Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 11, 2020

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The latest on Alex Pietrangelo and Taylor Hall plus updates on the Lightning, Leafs, Blackhawks, Avalanche and Canucks in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports defenseman Alex Pietrangelo flew with his wife yesterday to Las Vegas to meet with the Golden Knights and tour their facilities. LeBrun considers the Golden Knights as the front-runner.

Taylor Hall is still considering his options in the free-agent market (NHL Images).

Darren Dreger reports winger Taylor Hall and his agent spent yesterday paring down their list of potential destinations. Hall is considering roster fit, team quality and the variety of offers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It sounds like Hall has more suitors than Pietrangelo. That’s likely due to the winger’s reported willingness to accept a one- or two-year deal.

It certainly seems like Pietrangelo could be Vegas-bound. They’ll have to clear considerable cap space to sign him to what could be between $8 million and $9 million annually on a long-term deal. Both players are taking their time and it could be another couple of days before they make their decisions.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes Tampa Bay Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois will have to attach an asset to Tyler Johnson if he hopes to move the winger’s contract. The constraints in moving money under a flattened cap make it difficult to swing a deal.

Lebrun feels they must cut $10 million from their payroll to re-sign restricted free agents Anthony Cirelli, Mikhail Sergachev and Erik Cernak. Johnson has a full no-trade clause but has submitted a list of 7-8 preferred trade destinations.

Frank Seravalli also reports the Lightning are trying to move defenseman Braydon Coburn. He has a year remaining on his contract worth $1.7 million but also has a no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: BriseBois could have little choice but to include a decent asset in a package with Johnson if he hopes to move him. Otherwise, Cirelli or Sergachev could become offer-sheet targets. Coburn carries an affordable cap hit for next season but the 35-year-old blueliner is also coming to the end of his career. A sweetener might also have to be included to move him.


TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons reports the Maple Leafs have no money to spend on free agents unless they shed contracts. They still need a third-line center as Simmons doesn’t believe Alex Kerfoot can fill that role.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Leafs with $1.3 million in cap space with Travis Dermott and Ilya Mikheyev to re-sign. Unless they trade Kerfoot for a third-line center or find another way to free up cap room, they’ll have to stick with him in that role next season.


CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: In the wake of the Blackhawks trading Brandon Saad last night to the Colorado Avalanche for Nikita Zadorov, Ben Pope believes more moves are coming. He speculates Calvin de Haan, Connor Murphy or others could be traded to clear up their logjam on the blueline.


THE ATHLETIC: Following the Avalanche’s acquisition of Saad yesterday, Ryan S. Clark speculates their next move could be adding a top-four defenseman. That blueliner would have to agree to a one-year deal with a starting price of $4 million. Otherwise, they could turn to a prospect like Bowen Byram or Connor Timmins to replace the departed Zadorov.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not many UFA options available who could be had for that price. Maybe Sami Vatanen or Travis Hamonic.


THE ATHLETIC: Harman Dayal believes the Vancouver Canucks could turn to the trade market to replace departed defensemen Chris Tanev and Troy Stecher. Right-handed trade options could include Florida’s MacKenzie Weegar, New Jersey’s Damon Severson and Columbus’ David Savard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed the Panthers are shopping Weegar. Savard might not be available now that the Jackets added two centers in Max Domi and Mikko Koivu and have over $13 million in cap space to re-sign center Pierre-Luc Dubois. I don’t see the Devils trading Severson unless they’re planning to acquire an upgrade for the right side of their second defense pairing.


  1. Daryl, late yesterday you posted this to one of my exchanges with Wendel re one of his trade proposals involving the Leafs and Minnesota – thought I’d respond here since few bother to read yesterday’s newspapers 🙂 :

    “If the Sens have drafted well with their multiple first round pics they’ll find out in 3 years when their ELC’s expire.

    Let’s keep some perspective here… Leafs haven’t won since ‘67 but the Sens haven’t won at all.”

    It seems every time I comment on the Leafs when they are among the topics of the day (as they are again today), someone comes back with the equivalent of “oh yeah? well your Sens are pretty bad ….” or something along those lines.

