NHL Rumor Mill – September 18, 2020

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The latest on Matt Dumba, Brock Boeser, Darcy Kuemper, Frederik Andersen, Phillip Danault and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts”, Elliotte Friedman believes Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin will continue trying to build up his depth at center. There’s interest in defenseman Matt Dumba, a good player signed to a good contract.

Friedman suggested the Winnipeg Jets, Vancouver Canucks, and Calgary Flames could be among the suitors. The Jets can’t offer up a center but perhaps the Wild might be interested in a skilled winger. Same goes for the Canucks though Friedman isn’t convinced they’d move winger Brock Boeser. He feels the Flames could do it.

He also noted Guerin’s predecessor pursued Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander. However, the Leafs weren’t inclined to move him then and Friedman isn’t convinced that’s changed.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There’s media speculation suggesting Patrik Laine or Nikolaj Ehlers could be available, but I don’t see the Jets parting with either guy for Dumba. Boeser told The Province he doesn’t want to be traded and doesn’t expect to be. Boeser-for-Dumba seems reasonable, but it wouldn’t address the Wild’s need for a first-line center unless they flip Boeser to another team for a center.

If the Flames are willing to move Sean Monahan, a Dumba-for-Monahan swap would work, but that would leave the Flames in need of a first-line center. Nylander can play center but he’s at his best on the wing. Guerin may be willing to take a chance on Marcus Johansson as a center but I don’t think he’s going to take any chances with his first-line center spot.

Friedman believes players who’ve been paid their bonuses and have low actual salaries for 2020-21 will be attractive trade targets. They include Leafs goaltender Frederik Andersen, Arizona Coyotes center Derek Stepan, and New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban, though he has an additional year remaining on his contract. Friedman also said Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has reached out twice to Andersen to say teams are interested in him, but he’s not actively shopping him and isn’t interested in any offer he doesn’t consider an improvement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Credit Dubas for being upfront with Andersen about the trade chatter. If he doesn’t get offered a better goaltender, Andersen won’t be going anywhere. Stepan or Subban could interest clubs looking to reach the cap floor. Both have seen their stock tumble over the last couple of years so there might not be much interest in either guy.

Friedman speculates Florida Panthers GM Bill Zito is going to be asked about Aleksander Barkov, Aaron Ekblad and Jonathan Huberdeau. He doesn’t see Barkov going anywhere but expects Zito will move one of the big tickets on his blueline to create flexibility.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll be very surprised if Ekblad gets moved. Keith Yandle ($6.35 million through 2022-23) has a full no-movement clause while Anton Stralman ($5.5 million through 2021-22) carries a 16-team no-trade list. The most likely candidate is Mike Matheson ($4.875 million through 2025-26). He lacks no-trade protection and has popped up in this season’s rumor mill.

The Calgary Flames, Carolina Hurricanes, Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks are among the clubs asking about Coyotes goaltender Darcy Kuemper. The Boston Bruins, Flames and Oilers have inquired about Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson while the Colorado Avalanche asked about Niklas Hjalmarsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lots of speculation about the status of those Coyotes in recent weeks, especially given recent reports of the club’s money troubles. However, they’ve hired an experienced executive in Bill Armstrong as their new GM. Depending on what ownership wants, I feel he’s the right guy to navigate this situation.

Coyotes insider Craig Morgan recently cast doubt on the idea of the Coyotes trading Kuemper for draft picks and prospects. If they shop Ekman-Larsson and he’s willing to waive his no-movement clause, Morgan suggested the Boston Bruins as a destination if they lose Torey Krug to free agency next month. He thinks cost-controlled young players like defenseman Brandon Carlo and winger Jake DeBrusk could be attractive to the Coyotes.

Speaking of the Oilers’ rumored interest in Kuemper, the Edmonton Journal’s David Staples feels they could stick with Mikko Koskinen. Jim Matheson feels the Oilers would be better off acquiring a 1-A like Minnesota’s Devan Dubnyk or a promising young goalie like the New York Rangers’ Alexandar Georgiev, though he’s probably out of reach.

