Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 13, 2020

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Could the Rangers trade Tony DeAngelo? Does the acquisition of Joel Edmundson signal more moves ahead for the Canadiens? What’s the latest on Blue Jackets winger Josh Anderson? Find out in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers could attempt to trade Tony DeAngelo rather than re-sign the restricted free agent defenseman. That’s because a contract of longer than one year for the 24-year-old DeAngelo would all but ensure losing promising Nils Lundkvist to unrestricted free agency on June 2, 2022 without the 20-year-old rearguard having played a game for the Blueshirts.

Lundkvist signed to play in Sweden next season. The Rangers hold Lundkvist’s rights until June 1, 2022. However, Brooks doesn’t like the odds of the young Swede signing with the Blueshirts when they’ve already got DeAngelo, Jacob Trouba, and Adam Fox filling the right-side blueline spots. He feels the Rangers will need a steady flow of impact players on entry-level contracts over the next several years to support and counterbalance the expensive contracts at the top of the depth chart.

Brooks believes it’ll cost the Rangers between $5.5 – $6 million annually to re-sign DeAngelo, who’d be filling the third-pairing spot on the right side. He said there’s no inclination to move him to the left side. Instead, he feels they’ll use DeAngelo as trade bait to bring in a long-term solution for their second-line center position. They could find more affordable options to replace DeAngelo on the third pairing via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers have $67.1 million invested in 15 players for 2020-21, with DeAngelo, center Ryan Strome, goalie Alexandar Georgiev and winger Brendan Lemieux as their notable restricted free agents. Jesper Fast is an unrestricted free agent who’s reportedly headed to the market.

Brooks has frequently suggested DeAngelo as a trade candidate this year because of the Rangers’ depth on the right side of their blueline and their need to address their second-line center role. General manager Jeff Gorton could re-sign Strome, who has arbitration rights and is a year away from UFA eligibility, but there’s a question over whether he’s worth a potentially expensive long-term investment, especially given the current economic climate.

The Rangers could get some cap relief if aging goalie Henrik Lundqvist is traded, bought out or retires. Trading him would require picking up a healthy chunk of his $8.5-million cap hit. Retirement would be the best option as it would clear the entire cap hit from their books.

The Athletic’s Rick Carpiniello believes the most likely scenario is a buyout. However, that will only clear $3 million of his cap hit, as well as leaving $1.5 million in dead cap space for 2021-22. Nevertheless, that could be their only solution.

If Gorton goes the buyout route it could affect what he does with DeAngelo and Strome. It will also depend upon what’s available in the trade market to suitably address the Rangers’ second-line center needs. DeAngelo would be an intriguing trade target but finding a club willing to part with a good second-line center for him will be challenging for Gorton.


TVA SPORTS: The Montreal Canadiens acquisition yesterday of left-side defenseman (and pending UFA) Joel Edmundson from the Carolina Hurricanes raises questions over what general manager Marc Bergevin has in store for his club in the coming weeks. The addition and possible re-signing of the 27-year-old Edmundson could create congestion at that position, especially if promising Alexander Romanov makes the roster next season.

Analyst Mike Bossy wondered if more moves are coming, suggesting perhaps Victor Mete’s days with the Habs might be numbered. Mete is a restricted free agent in October and due for a raise.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin recently observed the trade speculation brewing about Canadiens center Phillip Danault. He feels it would be a bad idea to move the two-way center and suggests the Habs should learn from what happened to the Buffalo Sabres when they traded away Ryan O’Reilly to the St. Louis Blues.

The Sabres made that move in part because they felt promising Casey Mittelstadt was ready to move into the No. 2 center role. Instead, Mittelstadt struggled and spent time last season in the minors while O’Reilly went on to greater things with the Blues. Larkin doesn’t want the Habs to risk repeating that mistake with promising Nick Suzuki. He believes Danault would be difficult to replace.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmundson’s addition indicates the Canadiens want more size, experience, and toughness on the left side of their blueline. Maybe that means Mete gets traded, maybe not. It’ll depend, of course, on whether Edmundson re-signs before the UFA market opens on Oct. 9.

