Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 30, 2020

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In the Sunday NHL rumor roundup, there’s more fallout from last week’s Kasperi Kapanen trade, including speculation the Leafs could take a run at Alex Pietrangelo in free agency. Read on for the latest.

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox suggests the Toronto Maple Leafs shipping Kasperi Kapanen last week to the Pittsburgh Penguins is one factor that could make it possible for them to sign Alex Pietrangelo via free agency in the offseason.

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs pursue Alex Pietrangelo if he tests the UFA market? (NHL Images)

Fox points out Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas traded Kapanen to clear salary-cap space, speculating he might not be done making cost-cutting moves. He also observed St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko won’t be reevaluated for his latest shoulder surgery for at least five months, suggesting it could give Blues GM Doug Armstrong pause to make another major investment in his blueline by re-signing Pietrangelo.

Pietrangelo indicated he wants to stay in St. Louis and Armstrong said he wants to keep him. However, Fox reminds us that the Blues GM also acquired and re-signed defensemen Justin Faulk and Marco Scandella this season.

Fox thinks the Blues will make an offer to Pietrangelo but it’ll be lower than what he could get on the open market. Maybe the defenseman takes the hometown discount, but perhaps he’ll go elsewhere if he wants to maximize his contract. 

Dubas likes big-game hunting (signing John Tavares) and making bold moves (the Nazem Kadri trade) and is backed by the deep pockets of MLSE. Such a move, however, could mean shedding someone like William Nylander and signing the 30-year-old Pietrangelo to more term than makes sense. Still, Fox feels Dubas should at least look into it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of course Dubas should look into signing Pietrangelo if the Blues captain heads to free agency. Any GM worth his salt should do so. Freeing up the cap space to sign him without weakening the roster, however, is another matter.

The Leafs need for a top-four, right-side defenseman is well-documented. Yes, Dubas is known for making big signings and creative trades. But how well did the Tavares signing and the Kadri trade work out for the Leafs? Tavares is a great player, but the Leafs didn’t need him, and the $11 million they’re paying him for the next five years should’ve been put into shoring up the defense. That’s what led to the Kadri trade, which didn’t pan out as Dubas hoped. 

Pietrangelo would address that glaring blueline need for the Leafs. Freeing up sufficient cap room to land him, however, will hurt their depth elsewhere, not to mention they’ll be tying up far too much cap payroll in a handful of players. That’s not a wise move given the current economic landscape.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons isn’t ready to declare the Leafs the winners of the Kapanen deal until he sees what the Leafs do with the first-round pick (15th overall) they received in the deal. It depends upon who they select with that pick and how that player pans out, whether they trade the pick, and what they do with the money they free up by sending Kapanen to Pittsburgh.

Simmons also touched on the recent trade speculation regarding Toronto goaltender Frederik Andersen. He doesn’t feel Andersen is the Leafs biggest problem but the feeling around the hockey world is his time in Toronto is coming to an end. Trading him won’t be easy in a flooded goalie market but there are many options to replace him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: But will those options be better than Andersen? He’s played well behind one of the league’s worst defensive teams over the past four years but has become a scapegoat for the club’s recent woes for some Leafs fans. If you can land someone like Robin Lehner, it might be worthwhile. If it’s someone whose stock has declined like Braden Holtby, it might be wiser to stick with Andersen. 

PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: In a recent mailbag segment, Mike DeFabo was asked what other moves he sees the Penguins making after acquiring Kapanen. He feels either Matt Murray or Tristan Jarry could be traded. Both goaltenders are restricted free agents and GM Jim Rutherford indicated he’s likely to move one of them.

Murray could be the likely trade candidate because he’d be more expensive to re-sign. The Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, and Calgary Flames could be in the market for a goaltender.

As for the potential return, DeFabo indicates the third-line center position has been an issue for the past several years. He also expects changes are coming to their blueline as they need a better right-shot defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray seems to be the guy Rutherford is shopping but he could be getting more interest in Jarry. He’s younger, more affordable, and doesn’t have Murray’s injury history.