Friedman claims Montreal Canadiens center Phillip Danault’s name is “out there” and there’s definitely interest, but rival general managers aren’t sure what Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin will do.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Danault’s name may be out there but Friedman doesn’t say if he’s being actively shopped or if clubs are calling to make inquiries. I think the Habs would be foolish to part with Danault and I’m not the only one who shares that view.

The Chicago Blackhawks and goalie Corey Crawford initially weren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the dollar value of a contract extension. Crawford knew there would be a pay cut but the amount was the issue.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NBC Sports Chicago’s Charlie Roumeliotis noted Friedman’s inclusion of the Blackhawks among the clubs making inquiries about Kuemper, who has a two-year deal worth $4.5-million annually. Rather than part with assets to acquire Kuemper, Roumeliotis suggests simply paying Crawford a similar contract.

If the Vegas Golden Knights were willing to buy out Marc-Andre Fleury, Friedman wouldn’t be surprised to see him return to the Pittsburgh Penguins. However, he doubts Vegas would go that route in this economy.


  1. And you Wild fans thought Paul Fenton was clueless??? Guerin’s in way over his head .. out of those ex-Pens execs who got promoted Tom Fitzgerald is the only one with hockey savvy … Botterill bombed and Guerin has been very unimpressive so far …

    • I’m not sure Guerin has a lot to work with. It looks to me like he’s working with the cards he’s been dealt. I don’t see any ridiculous decisions he’s made in Minnesota as of yet. I mean, he did get BJugs from the Pens for almost nothing. Not saying it was a great deal but i think it shows some savvy.

      Botterill and the situation in Buffalo raises red flags for me. When it comes to the Pegulas, I think there is more than meets the eye there.

      Maybe those are just excuses and you’re right but i feel like the jury is still out on both those guys.


      I like the Flames as a landing spot for Dumba.
      For both teams actually.

      Flames are looking to move on from Brodie and Hamonic and need a # 2 # 3 guy like Dumba …and he is also comes with term.

      Flames have depth at young Centers …for bottom 6 roles.

      Bennett …Dube Jankowski and Crnak..and to a lesser degree on the 4th line Byron Froese…

      If I was Minni ..and looking to grow my depth at Center and go younger and a player with an edge and a scoring touch around the net id be asking for Bennet ( 1 ) and or Jankowski ( 2 ) in a deal ..adding in a draft pick as well.id be asking for

      Flames D

      Gio – Hannafin
      Dumba – Valimaki

      Reason I say for Dumba is that he would end up replacing GIO in the top pairing in a year from now and then maybe you give Gio a Chara deal and go year by year scenario..but it will solidify the top 4 for the Flames especially with a team that has not been able to get an anchor between the pipes yet ..if you sign Dumb Id bring back Rittich on a short term deal at a lesser cost or go Keumper and roll the dice long term and move on from GIO after next year and the money will work itself out at that point once GIO and Lucic come off the books …

      I like Bennet and a piece back to the Wild in this deal ..I think he would be a good depth Center for this team especially now that the Wild d o not need Dumba in there plans and he is only $3 million and if a UFA and is most likey willing to cut a deal to stay in the league long term so you can get this guy an decent price moving forward ..brings grit and a scoring touch with the right wingers !

      If was the Flames ..this would be my direction and If was the Wild Id be happy with a younger depth player with size and hands..who wants to lay some roots and get security!

      • You kinda are missing Ras Andersen, who to many Flames is a RHS & way better than Hanifin but both are very young. They are a pretty solid second pairing, so Dumba would align with Gio.
        Valimaki would be the #5 where he should start next season & let him stay healthy & push for that 2nd pairing.

  2. There are the Bruins & Oliver Ekman-Larsson rumors 29 years old …$8.2 million per & 7years left ……please no

    • His contract expires @ 35 which is fine for a modern defenseman. It is when they are signed til 40. Boston will have some $ next summer to spend

      • Why not just resign Krug same age probably for less $$ per and less amount of years

      • That’s the big question. Will Krug take less than that? Would Yandle waive his nmc to go to Boston? He has 3 years left with a 6.3 mil cap hit

  3. Cue the

    To TML: Ekblad
    To FLA: Nylander & #15 overall


    To CGY: Dumba
    To MIN: Gudreau

    • Minnesota does need a top tier forward but Florida cannot afford to lose their top D

      • They will have to since FLA wants to have cap flexbility.

