a white cop….

        What the video shows…. is a man taking SEVEN shots of a .40-.45 to his upper body and STILL able to take a cop to the ground. And having a total of ELEVEN to stop him.

        So all this … “shoot him in the leg”, “excessive” crap is all in the minds of people who have never shot a BB gun, or understand how self defense works.

      • Alright Nyr4life, what are the statistics on police shootings? Are these broken up by any catagories? Are these compared to other police forces around the country and maybe even over the world? If there are real numbers that prove your claims, we all owe you an apology.

        On the other side, we have many videos depicting controversial police shootings that you’re eyes are seeing something else… maybe its like that “is it a blue or tan dress” thing that people saw.

      • Caper,Caper,Caper!
        I stand by it.
        My point is they should have a very high standard to be a police officer, and they should pay and train very well to attract those folks.
        Because it is a difficult job and the amount of power these officers wield.

        I have met both those types of officers. The bully type is worse obviously. I had to hire a lawyer once as he was covering for his own mistake. He lied on his statement to the court. I had credible witnesses he was not aware of, or I likely would have lost in a his word against mine scenario.
        The case was dropped and I was only out the $$ for lawyer.
        Total dick who had zero issue screwing over someone innocent. I would not have gone to jail, but I would have lost my license and likely my ability to do my job effectively.

      • Nyr4Life, not sure the point of that first video?
        Totally different situation.
        That was justified, the Blake situation, not so much.
        Apples and oranges.
        The point of my knife comment was that it makes no sense that he would go into his car to grab a knife, which was being thrown out there. It would have been suicide.
        I wouldn’t, I am pretty darn sure you wouldn’t. So assuming he did makes no sense and isn’t even a real argument because of that.

        Blake’s lawyers said he was their to resolve a dispute between 2 females in the house. If so, I would like to know how he ended up wrestling with 3 cops?

      • I spent years teaching deescalation and safer restraint techniques to hospital staff and the hospital police force. The police officers were the hardest to teach in general. Many officers appreciated the concepts taught. But they had a significant percentage as compared to other individuals who made it clear that they were not interested in deescalation. For some it was a power thing. For some it was not having the mental capacity to understand the concepts of working with people who are angry or scared or intoxicated etc. for this part of the larger group it was scary they were the ones carrying guns. There is in small but real culture in police (in my small sample size) that are detriment to safe outcomes.

        Notice I did not address race as I have never heard a racist remark from any of these individuals.

        I hear about defunding the police and while there are certainly some situations that could be better handled by people without guns and with training in deescalation it scares me to think this is a thing. We need to fund the police to hire quality people. I work with a firmer officer, part time, who made 11 dollars an hour to patrol one of the highest crime neighborhoods in pburgh. You will hire a lot of garbage when you pay like that.

      • You’re more likely to wrestle a turd out of a bedpan than an armed assailant with a gun…..

      • Done both ny. And I got a lot more satisfaction out of helping the sick person in the bed than disarming the fool. Remember when you are ill old and feeble to thank the person helping you with that. Cause it will be you someday. Probably before me!

      • Ray Bark,

        Not all criminals are of sound mind. Suicide to reach for a knife, absolutely. Out of the realm of possible? No. And it happens often enough.

        Who knows what he was reaching for? A knife is just as deadly as a gun close range…. and what’s to say he wasn’t reaching for a gun?

        Why is the blame on a cop every time? Comply for the love of JESUS!!! Comply! Is it so difficult? It seems to me like disobeying, walking around a vehicle and trying to reach for SOMETHING require a lot more effort than just complying.

        As the 2nd video I posted clearly illustrates… if you misread what a suspect is capable of… you may find yourself in a box while they hand your wife a flag to Ave Maria!

        I’ll take going home alive over that possibility, every single time!

      • Yes Craig because most criminals are thirsty after committing crimes and need water so they keep a six pack of water on ice in the car. Everyone knows only shoot if they go in the trunk that’s where the shot guns are kept because of there length. Now if they reach in glove box be careful as there may be a hand gun or maybe they are just reaching for their drivers license and registration because they always have them. The drugs are in the armrest with the needles and sometimes but not always the knives are under the seats.

