NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2020

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The latest on Taylor Hall, Max Domi, Frederik Andersen, Marc-Andre Fleury, Anthony Cirelli and James van Riemsdyk in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan cites Darren Dreger telling Montreal’s TSN 690 that a case could be made for the Canadiens as a destination for Taylor Hall. He believes the 29-year-old left-winger would be interested in the Habs if he tests the unrestricted free agent market.

He likes playing in that environment,” said Dreger. “He enjoyed his time in Edmonton. He’s not afraid of the media and all those things. Markets in Canada are fun when you know what you’re getting into.”

Hall could improve the Canadiens’ offense. However, Dreger also noted the Arizona Coyotes are interested in re-signing the former Hart Trophy winner. He feels if Hall is seeking the most money he can get, chances are he’ll get that with the Coyotes.

Cowan also wondered what the future holds for Max Domi. The 25-year-old Canadiens center is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights coming off a disappointing follow-up to last season’s 72-point performance.

The Buffalo Sabres could be a fit if the Habs put Domi on the trade block. Cowan cited Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman telling Buffalo’s WGR Sports Radio 550 he thinks Domi is available. He pointed out the center wasn’t happy with his role this season plus he changed agents last week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hall will garner lots of interest if he hits the open market. I don’t doubt the Coyotes’ sincerity toward re-signing him, but recent reports that they were late paying player bonuses plus their $80-million cap payroll could affect their efforts. I also believe Hall wants to play for a contender, which could see him move on from the Coyotes and pass over the Habs.

Friedman followed up on Domi during Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday, reporting he hasn’t requested a trade. The Canadiens could re-sign him but, as Friedman pointed out during his WGR interview last Thursday, they probably don’t see him as a $5 million per season player. The Habs could trade Domi if negotiations bog down and arbitration looms.


SPORTSNET’s Elliotte Friedman reported Friday he believes Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has spoken to Frederik Andersen. He apparently told the 30-year-old goalie the Leafs aren’t shopping him, but teams are asking about him.

Luke Fox suggests the Carolina Hurricanes, Minnesota Wild, Calgary Flames and Buffalo Sabres “to name a few” could be potential trade partners. They’re in need of an upgrade between the pipes and have the blueline depth to tempts Dubas. However, Fox feels the Leafs shouldn’t move Andersen unless they can land a goalie carrying a similar cap hit ($5 million) who could be a better fit right away.

Fox also pointed out Arizona Coyotes goalie Darcy Kuemper’s new contract (two years, $4.5 million annual average value) kicks in next season. Given the Coyotes woes, teams seeking a goaltender would come calling. Trading him, however, would be a horrible way for the Coyotes to boost their dressing room or excite their fan base.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I mention Fox’s comments about Kuemper because his name recently surfaced in the rumor mill. It would be natural to tie the Leafs to Kuemper and suggest peddling Andersen elsewhere. Maybe that’s what Dubas has in mind. All the talk about trading Andersen was as a cost-cutting measure, but things can change rapidly if you’re considering several options.

Dubas won’t trade Andersen unless he’s getting a goalie of equal or greater value in return. Maybe it’s Kuemper, maybe it’s someone else. Maybe there’s no better option out there. Maybe the right deal just can’t be found. It’ll be interesting to see what unfolds in the coming weeks.


TRIBLIVE.COM: Mark Madden suggests the possibility of Marc-Andre Fleury returning to the Pittsburgh Penguins. It’s believed the Vegas Golden Knights would like to re-sign Robin Lehner, who’s taken over the starting goalie role from Fleury.

Doing so, however, would mean trading or buying out Fleury. Madden feels the latter is possible because the 35-year-old’s $7 million AAV for the next two seasons is difficult to trade. Fleury would then become an unrestricted free agent and sign a cap-friendly deal with the Penguins, who are expected to trade Matt Murray.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s an interesting premise, but I don’t see this unfolding. Sure, the Golden Knights could buy out Fleury, and he could be amenable to returning to the Penguins on perhaps a one-year, bonus-laden deal to share the crease with Tristan Jarry. However, I think Penguins GM Jim Rutherford will go with Jarry and Casey DeSmith as his tandem and see how things unfold next season.


WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck suggests Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff should be a little ruthless in the offseason and sign Anthony Cirelli to an offer sheet. The 23-year-old Tampa Bay Lightning center is a restricted free agent lacking arbitration rights. The Lightning have $76.1 million invested in next season’s payroll, lacking sufficient space to re-sign Cirelli and defenseman Mikhail Sergachev.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cirelli is a tempting offer-sheet target, provided he’s willing to sign one. If he’s not, it’s a pointless exercise. And if he is willing to sign, there’s no certainty he’d do so with the Jets. If the Lightning want to match it, they are allowed to exceed the $81.5 million cap by 10 percent during the offseason. I don’t see the Bolts losing him to an offer sheet unless a club signs him for an AAV of $8.5 million or more.


ESPN.COM: Emily Kaplan examined what the offseason could hold for the Philadelphia Flyers in the wake of their second-round elimination from the 2020 playoffs. Limited salary-cap space could make it difficult to re-sign some veteran players.

She suggested trading winger James van Riemsdyk as a cost-cutting measure. He carries a $7 million cap hit through 2022-23 and fell out of favor during the playoffs. However, Kaplan feels there’s probably not much of a market for him and it would be a sell-low move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Frank Seravalli had JVR sitting second on his recently updated NHL trade-bait board. Kaplan offered a good explanation of why he shouldn’t be that high on the list. Unless the Flyers pick up part of that cap hit or package him with a sweetener, they could find it tough to attract suitors for van Riemsdyk.



  1. Sorry, I just dont see Marc Bergevin giving multi year contract of 10m$ to Hall. Just not his style… 21-22 will be very tough, cap wise, and he will keep his cap flexibility.

    I also believe he will resign Domi to a one year deal at around 4,5m$. Domi’s value is at its lowest and a sign’n see could be a good strategy to boost the return if they still intend to trade him afterwards.

    • I wonder who would give Hall a fat contract? He had a terrific 39 goal season … 3 years ago. Since then he hasn’t performed well. And in the series against Colorado he scored once in 5 games.

  2. If, as Friedman suggests, the Habs probably don’t see Domi as a $5 million per season player, what makes anyone think another team would?

    • Agreed. Exactly why they should resign him for one year… This could go up to arbitration. Never know…he could put up 60+ pts in a “proove yourself” season

    • If Domi is coming off a “disappointing” 44 point season and isn’t worth 5m, then how could anyone offer sheet Cirelli for 8.5 after a 44 point season on loaded Tampa team. I understand he’s an excellent 2 way player, but Domi also has that 72 point season plus 45 and 52 points in his other full seasons. Also, if Winnepeg was to do an offer sheet, I’d go after Sergachev if I were them.

      • Who the heck would be dumb enough to offer sheet Cirelli at THAT price? That would be insane in today’s cap circumstances.

      • Something tells me that Lyle was being slightly facetious about an $8.5m. AAV offer sheet to Cirelli. That’s obviously not happening.

        I really don’t see Hall coming to the Habs. I don’t see Bergevin offering enough to chase a big ticket player like Hall, even assuming he’d consider the Habs. As Louis L. writes, it’s not his style. Although I wish more people would consider that his style hasn’t done the team much good. I certainly hope that Bergevin makes effort at more modest acquisitions to fill obvious holes on the roster, such as a top 4 LD and a RW who can add offense. The dumbest thing for him to do would be to stand pat because he needs flexibility for next summer. It makes no sense to pass up opportunities to improve the team now because he feels the need to keep together a roster which hasn’t won much lately. The Habs need some new blood now and if it means saying goodbye to guys like Tatar and Armia next year, so be it.