I agree with Larkin’s take on Danault. Some of that trade chatter is stoked by the 27-year-old playing a third-line role during the playoffs and some because he’s a year away from UFA eligibility. While Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi played well in the postseason on the top-two lines, that doesn’t necessarily mean we can expect that level of play throughout next season. Maybe they’re ready for prime time, maybe not.

Better to hang onto Danault for next season and observe how things shake out. If Suzuki and Kotkaniemi keep Danault permanently on the third line, then they can look at moving him before the trade deadline. If they’re in the playoff chase, better to hang onto him when depth at center will be invaluable, even at the risk of losing him to free agency next year.


THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Michael Arace reports the Blue Jackets would like to re-sign Josh Anderson. The 26-year-old right winger is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’s a year away from UFA eligibility.

TSN’s Darren Dreger recently reported Anderson would like to stay with the Blue Jackets, but it would take a long-term deal to do that. GM Jarmo Kekalainen might not be keen to do that, as he’s looking to fit him within their roster structure and their salary cap. The flattened salary cap for next season will also affect negotiations.

Arace points out Anderson doesn’t have much leverage. Despite his arbitration rights, he missed most of this season with a shoulder injury. He also noted Anderson’s agent, Darren Ferris, threatened to have his client play in Switzerland during their previous contract talks before an agreement was reached.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Aaron Portzline recently wondered if a new Blue Jackets negotiator might help the situation. Before accepting the Florida Panthers’ GM role, Bill Zito’s biggest role as Blue Jackets assistant GM was handling contract negotiations. Maybe his replacement can smooth things out. If not, Kekalainen could start listening to trade offers next month.


  1. It will be really is interesting to see how ALL the GM’s deal with the flat cap and more importantly the $$ being spent due to lack of revenue.

    That being said a team like MTL can use their space and parent owner’s deep pockets to take advantage where some other markets will struggle.

    MTL definitely needs a #1 LD to pair with Weber and not rush Romanov.

    Fowler in ANA would be a nice buy and MTL has tons of picks to play with. Certainly in a win now mode as ANA’s core is “aged out” Perhaps a retool on the fly for them.

    To MTL: Fowler & 3rd 2020
    To ANA: Alzner (50% retained), 1st 2020, CHI 2nd 2020, and MTL 2nd 2021

    Alzner retained gives ANA 2 yrs for a cheap D man to fill gap for expansion draft.
    Recoup picks to rebuild and lowers their $ & cap hit for next year away from the max. Gives ANA breathing room if actual $$ used.

    Keep Manson and Lindholm as top pairing

    MTL finally gets a #1 LD to pair with Weber and can trade off Mete. Fowler may have MTL on his 4 team list since they are a contender. Could convince him perhaps.

    MTL ends with

    • You probably need to add Mete to that package to get any traction beyond laughter.

      • Two 1sts and a 2nd plus retaining salary? Seems like a huge over payment to me.

    • Nope, not happening, sorry ihc.

      As a Habs fan, Weber has been the most comfortable with Big Ben patrolling on the left side. Weber likes to jump up into the play in the O-zone, but that requires having someone to who he feels comfortable with taking care of business in the D-zone due Weber’s lack of speed.

      Chariot & Weber are a pair IMHO.

      Edmundson, is the upgrade on Kulak with Petry, if they sign him.

      As I have mentioned before, Laval is not an option for Romanov as his contract states if he does not make the Habs, he goes back to Russia. They were not that horny to sign him, just to bring him over to sit in the pressbox. The question is now, who will patrol the right side with him on the third pairing??? Who is more ready at this point, Juulsen or Fleury??? Or do they go out & find a veteran third pairing partner for Romanov???

      Mette, I believe is the odd man out. He will be signed & sent to Laval. If someone grabs him on waivers, ce la vie, as I don’t believe there will be a huge market for an extremely undersized D-man.