  9. I go both ways on this. NBA etc certainly made a statement… but also took away their own platform to make further statements. Not sure if it was wise or not. Same for me with hockey. Had they stopped idda said good for them but maybe not brightest idea. Now they still have a platform to make a statement should they choose to do so.

    • A few points .
      1. Jacob was tasered and that didn’t stop him from continuing to resist arrest.
      2. One of the outstanding charges was for the alleged sexual assault of a minor.
      3. Seven shots seemed excessive to me and to others who have expert knowledge of police procedures. However there is much debate over this due to the officer’s use of a semi-automatic hand gun.
      4. Officer may have over-reacted due to adrenaline, fear of getting shot and/or inexperience with respect to subduing resisters.
      5. More training would help with #4 but how does that happen when police budgets are defunded?

  10. Im glad i had a bench to build last night; there wasn’t anything worth watching on TV.

    • Caper

      Last nigh with no points gained in my pool while almost everybody else in my pool gaining big; I would have loved to hep you build that bench.

      The resulting bench may not have been at right angles ; pretty ; or safe; but I would have had fun😁

      • Kinda like a Homer Simpson spice rack, huh Pengy?

      • ShoreOrrPark

        Homer would make a Michelangelo Spice Rack compared to anything I could make

        I’m excellent at ideas and design ; more than excellent I may add

        Actual production/implementation …. I’ve got 10 thumbs 🙁😤😢

  11. Old Hockey Fan…
    I understand the black athletes have every right to protest however they see fit. Does refusing to play the game of their chosen sport violate contracts they have agreed to and signed (for outrageous sums in most cases).
    Many professional sports teams are owned by sometimes(old) rich white men.
    If someone really wants to test what happens to those that dare to mess with rich white guys….possibility might be that old man says you violated our agreement to play…shuts down the organization takes his money and goes home.
    Great solution..now what ??? No jobs and no money for said athletes.
    As we all know money, and the more you have, sometimes has a large bearing on how things level out.
    If this were to happen can you imagine the protests then from folks looking for jobs whose only experience is jumping, shooting and tackling.

    PS…I’m just an old white man…(not rich tho’).

    • OHF, sports, entertainment, and other cultural and social events are really a celebration and only possible under a working and successful society.

      Our current times are really telling and because we have failed as a society, be-it wearing masks or not, putting individual liberties as a priority over society and the collective public needs and making excuses or turning a blind eye to the lack of justice and be a society that is as free and equal for all.

      Look this has gone on forever and unfortunately other than what happened in Tulsa OK I don’t think it’s been as blatant as it is today. Instead of progressing, I feel we failed as a society to correct these wrongs. It’s also very upsetting that it’s so hard to impossible even bring awareness of these injustices.

      • I agree with you Ron. Caper, you might think that most cops are good, but then why a code of silence? Why support for the guys that obviously are not good? NY4Life, knife to a gun fight? Did Blake pull a knife? Some of us can’t even respect other people enough to wear a mask for Covid, let alone have empathy for other’s situation. This issue won’t get solved here, but I’m glad we’re talking about it. Thank you Ron and BBB for your voices of reason.

      • Rock, how many arrest are made in a day? How many murders happened in Chicago on the weekend.

        Code of silence from who?

        How do you know anything about a code of silence; listen by making a statement and claiming all cops or most are dirty, then you lost me because you don’t want to fix the issue, you just want perpetuate the issue. If you want people to support you, then stay with the facts. Don’t make baseless comments.

      • Caper not only silence, they lie to protect their own. Here are 2 that are well known and recent aside from my own experience above. How many more are there that were not caught on video? Safe to say plenty.

        The original statement after George Floyd was killed:

        “Early on May 26, the Minneapolis Police Department issued a statement which said nothing about Chauvin kneeling on Floyd’s neck:[15][78][79] “After Floyd got out [of his car], he physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect into handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress”.

        Here is the original statement after the 75 year old protester got pushed to ground by police and fractured his skull.
        Buffalo Police Department initially said in a statement that, during a “skirmish involving protestors, one person was injured when he tripped & fell.”

        There are bad people out there. Some are black, some are white, some wear blue. They all need to be accountable.