        One interesting observation about Hall wanting to play for a contender. It would seem to me that most contenders lack the cap space to sign Hall or quite simply have little or no need for him. Moreover, what’s to say that a team that looks like a contender now will actually prove to be one down the road. Tavares signed with the Leafs because he wanted a chance to win. Two years later, the Leafs are in turmoil and the Isles are in the ECF. Will Butcher spurned the Avs for the Devils for much the same reason. Now, the Avs are a solid young team on the rise and the Devils are mired in quicksand. Hall’s best option could very well be a good, young team that he can transform into a true contender.

      • Right you are, Howard. I was merely pointing out how much it could cost to pry Cirelli away from the Bolts. They’d have to exceed the 10 percent the Bolts are allowed to go over the cap during the offseason. I’ll be shocked if the Jets or anyone else actually signed Cirelli to an $8.5 million AAV offer sheet.

      • Slick62. Winnipeg’s biggest issues is at Centre. They need a 2nd line centre. If Cirelli fits that bill then Winnipeg should offer sheet him over Sergachev. At a 2nd line centre price.

    • It only takes one and what makes me think another team will see Domi as a 5 mil+ player is the numerous teams throughout all time who over pay players. It just takes one.

      • But, Jeff, the entire league has NEVER been in this tight a cap situation with over 3/4 of their teams absolutely needing to clear space just to sign their RFAs – never mind high-cost UFAs – and complete uncertainty as to what the near future holds with regards to fans back in the stands, full travel seasons, etc.

        Are you suggesting there are still some GMs – and consequently their owners – who will see it as “business as usual” Really???

        How does today’s total uncertainty even come close to past years? Come on. Quit living in denial. THE ultimate s*&t has hit the proverbial fan.

      • Agreed. See Jeff Skinner @ $9 million

      • I do suggest that. The prized players will get paid. The bottom tier guys will not.

    • Oh the grand pooh ba has spoken we should all bow.


    • Domi is 25 and had one good season…not worth long term $$$ contract!

  3. Aside from the flat cap, it is still surprising how many teams go from Salary cap fine to hell in such a short time frame. GM consistently make mistakes – and yet not learn from them and keep their jobs. It will be interesting to see how the Avs do in this environment, they have a loaded team, salary cap room and a bright future. Not a fan of theirs but hope they don’t screw it up, like so many others….

    • Hi Kevin

      Sackic sitting very well and they were a hair from making the WCFs (Avs fans will say that they were that one phantom call mid 3rd ; where Stars scored on PP to tie it; and/or that late post ; away from WCF)

      Team has space and is only getting better. They are even in a position to “help” another team by absorbing a 1 year high Cap contract and getting a prospect in return

      Avs winning Central next year is a very strong possibility IMHO

      • Pengy..I think MAtt Murray would be a good fit in Colorado..

        To Colorado
        Matt Murray
        Jared McCann
        3rd round pick

        To Pittsburgh
        Nikita Zadoro
        valerie Nichushskin

        Ee get a second pairing defenseman to pair with john Marino and a big skilled bottom 6 guy who had 13 goals last season.

    • Pengy and Kevin, I think Sakic stays the course for the most part. The only difficult contract negotiation he may have is Burakovsky who thrived after a fresh start, and will probably get a good raise.
      Only goaltending seems like a question mark for this team, which is a bit unfair as they lost their #1, #2 and one of their top D in Johnson.
      I still think he does something in net, just not sure what, as the current tandem is just kind of meh.

    • What you call GM’s making mistakes I call GM’s not being able to predict the future. I call GM’s using all the resources available to them to build a winning team.

      Teams either don’t spend to the cap and fans complain that they are not willing to spend to wind. Or they do and fans say they made too many mistakes and created cap hell.

      Only 1 team wins. The rest do it all wrong.

      • Speaking of “wind”

      • There are predictable mistakes that nhl gms continue to make year after year. It’s why certain things are predictable. Like ek getting way to much money (or other closer to the end high end fa). You can’t predict the future but you can still sign jj to a 5 year deal.

