NHL Rumor Mill – October 17, 2020

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The latest on Patrik Laine and Mike Hoffman plus updates on the Bruins and Ducks in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck notes TSN’s reporting Patrik Laine’s agents suggesting a trade for their client might be mutually beneficial for Laine and the Jets, comparing it to Jacob Trouba’s agent requesting a trade back in 2016. He was traded in 2019 to the New York Rangers.

Winnipeg Jets left wing Patrik Laine (NHL Images).

Billeck wonders how it reached this point with Laine, pointing out the Jets’ difficulty of retaining some of their stars. He suggests the blame lies not with the city or other issues but within the organization. He also wondered how that could affect the morale of Laine’s teammates if he’s the latest star to head out the door.

Billeck feels the club has failed to provide Laine with a center to play with. He feels there’s no reason Laine can’t be the top-line left wing while Kyle Connor plays with Nikolaj Ehlers on the second line.

SPORTSNET: Ken Wiebe also cites Laine’s probable disappointment in not getting first-line minutes. He wouldn’t be surprised if general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff was dangling the winger in the trade pond to see what offers he might attract to address the Jets’ roster needs.

He doubts any public attempt by Laine’s agents to force the issue will work with Cheveldayoff, pointing out it years before Trouba and Evander Kane were dealt after making trade requests.

Wiebe doesn’t believe the Jets would trade Laine for just pennies on the dollar. He listed seven teams (Florida Panthers, Buffalo Sabres, Carolina Hurricanes, Philadelphia Flyers, Anaheim Ducks, New York Islanders and Columbus Blue Jackets) that could have the assets to acquire the young sniper.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wiebe’s proposals include such notables as Florida’s Aaron Ekblad and Jonathan Huberdeau, Buffalo’s Sam Reinhart, Carolina’s Brett Pesce and Martin Necas, Philadelphia’s Travis Konecny and Travis Sanheim, Anaheim’s Hampus Lindholm, the Islanders Brock Nelson and Ryan Pulock, and Columbus’ Zach Werenski. Some of those, like Huberdeau, could be part of a one-for-one swap. The rest would have to be the centerpiece of a larger package.

Laine’s agents can suggest a trade but that doesn’t mean Cheveldayoff will do it. The return has to make sense for the Jets. Hanging over this, of course, is Laine’s contract. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’ll demand a significant raise over his $6.75-million annual average value.

Perhaps this situation gets resolved by moving Laine to the first line and dropping Connor down to the second line with Ehlers and Paul Stastny. He lights it up next season, the Jets reward him with a lucrative long-term deal and everyone’s happy. Another option is Laine goes to arbitration next summer, ensuring he’ll be leaving Winnipeg when he reaches UFA eligibility at 25. Or Cheveldayoff gets a trade offer too good to pass up in the coming weeks.

What’s certain is we haven’t heard the last of Laine in offseason trade chatter.


THE SCORE: Matt Teague and Brandon Maron list the Nashville Predators, Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, Columbus Blue Jackets and the Florida Panthers as possible destinations for Mike Hoffman. The 30-year-old winger remains the best available player in this year’s UFA market. He’s reportedly willing to accept a one-year contract worth around $6 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators, Bruins and Blue Jackets have been linked to him in recent trade speculation. The Preds have the cap space to meet his salary demand. The Bruins have over $12 million available but must also re-sign Jake DeBrusk, Matt Grzelcyk and Zdeno Chara. The Jackets must re-sign first-line center Pierre-Luc Dubois before they commit dollars to another forward.

The Kings have over $13 million in cap space and recently acquired Olli Maatta from the Chicago Blackhawks. GM Rob Blake, however, seems intent on maintaining his rebuilding program. Adding an expensive, short-term veteran doesn’t seem to fit into that plan. As for the Panthers, they could circle back to Hoffman now that Evgenii Dadonov has departed for Ottawa.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens look at six possible replacements for Ryan Miller if he doesn’t return as the Anaheim Ducks backup. He suggested Craig Anderson, Jimmy Howard, Michael Hutchinson, Garret Sparks, Adin Hill and Pheonix Copley.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Joe Haggerty cites a couple of sources saying the Bruins could consider former Montreal Canadiens defenseman Karl Alzner as a cheap insurance option in case youngsters like Urho Vaakanainen and Jakub Zboril show they aren’t ready for prime time


  1. Laine to the Ducks ?
    Don’t think so. They are already over the cap, adding another 6.7 Mil just makes it more difficult.

