NHL Rumor Mill – August 27, 2020

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The latest on Frederik Andersen and Corey Crawford plus updates on the Rangers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: Terry Koshan reports Claude Lemieux, the agent for Maple Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen, understands the recent trade speculation about his client is part of the territory when a team with high expectations like the Leafs suffers an early playoff exit. Lemieux also indicated Andersen has not requested a trade.

There’s media chatter suggesting Andersen is being shopped by the Leafs. Lemieux said the club hasn’t spoken to him about a trade. He also stated he hasn’t had contract extension talks for his client, whose contract expires at the end of next season. Rumors have linked the Leafs to Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Matt Murray, a restricted free agent with arbitration rights.

Corey Crawford hopes to return with the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs need a better goalie than Murray if they’re thinking about moving Andersen. While Murray has two Stanley Cups (2016 and 2017) on his resume, Andersen has had better health and better stats since 2017 with a heavier workload.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope recently reported Corey Crawford wants to stay with the Blackhawks. The 35-year-old goalie will become an unrestricted free agent on Nov. 1. He’d consider a three- or four-year deal if the Blackhawks prefer, but would also accept a short-term deal.

Crawford also indicated playing time matters more than his next salary. “I don’t want to play half the games and sit on the bench for stretches at a time,” he said. “I’m way more valuable playing games and playing consistently.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite his age (35) and injury history, Crawford proved his value as a starting goalie this season to the Blackhawks. His next deal won’t be worth $6 million annually like his current contract. I’ll be surprised if the Hawks commit to anything over two years.

Crawford’s age would allow him to sign a one-year, bonus-laden deal with a low base salary that could take him up to $5 million if he meets all bonus requirements. It would provide him with an opportunity to finish the season with a significant salary while giving the Blackhawks some cap flexibility. That depends, of course, on whether he would accept a one-year deal.


LOHUD.COM: Vincent Z. Mercogliano recently looked at several possible off-season trade targets for the New York Rangers. He believes they need a center and a left-handed defenseman.

Centers include Calgary’s Sam Bennett, Ottawa’s Logan Brown, Tampa Bay’s Anthony Cirelli, Montreal’s Phillip Danault, San Jose’s Tomas Hertl, and Toronto’s William Nylander. His defense options include Minnesota’s Jonas Brodin, Vancouver’s Olli Juolevi, and Anaheim’s Hampus Lindholm.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mercogliano lists his targets in descending order and explores the pros and cons of each player and the potential cost to acquire them. Follow the link above to get the details. I’m just going to briefly add my two cents.

The Flames won’t part with Bennett as he’s a versatile forward who always elevates his game in the playoffs. He’s among the few Flames who could hold his head high over his performance in this year’s postseason. I don’t believe the Senators will give up on Brown. The Bolts intend to re-sign Cirelli. Danault is the Habs’ best two-way center so he’s not going anywhere.

Hertl is very talented but his injury history makes him a risky acquisition. Nylander’s cap hit ($6.9 million) makes him too expensive for the Blueshirts under a flattened salary cap.

I believe the Canucks will remain patient with Juolevi. Brodin and Lindholm might be available but the asking price for Brodin could be a center (which the Rangers need) while the Ducks will likely want a top-six winger for Lindholm.

FOREVER BLUESHIRTS: Anthony Scultore cited Swedish reporter Johan Rylander wondering why Frolunda is one of only two Swedish league teams still holding closed-door practices. “Is it because (Henrik) Lundqvist is training for return? Or is it simply due to fear of covid-19 from two journalists 40 meters from the ice?”

Rylander confirmed Lundqvist is in town and practicing somewhere to stay in shape. Frolunda, meanwhile, issued a statement indicating their closed-door sessions are to protect their players as much as possible from the virus. The team stated it had no information on Lundqvist other than he is not a member of their roster or their team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The report indicates Lundqvist is allowed to practice with the club as per IIHF rules. He spent several seasons with Frolunda before joining the Rangers in 2005-06. Perhaps he’s considering NHL retirement and finishing his career with his old team. Or he could simply be staying in shape before training camp opens later this fall.


  1. Bennett is young, Flames highest draft selection at 4 , reasonably priced at $2m and plays with a truculent disposition. Historically ups his game in the playoffs. You would only trade him on an overpay.