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Eric Stephens believes the Anaheim Ducks interest in Kapanen before he was shipped to the Penguins suggests GM Bob Murray isn’t interested in a roster tear-down. He could instead be looking for players who can provide immediate help. Possible targets could include more affordable options like Vancouver’s Jake Virtanen, Columbus’ Josh Anderson, or Edmonton’s Jesse Puljujarvi.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kapanen might’ve ended up with the Ducks had Murray been willing to part with his first-round pick (sixth overall) in this year’s draft. If that was Dubas’ asking price, Murray was wise to pass.


  1. Based on what’s been discussed here over time, I’m not sure Edmontonwas able to get what they wanted for Puljujarvi and looks more likely he’ll get another chance with Oilers. Also doubt Edm would deal him in division. Same for Virtanen. Anderson’s name has been out there and makes sense. Wonder what Columbus would want and what Ducks are willing to offer.

    • Hi Slick

      With you re JP more than likely staying with Oil this year… and I think it just may pay off

      They’ll sign him to a reasonable contract and he has the enormous incentive to show himself to eventually get the contract level for which he was drafted at

      JA will be the costliest (in trade) to acquire

      Would love him as a Leaf or Pen

      • Jp will be claimed by Seattle.

        He signed in Finland for the season and yes he can opt out. But I dont see that happening and I don’t see the Oilers protecting him.

        Trade him or lose him

      • Pengy…
        If Hornqvist is left unprotected and Seattle claims him does his $ 5.5 salary come off the books?

        i’M not sure of his trade clause NMC Status ?

        Hearing some rumors on Letang (they are annual)

        But he does only have a limited no movement clause.. (easiest of the big three to move) You move him that $7.25 million gone and if you can move Bjugstad that $4.1 million total $11.3 million makes room for a run t Pietrangelo?

        i personally rather trade for a
        Nikita Zadorov,
        or a Hayden Fluery,
        or sign a T.J Brodie
        and keep Letang

      • Pengy, id love JA on Rangers…l I’d swap him straight up for Buchnevich.

      • Hi BnG

        Yes Horny can be exposed but Kraken won’t take w/o a sweetener

        I responded to you late yesterday wrt NZ, HF, and TJB

        The main (a nigh criminal) issue is that GMJR is sending out signals inferring Ruhweedel/JJ as bottom pairing. If that is bottom pairing for all next year; Pens miss playoffs again

        Soucy 👍👍

      • Hi Slick

        Unfortunately for Rangers ; Buch alone will not garner JA

        Would love JA on Leafs or Pens

  2. It would be the well known definition of insanity to stick with Andersen and watch him fail for a tenth consecutive time, and Dubas knows it. Forget about Pietrangelo and continue to clear cap space for what they desperately need, a goalie like Lehner. Get it done Kyle.

    • Blaming any goalie that has to play behind that defence is just wrong! It’s funny fox brought the 2 worst moves dubas has made

    • Pengy..thanks for the hornqvist watching Colorado they could be another team that could use Matt Murray

      To Colorado Matt Murray $3.75 and Marcus pettersson OR a pick.

      To Pittsburgh Nikita Zadorov $3.30and maybe back up goalie Francuoz

    • Pengy..Dont believe Grud bauer is the answer..Murray could be..

  3. Lyle;
    Thank goodness a realistic voice when it comes to the leafs and their over exuberant media coverage.

    I have come to the conclusion the media that cover the leafs really don’t care or want them to win a cup. The offseason of rumours and speculation is way more important to them as far as generating coverage to their stories.

    Unfortunately leaf fans eat it up with out thinking what is realistic or what is best for building a championship team.

    I cannot remember who it was but one of the posters on this site called it on the day of the Kapanen trade when he said it was just a matter of time when we would start hearing Pietrangelo to the leafs rumours.

    To all the Leaf fans I am sure it is doable to sign Pietrangelo, but look at the consequences of spending 9 million for 5 or 6 years, plus having to resign Reilly in two years.
    Hockey is a team game where the best teams have very good 3rd and 4th lines with a deep defense to go far in the playoffs. The cap makes it impossible to win with 4 top forwards and 2 or 3 good defensemen and a bunch of minor leaguers

    • Spector nailed this column:
      – Andersen not the problem, just a scapegoat;
      – too much money spent on the top forwards;
      – too little effort to shore up a porous defense;
      – even if Nylander is traded, it wil still be difficult to create a balanced roster and sign Alex Pietrangelo

      Too often, when play is in the Leaf zone, the opposition are in the middle of Freddy’s kitchen; but when the play flips to the other end, Leafs act like they are standing around a bar, on the lookout for babes.

