NHL Rumor Mill – August 24, 2020

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Speculation over Marc-Andre Fleury’s future with the Golden Knights, plus the latest on the Flames, Senators, and Kings in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required) Jesse Granger suggests Marc-Andre Fleury‘s defense of his agent, Allan Walsh, gives the impression the veteran goaltender didn’t disagree with Walsh’s provocative post criticizing his client’s lack of playing time.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury (NHL Images).

Over the weekend, Walsh posted an image showing Fleury being stabbed in the back by a sword with the name of Vegas head coach Peter DeBoer on the blade. Fleury appeared in just two of the Golden Knights’ games since the NHL returned to action, with trade-deadline acquisition Robin Lehner seeing the bulk of the starts. He’s had Walsh remove the image from his Twitter feed. 

Granger noted Fleury said he speaks regularly with Walsh. The fact Fleury didn’t immediately condemn the image gave the impression the netminder wasn’t that upset over it.

Fleury has two years remaining on his contract while Lehner is an unrestricted free agent at season’s end. If the Golden Knights re-sign Lehner to a large contract, Granger believes they could face having between $12 – $14 million invested in the goalie position or they would have to move on from Fleury.

Granger pointed out Fleury has a 10-team no-trade list. Given the flattened salary cap for next season, there might not be many destinations for Fleury.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fleury’s future with the Golden Knights is now a topic of speculation that will intensify the longer he remains Lehner’s backup. As Granger noted, trading him won’t be easy. In addition to his no-trade clause and the flattened cap, his $7.5 million annual average value, his age (35), and inconsistency this season could also become sticking points.


CALGARY SUN: Wes Gilbertson acknowledged Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau’s playoff performance was disappointing. Trading him, however, could be risky. He wondered what the return would be, suggesting they’d have to get someone to replace Gaudreau’s production. Gilbertson mused about perhaps bringing in a blue-chip defenseman with Mark Giordano about to turn 37, or perhaps swapping Gaudreau for picks and prospects and using the cap savings to sign Taylor Hall. The danger would be looking back after the trade and realizing they got little in return.

Gilbertson also pondered if Flames GM Brad Treliving will re-sign Cam Talbot, stick with David Rittich, or pursue a free-agent goalie like Jacob Markstrom, Robin Lehner or Braden Holtby. He wondered which of their pending UFA blueliners (T.J. Brodie, Travis Hamonic, Derek Forbort, Erik Gustafsson, Michael Stone) will be back. He also thinks Treliving would like to add a Nazem Kadri-type player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Treliving could quietly gauge Gaudreau’s trade value following the playoffs. Maybe he shops him for a more affordable young winger with upside. Maybe he dumps Gaudreau’s salary and goes after Hall, though that comes with its own risks in terms of salary and Hall’s effectiveness as he approaches 30 next year. Maybe he tries to add that young forward and a gritty secondary scorer.

The goaltending is an interest situation. Re-signing Talbot would be merely a short-term solution as Gilbertson points out. Rittich looks less like a future starter with each passing season. Markstrom, Lehner or Holtby might be better options but they’ll also be expensive.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch recently suggested several trade options for the Senators if GM Pierre Dorion wants to add a veteran goaltender.

The New York Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist could be the biggest name available but he might not want to join a rebuilding team. Pittsburgh’s Matt Murray could be another trade target.

Garrioch also noted the Arizona Coyotes have Antti Raanta and Darcy Kuemper while the Carolina Hurricanes may decide they need to do something with James Reimer or Petr Mrazek.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Lundqvist agreeing to be traded to a rebuilding club in what is likely his final NHL campaign. Murray’s injury history and inconsistency make him a risky acquisition.

The Coyotes won’t part with Kuemper, while Raanta also has a long history of injuries. The Hurricanes should upgrade their goaltending but they could stick with their current tandem because of their affordability. Both are signed for next season.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Lisa Dillman recently listed Carolina’s Joel Edmundson, Chicago’s Olli Maatta, Washington’s Brenden Dillon, Vancouver’s Chris Tanev, and Florida’s Mike Matheson as possible blueline targets for the Los Angeles Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmundson, Dillon, and Tanev are UFAs at season’s end. Maatta is signed through 2021-22 with an annual average value of $4.083 million but Dillman suggests he could be a buyout candidate. Matheson is under contract until 2025-26 with an AAV of $4.875 million.

Kings GM Rob Blake seems content to continue rebuilding with youth but I can see him making an affordable free-agent addition or two this summer. One of those pending UFA options listed by Dillman could be on his list if he can get them to agree to short-term contracts. He could be reluctant to take on Matheson’s deal.