    Leafs are married to Andersen. It could be worse and he is no way to blame for anything including a soft goal or
    Murray”s trade value is unknown . Goalies have never garnered much and maybe part of a package. There would need to be a domino effect at that position. Who is the first to fall in line ? I think Oilers Flames Sabres Nashville Hawks and Sharks would be considering all options .

    • mathews is buddies with andersson–so thats tricky
      plus glut of goalies out there–tricky again
      but a refresh with nashville–rinne and andersson switch might be interesting
      a good defender in there too somewhere

      • Hi Jeff

        Re “ mathews is buddies with andersson–”

        I’m in no way at all comparing Anderson to him or Sid to AM…. but it stirred tough and saddening reminders for me….

        Sid’s “buddy” situation has cost Pens tremendously

        That buddy situation helped JJ get in the door; added to that a stubborn, misguided, and deeply confused GM…. Pens playoff streak over… have lost 7 of last 8 play-off/play in games… 3 completely on the shoulders of Sid’s buddy; another co-owned by Sid’s buddy🤬🤬🤬

      • Pengy,

        That “stubborn, misguided and deeply confused” GM also wears a lot of jewelry. His teams have won 3 of the 4 Stanley Cups Finals they have been in. I don’t recall those teams having many elite defensemen but they played good team defense. In fact in his first two finals with Carolina it is questionable whether he even had a true top pair defenseman.

      • Hi GP

        No challenge whatsoever on his past pedigree. None.

        Absoluteamundo re no top of the line Dmen in the Canes cup…. one could argue they had 6 3rd/4th D-Men with no “bottom” pairing

        ‘16; ‘17 …. 👍👍👍👍

        I stand by my stance re him as stubborn , misguided and deeply confused now

        Let’s set aside his decision to actually sign JJ

        The term and AAV were in no way appropriate ; and reminder ; that contract was signed as one of the first on the opening of UFA market when it was reported several times that June that JJ would be very hard pressed to find anybody to take him on. He was not in demand at all. One suitor…. Jimbo. Yet Jimbo over-payed and gave him 5 years. No other team was interested. He could have offered JJ 2@2 show me you’ve improved type of contract

        The tweaks and in and out of some players (Oleksiak) were very confusing to say the least

        The real issue is that after the 18/19 season when JJ (1) cost 11 reg season game points (which would have put Pens 2nd overall with home ice advantage instead of where they landed at just North of the playoff cutoff) and (2) 2 shutouts; and (3) individually one playoff game and co-cost another ; and (4) made every single Pen’s stats plummet…. Jimbo publicly lauded buckets o’ praise on JJ!!!!!!

        At that point in time JJ could have been bought out and his 19/20 Cap hit would have been less than $300 K!

        Then 19/20; costing more games; destroying once again all teammates’ stats; individually costing 2 more playin games ; and after owners have told him to cut costs (where a BO of JJ with replacement of any of Riikola or Czuczman or P-O J; saves millions in Cap and cash and gets team younger faster and tremendously better ; with all players getting stats improved)… instead of doing what he’s told to do by owners…. he doubles down and once again publicly praises the most detrimental hockey player in NHL history; AND unbelievably lays Pens outcome blame on assistant coaches; ALL D partners JJ had in every game; and many of Pens forwards.

        Note 2 of the 3 assistant coaches are the ones who begged and pleaded with Sully to sit JJ.

        That is where I’m coming from in calling him stubborn , misguided and deeply confused now

        There is no chance the ‘05/‘06 GMJR does what he’s done over the last 2 years

        Re the most recent trade; it appears that more than 1/2 on this site see Leafs as winning the trade

        I’m both a Leafs (5 plus decades) and Pens (since Mario) fan … a dual fanatic

        I see the trade as a neutral win win

        Pens replacing Sheary spot with younger, bigger, faster, more productive player at a marginal Cap increase at the expense of futures (15th overall and ER).

        Leafs gain space (needed) and tradable assets (which I suspect will be used in other deals) and Leafs were already shifting Kappy between lines

        Neutral win win

        If Jimbo does the logical and proper thing by buying out JJ and moving Bjug; he will earn back a great deal of respect that he’s lost

        GO PENS GO

    • Hi SS

      Agree Bennett should stay a Flame

      Re Murray…. don’t want him traded; I’d keep both

      However if he is going…. return will be below what he is wirth to Pens for keeping him… and any move out ; he MUST be packaged with JJ

      I re-posted the other day a suggestion I saw that was out there….