      • I don’t think it will be difficult to create a balanced roster if they trade Nylander. That should largely solve their issues. They don’t need a high priced D on the back end. They just need solid top pairing. Guys like Theodore on Vegas.

        Going with two solid centres is not a bad plan. Crosby has made Kunitz a star and McDavid has done similar in Edmonton for lesser players.

        The wings can be cheap. The D doesn’t need to be top priced.

        Of coarse finding and then signing the guys after a nylander trade is the issue but I don’t think it will be very difficult to balance out the roster assuming options are available.

      • Jeff, I pretty much agree with your post.

        Note that I wrote, “and sign Alex”.
        Clearing Willie’s contract off the books would result in a roster of 15 players, cap space of $14.8 million and a few RFAs to sign. Add one forward and one D, then sign the rest of the lineup to an average of $1 million.

        Gotta hope that others step up their game. Hope is not a strategy but that’s where the team is at. Will Evan Rodrigues be on the team? I don’t think Dubas will qualify him at $2.2 million. On defense, Leafs need more from Dermott and Holl, a breakout year from Sandin, and Rosén needs to show that he can be an NHL depth player. Yeah, not much to ask. …lol

      • Hammer_Of_The_Gods – if the Leafs don’t qualify Rodrigues at $2 mil – and they had to know the details of his contract n advance of the trade – why then did they have him included in the package? Someone suggested they don’t qualify him – and then offer him a deal at a lower cap. But if they don’t qualify him, he becomes a UFA and at $2 mil one of those teams with lots of cap may decide he’s worth a look at $2 mil. The rules state

        If the qualifying offer is not made, the player becomes an unrestricted free agent. If the player rejects a qualifying offer, he remains a restricted free agent. If the player does not sign before December 1, he is ineligible to play in the NHL for the remainder of the season.

      • Hi George

        With you re ER

        No QO… UFA…. someone picks him up

        Got to believe they qualify him to keep the asset… then they can play him or move him

  4. It makes sense in Dubas mind to trade Kapanen, the problem with that is he is starting to get rid if the limited depth that they have. If he trades Johnsson to free up cap space to sign a defensemen there goes more of your depth. The real problem is not the good young depth players it is having 3 forwards making 33 million. One of those 3 has to go not the depth players making less than 3.5 million

    A player like Kapanen will have to be replaced, unfortunately he will be replaced with an inferior player that will make 750k creating another hole in the lineup

    • The leafs are very deep with prospects who play the wing. What they need is to acquire more depth at centre. Johnsson is expendable, I like Engvall but he is also expendable. Robertson, Barabanov, Korshkov, Bracco are all more than ready to jump into a bottom 6 role.
      The Leafs would be wise to add some cheap veterans. Spezza and Clifford should be resigned. I hear Jumbo Joe’s name being thrown around. I personally don’t believe the leafs have the roster space to waste for all 3 players, but 2 of 3 would be great for the young players to have around to learn from.
      The Leafs have great draft position in a very deep draft to aquire a new prospect. I believe they will trade the pick for a defenceman. Colton Parayko comes to mind. The Blues want to resign Pietrangelo but need to clear cap space to do so. A 1st and Johnsson plus a prospect and/or draft pick or two being swapped could work for both teams.

      • Not a chance the 15th overall gets parayko even with a a depth player from the leafs

      • Gotta agree there Bigbadbruins – 15th pick and some expendable player for Parayko? In what universe?

      • Hi Russell

        Parayko is very good

        I’d flip WW for him

  5. Of course the ripple effects of the Kapanen trade will determine how well Dubas does in trying to renovate the Leafs.

    So far, not good. A 38 year old Marleau was signed for three years at 6 million/year, and in the last two years of that deal produced 26 goals. Didn’t work.

    Dubas had to give Carolina a first and a seventh round pick to get rid of him, getting a sixth back. This freed up cap space to in order for Dubas to improve the team. Didn’t work.

    Now, Dubas traded a good roster player in Kapanen to get a first round pick back – in other words losing Kapanen to stand still. Yes, it clears 3.2 million of cap space but keeping the draft pick means any benefit is years out. Who knows if it will work, in time? Who else has to go to land the white whale Dubas searches for?