  1. If Vegas wants to resign Lehner then MAF to Detroit? He certainly will get playing time there with Howard a UFA. Or Detroit moves Bernier and re-ups Howard to 1 yr back up again and still brings in MAF.

    or Lehner could be a good fit on CGY with Talbot a UFA and all the cap space on the back end leaving.

    • Lehner finally gets to write his own ticket, cannot think of a player who deserves it more.

      • 100% agreed. I would love to see him on my beloved Wings or Oilers.

        He could consider the Wings and get what he’s worth, but his numbers are gonna suffer for the next 2 years.

        He’d have to come on the cheap to the Oil, but he might be the perfect piece to take them to the next level.

        Either way, Lehner is a player to pull for!

    • I don’t see any team trading a goaltender without some serious money retained and or sweetners. There are far too many options on the market.

      As mentioned above, Fleury is 35 and has 2 years remaining at a 7 per cap hit. Why would Detroit take that on? It’s not like Fleury is selling tickets (if tickets are even available) or taking them anywhere.

      At that price, in a frozen cap, they could probably sign Lehner and a backup.

      • Nyr4life,

        7.5 million is a lot for a backup goalie. Hard to see Vegas finding any takers for Fleury.

      • Why trade for backup Fleury when there are better, younger and more affordable goalies available?

        Zero need for any team to surrender picks or prospects in any trade.

      • Taking MAF may have to come with a sweetner,
        a good prospect or high draft pick

    • I can see them trading MAF Nyr4Life. But just like you said, with $$ retained. MAF is going to have to open up which teams he will accept a trade too.
      MAF was an average tender this season, but was also in the top 5 in Vezina voting the 2 previous seasons.
      Safer bet than Holtby IMO and Vegas should eat $3m? $3.5M?
      They might just do that if they sign Lehner.
      I also can’t see Markstrom or Talbot hitting the market or at very least not before their current team does everything to resign them.
      That leaves Khudobin as a quality tender available, and ……?

      • A few days back George posted a list of ufa and possible rfas available in this offseason. The list was pretty long.

        But I still maintain, why would Detroit want that contract? Even at half off, without some sweetener I just don’t see a fit.

        Even if he bounces back, is that going to make Detroit competitive?

        I don’t see much of a market for Fleury at all. I can’t see any team out there that Fleury puts over the top, or would want his contract as a rebuilder or not playoff bound.

      • Geiss

      • Ya, Geiss is another one Cliff.
        Nyr4Life, ya the list was long, but IMO quantity vs quality in the UFA market.
        I expect most decent RFA’s stay put as they usually do.

      • Ray, I reiterate, they’ll stay ONLY if, in so many cases (21 teams to be exact) find some way to clear cap space. And, in order to clear it, where do they send their expendables when 20 other teams are trying to do the same thing? Of the remaining 10 teams, their cap room ranges from very limited in 3 cases to modest to high in the other 7. But even then, those with lots of space will see that whittled down once they deal with their own RFAs and, in some instances, UFAs they wish to retain.

        Yes, in past years this kind of situation was eventually handled through trades, buyouts and an annually increasing cap. But this isn’t like past years. The cap is stagnant and there are many more facing RFA negotiations than in your average years in the past. Not to mention key UFAs with limited markets.

        You are way more confident that all will come out in the wash than I.

      • Not really George. I think there will be many cap casualties and a bad time to be a UFA.
        I just don’t think Markstrom and Talbot move from where they are.
        I’m not making predictions on what they will earn, I just think they stay put.
        IE is VCR is looking to cut salary, I don’t think it is in net. If Markstrom is looking for big $$, where else is he going to find it and be on a competitive team? If a team like OTT or NJ that have space, are they gonna chase Markstrom for big $$? I don’t think so, but maybe.
        I just think they stay, and Khudobin and Greiss move. I think Holtby will be disappointed in what he is earning next year.
        If LV trades MAF they need to eat half and expect next to nothing in return. And they just might unless they decide they can’t sign Lehner, but if they keep rolling, I think they do.

      • Ray since VGS needs cap room and to fill some forward positions, DET made sense to me

        bottom 6 back to VGS a utility player like Helm. Leaves 4 mill left but fills a roles. Or a guy like Glendening and gives VGA additional cap space.

        Bernier trade to WSH ( for pick) as a back up to Samsonov


        to MInny for Stalock as Stalock is cheaper on the cap to DET and signed as a back up multi year.

        Use the extra picks from trading Bernier away and the picks for taking Fluery so VGS can sign Lehner to draft goalies.

        merely spit balling.