        For example

  4. Giroux,voracek,Hayes and jvr all making good money yet really not making the flyers a contender something has to give. That series should have been over sooner the islanders outplayed philly the flyers defence was a step behind most of the series it will need an upgrade also

  5. It is quite satisfactory to me this morning to have seen the flyers go out as bad as the nucks did. My own petty little fan boy joy.

    • Yeah, 14 shots by Vancouver the night before, several from the periphery or well out, and 16 by the Flyers last night. In games 7!

      Lots of room for improvement on the Flyers. That lack of goal production from 4 of their top F (VanRiemsdyk – 2, Giroux – 1, Konecny – 0, Couturier – 2) has to be worrisome.

      • George O. Flyers loss had ripple effect on your Sens. Fell about 7 spots in 1st round of draft. Rangers moved up to 22. Thinking maybe there’s a draft day deal there with Sens using extra picks to move up. Rangers don’t have a 2nd round pick.

      • For sure, Slick62. As I say in the headlines thread, the Islanders win knocks that third 1st round pick of the Sens down a few more notches … but I don’t care. Just glad to see Trotz move on to the next round.

        I’m sure any tentative deals Dorion had in the fire involving that pick were tenative for that very reason. The lower the pick the less of of the deal I guess.

        Still, combined with one of his 2nd rounders – and perhaps a prospect depending upon what’s coming back – it still might be attractive to a team willing to relinquish a proven and serviceable player with term and a cap hit that would free up some space for a cap-strapped team. A player of the calibre of a Connor Brown who they got last year, but with an initial higher cap hit – which they can well afford.

    • Capitals flyers out all good.

  6. The Leaf s should trade anderson for keumper. Both teams get cap relief and Leaf s get a younger top rated goalie and arizon a gets the same

    • High CC

      Leafs would get $500 K cap relief but Arz loses $500 K in space with that deal

      That deal is only beneficial to Leafs and only if Keumper plays better than Freddy next year

      Arz needs to cut Cap not increase it

      • They do need to cut cap space in PHX but they’d be saving $4M in actual cash which I’m sure is more appealing to the owners than the extra $500K in cap space.

        Any team signing Taylor Hall to a multi year deal worth $8-9M will regret it. Everybody says Kessel is overpaid at $8M a season and he’s a 6 time 30G scorer…Hall has one 30G season

      • Exactly. When I saw that I thought maybe I was missing something obvious, but that deal would have Arizona dealing with a UFA after one season while the Leafs gain half a mil cap space for two years.

        And If Andersen and Kuemper are both “top rated goalies” what’s the purpose of the deal other than that saving for the Leafs?

      • Did you miss the fact that Anderson is owed only $1M is actual money. His cap is $5M….Arizona is a cash strapped team so this would help them, as minuscule as it is.

      • No I didn’t. As I indicate elsewhere. Read

      • Dubas IS shopping Andersen for certain, not just listening and there are a bunch of better non mentally scarred options. He will NOT be their goalie in the playoffs next year. Zero chance Dubas knows that is a “non starter”

      • Wendel I don’t think the leafs make the playoffs without Anderson that defence is beyond bad

      • Hi Daryl

        Yep new about the cash savings and yes Arz needs to save cash; I was just dealing with the Cap side that CC was mentioning

        Agree that $8M – $9M for Hall … a team “may” end up regretting; there is no way I’m confident enough to say “will” end up regretting. He could be worth that.

        I am on board with you wrt Kessel overpaid at $8M. He is waaaaaay overpaid at $8M now….

        This years 82 game pace was 16-28-44 and a Minus 23

        He is on the decline and getting there fast

        A 35-40 point season next year with a minus 20 to minus 30 is certainly a possibility

        His Cap to Arz is $6.8 M; he MUST (per CBA) be protected from Krakken ; and after 20/21 SB is paid (it may have already been paid) he’s owed $7M for final 2 years but $5M is SB for 21/22 and due regardless of buyout…. so he’s still owed about $6M from Arz and $1M from Leafs

        So BO only saves Arz a TOTAL of $670 K cash; and $670 K in Cap (in each of 2 years) followed by 2 dead cap years of $330 K…. so ABSOLUTELY no way he’s bought out

        So it’s (A) stuck with his crap production for 2 more years ; paying him and $6 M more in cash; costing $6.8 M (each year) in Cap (they don’t have) and a huge minus (-20 to -30) ; OR

        B) trade with 50% retained…. saves $3M in cash overall and $3.4 M in Cap for next two years; will cost a prospect (what pick’s do they have left to give?)