    Trades or acquiring a UFA? Certainly a possibility but there are quite a number of teams that can use an upgrade at D, whether it is Pietrangelo or another top 4 D.

    The Toronto media continues to assume that Toronto is the mecca for all hockey players and there will be a line up to join the Leafs.

    The same media also thinks the Leafs are just a player or two away from winning it all. There are a number of teams that can say the same thing, with at least as much legitimacy. One advantage these teams have is that Dubas isn’t their GM.

    • LJ, the Marleau fiasco was Lou, not Dubas. Facts are important. Here are a few more:

      1) Toronto IS the Mecca of hockey regardless of your envy;
      2) The Leafs ARE only a couple players away, a top pair RHD and …by far most importantly to anyone who truly watches the team and understands an overwhelming stat staring them in the face,….
      3) A goaltender who is not 0-9 in elimination games with 2 different teams

      • Fact
        Lou did not sign an 11 million dollar free agent causing the cap crunch and Marleau buyout .
        That was Dubas.

        A couple players away , hahaha . Just a starting goalie, a number one RHD , another d and some grit and size .
        Oh with next to no cap space . Yeah that’s close.
        Wendells glasses are so dark blue he can barely see out of them

      • Ok, Wendel, Marleau was Lou’s mistake. Facts are important. At least that one.

        But in the vein of your facts 1 & 2, you might as well add that everyone -100% – who draws breath dies. Therefore oxygen is fatal and should not be breathed.

        Here is another fact: Habs fans are the most knowledgeable in all sports. They have a bullet proof approach:

        1) Cheer when the Habs are ahead.
        2) Boo when they are behind.
        3) When the game is tied, boo because the Habs are not winning.
        4) Anything not covered by 1 -3, blame it on not having enough French speaking players. Boo harder.

        The Montreal media is far more astute than the Toronto media. Doubt it? Pick any letter in the alphabet and they will give you a guaranteed to be correct opinion.

        That is enough heavy lifting for a Sunday.

      • LJ, I agree the average Canadiens fan is the most astute in the game and I hate the Habs. Everyones media is more intelligent that Torontos , except maybe the rangers with Brooks and before that Stan Fischler.

        However I do have to call you out on your contention that opinions are either right or wrong, they are not necessarily either, they are opinions only.

      • Wendell and LJ. Sorry. NY is Mecca. Not always smartest moves, but we’ve always been a place that’s had no problem luring all the top free agents. Heck, we even got Guy Lafleur to come out of retirement!

      • Sorry Wendel, but Toronto hasn’t been the mecca of hockey since the 1960’s. Since then, the “mecca” has moved from Toronto, to Montreal, to Philly, Boston, Long Island, Edmonton, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Detroit, Chicago….In today’s world, two things determine where the mecca is – winning Cups, and cap space. And sorry Slick, but, with 1 cup in 80 years, and now no cap space, NYC has not been the mecca, except for those who want fame and or money, but not for those who simply want to win hockey games.

    • LJ, the Kapanen deal only clears $3.2 mil if they don’t qualify Rodrigues at $2 mil … and if they don’t, what was the point of having him included in the trade? There HAVE to be more deals to simply clear space because, if they don’t, there’s no way they can re-sign Dermott and Mikheyev – the two best of the current RFAs – never mind qualifying Rodrigues

      • My astute friend George, I did and do again acknowledge that we cannot judge Dubas’ work until next season starts. There are still pawns to move, J’adoubes to be made, mates to check,

        I’m just saying that Dubas is sweating mightily and going nowhere so far. As a Habs fan, I am ok with that.

        That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it 😉

      • LOL. Nah. Not by a long-shot.

      • Really George why have him included in the deal otherwise? You really need to ask why? You know, oh so much about the Leafs… I guess you’re right, the other team might of not wanted to dump a player like him off their books and have someone else deal with qualifying him, which most likely than not, you realize the Leafs won’t be doing and that’s a move towards gaining cap space. So when the leafs don’t end up qualifying him, they can circle back if they wish and get him at a price that’s more in line to want to pay him. BTW many other teams have done this and isn’t new. Surprised you didn’t know this.