      • Ihatecrosby,

        You hit the nail on the head.

        “since VGS needs cap room and to fill some forward positions, DET made sense to me”

        I agree.

        It makes total sense from the Vegas perspective, but why does it from Detroit’s perspective? Is Detroit trying to win? Why are the other 30 goalies that will hit the market worse options for Detroit? They certainly will come cheaper…. and why would Detroit give up anything of significance? To help Vegas unload that contract?

      • @NYR4life

        think we are speaking the same language but I must be stating my position the ebst way possible.

        DET gives up a Glendening and a 6th or 7th round and gets MAF and a much better pick.

        More picks for Det to build the cupboards with Yzerman at the hem of drafting.

        Bernier to WSH gets them more picks to retool with.

        Guess I am saying DET uses their cap space to garner more draft picks to continue the rebuild.

        Think DET using their cap space would be effective and win for both teams. Especially with expansion draft looming.

        Extra picks next year even can be paired with dead weight contracts like Neilsen , etc… to entice Seattle to take.

        just creating options for both teams.

        VGS might even have a good prospect that might entice Stevie Y over draft picks. Options are always nice.

        I guess i just do not see it as a BAD move for DET to flex their cap space to pull this off and garner more resources for their rebuild.

      • That would have to be one hell of a pick! Glendening only 1.8 per cap hit, and only 3.2 of cash owed. Fleury is 7 per against the cap and 13 million cash owed.

        As it stands, they are already bottom 8 pick. I can’t imagine paying roughly 10 million for a pick that low.

    • Flames were close to trading for MAF before, perhaps Flames move Riitch & a mid round pick to Vegas for Fleury & their late 1st round pick. Vegas get their back up in Riitch & Fleury’s 2 more years is the right window for Wolf coming up the ranks.

  2. So it comes down to whether or not Calgary can entice Hall. Could be an upgrade especially around playoff time, offset by a higher cap hit then Johnny. I still think that as good as Johnny is, no GM is going to give much for a potential two year rental and knowing Calgary needs to trade him to sign Hall.

    • As long as Treliving is making the decisions the Flames are a non-entity …

    • Kevin, two yrs is a long time. If you want to be successful you need to worry about today today. Just because a player said he would like to play for his hometown someday does not mean he has closed the door to other opportunities.

  3. Must have been a slow day for Garrioch in terms of any other news – or rumours – and a column deadline. At this stage the Senators are perfectly fine with Nilsson – reportedly recovered from his concussion – and Hogberg getting the bulk of the work, with Daccord ready to step in now and then as needed from Belleville, along with Gustavsson. They’ve also got a couple of young highly-regarded draftees just entering the system.

    • Sens have zero need for any of the goalies listed.

    • Garrioch is not a legitimate NHL reporter but he is in the right city as Ottawa is not a legitimate NHL city.

      • Well, Wendel, since we’re once again resorting to franchise-bashing, may I point out that that “illegitimate” NHL city is populated with fans who adhere to the philosophy, when it comes to pro sports, “what have you done for me lately?” as opposed to fawning hero-worshippers who flock to the games of a team that hasn’t won a cup in 53 years nor a playoff round in 16 years.

        At least that “illegitimate” NHL city has won 7 playoff rounds in that same 16-year span, been to a cup final and came within a double-OT goal of going to a second final.

        But you keep waving those blue-and-white pom-poms – who knows, maybe some day Shanahan will figure out what needs to be done other than hire GMs who hamstring the team with bloated top of the order cap hits.

      • George,

        Toronto is just about the last city to be talking smack about anothers hockey franchise.

        “The Superstar Line”, their smug coach, their boy blunder know it all gm and their Charmin Soft Shanascam actually make the Leafs a far bigger laughing stock than the retooling Senators.

      • Ron, yeah, that sort of smug crap really has no place here. Now and then you’ll see another one loftily pointing to the fact that, even when the Sens were going deep in the playoffs 3 seasons back, they were playing in front of reduced capacity. Of course, what none of them DO mention is that the city’s work-force is made up mostly by public servants who were then (and STILL are in many cases) going through the Phoenix Pay System fiasco to the point where thousands – not just isolated cases but thousands – were not receiving pay of any sort. It was (and is) an ongoing boondoggle of monumental proportions to the point where thousands – forced to using up savings or borrowing – had to decide if attending sports events was on a par with eating, paying mortgages/rent, dressing their children etc. Guess what lost out?