        THey will trade Connelly to EDM when grabbing Nylander and keep working to trade Matheson. Leaving Yanlde as their only LT contract..giving them better flexibility since Bob is signed @ 10M for a long time non moveable contract.

    • IHC,

      Both your proposals look legit and doable.

      Please stop making sense, it only makes the rest of us look bad.


      • Horrible trade for the Flames. Sorry, not being a homer but Minny has to add. No way I trade a top line winger for a 2nd pairing D. If the #9 pick isnt added in Treliving hangs up phone.

      • Agree with Kevin, Gaudreau is a top forward, just shy of elite. A 2nd pair defenseman isn’t landing him.

    • Horrible trade for Flames. Sorry, Minny would have to add to get Gaudreau. Not just being a Flames homer, but we are better off keeping him & then if we cant extend him get a rental package at the 2022 TDL of a late 1st, decent prospect, another pick & amaybe a conditional pick.
      Minny would have to add that #9 with Dumba or if I was Treliving, I hang up.

      • I would take Dumba over Gaudreau anytime, any second….small wingers look good during the regular season and are quaisi invisible when the going gets tough and the dance is over.

      • I’m with Rou, Dumba is way more valuable than Gaudreau. Minny says hell no to that trade. They need a centre, not a smurf winger who disappears in the playoffs and whose a ufa right away.

    • Nylander and 15th? No thanks

      • Ekblad is 24 man….. #1 RD…. signed long term….

        Can you promise that #15 will be a stud??

      • Canadian King, I’m sure Minnesota doesn’t need a winger that gets 80 to 100 pts a yr signed at a great cap hit for 2 more years. We know the Wild’s strength is scoring. I do get they probably want a centre more.

      • ihatecrosby, you can’t promise any of the drafted players will be a stud. Yes the Top 3, sometimes Top 4-5 can have a very high likelihood that they’ll be studs, but even sometimes they’re busts. But if either of; Askarov, Amirov or Schneider are available, they’re very good players…especially Schneider! Schneider is a 6’2″, 202 Lbs., physical Dman that also has a bit of an offensive game.

  4. I read the other day that all teams are already above the cap floor, anyone know if this isn’t correct?

      • All of these teams are far from having full rosters. Colorado has 14 players under contract and they’re only 1m under floor. All the other teams have less players under contract. I’d say by signing their key free agents they’ll get there.

  5. Add Loui Eriksson to that list of players with big cap hits but aren’t owed as much in actual dollars. Under new cba, these front loaded contracts won’t be allowed anymore. So that’s another wrinkle that’ll hurt ufa’s looking for long term deals. OEL has 7 years left, but his last 2 years are 5.5m per. For this off-season, I think it’s trying to figure out which teams have $ to spend as much as which have cap space and which have internal budgets.

  6. If Geurin trades Dumba for the always injured Boeser he should be sh*tcanned immediately.

    • Hi Ron

      seeing his hosing by Rookie GM Adams; I’d say Billy G is riding a “high” … so who knows what he’d do

  7. What about a three way deal involving Montreal, Minnesota and Vancouver. This is my idea

    To Vancouver: Dumba, 2nd round pick (from Mtl)

    To Minnesota: Danault or Domi, 16th overall pick (from Mtl) and Strubble

    To Montreal : Brock Boeser

    Basically, Montreal gives Danault or Domi, a 1st, a second and Strubble to get Boeser, which is a very good package. Hell, Montreal could even give Cam Hillis or Joel Teasdale to Vancouver.

    This comes from a Habs fan btw

    • I would keep 16th pick. Add 3 rd and 5th in that case

    • So Montreal trades Danault, the 16th overall pick and a 2nd round pick away just to get Brock Boeser?

      Meanwhile back here on planet earth…..