      • Oh I know it Ron – but if they don’t qualify him and then try and low-ball him starting at $1 mil – since he’s a UFA at that point, and other teams with lots of cap space are suddenly interested in taking a shot with a C and start offering more, moving up in increments of $100,000, how far do the Leafs go before saying no thanks.

  6. Re Fox on Leafs getting Petro… 🤨

    Right now $7.8 M to sign 7 spots and they have 5 RFA’s

    Petro on Leafs is not even viable unless they move one of the big 4; or at least 3 (Three) other Leafs;

    And…. don’t forget; Petro has said he wants to stay; Army says he wants him ; and some of the Blues previous Cap hell has been put temporarily on Hiatus with VT’s surgery…. he’ll be LTIR to start the season

    Dubas wants a key RHD from Blues ; he better call up Army offering WW for Parayko

  7. Re Simmons

    “ Steve Simmons isn’t ready to declare the Leafs the winners of the Kapanen deal until he sees what the Leafs do with the first-round pick (15th overall) they received in the deal.”

    Again… my two fav teams… this was an even trade

    The minor league players and prospects are a wash

    Call it ER + 15th overall for Kappy

    Pens in effect get to slot in Kappy in roster replacing Sheary…. Kappy 4 years younger; faster; bigger; and better production… for an increase in Cap hit of only $200 K

    Pens had acquired Sheary and ER for Kahun

    So basically

    (A)15th overall (no idea who this player will be; but best case scenario is that he’s a bottom 9 winger or 7th D ; 3 years from now ); and

    (B) Kahun

    for Kappy

    Leafs gained $1.2 M in space (if they keep ER) ; and space is what they absolutely needed; a speedy tenacious bottom 6; and the 15th . They have the option of moving the 15th and/or ER in any subsequent deal; at the expense of Kappy who they had flitted between lines

    Win-win both teams; even trade

    • Def a win-win for both … don’t understand all the flak Rutherford is getting … no way the 15th pick is a difference maker right now … and the Pens are in a win now mode …

      • Hi Ed


        There is a possibility that Hollander and or 15th is something down the road… but that’s uncertain now

        Even trade right now

      • The truth is this trade is a wash. If Kappy can return to around the 30 goal mark and play effectively in the pens top 6 as he is projected to play, it’s a win for them; however, if he fails to achieve that, it’s a loss because having $3m on the bottom 6 for him and scoring around the 15gpg pace isn’t good.

        For the leafs, well it’s a win if the 15th mystery box gets them an asset through the pick or trade and Hollander is as hyped good smart bottom six or depth guy. The Leafs will walk away from ERs QO and possibly sign him on a two way, ie cheaper. More than any thing, it’s a pretty straight up even deal for teams.

      • How can Kappy return to “around the 30 goal mark” when he’s closer to 15 than 30?
        He scored 20 once with the great Austin Matthews and John Tavares as his pivots.

        Rich indeed.

    • The prospects are NOT a wash. Lindgren is a bottom-pairing AHL dman and Aberg signed in the KHL while Hallander has NHL potential and Warfosky is a top-pairing AHL dman.

  8. Signing Tavares was bad and trading Kadri was worse … you Leafs fans do realize that Dubas & Shanahan are the problems right?

    • Not yet they don’t ed … but they soon will

      • Rich.

    • Signing Tavares was good. Trading Kadri was bad. Shanahan was a problem from the start hiring a coach when that should always be the GMs call. Dubas is safe for 3 years minimum while he finishes putting his people and players all in place. By then I expect there will have been a Stanley Cup parade down Bay St and he will never have to pay for another meal in the city.

      • Signing Tavares was a horrible move they didn’t need offence and in the next couple of years Tavares will be an anchor for 11 million

      • Hi WH17

        We’re not getting a Cup … and subsequent parade for same until the back end and cap issues are fixed.

        I can’t think of any way that Leafs (or any team) can win the cup with 1/2 Cap spent on 4 forwards.

        The rationale as to how we got here can and will be debated; rightfully so.

        However; a fix needs to happen; and to me; must include the flip out of one of the top 4 ; with a concurrent , simultaneous (same trade) , or successive move that improves the back end

        $7.8 M to fit 7 roster spots; 5 RFAs to sign; and most importantly ; right now under contract on the back end …. Reilly; Muzzin; Rosen; Sandin; Marincin; Holl… and grit forwards are limited to the newly acquired ER…. that team make-up is just not cutting it.