      MM & JJ & Bjug to Wild



      The rationale they said was Wild needed younger and better goalie and needed a C; the trade Penalty was JJ to get it done

      Pens move out the horrific JJ; the anemic Bjug; net $3M in Cap to go towards replacing the roster spits of Bjug and JJ

      To me, Doobie backs up; but pushes TJ; Poulin fills Bjug’s roster spot; Riikola in for JJ

      Pens gain $1.2 M in Cap; much more than that in cash; and are a far superior team than they are this minute

      • So now a team will take on not one but two horrible contracts for Murray?

        No…. I seriously doubt all that!

  2. Nylander is not a centre.

    • NHL better be careful fans or no fans in the stands people remember

  3. He can forget about acquiring Logan Brown – especially if the offer is “Georgiev and defenseman prospect Yegor Rykov.”

    The projected role he has for Brown on the Rangers is exactly the same projection in Ottawa’s line-up – with lots of upside to move up as he gains experience. This won’t be Zibanajad 2.0.

    As I’ve said many times, goaltending is NOT an immediate issue with the Senators, With Nilsson healthy and Hogberg playing well in a difficult season, they’ll go with that next season, with Daccord and Gustavsson available from Belleville here and there as required. Then there are the two recent draftees, one of whom (Mendolese) will start his pro career in Brampton of the ECHL.

    As for the D prospect, they have those up the yin-yan all through the system. They don’t need another.

    • Hi George

      Agree Sens have D prospects up the wazooo….however; were I Dorian at 5th; and if Drysdale is available; I’m taking him

      I’m very very pro on Drysdale’s upside

      • I agree 100% Pengy … IF Drysedale is still there at # 5 (which I doubt) I’d take him too … I mean, this big kid would go straight to the head of the D prospect class in Ottawa’s school.

        Yegor Rykov, on the other hand, isn’t even a B prospect – taken in the 5th round 4 years ago and whose first year in pro (at Hartford) showed underwhelming defensive skill (-10 in 27 gp).

        I’m not saying Logan Brown would never be dealt, but it’s going to take a lot better offer than that.

        Not that I don’t think Georgiev has a lot of promise – for an undrafted goalie he’s put up some impressive stats at the pro level. Just that, as I keep saying, goaltending is not an immediate priority in this re-build.

      • Hi George

        This all comes down to Stevie Y

        3 of the prospect ranking sites have Raymond ahead of Drysdale ; Button has Perfetti ahead of him

        The top 3 IMHO are set

        For Ottawa’s sake I believe the perfect storm nets them Byfield/Drysdale at 3/5

        I’ve posted before; that because I am so very pro Byfield over Stutzle ; if I were Dorian I would offer Isle’s first rounder plus 33rd overall to try to get Blake to flip 2nd for 3rd. Even if he pushes back ; I’d offer another 2nd…. 3rd, Isle’s first; 33rd ; one of the other 2nds; to pick 2nd overall.. that’s how bullish I am on Byfield

        His skill set right now is just marginally behind Stutzle’s… but in 2-3 years ; the 4 1/2 “ and minimum 30 lbs more will be a huge difference (yes pun intended)

      • Pengy, the GM I’d be approaching right now if I were Dorion is the one currently running the Coyotes – at least in terms of seeking a viable F or D with term and a decent enough cap hit to make it worthwhile to the Coyotes’ cap to move him in order to clear space. Right now they have $80,383,902 committed to 17 players meaning they have zilch to sign 6.

        Their 3 RFAs (Fischer, Hinostroza and Lyubushkin – the last 2 with arbitration rights) accounted for $3,195,821 off the cap this year so they’re likely looking at something north of $4.5 to keep all 3. So they absolutely MUST clear the decks somehow. And now, on top of all that, comes the the news that they’ve lost two top picks

        “The National Hockey League has sanctioned the Arizona Coyotes for violating the NHL’s Combine Testing Policy during the 2019-20 season, directing the forfeiture of the Club’s 2nd-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft and 1st-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

        And no, I don’t want Stepan. Let them try and peddle that one to someone else – but even then his $6.5 mil won’t be enough to sign 6 players. Someone else must go and the one I’d go after is Dvorak with the Islanders’ 1st and the first pick in the 2nd round plus someone like Formenton.