    2) Only has 1 year left on contact, then the headache of trying to resign him.

    3) Ducks do not have a “gifted” passing center that he needs. Ducks rebuilding, would be wasted putting a sharp shooter next to a center just learning his position.


    • Good points Boom/Bust

      What Cheveldayov is now faced with is the prospect of being forced into a deal he simply cannot win since the vast majority of his potential trade partners are so up tight against the flat cap – now and likely next year – it severely limits his options – and none of those are going to relinquish anything of equal value for a player THEY may not be able to re-up next year if his attitude stays the same.

      And keeping in the fold a player who has vocally said he wants out is going to create an awkward situation that won’t do much for team morale, somewhat akin to the Evander Kane era.

    • Good morning

      I hate to say this but the Sabres have 13 million in cap space still and could Create a SUPERTEAM if they can land Laine & Niku or Roslovic for Dauhlin and Rhienhart..or parts of that nature ..

      This would help the Jets on the D side and give an amazing line of Laine Eichel and Hall as a top line in Buffalo …

      There are still some decent names in the UFA list to fill rolls on the D side in Buffalo …Hamonic , Vatanen to name a few that can fill a role on D that will not require a secondary trade just teh left over money if they can get Laine signed for close to between Hall and Eichel …that would leave enough money left over and then buy out Okposo …this could be a crazy scenario but not that far fetched …Dahlin while a god puck mover could be signed for less than Laine long term and has great upside and a need for the jets and still young and an RFA so contract can be negotiated for dollar value an AAV ..

      • If BUF trades Dahlin for Laine they should fire everyone involved in making that decision.

      • Ray fire everyone involved by the you mean Chevy?

      • @ ray Bark

        WHY ?????

        They would have one of the best lines in Hockey ! DUDE!

        seriously !

        Laine has arguably the best shot in the league put him with Hall and Eichel ..thats gold!

        Crazy power play …but anyways …you have your opinion ..but you disagree with about
        90 % of what everyone says anyways ! LOL


      • I definitely respect the scoring prowess Laine has, but I’m with Ray on this. Dahling could be the next Hedman, they just have to be patient.

      • Caper, fire everyone involved in the decision from Buffalo’s side.

      • I wouldn’t say 90% Kal El, but a solid 50-60% is probably accurate! You and I disagree quite a bit though. Just arguing opinions Kal El, not a big deal.

        The reason is Laine is a high scoring winger, 25th in points for forwards. Good player and is getting better defensively I hear.
        Dahlin was 21st among D and missed time so pretty much a lock to be top 10-15 most seasons in scoring for D-men. I would wager top 5 most seasons. Had the 2nd most points as an 18 yr old D man in league history. I think Orr was better.
        Great skater, great offense, vision, can pass it and shoot it. Plus he is 6’3″ and is just 20.
        There is a reason he went #1.

        The guy will be a Norris trophy candidate for a decade. You keep the #1 D-man, which he will be. You don’t trade guys like him.

      • Ray Bark knows hockey! Spot on, as usual!

    • Dahlin is the best young defenceman in the league. He’d be in the Mcdavid, Crosby category of guys who don’t get traded.

      I don’t think Reinhart gets it done from pegs perspective. Good player but doesn’t have the game breaking talent.

      • Dahlin is untouchable especially for Laine. However, Reinhart, Montour and Mittelstadt. would be a doable offer.

      • Kal El writes “LOL” into every 1 of his posts, like a little kid.

        I also find it comical when he writes “IMO” at the end of a long winded post, obviously it is your opinion- whos else would it be?

    • The Ducks have the ability to put Kesler on LTIR to fill up that cap to fit him and have a ton of cap opening up next off-season.

      The Ducks also have Getzlaf who is still a fantastic distributor of the Puck as well as Zegras coming in soon who is the exact kind of center who would thrive with a winger like Laine, although I would have preferred drafting Holtz or Rossi over Drysdale to fill that role

    • Konecny, sanheim, and German rubstov and a 3rd for laine and a 2nd should get it done for the flyers

  2. Scott Bileck knows the problem is with the city but he can’t write that in the Winnipeg Sun.

    But the issue is young millionaires who want everything perfect in their lives. Millionaires who probably have had what they want when they want all their lives. The most spoiled of a spoiled generation. Inconveniences are not be born but to be eliminated.

    I think all Canadian teams suffer this to some extent. Winnipeg, Edmonton and Montreal seem to suffer more than Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver,

    I am a big Leaf fan but I don’t kid myself Matthews wants to be there any time longer than is necessary. Winnipeg has this worse than Toronto.