    Well, yes, they have been and when they are one of the topics and it centers around one of their gaffes – whether by management or ownership – no one has been more critical of them than me. Hell, I’ve been saying (pre-Covid anyway) repeatedly over the past 3 years that they’ll move to another location like Houston.

    But I really can’t help it if the Leafs are among the topics far more often than the Sens. I enjoy your thoughts in here and I hope you are not among those who think only devoted fans should be allowed to comment on their team of choice.

    • Hi George O— I do appreciate your comments on any subject…Leafs or otherwise.

      I’m not one of those Leafs fans that think every player is a star…I think I’m realistic when considering trade values

      My brother is a Sens fan and I can remember giving him the gears when they traded for Phaneuf. I still wish Dubas trades Johnsson/Kapanen with Zaitsev instead of Connor Brown. He had the quietest 20G rookie year I can recall

      I’m sure you can appreciate how tiring it gets to hear the ‘67 storyline. Fact is the Leafs have come close a couple times…they had some good teams in the 70’s undone by management. The 80’s were a debacle of epic proportions

      The Leafs rebuild with Shanahan has to be given some slack…it’s not that far along. Dubas was saddled with a coach he didn’t hire so his clock should start ticking now. He’s got his coach and his players…let’s see how it unfolds.

      OTT has some nice pieces but it’s how those pieces fit together. EDM can be a good example of what happens when young players don’t pan out…

      Looking forward to more hockey talk 👍🏻

      • Re Edm comparison … and to a certain extent Leafs roster make-up … totally agree that it’s a matter of finding the right balance, and with a hard cap, that just doesn’t apply to throughout the roster with the right mix of skill and “grit” but also to how the cap is spread.

        For sure, in a matter of a few short years – IF the likes of Norris, Batherson, Formenton, Stutzle, Sanderson, Thompson, Bernard-Docker, ALL become bona-fide NHLers, along with what they’re paying Chabot, Murray and, soon, Tkachuk – some will absolutely have to be moved and that’s where Dorion will really have to show his mettle.

      • Oh, and as an aside Daryl, I bet your brother has reminded you many times that the closest old Dion ever got to the cup was the 2017 playoffs when he was an integral part of the Sens coming within 1 double-OT goal from advancing to the finals against Nashville. 🙂

    • Lets all get along–Opinions are good

      • George O—-oh…I do remember that run the Sens went on. I was pulling for them believe it or not.

        See what happens when the goal posts get in the way 😁

        Ottawa has some great pieces coming up. Would be nice to see some of them take a discount to build a dynasty but I don’t think the NHLPA wants that happening…not good for the “brotherhood”

      • Yeah, dynasties like the Habs of the 50s and 70s, the Leafs of the 60s the Islanders of the 70s, etc., are something we’ll never see again thanks to the cap.

    • George It boggles my mind why Ottawa doesn’t offer sheet Matt Barzal.

      They have the Cap space and the pix.

      It would turn that franchise around completely.

      Unfortunately, Melnyk is an albatross and the Sens are doomed unless he sells.

      • Yeah – although so far he is delighted at the moves, drafts and signings and, from his perch in the soon-to-be-independent Republic Of Barbados, has said whatever Dorion decides to do re cap spending, he has his full blessing. We’ll see.

        As for offers sheets, nevinsrip, I just don’t think Dorion is one to go that route. Someone posed that to him after Bergevin offer-sheeted Aho and all he would say is, “I just don’t feel comfortable doing that.”

        To me, the GENERAL reluctance to do that (Detroit could too as could NJ and LA) is puzzling since it’s a perfectly legal approach to hastening a re-build. Ahh well – chacun à son goût.

  2. Soothsayers, visionaries, Leaf fans, can anyone explain what Dubas is trying to accomplish?

    He did improve his D, but other moves cost him the grit he now wants (Komarov, Kadri), and pretty good bottom six forwards (Kapanen, Johnsson). He’s gone from having a team that was heavy on O and light on D to having a team that is imbalanced on O.