      • If not Dvorak, then Chychrun, the D-man. Whether they like it or not, they absolutely have to make at least two such moves after the figure-filbert who abandoned them painted them into a narrow corner. Trying to move a Kessel or Stepan or Grabner or Goligoski in these stagnant cap days when the teams that could cover their cap hits – or even wanted players of that ilk in a re-build (which all the teams with cap cash are in) – precludes taking them on with picks (which they now have 2 less of) or prospects which may or may not pan out. They want proven NHLers and don’t need to go down that old road.

      • Yesterday, Roger Laurin responded to one of my similar posts about the difficulty of moving high-ticket players with

        “@George every team has the cap space to trade for those players if they are trading from a place of strength to fill a weakness. If they want Marner and I can promise you most teams will I’m sure the leafs would start with a high salaried top defenseman and the teams would find a way to make the trade happen. Money can be balanced out between the teams. Just takes a bit of creativity. Don’t forget Marner is still years away from his prime and is an absolutely special player. Example. Arizona who’s in cap he’ll would start with oel and his 8.5 cap hit then toss in a 1 or 2 million winger. Problem solved cap works and both from teams in supposed cap hell. If there’s a player from each team that they want they will make it happen.”

        To which I replied:

        “Roger, your Marner for OEL and a $1 or $2 mil player to even things out may get Marner moved … but when the dust settles both teams still need to clear cap space because, in that regard, nothing has changed. Neither still has enough to re-sign their RFAs/UFAs they wish to keep”

        Both came too late in the day for follow-ups.

      • George, you make a valid point but you got to start somewhere and at first, maybe all you can hope for is some balance in where the cap is spent throughout the roster. That trade proposal isn’t a good one so as with many that get posted, they are easy to criticize.

      • I can buy that Ron … and no doubt those kinds of deals will take place simply because they make sense (money out – money in – more or less) in dealing a position where you have more than enough for one in which you’re short.

        It’s just that, looking at the number of teams that absolutely must clear space if they want to retain key RFAs or UFA they’d like to keep (i.e. Clifford in Toronto) there are more than 3 times as many of those teams as there are with what can even be remotely described as having “lots.” And the falt cap is not helping.

        Something has to give since there’s really no point in a cap-strapped team dealing with another in the same boat with one taking a significant cap hit but only relinquishing something of a lot lesser cap – or picks/prospects – because that just puts the receiving team in a deeper hole.

        Again, there may be the odd one that does that if they look at their RFAs and decide they’d be better served with the trade and so just let them walk as UFAs by not making any offer. But not many.

  4. Lyle, both as an overseer for all things hockey and as a Habs fan you will have read Danault’s comments about not wanting to be ‘reduced’ to a defensive role.

    That so, I think he has jumped in front of Domi as the forward most likely to be traded. I have to see Suzuki as the #1 center next year, and surely KK is #2. That would have Danault as the #3 center, a role he had in the playoffs he says he doesn’t want more of.

    I would hate to see him go but given his stated disinclination for the role either the Habs trade him or they have an unhappy camper on the roster in his final year before becoming a UFA. He would also bring more than Domi.

    • I did see Danault’s remarks. I’ll have more about those tomorrow.

      • I listened to Danault’s presser on TSN Montreal 690, it was as more of a matter of fact as opposed to a demand, taken way out of context. It was discussed after the presser that Montreal is not Toronto where the top six have to carry the team & that the Habs rolling the top nine forwards with three solid lines was more important. Thus any one of top three lines on any given night could be considered the #1 line.

    • LJ. You are correct about Danault. He’s been discussed in NY blogs here extensively last couple days. He’s a much better 2 way center as Strome, and would be cheaper. Sense is that with his scoring averages last few seasons, he’d probably put up better numbers playing with Panarin. I had a back n forth with a guy on Twitter, since I didn’t know much about Danault, who looked to me to be a left handed version of Strome. Similar points, size and age. His opinion of Strome outside of his point totals, were that he’s pretty much the worst center in the league in every analytical category. He lead team in minor penalties, and scoring was mostly a biproduct of playing with Breadman.
      Metcogliano seems to echo what’s going on in blogs in his stories. Most of his stories are topics I’ve already read elsewhere. Honestly, Rangers are still stuck with Staal and Smith and they have Lindgren along with a couple prospects already signed on left side. I would think right D needs more depth since the kid all expect to be on team won’t be for at least another year and there’s been a lot of talk about trading DeAngelo to make room for him.