    I have written this before. I think Canadian teams have a systemic problem the NHL nor the NHLPA wants to resolve as it is in their interest to promote the US.

    Ottawa just had a great spring. They better time their contracts accordingly or it will go to waste.

    • You got that right Old Blue Dog!

    • Couldn’t agree more OBD, well said.

      Even though I cheer for an American based based team, I live in Canada (extremely proudly I might add), and see the plight of the Canadian based teams, not just in hockey, that you describe beautifully.

      It’s absolutely insane to me that this country is good enough to support and nurture your talent, but when it comes to seeing your dreams come true, you quickly turn your back and never return. Spoiled indeed!

    • at O B D

      I wont argue over certain points ..but the Jets signed Wheeler and Sheifle for below average contracts to stay in the Peg ..IMO

      is Matthews going to bolt after 5 years …my answer would probably be… yes..
      another mistake by Dubas with only a 5 year deal ..now with a flat cap ..they cannot give him the raise he was most likely promised again after this deal …he will leave ..IMO

      Out of te other side of my mouth …while Iam a beliver that the players make good money thay are in a terrible system in compariosn to other sports …these kids play a game that is tough and elite …to only about 700 pplper year out of the hundreds of millins who try and make it …and they get paid peanuts in compariosn to other team sports …and do not get paid REAL market value to be a pro sport athlete…loke Football and Baseball or basket ball and so foth …Yes I understand the dynamics of teh advertsing and TV deals and all that jazz….the owners at one point were paying money to build crazy teams …and still there can only be one team who wins.

      I think there should be a system to where as in 2 stars from every team can be paid ANYTHING that the owners want to pay them to keep them there …and then the rest of the cap gets distributed to the other teammates …this way it allows the team to become higher quality and more money for the players that deserve it in the bottom 6 …IMO …its only fair to the rest of the team of guys who are the bottom the totem pol to be compensated properly for being an elite
      700-in the world and not just a FILLER !


    • If we take Laine at his word, his issue is he wants to play on the top line, not the city of WPG.
      I agree that some Canadian teams suffer, but I don’t think it is every player.
      I like living in Western Canada, but I was born and raised on the prairies.

      Laine comes a mid sized city in Finland, so WPG isn’t that different from a size or weather standpoint.
      This might simply be about where he plays in the lineup and leveraging for a long term deal.

      From WPG’s standpoint, it might just be about what we give the Leafs grief over; spending too much $$ up front on high end scorers and not enough on the rest of the team.

      Like the suggestion above, if Chevvy could get Dahlin for Laine, he would do it and he would be right IMO. The problem is when it goes public, it gets tougher to do that.

      • Ray from what i understand Laine likes Winnipeg and the fans for the most part like Laine.

        Trading Laine for Dahlen makes no sense from a Buffalo perspective. Dahlen is poised to be a number 1 dman for years to come. I don’t believe you trade that away.

        If its about playing first line minutes and pp, well that fall on the coach.

        Paul Maurice job is to win hockey games and not to give into the demands of his players.

        I’m a huge Laine fan but I dont like this attitude or demands being brung forward by his agent and obviously Laine consent.

      • Totally agree Caper, and again this could just be the agent trying to force Chevvy’s hand by bringing it public.
        It usually doesn’t work on Chevvy, which you have brought up a few times.
        If he actually wants a trade, he isn’t helping his cause as he is pushing his value down not up by going public.

      • @Caper. I fully agree you don’t do the deal from Buffalo’s standpoint but, being a Habs fan, and watching my team trade away first McDonnagh and then Sergachev, I wonder at the perceived need for marquee goal scorers.

        Not suggesting Dahlin’s talent cap is the same as those Habs draftees … I understand his is perceived to be higher.

        But as much as “defence wins championships” has it’s supporters, you can’t win without scoring is the yin to that yang. And was there ever a more boring invention than the trap? Scoring certainly fills your arena … when we can return to that former life. Just ruminating and sharing the observation that a lot of teams have made strange choices in the past.

  3. Jets keep Laine … Bruins trade #46 to Jets for Adam Lowry

  4. Ekblad, Ellis, Dumba should be the Jets targets in that order.

    • Hey was Ken Wiebe in here yesterday reading my comments.

  5. Laine and Roslovic to Detroit.
    Martha, Zadina, Seider and Cholowski to Win.

    • Yeah no thank you to that horrible trade for the Wings. I would much much rather keep Mantha, Zadina and Seider than have a prima donna like Laine (no matter how many goals he scores) and a 20 points player. This would be a massive step backwards in the rebuild for the Wings.