    I don’t think much of Dubas but it seems like he comes up with a different theme for his team with the changing of the season.


    • Pre fixed cap, I don’t think both Kapanen and Johnsson would have been moved.

      Kapanen was not able to make any significant impact in the playoffs, and with every penny counting right now, that unfortunately isn’t endurable.

      A 1st round pick for him was larceny, Dubas preyed on PIT’s urgent need to bolster the team around Crosby/Malkin before those wheels finally fall off.

      Johnsson was a cap dump, I suspect he’ll return to form, but on this team last year he didn’t click even on the top line with Matthews.

      Here’s hoping for one more good move.

  3. Kadri is the only one that matters. That trade was a mistake as Kadri is a borderline difference maker. The rest don’t matter but I assume you think it would have been a good move to sign Komi for the ridiculous amount Lou did? Then you would have dumped on for that.

    Simmons is typical lazy media again today.

    I think AP overplayed his hand and is gonna lose some term and/or $ by thinking he was this years Tavares.

    I hope Clb gets some big offer sheets out there, barzal, sergechev, cirelli ?

    • Bitter because AP is not coming to Toronto, Wendel?

      Kappanen and Johnsson don’t matter? Really?

      I neither said nor implied that the Leafs sign Komarov to an expensive contract. My post is pretty clear so I will not repeat it but maybe you should re-read it.

      • LJ, I have now lost several seconds of my life I can’t ever get back from reading your inane posts. “Fool me once…”

      • They really don’t matter with their organization depth.

      • Hi LJ…I’m a Leafs fan that couldn’t be happier that AP is not coming to TOR.

        Several gaffes were made moving players in the last couple years…where do I start.

        Komarov was a mistake. He’s a responsible defensive player, physical, can chip in on offense and apparently is quite a character. I wish they kept him instead of Johnsson.

        Kadri was an epic mistake. He was a multi tool player…skate, score, hit, pester…fight if needed. For the extra million compared to Kerfoot I know who I would take. Kadri would be an awesome 2LW with Tavares and Nylander.

        Including Connor Brown in the Zaitsev trade was a mistake. Kapanen should have been sent over instead. Connor Brown scores 20G for the Leafs as a rookie…and his salary was $1.2M less than Kapanen.

        Currently, Dubas is trying to cover for his mistakes. Unfortunately the flat cap is not what anybody expected. Everyone is making adjustments.

      • Daryl:

        It would have been a fiasco to bring AP to Toronto with their cap problems. Perhaps you can find solace in the fact that this didn’t happen for your Leafs. It is Thanksgiving, after all 😉

    • As a St. Louis fan it might sound bitter, but IMO Petro and Newport have really messed this up. They are living in a pre covid fantasy land in terms of their demands. I wish Petro the best of luck but I am somewhat happy the Blues didnt sign him to Josi money over the next 8 seasons with a NMC. On the flip side, you have to wonder how bad Vegas is going to get absolutely shredded when they try and move MAF plus another.
      In addition Armstrong made it sound like the Blues have strong evidence that Vegas spoke to Petro and Newport before UFA begun, and has documentation to file tampering charges with the league. Schwartz and Schenn have now both left Newport, Schenn last fall before signing his extension with the Blues and Schwartz left a month ago and is now working on a extension in St. Louis.

  4. Would like to hear leaf fans take on the leafs dumping Johnsson for a bag of pucks.
    I read here many times earlier in the year how Johnsson would get a top four defensman or a top pick in the draft.

    Very surprised to see the return

    • Tyler Johnson got waived. Dumping high priced mid players is costly

    • My comprehensive take on the Johnsson trade can be found under comments in last night’s late post by Lyle.

    • Flamesfan, although I don’t recall hearing anyone on here say that…I don’t doubt you.

      The simple take to your question is…Dubas hasn’t a clue!

    • FlameFan I know the salary dump had to come but I would have preferred Kerfoot to Andy Johnson, his speed was amasing and had more grit than he got credit for. Devils got a steal

      • Kerfoot is more versatile because he can play LW or C.