      Kulak or Juulsen will be #7 D-man in the rotating. It sounds like Habs management is still thinks very highly of Juulsen, but he must shake that injury prone label.

      Looks like my fantasy to make a move for Zadorov to mentor Romanov just got tossed out the attic window.

      • I’ve been of fan of Edmunson. Good addition to MTL

      • Assuming that Edmundson signs with the Habs, Bergevin is done shopping for D-men. He will have the defense he wants and Mete will likely be on the way out.
        I agree with Lyle on Danault. He won’t be traded unless Bergevin gets an offer he absolutely cannot refuse. And notwithstanding Danault’s post-season comments on not wanting to be merely a defensive center, it’s way too soon to write off his chances of re-signing with the Habs.
        The Habs have Domi, Mete and second round picks as trade bait. It is imperative that they use this to pick up a winger who can score 25-30 goals.

    • IHC,

      That isn’t to bad.
      I use the Dougie Hamilton trade a few years ago as a comparison when Calgary gave up a first and two second’s. If you throw in Alzner you might have to remove the 3rd that ANA has to give up.

      • Alzner could not play for the Habs who had a weak D core, and carries a 4.6 million cap hit. The deal saves the Ducks 2 million, which is not nothing but not a ton, and they would get a mediocre D in exchange for Fowler.

        The Habs have given 2 of their 14 picks in this year’s draft, none high picks. You have to think some agreement has already been reached with Edmunson or the trade would not have been made.

        Add Romanov to the D and I cannot see them giving away a first and a second to add one more D when, as others have noted, they need scoring. Alzner can stay in Laval without affecting the Habs cap space so any such trade as proposed by ilovecrosbywithallmy heart makes no sense to me.

      • @LJ

        Good points

        The way I had proposed it saves ANA over 4 mill since MTL is eating half of Alzner’s contract.

        Fowler is 6.8
        Alzner 50-% retained is 2.3

        Everyone makes interesting points bc , as I did not know, Romanov contract basically nulls Laval playing time. So a Roster spot needs to be maintained so no sense in adding more to the backend. I just though Fowler was a significant upgrade.

        I proposed it to Give Romanov AHL time….bypass the expansion draft where they can leave others unprotected and end up with a partner for Weber and not force Weber to run and gun….allow his Partner with offensive prowess to drive the play. Petry is also up after this season and they could trade him at deadline (if out of contention) or let him walk since Fowler is younger and better.

        Just spitballing.

      • Yeah, fair points in return Crosby, though someone else has said Romanov can return to Russian if he doesn’t play in the NHL.

        Tell me, though, don’t you feel better with the name change I have proposed? 😉

      • @LJ

        I’d change my name to world peace but someone has that already lol.

    • Cam Fowler has a 4 team trade list and reportedly Montreal isn’t one of the 4 teams, So i doubt he’d waive to go to Montreal. At the time Bergevin was interested in trading for Fowler’s rights. It had been mentioned by Fowler’s agent that Cam had no desire to sign long term with Montreal. Supposedly hometown Detroit is the only eastern team he’d waive for the others are out west somewhere.

    • A first AND TWO seconds for Cam Fowler???? pass the crack pipe over here buddy …

      • Solid player. Signed on good term for a team with $$ and MTL is in WIN now mode.

        Not asking back for top prospects so draft picks are a gamble.

        Think reasonable request considering Alzner was heading back to ANA too.

        Never implied or said perfect trade proposal…just spitballing.

