NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 20, 2020

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The Stars defeat the Lightning in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final, plus highlights from Commissioner Bettman’s state-of-the-league press conference in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Anton Khudobin made 35 save (including 22 in the third period) as the Dallas Stars defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-1 in Game 1 of the 2020 Stanley Cup Final. Jamie Oleksiak scored what proved to be the winning goal in the second period. Joel Hanley, Joel Kiviranta and Jason Dickinson also tallied for the Stars, while Yanni Gourde had the lone Lightning goal. Game 2 is Monday at 8 pm ET. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars benefited from five days off between series compared to just two for the Lightning. It was obvious through the first two periods as the Stars controlled much of the play. 

The Bolts dominated the third period but Khudobin was the difference. All of Dallas’ defensemen except for Andrej Sekera picked up a point in this game, with Oleksiak and Hanley scoring two of the Stars’ four goals. 

The fate of the 2021-22 season was the dominant theme in NHL commissioner Gary Bettman’s annual state-of-the-league press conference prior to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final. 

While the league targeted Dec. 1 as a possible start date, Bettman indicated he wouldn’t be surprised if that date moved to late December or January. No firm timetable has been established. 

The league is still planning to stage a full 82-games schedule and four-round best-of-seven playoff format. “How and when we do that is something that we don’t all have enough information to make any decisions, and anything would be just sheer speculation,” said Bettman. 

Bettman also said it was conceivable next season begins without fans in the arenas but transitions to some fans in the buildings as the season progresses. However, he added that was speculation at this point. Bettman noted fan attendance accounts for 50 percent of league revenues. He remains confident all 31 teams will weather the financial stress. 

The commissioner said he’d prefer to stay out of staging games next summer if at all possible. “Our fans typically like watching us through the fall, winter, and into the spring, and it’s always been a goal to be done by the end of June,” he said. 

Bettman indicates the league is considering all possibilities for staging next season. He said it’s premature to draw conclusions because so much depends upon government and travel restrictions between Canada and the United States. 

If the 2021 Winter Classic in Minneapolis on Jan. 1 has to be postponed, the league will will make “suitable, appropriate arrangement” to make it up to Minnesota Wild fans. 

This year’s expanded playoff format of 24 teams will not be continued. 

Bettman said the Seattle Kraken’s entry into the league in 2021-22 won’t be delayed. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the NHL intends on a full 82-game schedule and its usual playoff format next season, I don’t see how the league can avoid staging at least part of the playoffs next summer if the season begins sometime in January. Even an early December start would be pushing it. The only way of avoiding that is shortening the season, but the league’s broadcasting contracts could contain penalties for playing fewer games than scheduled. 

Lots of options are likely on the table for how the league returns next season. There could be a lot of regional games to reduce long-distance travel in the United States, or the Canadian teams could play against themselves until such time as restrictions ease at the US-Canadian border. 

It’s very important to league revenue to get fans back in the arenas in the safest way possible. As Bettman suggested, it could be a gradual transition where a limited number of fans are allowed in but are seated to ensure they are socially distanced. 

I believe the league will attempt to restage the Winter Classic in Minneapolis for 2022 if they have to postpone this season’s, provide that location hasn’t already been determined. 

Bettman isn’t going to acknowledge if any of the league’s 31 franchises are struggling during this pandemic. Hopefully, they can all make it through. The longer this pandemic drags on and affects league revenue, the more concern will grow.


  1. I can’t imagine at all the Winter classic happening in 3 1/2 months

    With you Lyle…. full 82 games starting late Dec or Early Jan…. basically impossible to get season and playoffs completed by 21/6/21… so there will be games next summer under a full reg season schedule

    Since I believe at least the first couple of weeks of games are Sans fans in stands; shortened season (maybe 60 – 72 games) with staged attendance… none gradually up to full by season end; to get to full attendance in the playoffs; is the best solution

    I’m not opposed to Hub centres for first third of season

    To say that no franchise is in financial peril right now is a massive understatement

    Even if Arz got to the Cap floor they are going to be losing money big time next year

    Perhaps Gary finally lets the franchise move….. mmmmmm no…. because he was right all along keeping it there 😤🤪🤬😡

    I’m wondering if Krakken owners are secretly hoping to get offered a delay to start in ‘22

  2. Great news this bogus play in series wont be kept. Also would be good news if some of the the weak markets fold that don’t deserve a team so the product will be less diluted.

  3. Rule #1
    The little people are never told the full story. Why give out depressing information during the SCF, why not wait two weeks ?
    If fan attendance is 1/2 the revenue then the teams are already under water. So if people are leaving the big USA cities, how many cable / dish subscriptions are being cancelled.
    A lot of large and regional companies are underwater which means advertising for games must be down. If NHL won’t start December 1, then certainly AHL and US junior leagues won’t start and what do you do with the prospects ?

    1) What have the TV ratings been for NHL games the past 6 weeks ?
    2) Have fans been putting down deposits for season tickets for next season or passing ?
    3) What does buying up of commercial time for next years games look like ?

    It’s not what they tell us that bothers me, it’s what they are not telling us.

    Saying that we will maybe start Jan 1 or later and plan to play 82 games but don’t want to play into the summer does not make sense, do they plan on playing DOUBLE HEADERS like they are doing in baseball ?

    • Boom/Bust, great logic, great post.

      Looks like a bust to me as well.

  4. All sports ratings are in the tank get woke go broke why would you support teams that support BLM who block entrances to hospitals screaming I hope they die when two cops are ambushed. They want to burn down the country and you wear their names on your jerseys helmets wow. Personally I hope they all go broke some athletes are starting to turn but not enough love Colby calling out the cowards and especially Lebron. Not watching but reading and looks like Anton Khudobin is 2020 version of TIM Thomas of 2011.

    • Exactly
      So why would anyone in NYC want to take the subway to MSG to see Rangers ? Crime rate in twin cities is up so are Wild fans ok with driving to St Paul to see a game ? Not a chance I’d drive to Chicago to see a game.