  12. I think I’m going to a protest site to see if they’re talking about the Stanley Cup playoffs. It’s the most exciting time of the year!

  13. I guess the “What happened next” part hasn’t been discussed yet and I’d like to hear reactions to it.
    I saw and heard on the news that a 17 year old with an assault rifle shot and killed two protesters and then walked down the street past incoming police with his weapon held high and waving to the cops.
    Is that accurate and, if so, how does that happen?

    • He was carrying it around in front of officers BEFORE he shot the protesters and they thanked him and offered him water, and yes after he murdered them he walked towards the cops with the gun

      • Before and after BBB.
        Same night they also told a bunch of guys on top of a business with assault rifles to get down immediately.
        They didn’t, one said he owned the business. Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t. They obviously all didn’t. Cops left.
        So I guess you don’t have to comply and you won’t get shot.
        Or the white folks who stormed the Michigan state capital building carrying weapons, including assault rifles. Tried to get on the floor of the senate because they didn’t like the Covid protocols. Spit on the officers, did not comply with police orders. Not only were they not shot, they weren’t arrested. I don’t even think they got a fine.
        Perhaps more folk should walk around with automatic weapons. Or maybe it’s race. A mystery I guess.

        We can point out lots of bad things done by people of all races and all professions include cops.

        All anyone wants is fair treatment under the law and accountability for those who break it.
        We’ll see what happens this time.

    • BCLeaf, plenty of videos on twitter.

      Very experienced lawyers claim the shooter has a great case for self defense. As Kyle Rittenhouse walked down the middle of the street, a group of thugs chased after him. A shot was fired from a hand gun, Kyle was knocked over and whacked on his head with a skateboard and the skateboarder then attempted to pull the AR15 away from the teen. The teen regained control of his gun and shot the skateboarder and then a second person who held a hand gun.

      Kyle had no business being in Kenosha. The idiot who decided to take a kid to a riot should be questioned.

      • Why is a teenager walking down the street with an assault rifle.
        Odd that gun safety doesn’t come up more in these situations.
        Might explain why cops are so on edge. Everybody has a flippin gun.

  14. To Lyle and all

    Humble apologies

    I posted on a topical, tangentially relatable to hockey, subject. However relatable to many here; as I said, it is tangential in spirit to what this site is intended for… hockey.

    I have unintentionally spurned on some heated (and note, heartfelt) exchanges.

    I apologize. I should know better.

    This site is for the candid banter, posts, tropes and exchanges on hockey. I gain insight and knowledge from it every day. Even at the precipice of 60 I keep learning (your opinions on my ability to learn are duly noted 😁).

    I love this site

    I’ve oft been in sync with the day’s mindset, and challenged (rightfully so) at other times on my opines. We are all opining and by definition opinions are neither valid or invalid; just contrary or symbiotic with others’ viewpoints.

    So , from the heart, sorry to have shaken things up today.

    My further posts and responses today will be specifically re hockey


    • Pengy it’s ok. Everyone wants what’s best but we are all clouded but together with consideration of others and their feelings (really) we could and should discuss this if it’s something you feel the need to vent or “set things straight”

  15. I don’t think they’re going to play tonight.

  16. Folks, I’ve had to delete several comments because folks were being disrespectful and abusive.

    As I said earlier, I understand that some of the topics in today’s morning headlines will generate strong emotions and opinions. Nevertheless, I once again ask that you refrain from abusive and insulting language and behavior.

    Debate and discussion is possible without resorting to childish taunts and boorish behavior. Otherwise, your comments will be deleted and, if necessary, future comments will be moderated.

    • Thanks Lyle. Let’s please keep this civil talking is important for all of us. Both sides need to remember that it isn’t just about another person of color being shot by the police again but how the police have devalued life and without doubt both sides want what’s best for all. Only together we can achieve that… divided we fall.

    • I have to admit Lyle. I was proud of my use of the word nincompoopery. It is so much fun to say!

  17. Today this news site reminds me of the old Miller Lite Commercials. For the young look them up on Youtube, A bunch of jocks with half of them yelling LESS FILLING and the other half GREAT TASTE.
    Hell, I’d rather watch them then most sports now a days. Anyone need a baseball team ? I’m trying to trade the ANGELS, they are so bad I wish they would go on strike, the games are so bad the cardboard cut outs are now wearing paper bags over their heads.