    • What makes Montreal a contender. They would have to leapfrog Boston, Tampa and the leafs to finish top 3 in the division then beat Carolina, islanders, Washington, Pittsburgh, Philidalphia, Columbus and even one of those teams doesn’t make it. Not to mention Florida who had more points and Buffalo who were right behind Montreal. Add that Ottawa and the Rangers will be coming up fast. Montreal fans are as bad as leafs fans. What makes anyone think there center position is ok. Kotkiamies 4 points in 10 playoff games? In a regular 82 game season it puts him between 30 and 35 points. Suzuki who I like put up 7 points in 10 games which gives him between 55 to 60 points. Kotkiamie as he’s shown so far is at best a 3rd line center. Suzuki although with a lot of promise is currently a 2nd line center yet all I here is that they are strong at center, based on what? If you look at all the line up without biased and include prospects Florida and Buffalo might be the only 2 teams in the division worst off than Montreal. I’m not saying Bergie doesn’t fix it but when a team has no up and coming real stars under 23. They have a lot of quantity just not much quality. Not only is Montreal not a playoff team there’s no sign of any major improvements coming up. Its nice to have what’s considered one of the best prospect pools on the NHL but thats because the other teams have such high quality players under 23 that they’re already playing on the NHL. If it was based on young star players Montreal is near the bottom.

      • They have ready passed the leafs, the leafs are in a downward spiral with big contracts that can’t wi in the playoffs and a horrible defence. If edmunson signs the habs defence will be above average

      • WILD CARD team.

        Once you are in the dance….it is different.

      • Who are they going to beat to be a wild card team. Don’t forget without Covid they were nowhere near a playoff team. In fact they were no better then Buffalo. I know that you’re just simply a leaf hater bigbear but you cannot compare Mathews, Nylander, Tavares or even Nylander to any of the Montreal forwards they are way and I mean way better regardless of contract. The talent level is apples to oranges. The Rangers and Ottawa will also be leapfrogging Montreal very soon. Tampa and the leafs are still very young so no issues there. Montreal is in a world of trouble they just don’t want to admit it.

      • Rainy Day Roger, you are entitled to your opinion, albeit your analysis is as good as your grammar.

        Boston, Toronto and Pittsburgh are in transition, and possibly decline depending on their off season moves.

        You site Buffalo, Ottawa and the Rangers as teams on the way up, as if Montreal’s prospects for the coming year are poor or non-existent and theirs are guaranteed to succeed.

        You also choose to ignore the Habs beat Pittsburgh and gave the Flyers a decent series. Not bad for a team which, according to you, is tatterdemalion and about to self immolate.

        How will the Habs do next year? It depends on how their young players develop, on what off season signings they make, injuries, and how their veterans perform – the same as just about every other team in their conference.

        Tomorrow is promised to no one, Rainy Day Roger. Just ask Washington, also in decline.

      • So Boston who was going to win the presidents trophy this year is in decline. Just so I get this the team that was going to win the presidents trophy this year is in decline. Toronto is where Tampa was just a few years ago. Young, talented and learning. They’re just the leafs so they’re not allowed any room to grow. Most of there top end talent is under 25. What top end talent under 25 does Montreal have again? Washington was on pace to having a 100 plus point season this year so to say they are in decline is premature to say the least. They didn’t give Philidalphia that hard of a time. With that being said though Philidalphia is trending upwards as well. The only teams that I can see Montreal beating next year are Buffalo, Florida, Ottawa and maybe the Rangers. Puts them nowhere near a playoff spot. Sorry my grammar isn’t up to your high standards wouldn’t want that to confuse you with hockey talk. I guess will see you next year when I get to say I told you so.

      • Toronto has 4 years to pull off a Cup victory.

        I’m willing to bet that if Matthews doesn’t leave for LA or the Yotes, he’ll undoubtedly sign in NYC. Just depends on what he wants. Sun and sand or to play for a top club.
        Poor Dubas has shown time and again that he is a weak negotiator. He’s so timid, he waits far too long to even bring the players agent to the table, thus losing any and all leverage he may of had.
        Kids today are pretty saucy and self assured.
        That won’t bode well for a timid manager.