        Dubas should call Army and offer WW for Parayko; AND call Waddell to see if he’ll bite on Holl+Sandin+15th for Fleury

        If our former GM wasn’t so set on building a team that is designed to win games 1-0; 2-1; 3-2 and bore viewers and instead had a balanced F/D team (which would mean he would need offence) … then I’d have suggested Dubas call him and offer WW; Holl; 15th for Pullock and Dobson

        WW for Dumba??

        WW for Manson & Deslauriers??

        WW Holl 15th for Montour and Reinhardt ??

        Nothing happens unless he makes a call; and if nothing happens… no cup, no parade

      • W(ee)W(illy) will NOT get you Parayko unless you add the 15th overall + the next 2 years 1rd picks.

        That is MUCH closer than WW for Parayko straight up…

        This Higgens character reminds me of chris higgens- not the NHL player either, he never came across a BS lie he didnt like.

        Even paid a fortune for his son to play “prep school hockey” when he couldn”t make the local AAA teams- but they took his $ anyways(money he had to steal off senior citizens).

        WendellHiggens17 reminds me exactly like Chris H- a BS artist who believes his own lies

      • Hi the En4Sir

        I have been Uber pro on Parayko for closing in on 5 years. He is very good.

        I don’t believe at all that Army wants to move him

        The only reason the WW for Parayko doesn’t work is the fact that Blues need Cap room too; so they can’t lose further cap space in any deal

    • Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a winner!!!!

      Ed nailed it.

      Both moves took the Leaf farther away from the Cup not closer to one.

    • “They’re going home folks, …they’re going home”!

  9. Re DeFabo and GMJR potentially moving MM

    This move in light of

    (1)the ridiculous and out of touch extension (1 year before he’s UFA) of their 10th to 12th (I’m gifting here) best D-man; at a time with many RFAs to still needing to be signed; and no interest (zip) before; now or ever in the future by ANY other team for this player; AND giving him a raise in this flat Cap era; and

    (2) GMJR’s (10 days ago) maniacally public diatribe on how good JJ is and that all other’s are to blame for Pens sit; but in no way is it JJ’s fault

    …. means that regardless of any return for MM or any subsequent moves; that Pens are heading for no playoffs next year;

    Because 1 & 2 above indicate that GMJR is planning for the bottom pairing next year to be CR/JJ; and if they play the year as bottom pairing; even a Pens miraculous acquisition of McD would not get them into the playoffs. CR/ JJ bottom pairing for the year… ZERO chance of playoffs. Absolutely ZERO 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • A bottom pairing of Soucy/Riikola with 7th as Czuczman or PO-J ; paired with Poulin taking up Bjug’s roster spot is not only millions and millions in cash and Cap savings over last year; but is a gargantuan uptick to expected the Pens’ outcomes next year

  10. Why does anybody care what Simmons says?

    Agreed with the thoughts of the Tavares signing and Kadri trade.

    It will be interesting to see how the offseason plays out for many teams.

    While I agree that Andersen isn’t a problem you can’t argue with the 0-9 in series deciding games.

    If it was Dubas’ intention to trade Nylander for help on D I don’t think he makes the Kapanen trade. If they tradeNylander any thoughts on signing UFA Hoffman from FLA? Proven goal scoring winger would be cheaper than Nylander.

    As for Defensive help it would make more sense for the Leafs to acquire two solid D than to blow the budget on one at $9M/yr. Could they pry a Dman out of Carolina?

    Will the Leafs re-sign Clifford?

    • Hoffman wouldn’t be any cheaper then Nylander…

  11. Daryl, while I respectfully disagree regarding ztavares signing, it is refreshing to get an acknowledgement regarding Andersen. He is an adequate regular season goalie who wilts under playoff pressure.

    Dubas has made it clear he is not trading any of the core 4 forwards.

    I agree 2 4M RHDs may be enough (ie Tanev, Hamonic), or Pesci in some deal involving 15th pick +.

    Clifford at 1 M is most Dubas should consider as he is easily replacable.

    • Anderson first season playing 30 plus for Anaheim was 2014/15.
      Anderson went 11-5 that year in the playoffs , 3-2 the next year for a combined 14-7 , 913 and 947 save percentageS before traded to leafs . Are you saying none of those 11 wins that year were in elimination games ? 14-7 with a couple rounds won by the looks of his stats before going to the pond hockey team In Toronto

  12. IMHO, if Lehner continues to shine in these playoffs, he will be the most coveted prize in this seasons UFA sweepstakes.