        But hey, had that happened to the same extent in Toronto their loyal fans would simply go deeper into hock to satisfy their fix. Boneheads


      • Haha. You guys should respond in green text with the obvious jealousy of the unparalleled reach and importance of Leafs to the hockey world in general and the NHL specifically. Let’s get that sad sack excuse for a franchise, that cant sell out their rink in the finals yet you cant get a seat for a mid november Leaf visit, to Quebec City where it should be. Tell me this burning truth isn’t eating you haters alive, lol.

      • Put your little blue and white beany with the propeller on top back on your pointy head, Wendel and wallow in your self-delusion.

        Had they won ANYTHING in 53 years perhaps you’d have a case for “unparalleled reach and importance …” As matters now stand they are only unparalleled in being the butt of jokes and ribbing.

        But hey, since I’m admittedly not fluent in idiot perhaps you could cite some examples of your wild assertions. In the meantime, who the hell wants to reach that level of incompetence?

      • George0 seriously that’s pretty rich coming from you. I love how the guy who thinks one fan base is thin skinned would have issue with what wendel said. You know you and others said worse, many times even. I know you think it’s not the same. Yes because hearing crap and just plain dumb comments about your team almost daily from a fan of another team who thinks he knows more about your team while rooting for perennial bottom feeding team who’s never won anything and looks like their future will be more of the same for an unseeable future.

        Do you realize you root for a last place team that’s a joke from owner down. You team is pretty sad, so sad no one talks about it. So to hear your insight on the Leafs isn’t necessary. Leafs fans know where there team is at as much as other fans know where their teams stands. Your comments are for the most part, can be passed over don’t need to be read. I’m not going to reply to this as this isn’t really a hockey matter other than one fan bashing another’s fans team and city, something that thin skinned Leafs fans deal with almost daily, courtesy of you and others that feel they need to comment on something they fall sort of.

        How’s that for thin skin?

  4. The whole MAF thing kills me. The picture is so childish and stupid, not to mention: he feels betrayed by DeBoer? Why? What loyalty should DeBoer have had? He was Fleury’s coach for ONE MONTH before they traded for Lehner. There’s no way he built up any loyalty to any particular player by the time Lehner showed up.

    If MAF wants to be pissed off at someone he should be pissed off at his GM who traded for a better goalie. Don’t be angry at the coach who chose the better of two options to start in net.

    • Ya weird move by MAF so say the least.
      Assuming that MAF knew it was going to be posted, he just made his situation worse.
      If he didn’t know, then he should be pissed at his agent as the agent works for the player and if he did this on his own should be fired.

      • That would have been the right thing to do- fire his agent and all would be forgiven. I have a feeling VGK will let Lehner walk after the cup win and then what.

      • Hey SiverSeven, MAF’s agent has been around for a while. I have a hard time believing Walsh posted it without MAF knowing that he would before he did it, since MAF pays him and all.
        Slapped the coaches name on it for good measure. This is a really bad look and a childish move. I think LV does everything in their power to move MAF and keep Lehner in the off season. Easier said than done and will have to eat salary, but I would if I was them.

  5. The Flames should look to trade Gaudreau to a team in desperate need of scoring wingers; New Jersey comes to mind for multiple reasons. The Flames should target draft picks and young players as a return. They should also strongly consider moving Monahan; he’s a first line C on the Flames but would be a great second line C on other teams. The Rangers and especially the Sabres come to mind. Again, the Flames should target someone like Cozens and the Sabres first rounder as a return. The Flames should also strongly look at trading Giordano. Gio’s 37 but can still be a solid #2 guy. If the Flames retain salary on him (or anyone else) they can get strong returns. If they target prospects, picks or players on ELC’s, they’ll be able to retain a lot of salary that would boost the returns. They should also pursue a legitimate starting goalie either through UFA or trade. Lehner would be ideal but Markstrom and Holtby are decent options. Through trade, they could target guys like Murray or Georgive or other young options. They also need to address their coaching issues especially with so many strong candidates.

    That’s what they should do. They’ll likely keep the team together, overpay for an older middling UFA winger who will end up as an overpaid bottom 6 disappointment while overpaying to keep Talbot and Rittich together. They’ll then hire an “up and coming” coach who will be in over their head trying to coach a team that lacks heart and direction because the coach is “more affordable”. The end result will be either another first round exit or narrowly missing the playoffs and getting another mid first round pick that won’t be good enough to improve the team.

    Rinse and repeat.

    • If the Flames and Sabres hook up for a trade whether for Gaudreau or Monahan. The Sabres are very unlikely to trade Cozens. But, Reinhart, one of Montour/Risto, Middelstadt and possibly a 1st rd draft pick could be available as return.

  6. Hall is not a significant upgrade over Johnny. At least Gaudreau stays healthy . Both are left wingers and Hall will want more dough.