      • As a Habs fan, I hope Danault stays – I think he could be one of, if not the, top 3C in the league, with the ability to move up the lineup when needed.

        The stats I see are cherry-picked, but I believe he was a top 25C in virtually every category aside from points (faceoffs, possession, etc). Dude can play.

        My hope is his statement was just code for “I don’t want to be paid like a 3C.” In that case, I hope Bergevin obliges him with a much-above-average salary for a 3C. I believe average is around $3M, so maybe give Danault $4.25M?

        However, if Danault really fancies himself a 1C, I think he’ll find himself leaving Montreal after an acrimonious battle… only to find out no other team thinks he’s a 1C, either! Grass is not always greener…

      • If the Rangers get Danault you will be happy, Slick. he is not overly gifted offensively but playing with Panarin would help that.

        In fact, just because we are pals, I will trade you Danault for Panarin, and you can do what you want with Strome. No need to say thank you, it’s what friends do for each other.

      • LJ. Thanks but no thanks. Lmao. Maybe in a couple years.

    • Strome is still taking stupid penalties Slick? Did that in Edmonton too, thought he would be past that by now.
      Lindgren was part the B’s TDL deal for Nash. It included Spooner and a portion of Belesky cap dump. Spooner turned into Strome.

      Not bad Mr Gorton.

      • RayBark. Strome had something like 20 minors and I recall reading a high number of those resulted in goals with him in box. To me, he’s one of those guys that aren’t in long term plans and will get overpaid based on his high point totals. If Danault truly is available, he’d be an upgrade. Who knows who else will actually be available. If they can get Strome back on a 1 year deal, might be only option.

      • If Strome works out for NY than great. If you can get him on a cheap deal, even better. If he gets traded for less than his point totals suggest, OK.
        A 1 year deal and playing with Panarin again won’t hurt his chances at a good UFA deal.
        It literally cost the Rangers nothing to get him.

      • Agree. I’m not a big fan of his, but if they don’t bring back Fast, he has value not only at center but also as one of the few right shot right wingers. Big if though is next contract. Will he agree to team friendly deal? Or does he go to arbitration. Can’t see both of him and DeAngelo coming back if they expect big paydays based on last season. Definately need to upgrade defensive play.
        Did Lemieux offer any updates on a new deal for his kid?

  5. Leafie Fans
    I think that Leafie fans are being a bit hard on Anderson. They are soft up front and the Ghost of Jake “skates pretty” Gardiner lives on at the AC.
    My gut feeling tells me it will be hard and expensive for Leafs to upgrade and there are other areas where attention is more needed but if you must still stick your hand on the red hot burner to see if it hot then who am I to argue.

    To the Leafs John Gibson
    To the Ducks Anderson, the #15 draft pick and either a agreed upon pick or prospect.

    Gibson is the real deal but he has a declining team in front of him. When the Ducks win it is usually Gibson making one or two goals stand up.

    Why trade Gibson ? (1) If you can miss the playoffs with him you can miss the playoffs without him. (2) Ducks need picks and more prospects to rebuild with. (3) I am ok with Anderson, liked him when he was here and he will get the hell beat out of him here, rubber for breakfast, lunch and dinner

    Hurry – if deal not made today, offer goes to Carolina tomorrow as they need a goalie and Ducks need the #13 pick.

    • Boom/Bust,

      Suzuki, Mrazek or Reimer, the #13 pick for Gibson?

      • GP
        Suzuki, #13, Mrazek works for me but I’ll give the Leafs until the end of today to make a offer.

      • Boom/Bust – Erik Brannstrom + the Islanders 1st round pick +one of Ottawa’s 2nd round picks (not the 33rd overall) for Hampus Lindholm?

    • George
      Lindholm is really good, thinking more along the lines of offering him to the Jets for #10 pick + Heinola + something else Or #10 pick + Ehlers, Thanks for offering

      • Don’t know if they’d give up Ehlers .. and while that first proposal looks enticing, the 10th pick in a deep draft would take more guts than I think the conservative Chevaldayov possesses. But, you just never know – nothing ventured – nothing gained.

