NHL Offseason Lookahead – Carolina Hurricanes

by | Aug 31, 2020 | Rumors | 6 comments



  1. I suspect the writer hasn’t watched a lot of Hurricanes games this season. Dzingel and Niederreiter are decidedly NOT providing secondary scoring, and both are likely to be moved if a suitor can be found. Both were healthy scratches at various points. A suitor won’t be found for Dzingel, so they’re stuck with him. At $5.25M, Niederreiter probably won’t get any phone calls, either.

    (A stick tap, again, to Waddell for being able to trade for at least a semi-useful Niederreiter for the useless Ghost of Victor Rask)

    Nevertheless, most of the remaining points are generally correct.

    I think they’d like to have Edmundson back, but only if they can unload Gardiner. (good luck with that). RFA Fleury is likely to be re-signed, but played well at the end of the season and might find outside interest, possibly forcing a little higher salary.

    I also don’t think G is as big a problem for next year as the experts think. Both are adequate and not overly expensive. Where G is a problem, is starting in 2021-2022 where they have NO G’s under contract. Certainly a quality G under contract for several years would solve some problems moving forward. I’m guessing Mrazek is the slightly more marketable of the two, so they’ll probably unload him over Reimer if a UFA came to town.

    With limited cap space, there’s not a lot of options to bolster the forwards. They’ll likely have to replace Williams, but otherwise the forwards are more-or-less set for next year. With the few $ available, I’d look for a winger with some size/grit, but there’s probably about 25 teams also looking for that.

    • good summary Whalercane. I am thinking Necas or Geekie will slide into top 6 next year.

      • Thanks, Fergy.

        I think Necas is capable of being a 2 RW (or occasional C), but I’m very concerned about his lack of size. He has a lot of skill, and can be real fun to watch at times, but I can see him getting tossed around quite a bit and being unable to finish a season. Listed at 6′-1/178. That’s a rail. I’m not a very big guy, and that’s my weight and he’s got me by 4 inches. If they can get him to gain ~15lbs, without losing speed, I think they’d be a lot happier.

        Geekie – also a fun one to watch – seems to be a plug-n-play guy; put him anywhere and he’ll be fine. I project him taking Williams spot at 3RW, but, like Necas, can be a C. With the projected C slots all taken (Aho, Trocheck, Staal, Martinook), I see both as RWs.

        I’d keep an eye on Bokk who they got from STL for Faulk. I’m hearing good things there, and wouldn’t be surprised to see him claim a spot next year. However, with the lack of minors/overseas league games, it’s hard to get a good look.

  2. yep Bokk caught my eye in WJC’s a couple of years ago. He was a nice pickup.

  3. Canes have the assets to get a #1 keeper.
    Not sure why Brady was a priority over that

    this core is good

  4. Skjei was a great pickup IMO, affordable longer term contract too. Canes top 5 D are so solid, when Pesce gets healthy, that Bean struggles to crack the lineup. Have head good things about Keane too.

    Thinking that they could just let Edmundsen , Vatanen and TVR walk for nothing tells you how good they have it. The only regret would be Gardiner , and Waddell could find a taker on him if he retains some $.