    The right age roster player ; A prospect and higher round pick should be the ask. Like I suggested yesterday something like Wood Macleod and #18 selection come October . If Philly Laughton Frost and their first.

    One thing for certain Treliving will make a deal.

    • Hey SilverSeven, if I am Fitz I would not give up that much for Johnny. McLeod and #20, good deal. Wood is a wild card. Tons of grit, skates great, cheap, and will stickup for teammates. Can’t shoot, don’t know how many breakaways he had last year and could not bury it. He is the type of player you love on your third or fourth line however. There are other packages the devs might consider as well.

    • JG is not worth Laughton, Frost and a 1st from the Flyers. More realistically its Gostisbhere and a 2/3 rd pick. Additionally if the Flyers do trade for JG they would be looking to move out Voracek to ease cap concerns. Flyers have some good youth coming and should be dangerous for the foreseeable future.

    • SilverSeven,

      No way Philly moves Laughton, Frost and a pick for Johnny No Show.

      Best I would offer is Gostisbehere and a 2nd.

  7. matheson needs to work on his defense . maybe florida isnt the place.and while he’s not the only reason for the poor defensive play of the panthers, he’s certainly a part of it.some 15 months ago, randy moller crowed about how quenneville was going to teach the panthers younger d-men how to play defense. maybe randy drank too much cuban coffee that morning as it clearly didn’t happen. he might need a change of address. hey he’s from montreal.

    • Regarding Gaudreau, any team trading “picks and prospects” for him will also have to keep in mind the upcoming Expansion Draft.

      Any fair price would mean I’d rather have my “picks and prospects”, thank you very much.

      Tiny winger.
      $7 million / year.
      Rep now as “not built for the Playoffs”.

      Not an easy trade to make, imo.


      • Rattus, there is a long list of players labelled as can’t do it in the play-offs that have gone on to contribute on a cup winner. Ovechkin and Ryan o’Reilly are two that come to mind

  8. Walsh (MAF agent) didn’t say sh>t when he was back up to Murray a few years ago. MAF was then left out on expansion draft. He knew damn well what he (Walsh) was doing with the tweet. It’s Coaches prerogative to choose his goalie. MAF will get his name on the cup even if he doesn’t play a game.

    • Something really hilarious is if the Bruins win the Cup the quitter Rask gets his name engraved too.

      • Just maybe you need to calm down a little

        Daughter’s ‘medical emergency’ pushed Tuukka Rask out of NHL bubble

      • That’s a douchebag kinda thing to say Ron. Sorry about my language Lyle, but I call ’em as I see ’em.

      • Whats douchebag is not bailing out at the start and leaving your team in the lurch.

      • So if your daughter is having a medical emergency and you don’t show up does that make you a douchebag too?
        It was a tough choice, I get it, but he made it and chose family over work.
        I won’t ever criticize a guy for that.

      • I have no challenge to anybody who chooses family first

        Years ago, I politely excused myself and walked out of multi-million dollar Client meeting right at a crucial contract finalization point; when I got a call that there had been an injury to my child. This was years ago; the injury turned out to be relatively minor (I have doubts she even remembers it) but it was without a doubt the most important thing to me at that moment. I did not hesitate. Would do it again and again.

        It was possible that I could have blown the finalization of this deal and nullified 3 months of efforts by my staff; and it could have affected tremendously the bonus I could have paid to them at year end.

        My client respected me and showed tremendous concern for her welfare. My staff did not hesitate in their fond reach-outs and support.

        The deal closed; nothing lost from that end. I felt that oddly enough; I had gained respect from that.

        Rask has told all that there were health concerns of his child

        I have no reason to believe any different

        I support him in doing this

        I would say the same if Malkin or JT left the bubble over health concerns of their child

        Personal and perhaps difficult decision for him

        If he returns; I would hope that teammates and coaches welcome him back with open arms

      • The douchbag thing old Ron is that before they resumed play, they all agreed that if for WHATEVER reason, if a player wants out, everyone agreed that would be no problem and no one will or should have an issue and understand this player’s choice. Going back on that, to me, is pretty low. When you agree to terms and renege on those promises or agreements then you’re douche bag.

  9. “Lundqvist could be the biggest name available”
    He’s not getting traded. Nobody is taking that contract and he has full c which he hasn’t shown any interest in waving. He’s either retiring, or waiting for a buy out and choosing a team he can be #1 and is a contender. This is something Rangers will work out with him. I don’t think he returns as a back up.