        From 2000 to 2016 there have been several solid picks among the 17 chosen at #10 led by Mikko Rantanen in 2015, Valeri Nichushkin in 2013, Jonas Brodin in 2011, Michael Frolik in 2006, Erik Nystrom in 2002, and Tyson Jost in 2016 while the rtest ranged from journeyman-type to total busts – so they’d have to weigh the odds

      • That is one of the better trade proposals I have seen in a while Boom/Bust. I will say that Chevvy takes it. Jets in win now mode, need D bad. Heinola, by the accounts I have read, looks like an NHL player.
        Risky like George said, but sure would be tempting.

    • Anderson johnsson, Liligren, 13th, Ana 7th returned, Bracco for Gibson and Manson.

  6. If the Rangers were able to move Strome to the wing to stay with Panarin AND add a 2way center between them……that would make a 3rd line of Laf-Chytil-Kakko.

    And as someone pointed out above-they are stuck with Staal and probably Smith too

    • ds. I noted above that they’re still stuck with Staal and Smith. I’m assuming Staal finishes with team and hopefully they can unload Smith with a sweetener. Last year of contract and even though he has a 4.35 cap hit, he’s only owed 2.35 in salary. I’m hoping maybe Detroit would take him back. They have very few defenseman signed. Maybe Rangers retain a mil and would be an even cheaper add for someone.

  7. If there are no games tonight I believe the Canucks will be happy, Vegas no so much since Markstrom certainly could use the rest.

    The only goalies that would make sense for the Leafs are Markstrom and Lehner, no one else is a certain upgrade. I would stay away from Murray unless I could talk contract with him, and Im not paying over 4,5-5m

  8. Murray is far better option than Andersen. He has actually won critical games whereas Andersen has lost 9 Straight.

    Better still, kerfoot or dermott for a georgiev and dump Andersen for whatever (addition by subtraction).

    I would also do that Gibson for Andersen and #15 proposal if I were Dubas.

    • I dont think Georgiev would be an upgrade, Gibson on the other hand would be a great upgrade, but I doubt he is available. As for Murray his play has gone down the last few seasons after the last cup victory

      • KENT..Agreed,
        – Murray’s play the last 2 years hasn’t been as solid.. He did have a decent half season this year, is only 26, has two cups to his credit, will rebound in the right system, and is also cheaper. All the UFA goalies Crawford, Markstrom, Holtby, Lehner all 30 or older looking for big pay days.

        Murray is @ 1 year $3.75 take a chance if he sucks you let him walk. He will rebound he is a good goalie.

      • If Leafs want Gibson, they should have taken him instead of Andersen when they traded with Anaheim a few years ago. I think both Georgiev and Murray would be an upgrade over Andersen and I would be pleased with either one of them. When Kyle Dubas was the GM with the Soo Greyhounds of the OHL, his two goalies were Jack Campbell and Matt Murray, so a reunion would not be out of the question.

  9. I disagree with posters above fawning over Rutherford’s “hardware” . I think he’ll be canned after this year. Ken Holland (lot’s of hardware) left Red Wings in shamble. Lou (lots of hardware) left Devils weak when he left. Bill Torrey, had a great run in the early 80’s, never got it back again after 15-20 years with Fla. Are the Pens in the best hands to put a bandaid while Malkin/Crosby still slightly past their prime? We’ll find out soon enough.

    • Hi Vincois

      Re “ I think he’ll be canned after this year. “

      If he doesn’t cut costs (which starts with JJ buyout) as he has now been instructed by owners… he should be fired this year

      We’ll see what happens as soon as the buyout window opens

      Needs to also move Bjug.
      Improve D…. JJ BO; re-sign Riikola… immediate Cap and cash savings…. massive improvement to team. Move Bjug; bring up Poulin. More savings ; team faster, younger, better.

      I’d keep both goalies

  10. can we get pengy off this site? he treats it like he can take up all the space he wants while writing short stories to his pal. it’s not reasonable to allow this clown to crowd out others. please remove him or severely curtail his posts

    • @ bob Geary, lighten up. Free countries here in the US and Canada. If you don’t want to read his stuff , fine skip over it. His opinion is as valuable as yours, trying to negate either one of them would be plain wrong. Have a nice day!