        With Matthews and Tavares being the top two C on the Leafs they’ll eat up about 45 minutes of ice time a game. The Leafs 3C needs to play about 8 -10 minutes a game. Spezza should be capable of this job.

        Kerfoot will either have to play 2LW or be moved for picks. I’d like the Leafs to trade Keefoot to EDM for Khaira to play 4C for TOR then TOR calls TB to acquire Killorn for 2LW

    • I know the salary dump had to come but I would have preferred Kerfoot to Andy Johnson, his speed was amasing and had more grit than he got credit for. Devils got a steal

    • Glad to see it. Unfortunately it was a year too late. They should have got rid of him long before Kadri.

      Even if Kadri was too much for a 3C at $4.5M I’d much rather have him than Johnsson at $3.4M
      Kadri would have been a great 1LW with Matthews or 2LW with Tavares.

      Dubas blew that trade. Barrie was not the type of D man they needed.

      They got good value for Kapanen though.

      • Kadri could not help himself from being supended when the team really needed him. May have had to do with the fact that nobody else on the team played the way he did for it to not be highlighted and action taken. That said, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice…you’re traded. Barrie did not work out. But what if it had? That’s the chance you take. no Guarantees. Kapanen can play top 6 but not on his off side, therefore wasted as a 3rd line RW behind Marner and Nylander. Johnnson had a great year when Mikeyev and Robertson where not on his heels. Now a third liner at best, so you gotta do what you gotta do. As for Kerfoot, he is a decent player, but I would rather have Joe Thornton as a big hairy mess as a 3C who can screen the front of the net on a power play, add some grit and still put up some points. I think Kerfoot gets mobed to allow signing of Mikeyev, and a good 3C. If they cannot resign Dermott favourably I am fine with Sandin and Lehtonen as 6 and 7 LD.

  5. George called it every team is being careful deals are hard to make it’s a buyers market. Scares me because if Boston trade Jake not sure what return would be obviously not much maybe to a team like Vegas trying to dump a D man if sign Alex.

    • Murph…good points.

      I think Kadri got railroaded by the DOPS in the situation with DeBrusk. He wasn’t injured in the play and played it up for the refs. Had the refs called DeBrusk for his knee on knee hit on Kadri earlier in that game…

      Kapanen was given plenty of opportunity to fit into the line up…he did not utilize his speed enough…hopefully somebody teaches him to stick his leg out, drop his shoulder and drive the net in PIT

      If Thorton will sign for $1M I’d do it…

      Dubas missed out on a few beauties for 4C…

  6. Sabres need an upgrade in goal and just signed Montour to a 3.8 one year contract. Would Avalanche be interested in trading either Grubauer or Francouz to Sabres for him?

    • G man. Call Columbus.

  7. I’ll say we’re only 1 day into free agency and think fans skould hold off on hysterics until we get closer to training camps. It’s been a pretty hectic week with draft. The lack of the “tampering” period.
    As far as AP overplaying his hand? From the outside it looks like he really wanted to stay in St Louis. They had no problem extending Faulk and others. IMO, not a good look to just let your leader walk. He’ll get paid in Vegas. Might not be a number everyone thought, but there’s no state tax. And I’m sure he’ll get a nmc.

  8. It looks like Tampa will have to attach an asset to Johnson to move his contract, same for Coburn, and possible the same for Killorn. They still may be able to sign only two of their three pending free agents. Its sure tough to be a fan quivering in fear of an offer sheet tearing your team apart, watching the great management and ownership of the Leafs (among others) run rings around us. Ever since they got Stamkos to come back to his home town, TB has felt like a second class hockey town. Only two cups in three tries since 2000 and only a few other conference final appearances. Gosh what I would give to live in a market with great management like Toronto. Duh. There is a price for winning, so Tampa is likely to be a bottom feeder this year. Bottom of the playoff seedings, that is. This was an expansion market, non-traditional for hockey. I have had season tickets since day one, and been in some friends and family crowds during 60 point years. But things are good now, and, as in most cities with strong franchises, they are good from the top down. We talk a lot about the General Managers but the folks who hire and fire them are the owners. Some do well consistently, and some don’t.