        Receiving team gets Phill for $1.5 M Cash per; $3.4 M Cap , per

        Steve Sullivan has his work cut out!!!

      • Bigbadbruins, I understand perfectly why you want Andersen between the pipes when the Bruins play the Leafs in the playoffs.

      • I think he meant real money as Anderson’s deal is worth 1 million in actually money

  7. Re Flower BO… $4.4 M Cap savings then $3.9 M; followed by 2 years dead Cap of $2.1 M…. Anything’s possible but I doubt this happens…. with that move; then signing Lehner and a back-up that is even close to Flower…. the net Cap hit will be closing in on $13M; and more in 21/22; then dead cap to deal with.

    However they could flip Statsny (very soon to be 35; replaced by the bigger, faster , 14 years younger; Glass) and sign Lehner. Hague will be up to replace Merrill… leaving $4.8 M to re-sign Cousins; Stephenson; and Nosek (if they want him) and one other depth/14th forward…. doable

    They can then address the Flower situation next summer if need be

    Re Hall…. agree with you Lyle… no space ; Hall wants to go to a contender; potential payroll delays in the desert….mmmmmm
    …. nope… movin’ on for TH; and yes; Habs could be a landing spot.

    I can say for certainty that he won’t be a Leaf …. just laughing now at that thought…. imagine the ruckus on this site alone with a Leaf team having $50 M spent on 5 forwards ….. at the expense obviously of D (which they must improve)…. most games would have 80 shots; 40 for 40 against; with scores of 8-7; and 7-6 commonplace; Leafs having most GF in the League but miss the playoffs 🤬😡

    • Could Vegas package Fleury and 1st round pick/prospects without retaining salary to a team needing a goalie?

      If Lehner is their choice do they have a suitable back-up goalie in Vegas? Perhaps a trade of Fleury and a 1st/prospect to Carolina for Reimer?

      • Hi Daryl, I think it’s possible but Carolina doesn’t seem like the best fit.
        If Fluery only had a year left, sure, but after next season CAR needs to sign Hamilton and Svechnikov. Wouldn’t want to lose out on Hamilton for an old tender and a late first.
        Vegas has a bit of a problem because Fluery hasn’t played well.

      • Not sure they would deal with each other but I see Flames being a fit. Riitch & a 4th for Fleury & their late 1st. Gives Flames a 2 year bridge for Wolf to be ready.

    • Yep. As has been pointed out by several, not one team has ever won a cup with a D ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league. Ever. Right now, every year, that’s 10 teams.

      Of the four finalists, Dallas ranked 2nd this season, TB 7th, NYI 9th, Vegas 13th. So 3 of the 4 in the top 3rd and one in the middle third.

      • So does vegas lose out to Dallas or to the east in the finals. Hockey poolies want to kow.

      • I cite facts – you, on the other hand, contribute trite BS

      • That stat is an outlier for the Isles.

        Plugging Pelech back in makes all the difference in the world to the Isles D.

        What are the D rankings for the Playoffs?

      • So far nevinsrip. NYI sit 2nd with a GAPG of 1.94.
        TB is 3rd with 2.31, Vegas 4th with 2.33 and Dallas 19th at 3:50

        For the record, Montreal is still shown as 1st iin the playoffs with 1.90

        By that, it would suggest the Isles-TB series will be a low-scoring affair with a difference of 0.73 GAPG. whereas in Vegas-Dallas the difference is a full goal + so, as Caper suggests, the Stars may really need Big Ben.

  8. Arizona is contracted to pay keumper 4.5 million in 2020-21 . Anderson actual pay for 2020-21 is 1.0 million because of bonus money.