    • Omg no no no and no! Mantra and Cholowski for Laine? Maybe, probably. But SeideR isn’t going anywhere and Yzerman should be very wary to trade Zadina at this stage of his career. To add those two for Rosloviic who can’t even crack the top 6? That’s terrible terrible terrible. Obviously a WPG trade suggestion, not DET.

  6. Cheveldayov has to get Maurice and Laine on the same page one way or the other. You can teach checking, you can devise covers for weak defenders but you can’t teach scoring goals.
    The kid has natural ability that can’t be recouped in a trade.

  7. To all of you Canadian whiners, didn’t you guys invent the game???

    • Denis was there a thought that went with that post? Or just whining.


        Admit it Herron is right.

        The NHL and NHLPA made the Canadian teams other than Leafs and Habs viable with the salary cap. Any fan of OTT, WINN, VAN, EDM should be bowing to them not whining about them.

      • Lol, yea your right Wendell the salary cap doesn’t help Florida, Tampa Bay, San Jose, Anaheim, Arizona, etc , etc ,etc at all. Just the Canadian Teams.

        I guess the Oilers and Flames need to thank the Leafs for giving them all those Cups in the 80’s too?

      • Can. king read my post yesterday regarding cities that deserve an NHL franchise.

    • Yep sure did bud, your point is?

    • Denis, pretty sure that was Don Cherry…. or was it Brian Burke?

    • We also invented basketball … so what?

  8. Yup invented and dominate

    • One, who was the last Canadien team to win the cup? When was that?

      • * Obe, not one.

  9. Yzerman commented on plans after making some short term FA signings:
    “Now he said the Red Wings expect to turn attention to trades, looking to potentially make deals with teams who are cap-crunched.“
    Not sure he’s interested in Laine, but they have cap space. 22 year old star would seem a great fit on rebuilding Wings. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Detroit make some kind of deal with Tampa.

    • I wouldn’t either, but I’m a bit surprised that Buffalo isn’t dealing with Tampa. Tampa can make some trades that are modest downgrades if they solve cap problems; Buffalo is a couple of more upgrades from being a really competitive team with another shot to reconfigure at the trade deadline.

  10. I don’t think Sweeney is trying to land Hoffman.

    I believe he is done, other then signing Debrusk and Grizz.

    Still would like to see him sign AA.

    The young guys like Zboril on LD will get a chance and Trent Federick up front.

  11. Caper I believe Boston will sign Hoffman if everything else he is working on falls apart. I think he is working on a trade that involves Debrusk but that’s just my guess.

  12. I think the bruins are toast unless they do something quick! Their inability to close the deal over the years is disturbing. We all know Sweeney attended Harvard. Big deal you can have all the smarts in the world in the world but if you can’t close the deal it all means nothing! Even Pete C despite his habit of continually overspending managed to close the deal. I don’t know what it is about Sweeney ( Hall Tavares OEL Alex Etc. the list is long ) But he always blows it. I’d worry about getting players to help this team and the cap later/ It’s a business you have to have the product on the ice. The Leafs, Habs and to a certain extent The sabres have improved Boston for the third yeyar in row have basicallt done nothing. If Sweeney blows this it;s time for him and needwit to go!

  13. Konecny and Sanheim for Laine?
    Why would the Flyers do that? Give up prime assets for possibly one year of Laine when they could just sign Hoffman for dollars only?
    Same production but with no costs beyond money.

    • Flyers fan here. Laine for TK and Sandheim is essentially trading sachem to significantly upgrade TK. The dollars work out reasonably well. If Laine agrees to sign a longer term contract I would do this.

  14. I think you would define expectations prior to any kind of Laine move. Once that is determined I think both the Flyer Cane pairs-Sanheim & Konecny , Pesce & Necas would do it for me. Maybe swap some draft picks around. Laine has clearly not been happy since his arrival to be honest. Reminds me of Oreilly situation prior to landing in StLouis. Happy players are productive players and most importantly good teammates

  15. If Jets could get Konecny and Sanheim?? Make that trade now Chevy!

    • Its Provorov or its a non starter for Jets.

      • Philly would be crazy to trade Provorov for a winger. Provorov will be their 1D the next several years and at an affordable contract for a player of that calibre. This is similar to the trade proposal including Dahlin from Buffalo. Winnipeg would be all over that if that was offered, even without Reinhart (Reinhart and Ristolainen would be more like it with picks/prospects/secondary players balancing out the trade). You never trade a 1D for a winger unless you have no choice, and that isn’t the case for Philadelphia or Buffalo.