    The Owner establishes the culture for the team. The owner can make winning the Cup the first priority, and hockey the focus, or it can be something else.

    The first Owner in Tampa was Phil Esposito. He is still a part of the organization, and it is arguable that his approach to the game, well known to all fans, still is at the core of the hockey (as opposed to the business) culture in Tampa. When he brought hockey to OhMyGod Florida there is no question he was a forward looking visionary (or had been hit once to often, some said). Is it fair to say some franchises spend too much time looking backward at their past?

    • I, and everyone else lost interest in your post as soon as Tampa was mentioned.

      • Yeah, Richard, don’t remind him that the Leafs aren’t run nearly as well as the Bolts.

      • Let us be very, very clear, Wendel. No one anointed you to speak for everyone else. You have enough difficult speaking for yourself.

      • Ha

      • Wendel, I do not like negatives thrown at You or anybody else giving their opinion, BUT, you sure like stirring the pot!!

      • Wendel How many Cups has Tampa won since the last time the Leafs won the Cup?

    • I wasn’t one of Wendel’s blinkered fictitious crowd Richard and thoroughly enjoyed your post on TB. Keep ’em coming.

      • I enjoy Wendels comments. Always colorful and well thought out.

        We are fortunate to have a Leafs Insider with Shanahans and Dubases ear posting here.

        His belief in the Shanaplan has restored my faith in the Tooth Fairy and Santa.

  9. Steve Simmons believes in hotdogs, I’m not too worried about his beliefs.

    Steve Dangle aptly described Kerfoot’s ultility on the PK, his pest nature and ability to shift well to wing as the reasons why the Leafs (at least currently) have retained him (over Johnnson and Kapanen).

    If the leafs were to look at upgrading (if Weegar was available) then yes he’d likely be the salary to clear, but otherwise I think he will perform reasonably as a third line centre.

  10. Leafs sign:

    TJ Brodie, Wayne Simmonds and Zac Bogosian.

    The resident Leafs Insider has clearly stated on several occasions that Toronto will only be signing “difference makers” and that all other pieces are interchangeable slugs.

    Perhaps my version of “difference maker” doesnt correlate with the actuality of the terms meaning.

    • They’re ready to win a Cup now according to our favorite fan! Pathetic.

    • Last year Leafs got the sizzle…Barrie.

      This year they signed the steak…Brodie, Bogosian, Simmonds.


  11. Boston needs a LD and Vegas need to move $$ to sign Pietrangelo.

    Could there be a trade there for Theodore or Schmidt?

    • I imagine they’d rather move Schmidt

    • Hi Caper

      I really can’t see Vegas moving Theodore

      Schmidt for DeBrusk ?

      Martinez for Lauzon ?

      • Pengy I do the Debrusk deal.

        Considering though Vegas need to make capspace I dont think they want Debrusk who an rfa, who maybe getting around 3.5

        Darryl both Schmidt and Theodore and Left shooting players but can play either side.

      • Vegas needs the cap space to sign Petro so they don’t want anything coming back.

      • Hi Caper

        Yep.. but any space cleared is better than none

        At the suggested $3.5 M for DeBrusk… it clears $2.5 M in space

        Perhaps it’s Schmidt for Lauzon and Vaakanainen

        That clears $5.1 M in space

        Vaakanainen , a 2nd and Lecychyn as sweeteners for a team to take Fleury

        That then that leaves Vegas with $14 M to cover Petro and a back-up and 2 depth forwards… certainly enough

    • Considering they’re both RHD I’d say not likely.

      Does BOS have the requisite picks to sign Sergachev to an offer sheet? Tampa would have a hard time matching.

  12. I have a general question for the group regarding Zach Bogosian.

    Is he the Leafs new Roman Polak? Will I want to look away when he’s got the puck?

    • Bogosian is a “difference maker”. Otherwise the Leafs wouldnt have signed him.