    • But it still would hamper them further when it comes to trying to operate within the cap.

      • Facts huh ok..grand pooh ba. I’ll bet you never even skated let alone played hockey.

      • Then you’d be wrong, dork – but then of course, you frequently are so nothing’s changed. You carry on with your pie-in-the-sky transactions that have about as much chance of happening as does Crosby-Malkin ever winning another Cup in your lifetime.

      • George and Blackngold: I’m sure you can both debate without resorting to name-calling and taunts.

      • Oooohhhhh! George is the grand Pooh ba. I didn’t know who you were addressing earlier.


        George. I do t think I’ve seen anyone chastised for using the word dork since I was in elementary school. Impressive.

      • Heh. I always thought it was a perfectly good word to use if the shoe fits. 🙂 As for Grand PooBah, I’m still trying to figure out how citing established facts (there at hand for all to see and check) is construed as “overbearing” – what, are we just supposed to ignore them when someone proffers unlikely signings or trade proposals?

        Lyle, if you prefer running a site filled with fantasy league suggestions just let me know – I’ll join in.

      • This is like matrimony compared to the acrimony of the Striker era.

      • Haha Lyle that is hilarious. No they can not

    • Arizona is contracted to pay Kuemper $4.5M for two more seasons.

      Andersen is under contract for one more season at $5M but his salary is paid out as a $4M bonus and $1M base salary. The bonus was paid July 1, 2020.

      As mentioned there are plenty of teams that have cash flow problems…Arizona being one of the worst. That is why some of their star players are rumoured to be available.

      • that and Arizona’s punishment being the loss of picks. They already traded away their lower round picks. They don’t have much of anything the next two years to build the team and stock the cupboards with. Arizona is likely going back into a rebuild. To do that they need get some picks back in the next to rounds. That requires trades making their players available.

  9. Yesterday I seen post by Dickie Dunn, and I thought that be a great handle for George O.

    • ?

      • Double ? ? Dickie Dunn – Dickie Duff – what the heck!

      • I thought there might be an impotence joke in there somewhere?!?!

      • LOL. Never looked at it that way. Sorta like the guy who thought Moby Dick was a venereal disease!

      • Hahaha, I think I met that guy!

      • If that’s so Canada king. Then. Ha! Quite clever!

  10. Sabres would see Domi as a $5M player. If you could get him to agree to $5M x 5 years, I would offer a 2021 1st rd pick and Montour for Domi and Oulett.

    • Habs should ask for Mittelstadt. Maybe getting out of Buf would help him

      • Mittelstadt becomes expendable if you have Eichel, Domi and Cozens at center. If I include Mitts the 2021 1st becomes a 2021 2nd or Montreal adds to the package maybe Mete instead of Ouellet

    • Hum… Canadiens don’t need another center and Montour is a RD, which they don’t need either, Plus, as I said, I would rather wait another year to see how Domi does rather than trading him for ”Montour” please… Domi is a 25 yo 60 points/season potential player, I think they could get more than him. And I am not saying this because I am over-evaluating him or because I am a Habs fan, just seems to me that there is a lot more trading partners around the league than just the Sabres and I think it is kind of funny that you should say that the Canadiens would have to add something to Domi for a guy like Montour…

      BTW Lyle, just want to take a second to thank you for your amazing work, as I said earlier french is my first language and I still come here almost everyday, for me it’s a must and I even tell other people who speak or understand english how your website is the absolute best one for rumors and your down to earth analysis (I hope I am using the right words lol) But thank you

      • My pleasure, Mike. Thanks for the kind words and support. Cheers!

  11. I think that the importance of cap space is being over rated here. That is a creation of the NHL and NHLPA agreement. They can change at mutual will. Many collective agreements have reopening clauses.

    The law of economic reality can not be changed by either the NHL or the NHLPA. My guess is in the ownership suite, real dollars and decreasing revenue will cause more fundamental decisions on rosters than the cap.