      • I would tend to agree Van…so a trade between them is a non starter as I said.

  16. Pengy , GMJR just found your new JJ.

    • LOL. Saw that Fergy. Signs Cody Ceci to a 1-year $1.25 mil deal. Here we go again …

    • My brother called Ceci “Cody Soso” and even that was a complement when he tried to cover 1st and 2nd line talent. However, Ceci is now paid as a third pairing defenceman and should be fine at that. I’ve seen both play a fair amount (much more of Ceci) and personally feel Ceci is head and shoulders better than Johnson.

      The biggest issue in Ottawa and Toronto was the fans expected a 3-4D, which he clearly isn’t. If Ceci had been picked outside of the first round (he was 15th in 2012), I don’t think he’d get the criticism he does from Sens/Leafs fans.

      This must have been a wake-up call for Ceci. Dorion made the right call not signing him to the long term deal Ceci thought he deserved (rumoured to be US$4M-5M/year). Zaitsev is overpaid, but is clearly better than Ceci and a better mid-term option on the second pairing.

      • if Pitt play him with a solid defensive partner it could be ok but he regressed after year his 3rd in Ott. In 18-19 , mostly paired with Lajoie, it was very very tough to watch. Have to admit at times I got up and left the room when they came on the ice. I seldom dump on players but ….at least he is getting paid more in line with his value now.

    • Hi Fergy , George , and Van

      This is an excellent signing

      See my post below for full rationale

      I’m a happy camper; as I think all Pens fans will be

    • Ceci = JJ 2.0

    • Ok Wendell. Chuckles.

  17. Throwing this out there

    with Little injuries

    To NYI: Laine & Perreault (11M)

    To WPG: Barzal & Ladd & Dobson

    Stastny does not get resigned and his salary combined with Laine’s gives room to resign Barzal to a big contract and give Barzal a 1 yr to his liking in terms.

    NYI can JGP & Nelson as their top 2 and more winger power.

    Nelson with Lee and Laine looks good to me

    JGP with Eberle and Bailey looks good to me

    • IHC, you gotta stop throwing this stuff out there. That is a horrible trade for the Islanders. I wouldn’t trade Barzal straight up for Laine let alone throwing in Dobson for good measure. And no none of that is more palatable by moving Ladd.

    • Ihatecrosby, I guess you hate Barzal, too.

      Barzal is NOT getting traded for anyone. PERIOD.

      With the Isles opening a new arena, he is the face of the franchise. They need him to sell tickets.

      That nonsense started on a site that I can’t bring myself to name. But you guys know who it is.

  18. Was out shopping and various errands, but got a flood of happy texts from colleagues and friends from Pittsburgh and/or fans of Pens

    Excellent news…… Pens signed Ceci for 3RD… Pens fans happy👍👍👍👍👍👍

    Whew… that is a load off of Pens fan’s minds

    For a while it was looking like Jimbo was insisting on Chad Ruhweedel being 3RD 🤬😡🤬😡🤬😡😡

    As a Pens and Leafs fan I can tell you having watched all CR’s games (but 2) over the last 4 years and all of Ceci’s games last year… this is a big improvement … big

    From a physical standpoint… 3” taller, 20 lbs heavier. Faster. 3 1/2 years younger… that’s just raw numbers

    As far as how well they play… Ceci far better… far

    For Leafs fans who had pains when Ceci played last year… with you… no challenge… but he is a big improvement over CR… big improvement… that will just let Leafs fans know how bad Pens had it with JJ and CR in the line up

    Pens now have improved a great deal over last year

    The biggest was of course the massive addition by subtraction (of the worst player in NHL history)…. that move alone improved the D and team by more than any other possible addition that could have happened… a massive massive improvement for the team

    Ceci for sure is not great by any stretch, not the offensive guy Shultz is/was… but if it is a choice Ceci or CR…. Ceci all the way… small cap hit of $1.25 M… great move GMJR👍👍👍👍

    On top of the overall improvement in D….

    Kappy …bigger , taller, light speed faster, 9 years younger than Horny (a fan fav and a fav of mine… but it was time to move on)

    Bjug out, and he was doing nothing for Pens… Marleau (not a good acquisition) also out… replaced by Jankowski and Sceviour …. big increase in speed, uptick in production, younger

    Pens skaters got much younger, much faster, and much better overall

    The only concern is De Smith in for MM… if TJ can stay healthy and do 80% of the starts… Pens will be OK

    With that in mind (healthy TJ, and starting close to 80% of games)… and hopefully bring up Poulin…IMHO… this Pens team is set for competing for (and very good shot at) Metro winner

    Go Pens Go


    • Pengy , I am going to hit pause on this and see how you feel a couple of months after the next season starts.