      • The leafs couldn’t even beat a weak jackets team, roger the leafs have a bunch of overpaid prima donnas that aren’t built for the playoffs those 4 contracts are going to haunt the leafs until they end. Tavares is the worst look at his playoff record and how the islanders have played since he left all that for 11 million a year…..just bad

  2. Lyle, do you know what the salary structure is in Europe or Russia. Do they have salary caps? With so many NHL teams against the cap, with limited funds to sign all these players (many expecting raises), I wonder if more players will leave the NHL for more money in Europe, even if for only 1 year

  3. Bruins talk of bringing Chara back at reduced PT as a 3 pairing Dman playing on the PK and at end of games when Bruins have a lead I guess question is do the Bruins go with 7 Dmen per game or do they split up Charas PT every game with the other 5 Dmen . We have seen what Chara had left during these playoffs and it wasn’t much & that was with a long break … B’s fans your thoughts

    • Hi Joe, if Boston brings back Chara it will be as a third pairing. He will still get number 1 pk minutes and take draws in the defensive zone.

      It was also mentioned that he could be potentially scratched against fast team.

      My only concern is, at this point is he holding someone else back. Maybe with games played it allows Boston to keep another dman games under 70 so they don’t have to expose in the expansion draft.

      Is Chara the worst 3rd pairing dman, no. This covid cup, three cases in 4 nights, back to backs and every second night doesn’t happen in a normal setting but we don’t know when or how the 2020 2021 regular season will look.

      This should be Chara swan song.

      • Neely admitted the Bruins need to get bigger and stronger on the D and the wings it’s long overdue their team right now was built for the long haul but not for the playoffs thinking only reason they got to last years SC is because they didn’t play TB or Wash …

    • I’m not a B’s fan, but from an outsider, Chara is still serviceable, but, B’s need to learn to live life beyond Chara. Move on. Start preparing.

    • Also not a B’s fan but I have to ask, can/will Chara embrace playing 3rd pairing minutes?

  4. As I have previously mentioned,DeAngelo is someone that the Leafs should target, perhaps using Kerfoot as part of a package. DeAngelo is a right hand shot, he can score and he is big and young.These are all qualities that the Leafs need on right defense.Pursuing expensive free agents is not the way to go,as the Leafs should know by now. If Leafs had chosen Mark Hunter instead of Dubas as their general manager, most of the disasterous deals the Leafs have given to their “Fab four” would not have happened.However this is the Leafs. Since when have they made smart decisions!!!

    • David. DeAngelo is young and is a offensively gifted skater. He is not big. That’s basically one of the reasons Rangers might be shopping him. As mentioned in article, they have a prospect in the same mold, as well as Fox currently on roster. He has value on a team looking for that type of player. I don’t see a match with Toronto unless you’re sending back Reilly.

      • The Leafs are not sending back their #1 defenceman that’s under contract for 2 more seasons at $5.5M (Reilly) for a RFA that had one good season. 🙄

      • ADA on NYR makes the most sense in the crest team rebuild BUT I would consider the 15th overall from TML for ADA =) lol

        Then see what the 15th and 22nd can package to get us a long term legit 2c

    • @david
      DeAngelo is a very good but smaller offensive D and would not fill the gaps in Toronto. He gets outmuscled in his own zone too often. Great Powerplay QB and shelter him on the 3rd pairing. Not what the Leafs need..

      • DeAngelo is coming off 53 points in 68 games and has 105 points in 200 career games He’s 24 years old and still hasn’t hit his ceiling.
        3rd pairing after Trouba and Fox isn’t necessarily a career 3rd pairing guy. It’s a3rd pairing guy due to circumstances.

        No, he still doesn’t have time to turn into Hedman (Sorry Artsty) but by no stretch of the imagination is he JJ either.

        I think the best place for DeAngelo is right where he is… at least for the shot term. And NYs best option at center is a guy named Strome.

        Brooks is a moron. If DeAngelo is traded and Blossoms into a great Dman… he’ll be the 1st guy to scream what a terrible idea it was to trade him (completely forgetting this article or stance he takes today.

        You don’t worry about 2 years from now and what might be today. Keep DeAngelo and Strome on short term deals and worry about 2 years from now…. 1-2 years from now.