      • Remember, Pacioretty (30 goals, 65 points scorer) got traded for Tatar (top 6 winger), Suzuki (top tier prospect, former 1st rounder) and a second. Brock Boeser is 23 years old and has the potential to net 25-30 goals and 60 points, so… the price is not that far off.

  8. What about a three way deal involving Montreal, Minnesota and Vancouver. This is my idea

    To Vancouver: Dumba, 2nd round pick (from Mtl)

    To Minnesota: Danault or Domi, 16th overall pick (from Mtl) and Strubble

    To Montreal : Brock Boeser

    Basically, Montreal gives Danault or Domi, a 1st, a second and Strubble to get Boeser, which is a very good package. Hell, Montreal could even give Cam Hillis or Joel Teasdale to Vancouver.

    This comes from a Habs fan btw

    (also, sorry if I post this twice)

    • And another Habs fan is asking you.. Are you crazy !???! lol. Seriously Boeser is good but not THAT good and he is injury prone…

  9. Jake DeBrusk would look good playing with Connor what do the Oilers have that the Bruins would want ….. a Nurse
    How far off am I

    • Nurse ? Debrusk and what ? Alone that’s not even close

  10. This hockey season is a tragedy. Two team from south in the final, with low taxes, cucumber fan base. Then Rangers with 1st overall- which i s a joke, but i get it. Gary needs money, and New Yorkers have a fan base build on success only, so sure make sense to give them something to sell more tshirts etc.
    I wonder if he will ever take care of tax difference in the NHL. Teams who really suffer are from Canada, but why would he care? People will watch hockey there anyway, so probably that’s not his issue at all. I can’t wait to see this trash out of the league

    • Bart although what you state may seem unfair and dumb, the best chance of bettering the league is by exactly having things like this happen. You gotta grow the game to have a game…no one said there won’t be any pains.

    • Bary Getman. How come Rangers havnt had 1st overall since 60’s?

      On Gorgiev: I don’t think he’s out of reach. He wasn’t moved at deadline but situation has changed since lock down. With flat cap for next couple years, I’m not sold Lundqvist buyout is a gimme. Most of cap savings this year will go towards a new contract for Gorgiev. And as mentioned by Oilers writer, there’s interest now as he’ll be cheaper than a lot of the other goalies available. Adding another year of a 1.5m cap hit for Henrik doesn’t sound like a lot. But even with Staal and Smith coming off books, they’ll have 6 rfa’s to re sign next off season. Add to that whatever new deals or players are added this off season. Every little counts and Rangers already carrying enough dead cap.

    • NHL could consider changing to net contracts. So the player clears the same pay no matter where he plays. Then we still have the problem of one location being more desirable than another i.e. weather, things you can do etc. I am not usually a conspiracy theorist but I do question that no Canadian team has won the cup since Bettman’s 1st yr as league president.

      • And they won’t win under Bettman. That’s foru sure. All he does is benefit teams from USA, focusing on sun belt teams, plus he won’t hurt big teams from north: Chicago/pit in 2002-2009 era, now nj/nyr. The exception is Edmonton. But first of all management was dysfunctional, and draft in 2002 was weak as we can see now.
        Bettman won’t be working on similar pay, because why should he? Canadian teams will benefit from it, so his business im the usa suffer.
        As always, I hate this guy

      • About the weather and language. Since here you love to call soccer (or as we call this sport in Europe football) players soft, let me tell you something. After reading how difficult is to live in French region (Quebec), or that is cold there (canada), I wamt to tell you that this soft soccer players can play in many countries with different languages through their career. I’ve never heard anyone of them complaining about cold or a new language. So im not sure if hockey players are so soft, that they can’t stand this circumstances, or they are not professional at all

      • Ttutone
        Edmonton had #1 overall pick 4 out of 6 years from 2010-2015. Toronto the year after.

    • Don’t be so cranky, Gary. The Cup will be lifted in Canada this year. Doesn’t matter who wins…

      • Sorry, I meant Bary not Gary

      • Hahah true, but by the wrong team

      • Slick 62, I didn’t say anything about 1st overall picks. I just stated I am suspicious of the fact no Canadian teams have won the cup since Gary Bettman’s 1st year as president.