      • You are right…I’m getting all excited with this addition and there still lies the possibility that Sully plays CR instead of Ceci… fingers crossed

        Right now CapFriendly has them listed at 13(F)- 8 (D)

        If they go 14-7… waive CR bring up Poulin… you will see a Pengy happy dance

        All joking aside… I know the Leaf fans concerns with Ceci … no challenge

        What they don’t know, is how much worse than Ceci that CR is… a huge deal

        Stevie Y snapped up Stetcher for $1.7 M…. him as Pens 3RD would have been much better

        But if the choice is Ceci or CR…. it’s Ceci… every single time

        Does GMJR have 1 more trick up his sleeve… Haula 1 @ $1.5 M?? I dream

    • Pengy, You’re all excited over Cody Ceci?

      Pens window is closing fast and Cody Ceci is the best they can do?

      I’m not quite as optimistic as you are, on the Pens.

      That old gang of mine is older and more injury prone.

      I think that the Pens are in for a rough ride this year, especially in the souped up Metro.

      All great teams eventually fall victim to Father Time. Believe me, I watched my Isles just flatline after their Cup runs.

      Maybe not. I have a lot of respect for Crosby and he is a winner. Not sure about the rest of the gang.

      • Team got younger and faster … by far … 20/21 over 19/20 … and jettisoned the soul reason they missed the playoffs

        JJ out… replaced by anybody…… and Zi mean anybody….. gargantuan improvement

        JJ and CR out …. replaced by any LF and any RD…. A N Y …. even more of an improvement

        Kappy over Horny…. faster, bigger younger

        Bjug /Marleau replaced by Jankowski and Sceviour…. again … younger, faster, better

        Only down from past year is DeSmith replacing Murray…. a healthy Jarry playing 80% of starts mitigates that

        For sure a better team than last year…. and last year the team was on pace for 102 points

        In all honesty…. if TJ plays 80% of starts, and CR down, Poulin up…. that Pens team has excellent shot at winning Metro AND being in ECF (so one series away from getting back to SCF again

    • so whomever CR is he is an ECHL level talent then because Ceci is a mid level AHL Dman. Congrats!

      • CR (Chad Ruhweedel), on his best day, is bottom pairing ECHL…. as at right now Pens have 16 D’s under contract between Pens and AHL team (WBS) …. he is 16th best…. the inly player he was better than got bought out a couple of weeks ago

        Ceci in , instead of CR…. big improvement, even with Ceci’s past performance

        This was a plus

        Again…. would have loved Stetcher… but Stevie Y got him for $1.7 M 😭

  19. Bruins sign Grizzzzzz Krugs replacement for half the price watch and see his numbers sky rocket great deal for both.

    • Hi Obe

      I do see an increase in production from Gryzlyk … not as confident on “sky-rocket”

      Agree… good deal

      $6.7 M left for DeBrusk , Big Z, and one of Frederick or Studnicka… so enough space

  20. Pengy his numbers definitely going up along with Charlie and Cliffy hockey. Krug was a minus player and Grzzzz a positive player.

    • I have no doubt on that… improvement yes…. skyrocketing, as I said… I’m much less confident in

  21. Assuming the season starts Jan 1. Marchard will miss 2 months and Pastrnak 3. That would be a very tough start. Dig the well before you are thirsty.

    • Hi SS

      I have serious doubts re 1/1 start

      At first I thought both were out until March… recent reports have them both ready for 1/2… which is a very realistic NHL season start … and if so… missing no games

      Anything can happen… but worst case …. if a miracle happens and NHL starts 1/1 (don’t count on it)… they’ll be out 10 games max

      As a Leaf fan…. I say take as much time as possible to fully recover…. but realistically , IMHO they have more chance of both being in game 1 than missing a month

  22. Billeck’s article it typical of gutless Winnipeg media to call out the real problem … .500 coach Paul Maurice. Chevy deserves some credit here for rehiring him and Chipman appears to blind to the fact that he is paying to the cap and he has a .500 coach squandering what was one a promising lineup.
    I hope Chipman realizes He needs some proven hockey winners to get to the next level. You don’t given away players like Laine and expect to win.