    • Hi Slick

      With you save for The King choosing where he would be a “starter”; don’t see him as Ranger next year… retiring would be foolish IMHO… walks away from $4.5 M and can still play

      I’m thinking more and more likely ..buyout…. trade is ALL in his hands ; and will need retention and/or pick(s) /prospect(s)

      A team with space (with or w/o retention) won’t be a contender and may or may not want him as a starter; would he agree to go to a non contender as a back up …. I don’t think he would

      B/O saves NYR $3M cash and cap next year; with dead cap and cost of $1.5 M in 21/22

      Hank out $1.5 M gross…. so could sign with contender of his choice at $1.5 M and not lose a penny (gross… tax differences will get different take home)

      Note….. what if he signed with Knights as their back-up ?

      • Pengy, If Hank doesn’t want to be a back up in NY, I doubt he agrees to go be a back up elsewhere. From his comments, he says he played best when playing all the time. If he feels he can still be a #1, Rangers will buy him out for his sake. That’ll make it easy for him to sign with anyone for cheap. Never say never on retirement. Good chance he continues playing with his twin in Sweden.

      • Hi Slick

        you may be right but I’m more convinced he’d go to a contender (if b/o and playing in the NHL) and what contender will sign him to start

        Concur…..playing with his rain is a possibility ..

  10. Re Knights and off-season moves

    Right now Knights have $6.4 M available (next year) for 6 positions (4 Fwd; 1D ; 1G)

    Hague highly likely to fill that 7th D spot (I don’t think England or Merrill back)… that leaves $5.6 M for a goalie and 4 Fwds

    They will re-sign Cousins; Stevenson ; and Glass and a league minimum depth forward rounds it out

    After Glass and League min depth forward… that’s $4M left; mostly (if not all) eaten up by Cousins and Stevenson re-ups

    Nothing left for a back up

    Under very limited (see below) circumstances can I see Knights have BOTH Fleury AND Lehner next year; possible but things have to fall into place properly

    Fleury trade has complications as listed here by many (age—36 in 3 months; 10 team NTC; 2 more years at $7M)

    A trade will require a substantial sweetener and/or partial retention

    A trade with 50% retained …. leaves $3.5 M to sign Lehner and back up… not happening

    Moving all of MAF contract w/o retention and no contract coming back…. $7M for Lehner and back-up… is this possible …. ?????

    Buyout (not proposing here just giving the $’s) …. saves $4.4 M next year; then $4 M 21/22; followed by dead cap of $2.1 M each of 2 years

    No matter what…. above moves still not enough IMHO

    Glass will be back in and healthy next year; Statsny 35 in 4 months; $5 M cash; $6 M cap for one more year. Also 10 team NTC. Moving him will also costs a sweetener. Buyout …. saves $3.7 M next year followed by $1.8 M dead 21/22

    Summary of options (in no particular order)

    1. Move Statsny (with sweetener) ; keep Flower; sign reasonable UFA back up ; result … $3M to $4M in Cap room; loss of prospect(s) and/or pick(s); weaker goalie situation than right now but certainly not cataclysmic; room dynamic change…. Statsny and Lehner out; replaced by other back-up and Glass

    2. Move Statsny at no retention… hope to get Lehner @ $6M per. Cost is picks/prospects; team dynamic change is only Statsny replaced by Glass (bigger , faster, 14 years younger)…. loss of experience (and declining production) replaced by youth. That’s spending to cap BTW. MAF could be moved at TDL; can be exposed at Exp. Draft

    3. B/O Statsny ; keep Flower; sign reasonable UFA back up ; result … $1.5 M to $2.5 M in Cap room next2 years; followed by 2 years $1.8 M dead Cap (but MAF contract done by then) ; prospect pool untouched; weaker goalie situation than right now but certainly not cataclysmic; room dynamic change…. Statsny and Lehner out; replaced by other back-up and Glass

    4. Move both with or w/o retention; sign Lehner and UFA backup…. result $0- ~$4M in cap room (depending on retention and acquired back up) ; loss of loads of prospects/picks; improvement in team is only if newly acquired back up is better than MAF

    5. Buyout both…. $8.1 M to re-sign Lehner and UFA back up…. ok for 21/22 but then dead cap after for two years; prospect/picks pool intact … team only better if UFA back up is better than MAF

    Note… trading… not fully in their control …. options 3 and 5 are

    To me …. if they can find a partner… at the cost of prospect(s) / pick(s) …. Option #2 is the best…. they have a better and younger (Glass over Statsny) team than what they are playing with last night and theses playoffs; no other changes on roster

    What’s the sweetener and which team will move on Statsny ?