    • Yes, $500K in cap space is being overrated here. If it was a $5M difference that’s something else entirely.

      Contractually they owe Kuemper $9M over the next two seasons. Andersen is owed $1M for one year. They still have a capable goalie in Raanta and could easily get a decent #1b or #2 goalie and work a tandem.

      I’d be very surprised if Hall signs in ARZ…

      • If I’m joe sakic, I’m giving Steve Sullivan a call to ask about swapping goalies: Kuemper for Francouz and I’ll give them my 1st this year. Arizona needs to start the rebuild and clear some salary and they need picks. Avs need another strong goalie and their time is now. I’d also offer to take Hjalmarsson if they retain half his salary and give them a middle round pick the following year or offer them a guy like Jost.

      • That would be a fantastic idea NMAvsFan. Agree that he is the right type of tender to target for the Avs.
        Not sure what you offered would get it done. If he is available there will be other teams trying to get him. Edm and Cgy come to mind right away.
        If you can think of 3 tenders better than him over the last couple years, I would like to hear who they are.
        He has been really, really, good, and he is from Sask, so you know he is a good guy.
        Might have to throw in a little more than a late first and career backup, who mind you was good this season.

  12. Anyone seen John Taveras? I hope he is ok last time I saw him he was in his bed with his leaf jersey on sucking his thumb. Hope he is ok but we don’t miss YOU.!

    • LOL. Islanders fans are in their glory. Good on ya Trotz and Lamoriello.

    • aww Pete, still not over your inferiority complex.

      • Not a TML hater or Islander fan, but loving the Karma with Taveras. Good for Islanders. Now I hope TBL win though.

      • And you Wendel, still looking for something positive in LeafLand?

    • stop peeping in windows.

    • I saw this really funny tweet last night. It was headlined “Tavares boarding Islanders flight to Edmonton”. And it showed a clip from Seinfeld. The one where George, in a huff, quits his job. Then, realizing that he made a big mistake, walks into the conference room for the Monday morning meeting hoping that no one will object.

      • Howard, can you link us to the tweet? Searching for it but can’t find it xD

    • Was a known fact Tavares wasn’t liked by his teammates kinda like P.K and Dougie they just don’t fit very well but I do think Hamilton fits better in Carolina than he did in Boston or Calgary. Leafs will hate Tavares signing in about two years thought he played well in playoffs just couldn’t score on chances snake bitten.

  13. Does anyone know what’s going on with Stamkos? Any chance he plays in playoffs?

  14. If Max Domi is going to be traded due to the high price he might ask for, the team trading for him had better hope he finds his 70 point self again.

    Imagine Buffalo trading for Domi, paying him 5.5 or 6m per season and getting 40 points from him in a disinterested, disorganized effort. Buffalo doesn’t need that. PASS on Domi.

    • Augustus,

      Sorry, but I’m not that technologically advanced. You can google New York Islanders Twitter or Seth Rorabaugh Twitter and you’ll find it there.

      • Found it, thank you!

    • Augustus…I’m hoping Buffalo stays away from Domi also.

      • LEN,

        There are better options for sure, although in a cap world, many suggestions are fantasies based on a no-cap situation.

        Nevertheless, not even for Buffalo specifically, but I wonder if Anze Kopitar becomes trade bait at some point. 32 years old with 4 years left on his deal, he would be invaluable to a team “going for it” in the next couple of seasons.

        Armchair proposal:

        To Edmonton: D Ristolainen, F Reinhart

        To Buffalo: F Nugent-Hopkins, D Bear

    • G-Man.

      Buffalo had better get their act together soon or their franchise centre is going to jump ship.
      I’m not sure you want to have Domi as your #2 C at $5M a season. Is he that much better than Cozens? When Cozens is due for his next deal how much can you pay a 3C? Also, can you have two egos that big in one room…Domi and Eichel?

      Buffalo is in trouble with a couple contracts (Skinner, Okposo) and their goaltending has been shaky at best.

      All that money they saved on scouting is sure paying off now…

  15. Hahaha, I think I met that guy!