        Who is replacing DeAngelo next season… and his 53 points? Strome and his 60+ points?

        Lafreniere? Nothing like asking a rookie to put up 100 points!

        Brooks is an idiot!

      • This was supposed to go under capers post below.

      • @nyr4
        Contract negotiations could change Rangers stand on DeAngelo too. You cannot blame him for wanting to get paid as a top 5 scoring D or blame team for not giving him a huge contract with flat cap

      • Nyr4life, I believe you are spot on with Strome DeAngelo.

        These are young assets who have shown signs of being very good players in this league & neither have reached their peak yet. The Rangers are not yet a true contender, so why dismiss some of the kids unless the return is absolute.

        It is exactly how I feel about Domi, he has shown he is capable, maybe it is just a matter of being a guy who takes time to mature. To move kids just for the sake of moving them makes no sense IMO.

      • Although i tend to agree with NYR4Life on this I do wonder how they get both under contract for good term that lives flexibility to Zib and the ELCs over the next 2 years.

        I am guessing one would have to go IF Hank does not retire. If he retires they can get both done.

    • The complete ignorance of Gallant’s post is shocking.

      • Perhaps you should put forward your own solutions instead of mocking others. That would be more constructive

    • DeAngelo is not big…he’s 5’11” tall and 180lbs.

      Brooks is nuts! There is no way NYR sign him for $5.5M to play 3rd pair minutes and definitely not after one 53 point season. His last deal paid him $925K.

      Would he look good on the Leafs blue line? IDK…can he play defence? Leafs need a sound defender.

  5. When I see “going to trade a 3rd pairing defense man for a second line Center. ”

    All I say is good luck with that.

    • Caper. “3rd pair” is a term I don’t agree with. It implies he’s 5th or 6th dman.
      As stated, he’s not best defensive player on team. But, he was 4th in league in scoring among dmen. Defensive pairings are just that. Pairings. Somebody mentioned above that Chariot is preferred partner of Weber. Does that mean he’s a top pair LD? Rangers have Fox who some feel can step up and provide more offense if in top PP. DeAngelo was one of the best PP QB’s in league this year. He was paired all year with Staal at 5v5 most of season. That didn’t help. Maybe on a better defensive team that needs a guy like him, he has more value. Maybe Rangers keep him. They can always trade Fox or Nils down the road. I doubt they “lose rights” to him. Also, depending what 2C you’re trading for, who knows what the value going back will be.

      • Slick62 he lead the team in scoring for D, yet he falls behind Trouba and Fox on the right side.

        Outside looking in that’s a glaring statement of what the Rangers brass think of his overall game.

        Still a third pair dman, isn’t bringing back a second line center of quality.

      • Good example is Marc Methot playing with Erik Karlsson.

      • Caper I’m not saying this is the case but if DeAngelo is more or less as good as the other too but in different ways, then why not have him on a bottom pairing to feast off of lesser opponents? Especially if he’s offensively productive.
        What I’ve seen of him, I’ll have to agree that he doesn’t look to be a bottom pairing guy at all but more top four… and he’s young. You need to figure out if the past season was a one off and would he be able to repeat?

      • Reminds a bit of 5′ 11″ 180-lb Gostisbehere who, following the 2015-16 – 2017018 seasons everyone was raving about – now he’s mentioned frequently as trade fodder

      • Caper, again. Who is saying he’s a “3rd pairing”? Brooks. DeAngelo was 2nd in TOI for all their defenseman this year.

  6. Trading Danault wouldn’t make sense if he was assured being a top 2 center. But, rumors started because he’s openly expressed he doesn’t want to be a 3c. If that’s the case, he’ll be gone after this season anyway. They could keep him until deadline though. Domi seemed to be the more likely trade candidate, but if Danault wants out, it would make sense to sign the younger Domi.

    • Slick, I listened to Danualt’s interview live. What he said was taken waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out of context.