    • Pengy,

      Black N Gold here hope you are well.. I’m torn about Johnny hockey to the Penguins.

      – On the one hand he is young, talented, and once Calgary pays his bonus he will basically be two years at $10 million ($5 per) He might look good with Guentzel and Crosby…

      – The other hand he is soft in the playoffs (fits this years Pens) and we don’t need anymore softies!!!

      – Calgary needs goaltending they both weren’t good in the playoffs Talbot / Ritchie.

      Johnny Hockey to Pittsburgh After Calgary pays his bonus Gaudreau will be $ 5 M per for 2 seasons.

      Matt Murray $3.75M + Jared MCcann $1.25M ($5M) + a second round pick.

      Your thoughts? Johnny hockey does have a small modified trade list but i don’t think he would mind playing with Sidney Crosby.


      • Yep, Malkin and Zucker didn’t perform in the playoffs, I guess Pittsburgh should trade them for a bunch of spare parts.

      • Hi BnG

        The $5M Cash is not as big an issue as the Cap of $6.75M

        I don’t have confidence in his value at $6.75 M Cap

        Pens concerns are not small; but fixing the D situation and having no NHL goalies under contract right now are big concerns

        As at now… $13 M to sign 4 Fwds 1 D ; 2 Gs. They have 8 RFAs (a couple will be WBS bound)

        The Pens have lost 3 of their last 7 play-off games entirely due to one player. He co- contributed on another loss… he must go

        Owners have instructed that cost cutting must happen

        Profits are the bottom line…. they can be increased by increases in revenues or decreases in costs or sometimes a combination of the two. Costs are incurred in an effort to produce revenues. A better team ; should play out to better revenues. Reducing costs (less money spent on players) should then make team worse

        The big kicker is buying out JJ and re-signing Riikola … saves Pens about $2M cash; $1.2 M cap next year and makes the team better (by a gargantuan amount)

        Flip Bjug to anybody for anything; replaced on roster with Poulin… another $3.2 M in Cap saved…. team better, younger faster

        Ruhweedel waived; PO-J or Czuczman up

        Better faster younger… max difference is reduction in cap by $180K

        Sign UFA Soucy

        Now at $14M – $15 M in space to sign 4 Fwds; 2 Gs

        Already massively better; speed has increased; team younger

        Sheary; Marleau; Shultz gone

        $14-$15M to sign Murray ; Jarry; McC; Rodrigues; Simon ; Laffy… doable

        Further cost savings … a guy I like; but 33 and declining fast…total cash savings … $5.3 M…. Cap savings $3.5 M in each of next three years; followed by three years of $1.8 M in dead cap (at a time when Pens are re-building and not needing the space)

        End result on back end

        P-O J Or Czuczman

        Poulin in instead of Bjug

        That team way faster ; tremendously better ; and younger than current team

        This all starts with moving out Bjug and JJ… doing that alone saves buckets of dough and team immediately (and tremendously) better

    • VGS can trade MAF to DET and DET can trade Bernier to WSH as their back-up to Samsonov.

      VGS sends sweetner to DET. WSH send pick to Det.

      Det can use extra picks to find a goalie to draft.

      howard and Bernier are the 7 m MAF makes…. a vet backup will be 1 m. Heck they can take Stalock for future considerations from Minny. He only makes 750K and they wre not happy with his performance. But Det doesn’t need tond end talent on the backend right now anyway as their back up.

      Just a place holder for Expansion draft.

    • So, Pengy, to summarize?

      • LOL

        Must move out at least one player… my suggestion as best option

        Pay the price of picks/prospects to move Statsny at no retention… hope to get Lehner @ $6M per.

        Only change from last nights roster for next year…. Glass takes Statsny’s place…. team faster and younger….

        That’s spending to cap BTW.

        Flower possibly moved at TDL or next off-season

        Knights continue as a strong cup contender

    • I think the Sabres would have interest in Stastny. I’ve read on CF from Vegas fans that Tuch’s name was mentioned frequently on being moved. Does his playoff performance so far change that? Stastny and Tuch for whatever?

      • Hi Len

        I’d keep Tuch for sure; but Statsny s/b moved

  11. Toronto : Nylander
    Calgary : Guadreau

    Classic marshmellow for creampuff one for one deal

  12. I have a feeling Rasks wife wears the pants and in this day and age she wouldn’t be the first or last. I’m sure something might have been not right about his daughter but pretty sure it wasn’t life threatening. Rask will retire and I could see Boston trying to sign Holtby on a two or three year contract. I don’t see Boston signing Krug as Grizz Cliffy and Charlie can run power play next year. Also Boston has another young offensive D man they signed not long ago.