    • Ha! Want the pirates?

      • Don’t tempt me

  18. A couple of folks have criticized my deletion of some of their comments while letting some others that were insulting or abusive stand. This wasn’t favoritism on my part. I’m actually busy doing other work and unfortunately missed some of the questionable ones. I’ve taken a few moments to go through and remove the offending posts.

    Again, please refrain from trolling each other with insults or deliberately provocative posts. There’s just no need for it.

  19. NBA…NHL….MLB … my question would your talk about postponing games happen if they were allowing fans In the stands to attend these games ?

    And what would the pushback be ?

    • Safe to say Ray, you don’t like police because you had a negative experience. Then by all means all cops are dirty.

      It show your attitude when you say you stand behind your statement. I would hope so you said it.

      But its a racist statement, so there that.

      • I never say all cops are bad Caper. You will not find that statement from me ever.
        If you can, prove it, and I will own it.
        And please explain how that is racist, because that is a big statement.

    • Well for starters they should not get paid. It seems like a lazy meaningless gesture in the first place . Maybe even a suspension for not playing.

      What difference do they really think they’re making? And what difference are they actually making?

      “Bringing awareness” ? Really? Is this how they think people are spoon fed their news ? Do they think the hours of news coverage every single time doesn’t bring “awareness”?

      Why do they THINK their opinion matters either way?

      What it’s doing? Hurting their brand and bringing more division. What else is it doing ? Hurting ratings.
      Ultimately…. it hurts their own pockets , but most are too ignorant to even realize it!

      Crosby and all these other justice woke warriors …. blackout Tuesday? Wow!!!! Thank you for your sacrifice! Imagine… a whole DAY without social media? Move over Bobby Sands, your good sacrifice has been grossly eclipsed by the brave woke warrior generation!

      Way to be in tune with other races And social issues Mr. Crosby! Your great sacrifice will NOT be forgotten!

  20. NHL better be careful fans or no fans in the stands people remember……

    • With all sports leagues cancelling games tonight, it probably boosted the audience for the Republican Convention. Net, net, probably a plus for Trump.

      Joe, good advice. If the NHL starts saying only one political viewpoint is acceptable, people will start tuning out. Play the sport and support worthy causes. Many teams support the local children’s hospital – awesome, keep it up. If some players want to support black athletes in their communities, that’s okay too. Acting as a justice arbiter when all the facts are unknown, well, that’s just plain irresponsible.

      • Sports should be a release from the real world. Entertainment, I tune to a sports channel to get away from real world issues for awhile, a short escape. I could elect to tune into a news channel (if there was a neutral fact reporting one without opinion), but I seldom do anymore.
        I remember thinking what a terrible shame the Olympic boycotts were in the 80s for athletes who sacrificed years for their dream only to have it dashed by politicians.
        I hear righteous commentators like Kelly Hrudey saying they shouldn’t be there.
        I say to him and the various league players: you have a contract, have some integrity and fulfill it.
        Yet only now have they decided to show a few days show of support but “we better get back at it as it may affect our future millions if a collective bargaining agreement is breached”. What a joke, i would be fired same day if I tried to use my company platform to make personal statements that may be contentious. I have zero interest in what a player, actress or songwriter has to say about a social justice issue. I care what a police commissioner, mayor or premier, governor PM or president has to say about that.
        Please stop thinking that your visibility provides a platform you are supposed to use to muddy the waters with your limited informed viewpoint. You cannot generalize and demand an indictment on a specific public event. You don’t have all of the information. There is due process required before judgement should be rendered. That is what the Justice system is for with all it’s warti am posting this late intentionally as it is more of a release for me than a need for anyone to hear my opinion (which is as limited ly informed as the many I have indicated above)

        Respectfully, everybody, please : Stay in your lane.

        GO LEAFS GO …..next year.

  21. Wendel, thanks for posting your thoughts, hope it was therapeutic. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, especially with respect to very complex issues. Many objectives are supported by the majority of our society. How to best achieve those those objectives should be open to a free debate of ideas.