      Yes he said he want to play up in the lineup, but there was definitely no “OR ELSE” implied, nor did the tone of his voice imply that attitude either.

      It’s Montreal, if someone yawns during an interview it is viewed as they are not all in with the team & they to be traded.

      As far as Domi, I would sign him & he would not be playing center unless one of KK, Suzuki or Danault.

      If the lines are Danault/Tatar/Gally, Suzuki/Joe/Armia, that would make Domi plaing the RW with KK, with either Letkhonen or Byron or someone Bergevin has yet to obtain???

      Then if Suzuki & KK continue to progress, maybe they can entertain moving Danault at the deadline if they feel that is the direction to take.

      • Agree very much you keep Danault who is not unhappy at all. But I think you want shooters on KK’s line and Domi is not that and Lehkonen can’t score.

        Third liners in this league need to be able to play D but also convert and I hope the Habs move on from Lehkonen. Byron is a the type of player you want on that line. Maybe you give Poehling a tryout there.

        Domi, Lehkonen, Mete and even Kulak should all be actively shopped. After Domi, they’re serviceable players for teams building up but all have their ceilings and that has been reached in Montreal.

        I realize Montreal continues to lack true game-breakers, unless Suzuki continues to get even better, but Montreal’s middle talent level is certainly below where it’s at on the teams still playing and likely to get back to the playoffs.

        Frankly, Drouin needs to go too but that’s probably a pipe dream.

      • Shaun,

        Lehkonen is a third liner who can score 15 or so goals, kill penalties and play solid defense. Winning teams need guys like that.

      • Howard, I agree re. 3rd liners but Lehkonen doesn’t quite deliver that offence and misses the majority of his opportunities. That last is observation, obviously. I would be okay to see him go.

  7. David Galant
    U R absolutely in the right direction, as per Mark Hunter
    Leafs were so, close with their train of thought , than an avalanche hit them .
    Hunter ran for the hills , as Shanahan chose Dubais .
    I could only imagine the scenario , if Hunter were in charge .
    Matthews and Marner would of been signed a year earlier , Mark Hunter himself – made this public …
    There definitely was a “clash” between Dubais and Hunter , which we will never know , …
    Hunter was the guy – Dubais has openly admitted to making mistakes , with his teeter -totter choice of rebuilding the team ..
    Meaning , a talented -passive group of forwards and a very weak defense , which cannot be adjusted because of the cap
    Shanahan should resign !

  8. I do not understand how any reporter who wants credibility continues to report any darren ferris player signing in switzerland. He has done this with a player every off season for the last like 4 years? maybe 5?

  9. Reading between the lines regarding Danault, he is most bothered by his defensive only role. The reason, in large part, is the wingers he was assigned. I think if MB was able to acquire winger(s) with more offensive upside for Danault to play with, he’d be happy. Trade chips would be Domi, Metee, Byron, all but this years first, all picks next year, and other trade offer dependent. Point is the Habs have options to acquire wingers. The RW spot below Gally is weak; Kovalckuk is not the solution there.

  10. Shaun,

    Lehkonen has averaged 15G and 30P per 82 games throughout his career. Plays solid D and kills penalties. Cap hit of $2.4m. That’s what you expect from a third liner. A rival GM is reported to have said that if the Habs were to try to trade him 30 other teams would be interested. He is not the problem.

    • This is fact.
      I’d take him, given the chance.
      He’s really good at his job.

  11. Well here I go again with my out-of-the box comments; First, I would rather trade Trouba than DeAngelo. I put together a package with either one of those guys plus Kreider, Strone or Buchnevich for the LA 2nd pick in this years draft. Quinton Byfield, of course.

    Remember, Kreider and Trouba both have NMC’s that kick-in on on October 9th. Those NMC’S are for the next 3 years and then convert to NTC’s for the remaining length of their contracts.

    May need to include at least one prospect … And possibly retain 25% of
    Trouba’s contract.
    i know it sounds like a lot, however you
    still have Kaapo, Kravtsov and Chytil….