    That said, he will need to choose, as will the handful of other top tier UFAs, between getting paid or playing for a contender!!!

    Unless, of course, it us the Avs that step up.

    That said, might Avs be interested in Frankie P.??? That would make life a little more difficult for the Blues. They have the cash, they are already a true contender & they should have no problem making room for him on the blueline or for Robin between the posts.

    Now that said, it would have to be either or, not both.

    • Hi Uwey

      Who is Frankie P?

      Not being sarcastic or anything… just not sure who you are referring to

      • Sorry that should have been Alex P., not Frankie P.

        Frankie P. won a Cup with the Pens I believe in the early 90s. My age is catching up to me!!!!

      • Thanks Uwey

        My age caught me a while ago ; and it is galloping way ahead of me

  13. to TML: Dumba & Donato
    to MIN: Nylander & pick

    TML gets depth up front and their RD

    MIN gets a forward to replace Galchenyuk & Koivu. Plus Nylander is young.

    TMLwith no resigning Ceci & Barrie can use some of that to figure out additional moves but at least got their RD cheaper than Alex P.

    • Leafs have to add.

      You can’t get a top pairing defenseman plus a top six forward for a top six forward and a pick.

      I’m surprised, you’re normally closer than this on your “proposals,” IHC.

      • Shore you think Donato is top 6? Think he plateaued.

        Think he is put top 6 but consistency issues he really is a strong 3rd liner.

        Pick I suggest would not be a bottom of the round but “a pick” put as an open to discussion from this group on what rd pick it should be.

    • Naw they should stick to the plan and get Pietrangelo at the least.

  14. The leafs most definitely need a goalie and a couple tough d men

  15. Greetings, lads/lassies (can’t be too careful these days).
    I’m Bill from Long Island and I was an Isles STH since day One.
    I saw my first NHL game at the old MSG, where the Rangers took on the Wings, in 1957.

    One or two of you might remember the old General Organization Card that every High School kid got. With the GO card, Knicks and Rangers tickets were 50 cents on the day of the game.

    I left the Rangers when the Isles came into existence, simply because tickets were cheap and available. Plus, you could drive there!.

    So, enough of that.

    I’m pushing 70, so I’ve seen a lot of hockey in my lifetime. I’ve spent more time on the Coliseum bathroom line, than most fans have spent attending games. If you’ve ever been to the NVMC, you know what I’m talking about.

    I jump right in on the Leafs,

    They are nowhere near close to winning a Cup.

    Before you Leaf faithfull claim that I’m just pissed off at Tavares, listen first, judge later.

    First, JT had every right to sign where ever he wanted. He paid his dues and played by the rules.
    No one should fault him for that.

    Second, What he did wrong was to go to management an ask not to be traded. Think about where this Isles team might be with the addition of the haul that they would have received for JT.

    That’s why Isles fans hate him.
    Of course, management cloud have traded him anyway. But my guess was that he gave the impression of resigning.
    Snow should have said sign now or I’m trading you and called his bluff.
    But he didn’t and now Snow is out of a job. JT is home watching his former team go on a run that he could never lead.

    In the end, JT leaving was a blessing but not for him.

    My impression of the Leafs is that they are screwed. No one is taking Nylander’ or Marner’s contracts. Only Dubas values them at that rate of pay.

    They didn’t need Tavares at all. They needed defensive help. 13 million bucks could have landed a 7 million dollar and a six million dollar D-men. Instead, they have 4 players that have no souls, making half their allowance.
    Of the four, I thought that the light bulb went off in Matthews head, during the loss in the play in round. I expect him to really turn it up next season. It looked to me like Matthews finally gets it. I expect a monster year from him. I think that the series changed him as a player. Watch out, NHL!

    I’ll leave it there for now.
    Feel free to agree or disagree.
    Let’s try to keep it civil.

  16. Sorry that should have been Alex P., not Frankie P.

    Frankie P. won a Cup with the Pens I believe in the early 90s. My age is catching up to me!!!!

  17. what is vertanen worth and where could he go? same for boeser.