    • Whatever we all “believe” the situation to be only Rask and his family know the true severity.

      Rask has never shown “drama” in the past that I recall htat would make people believe he would mislead the Boston organization as to what was actually happening.

      I would think we all would choose our family in ALL situations over our jobs…. I would hope so at least. IMO

  13. Late in the day but wondering about the possibility of Covid Relief Buyouts being tabled … all this discussion of flat cap, UFA apocalypse etc., is there any chance that the NHL allows contract buyouts? I have not read anything, just wondering and don’t know the governance and business side well enough to know whether it’s possible or impossible or just improbable. Thanks.

    • If this will benefit Rangers (Lundqvist) then yes.

    • Shaun, if you mean compliance buyouts when referring to Covid Relief Buyouts, the answer is no. Not without reopening the CBA and that’s not happening after the recent extension was ratified. The issue of compliance buyouts was briefly brought up during negotiations but the team owners weren’t interested.

      Contract buyouts under the usual formula (two-thirds the remaining value over twice the remaining term) remain in effect.

      • Thanks for the explanation, much appreciated.

  14. Tutone…
    Wish we could move Malkin for his no show in the playoffs. lol He did have elbow surgery right after the season (no excuse) does explain why he may not have been shooting as much. Still was dis-interested !!!

    As for Zucker I’m not sure what series you were watching Francis but Zucker was one of the few good Penguins forwards….maybe some expresso next time you analyze a player…actually watch LOL

    I would like Johnny Hockey and would love to move Malkin but don’t think either will happen…uuugghhh

    Were stuck with Malkin but if we did bring in Johnny Hockey our top two lines are set.

    Crosby Guentzel Gaudreau

    Malkin Zucker Rust

    • B&G. I can’t say I watched a lot of the Pittsburgh vs Montreal play in series. I fully expected a Penguins blow out. Since there were so many games to watch I only caught parts of their games. All I know is I actually wondered if Zucker was scratched as I didn’t hear his name for a long period of time. I guess you think he was a Conn Smyth contender, lol. Just suggesting you are offering a goalie that had a worse year then both of Calgary ‘s , a meh player in Mc Cann and a 2nd rounder for the Flames second best player. Based on stats in the playoffs Johnny got a lot more done.

      • Ttutone… I didn’t say he was a Conn Symthe candidate all I said was he played pretty well with a couple of goals and a assist..3 points 4 games.. I actually did watch the series so I can make these comments.. He wasn’t Mark Messier, but he was getting chances, played with heart and hard, and was skating well

      • Black and Gold, if you are going to school me on the facts, please get them right. Zucker had 2 points in the series against the Habs https://www.nhl.com/penguins/stats/playoffs

  15. Ttutone…..You and I both know that Matt Murray when on and healthy is a better goalie than Talbot or Rittich. He has won two cups, is only 26, and will bounce back.

    Both Talbot/Ritchie make $2.75 each 28
    Talbot is 33
    Rittich is 28

    Murray is 26, 2 Stanley cups @ $3.75

    I’m not the one running Johnny Hockey out of Calgary it is the whole fan base of Calgary.. How do you explain his name being all over the trade rumors what a week after elimination. Wasn’t me bro.

    A young 26, 2 time, Cup winning goalie with Pedigree at a good price. A solid 2nd line winger, or 3rd line center, only 23, at $1.25 M and a second round pick that’s not bad..

    Thats ok Calgary can stick with really a 33 year old career back up really in Talbot or the unproven Rittich go ahead see what that gets you.

    All the big UFAs goalies will want big money and all are 30 or older. Crawford, Lehner, Markstrom, Holtby…

    • Black and Gold, not ALL of the Flames fans want Johnny traded. Sports writers seek clicks. Eric Francis is not a person to get insider info from. I said Murray had a worse year than Rittich and Talbot. If you watched the Flames in the bubble you would have known that with the exception of the final game against Dallas, Talbot was the best player on the Flames. Todays trade of a 1st round pick + for a 40 point Kapanan should be evidence that you Gaudreau proposal was way light.

  16. please explain the scenario of vegas burying fleury in the minors. do they save money?

    • Hi Bob

      I didn’t think anybody was suggesting burying him… not worth it at all:

      Bury…. the buried amount is the lesser of $1.08 M or the players actual cap… so in almost every case it’s $1.08 M. Exceptions are obviously those who have Cap hits of $700 K – $1.08:M (in those cases all of their Cap gets buried)

      So burying Flower still has $5.92 M counting against Cap…. not worth it

  17. please explain the scenario of vegas burying fleury in the minors