  11. Re Wild looking for a Centre…
    Ummmmm would that be because Billy G just got hosed by a rookie GM two days ago and lost his big C? This after Billy G was the one who was doing the hosing (of GMJR)!!! You are trending down and fast Billy G

    Re: Suggestion above OEL for Carlo…. I truly believe that Sweeney would be a fool to consider that.. Carlo 6 years younger; faster, bigger , better, huge future IMHO; is a rightie… and OEL’s cap is $5.3 M greater??????

    …..GMDS needs to quickly say…”no thank you good sir; is there anyway I can help with your medication”


    your Leafs /Panthers proposal is just what the Pengy Dr. Ordered… but alas I don’t see this coming to fruition… truly logical from both sides…l Florida (cash tight team) needs scoring and gets a winger at much less than cap hit. Leafs IMHO can’t win carrying 1/2 Cap on 4 forwards and must improve D. Leafs aren’t now; nor ever will be concerned about cash over Cap. The remaining cash diff this year has leafs favoured by $500 K this year but FLA saves $5M overall in the out years…. GMKD… gedderdone

    • Thanks Pengy…. tried to be logical on this proposal…. 🙂

  12. Unless the return for Danault is spectacular I can’t see it happening. Even though jeez unhappy as third line centre his upside he can slot into second or first if need be. His defensive play Is one of the best in the league and he could start getting Selke nods in the future and even win it. I think Domi is the odd man out here.

    • agreed with you Andy, Domi looks like the odd man out . Danault is a good two way 3rd line center on a team with 2 solid centers ahead of him. Not sure I can say the Habs have that for certain after a 10 game taste but there is a glimmer of hope. Next season if the kids continue to play well Danault will either have to accept the new role, wait for someone to get injured / go into a slump or play the season out & sign somewhere else the following season.

  13. This simple mind got to thinking how pretty a situation Kevyn Adams is in now that he has ES

    Adam’s has to know that ES is only there this year… he might retire but if he decides not to… one would likely conclude that he’d like to end his career on a contender… hence, test UFA next summer…. so likely GMKA looking for leadership/mentor ship for 3-4 months then getting a 2nd or similarly valued prospect at TDL

    Many teams now looking for a C…. they should be calling Adams

    I’m peeved that Rutherford didn’t call Billy G… he could have outbid the UFA that Wild received …. and Pens have been consistently touted as seeking a 3C… I’ve wanted ES there for over a year

    Jimbo should now offer ZAR and Laffy (that’s more than a 2nd and Adam’s saves cash as well):

    Sid Guentz Kappy
    Gino Rusty Zuck
    ES McC Poulin
    Blueger Turbo Simon/*Horny

    *Could (should ?) be bought out

    Or….. go big…. Zucker + ZAR + Laffy for Montour + ES; buyout JJ and Horny; sign UFAs Hoffman and Soucy

    Sid Guentz Kappy
    Gino Rusty Hoffman
    ES McC Poulin
    Blueger Turbo Simon

    Montour/ Pettersson


    And yes… this roster fits in the cap after buyouts and cash total is less than this year

    But more likely scenario… another GM calls Adams and makes a deal while Jimbo sleeps (again)!! 🤬😡😭

  14. Off topic but an interesting article on Bleacher Report by Lyle regarding possible fits for a Jack Eichel trade. If he was on the market I’m sure a lot of teams would try to find a way.

    • CMB sending Wennberg, Anderson, Nash Korpisalo, Murray, and 1st next year for Eichel & Hutton sounds good.



    • Didn’t like that Rangers package. No way they’ll give up Lafreniere and Kakko plus

  15. CMB sending Wennberg, Anderson, Nash Korpisalo, Murray, and 1st next year for Eichel & Hutton sounds good to me

    • Bunch of scraps other than the unproven korpisalo. This would be ridiculous for Buffalo to even consider

  16. Guerin announced Koivu won’t be back

  17. If I were Dubas, I would try and pry Carolina’s 13th pick away from them. Then draft both Askarov and Schneider. Trade them Andersen for the 13th overall pick. Then pick up either; Greiss, Holtby, Markstrom, Crawford or Lehner in Free Agency.