      25-30 goals, 50-60 assists, 75-90 points and 1st team all star.

      Lets not forget either the resident Leafs Insider said to “bank it” regarding the Leafs signing Pietrangelo.

      Clearly the boy wonder Kyle Dubas has outsmarted every other GM yet again.

      • There r only enough difference makers to put 2 or 3 on each team if spread evenly. The leafs have 5 so far. You then fill out your roster with the slugs as close to the league minimum as possible in case u get a chance at another elite talent.

      • Above, and below!

        “Difference makers”.

        Yes, many teams have them. Sometimes the difference they make is in preventing a team from assembling a complete and balanced roster in the salary cap era. If you don’t want Tampa used as a management example, look at the Blue Jays! The Leafs should be so successful.

      • Epic levels of sarcasm sir, noted 😉

        Personally I’d be more content with two more B/B+ D players like Brodie and Weegar than a high priced ‘savior’ that the media will tear down far faster than they built him up.

        (It’s almost like they build them up, to sell more ads on the fall, eh?)

        If Dubas and co. could pull off a Weegar trade, one of Holl or Dermott would have to go back the other way (plus pick/etc).

      • All the GMs get a vote for GM of the year award. Dubas got no votes this year.

      • Wendel, when you say “You then fill out your roster with the slugs as close to the league minimum as possible in case u get a chance at another elite talent.” I assume you’re referring to the slugs included in your proposed deal yesterday with Minnesota for Dumba.

      • Yes George, exactly. Since few people on this site agree with my idea of team construction and apparently other GMs or media dont either, the Leafs should take advantage of the tired old recycled or former player GMs.

      • But then, as I said initially, why in Hell would Guerin do that? He hasn’t been at the job long enough to earn the “idiot” sobriquet

  13. Wendel,

    I agree with you on it would be great to see Barzel, Cirelli and Segachev get offer sheets.

    The resulting chaos and panic (especially in Tampa) would make for some excellent entertainment.

    • No it wouldnt

      • Lyle would love it. Imagine the activity in here!

  14. Boston won’t do anything until Hall makes up his mind and he better hurry up he is causing teams to lose out on other players. I know it is just the way it is but he may also be hurting the team he is signing with. Having some wiggle room at trade deadline is also a good thing see what happens.

    • leafs offer 1 year contract to Taylor Hall

  15. Much of the chatter about Sergachev and Cerelli being possible offer sheet targets is just media banter given the state of the cap and its demonstrable effect on the free agent and trade market.

    One team that could make a move for Sergachev is Ottawa. They currently have a ton of cap space, and of note just Tkachuk to resign in two years time.

    With Tkachuk and their top two draft choices from this year, giving away several years of # 1 draft picks for Sergachev might work for them. Unlikely, perhaps, but I can’t think of another team that could make an offer sheet for Sergachev without a heavy cost.

    • Detroit? Next year’s draft is supposed to be pretty “meh”. Still may not be worth it for them.

      • Minimum is $15.00 an hour. The Leafs cant afford Hall.

    • Hi LJ, I doubt it would take more than 1 first (then lower picks) to offer sheet Sergachev. One of the ways Tampa is able to attract and retain players on better cap hits is due to no state tax however the cost is ntc and nmc that are handcuffing them now. Can’t blame the players from wanting protection against being traded to teams with higher taxes, when they are taking less money aav

      • All true, Ttutone, I wasn’t saying Ottawa would have to give up just one pick, the # of first rounders is tied to the AAV of the contract. I was saying that given their recent first round picks they are one of the few teams that could give up multiple first rounders.

        And yes, the tax advantage makes it very difficult to get Tampa players to agree to go elsewhere. I am hoping Killorn goes to the Habs but that is a major pipe dream. Brisbois will have to be both good and lucky to get himself out of cap hell and some teams are going to get themselves a bargain as a result.

  16. Re Petro

    If we believe the hints that the offer from StL was in the 8 * 8.5 range but all Sal (no SB)…. with escrow hitting Sal but not SBs…. the net after escrow and taxes after 8 years in StL is in the $34 to $35 M range using Gavin group as calculator

    Vegas with it’s tax advantages could offer 7;@ $1M in Sal and $46 M in SBs spread out… Cap hit of $7.6 M… and the net take home after 7 years is in line with what he’d have after 8 years in StL

    I’m sure his agent is working the calculator for him on this

    The other thing that was hinted was that Army was reluctant on an NMC

    Vegas only has Stone on an NMC… worth the gamble to add one more??

    • To BUFF: Fluery and both 2nd round picks 2021

      To VGS: Hutton

      Buff gets their #1 ? and 2 2nd rd picks. Fluery upgrade over Hutton no? Has better numbers.

      Vegas gets their back up and cap space

      Giving them more room to grab Pietrangelo ??

      Then the move out Martinez for Debrusk to solidify it….

      • Mmmmyee-aaaah , except I do not see Fleury, at this stage of his career, waiving his M-NTC clause to finish it off in Buffalo!

      • Maf has a shot at top 3 in wins all time. He may go where he is the definitive starter.

      • Groge I do agree Buffalo is NOT the ideal spot at all, especially with them not even contending for a playoff spot…..but as Hamlet put it so eloquently


        Riding pine SUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! for any true competitor.

      • I can appreciate that Chrisms and IhateCrosby, but how many wins does he need to become the all-time leader and is there any chance he could get there between the pipes for Buffalo?

      • @George (no typo this time lol)

        YES…he is still a starter in my eyes so I think he can do it in Buffalo. IM(armchair gm)O

        Sometimes ya take risks. Not sure if Vegas can repair the off ice relationship quick enough.

  17. MAF (50%) retained and Nate Schmidt to CHI for Connor Murphy.

    Fleury $3.5M Schmidt $5.95M

    Murphy $3.8M

    CHI gets a starting goalie and a good RHD…VGK get a good RHD and $5.5M in cap space to sign a better RHD than the guy they’re giving up to CHI.

    • Thank goodness Clifford signed elsewhere for 2 reasons:

      1) the 3rd rnd would have been upgraded to a 2nd rnd and more importantly,
      2) the Leafs would then be TOO tough and would likely have to perform the haka pregame


  18. CMB should consider calling ARZ

    to ARZ: Korpisalo, R. Nash and NJ 5th rd (total 5.5m)
    to CMB: Kuemper & Stepan (total 11M)

    CMB gets a starter incase Elvis cannot handle the load. Stepan reunited with Torts duties. It would still leave them PLENTY to reap DUBOIS

    ARZ saves on cap space. 5.5m in space. Leaving more wiggle room.

  19. Double LL has been very silent on the Island.
    Although that’s not really unusual for Lou, I think something is brewing.

    I’m thinking that Leddy is headed to Detroit, where Stevie Y is building an NHL team. Maybe with Leo as a thrown in, which would clear enough to sign all 3 RFA’s on the Island.
    Leddy certainly has value and would improve the Wings blue line immensely. Leo adds grit and vet leadership.
    Face it Detroit is not contending anytime soon.
    Leddy has 2 years to go on his deal which would fit right in with Stevie Y’s timetable.
    Picks going back to the Isles. Maybe a second and a conditional 4 th or 5 th.

    George, Pengy et al. How about some thoughts on the Isles.


    Ladd to LTIR and Bob’s your Uncle

    • LL doesn’t have enough draft capital to entice Stevie Y to take Leddy and Leo.

      If you follow what Detroit is doing…they are building a decent team on LOW salary hits for the next 2 years and leaving cap space for RAF Mantha & Bertuzzi.

      Think if he uses cap space he will grab MUCH better players than Leddy and Leo using that amount of $$/cap


    • Nevinsrip, Lou has committed to 20 leaving $8,905,833 to sign 3 – unfortunately those 3 are Barzal ($863,333 -19g 41s 60 pts +5 in 60gp), RD Pulock ($2 mil 10g 25a 35 pts +8 in 68 gp) and LD Toews ($700,000 – 6g 22a 28 pts +1 in 68 gp). So, when all that is finalized, there goes that cushion PLUS. Yeas, having Ladd go on LTIR will certainly help – but it might take moving one other piece to make certain – maybe someone like Clutterbuck who turns 33 in Nov and has a $3.5 mil cap hit for two years

      But as everyone knows, Lou Lamoriello runs a notoriously tight ship and if ANYTHING “leaks” out about which direction he may be leaning you know it’s “leaked” with his blessing only. He won’t get caught with his drawers down.

  20. Dubas will sign both Taylor Hall and Pietrangelo and hire Punch Imlach as his next coach because analytics say Imlach would come cheap and he is just what the Leafs need to motivate the soft players on the roster come playoff time. To make cap room Dubas will waive or trade his 3rd and 4th lines and every top free agent forward left will sign for league minimum because we all know everyone wants to play in Toronto.

  21. IF he chooses to waive his NMC would Stamkos like to reunite with Stevie Y in DET?

    to Det: Stamkos ($3m retained)
    to TB: Nielsen (50% retained)

    gives TB immediate cap relief this year and next…roughly 3 mill ish??

    and significant long term cap relief

    TB gets a true #1 center to play 2c behind Larkin @ 1C, and help rebuild the DET culture. Long term 5.5 cap hit and if he goes LTIR all good for more cap room.


  22. Nate Schmidt via VGS to FLA

    Pietrangelo is imminent

      • George …good proposal to grab Schmidt and send a pick and Branstrom back.

        Win for both sides…VGS still needs prospects…. and some draft capital AND cap space.

        OTT is on the move doing good things after so many years. Happy for them…love seeing competitive teams and teams TRYING to become better and not just float in the league.

        Chara is a FA…reunion? lol jk

      • I read from Andy Strickland reporting via the GRAM somewhere that Schmidt is heading to FLA

        but read on a competitors hockey site that schmidt to wpg and others to other teams to make the cap work.

        i love trades better than the hockey… like a real male soap opera

      • @ I HATECROSBY

        Thats to funny !

        I hear that Ralph Kreuger is Taylor Halls legitimate father …hence why he went to the Sabres…LOL


    wow ..didn’t see it come

    hey George
    MAF to follow now?? lol

    • Just saw that… moi aussi

      • What is Taylor Hall smoking !!

        Short deal to Sabres

        …one of the worst teams in the league for

        8 million…wow!

        If a poster wrote that here …they would have been crucified ..LMAO

      • Hall …..Eichel …..Skinner ;ine

        should be one of the fastsest lines in the league though !!

        3 great skaters with strides!

        Going to see what happens with the other 3 lines though !

        Secondary scoring will be tough here !

      • SABRES

        If the Sabres can sign Mike Hoffman they are in business !!

        Cody Eakin and Stall 2nd and 3rd line Centers !

        They def need secondary scoring as I say or going no where !!

    • Holy Crap – and 1 year only – well, so much for “he wants to go where he has a legitimate chance at a cup” although if he plays with Eichel that should be interesting to watch

      • Maybe, Kal El, this is a graphic illustration of what I’ve been yapping about for some time now when it comes to “top” UFAs – i.e., they are NOT going to find that it’s anywhere near “business as usual” and that the pickings will be slim. Maybe Tofolli will have to see it the same way.

      • I am in shock… George …

        the kid had an opportunity for a legit Cup run if he played his cards right !

        I figured Nashville double shifting with Johansen and Duchene …and a power play unit of them plus Jossi and Ellis …just baffled !

        I really look forward to seeing what tis line does at top speed in neutral zone though !

        D men are going to get caught flat footed with this top lone …especially on a long shift !


      • Eichel will be the lone wolf on that 1st line when Hall and Skinner inevitably get hurt..

        It will be interesting to see how the egos of Hall and Eichel fit into that room…

        If Hall truly wanted to go for a cup this is not the place to get one.

  24. Congrats to the Sabres – hope this leads to success for you. I hope you guys win 10 Cups before the Loafs win their next one – in 2042.