Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 18, 2020

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A look at the notable remaining UFAs plus the latest on the Lightning and Canucks in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos recently examined the best remaining bargains in this year’s NHL unrestricted free agent market. Topping the list is winger Mike Hoffman, prompting Traikos to wonder if it might make sense for the Ottawa Senators to bring him back.

Winger Mike Hoffman remains the best available player in the NHL UFA market (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Never say never, but given Hoffman’s messy departure from Ottawa over two years ago, I don’t see a reconciliation between the two sides.

Traikos also suggested the Nashville Predators would be a good destination for winter Anthony Duclair because of their need for scoring wingers. He doesn’t rule out Travis Hamonic returning to the Calgary Flames but also thinks a chance to play for his hometown Winnipeg Jets would be a perfect situation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duclair’s streaky scoring could prompt Predators general manager David Poile to seek a more consistent option. Hamonic could be a fit on the Jets blueline but they’re bumping against the cap ceiling.

Traikos suggested Sami Vatanen could be a perfect stopgap on the Senators blue line until youngsters such as Erik Brannstrom, Jake Sanderson and Lassi Thomson are ready. He also feels winger Corey Perry could attract interest from Stanley Cup contenders, including the Dallas Stars. Speedy forward Andreas Athanasiou could also be a fit with the Senators or the Florida Panthers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if the Stars bring back Perry for another season. Vatanen and Athanasiou could be very affordable short-term options for many NHL clubs right now.


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith recently examined the Tampa Bay Lightning’s efforts to clear salary-cap space to re-sign restricted free agents such as Anthony Cirelli and Mikhael Sergachev. It’s clear they’ll have to package Tyler Johnson with a pick or prospect and retain part of his $5 million annual salary-cap hit if they hope to move him in a cost-cutting deal.

Smith also noted rumors of the Lightning approaching Steven Stamkos about a trade. While neither the club or the Stamkos camp is talking about it, their Lightning captain’s full no-movement clause gives him complete control over the situation. Smith cited Pierre LeBrun indicating Stamkos has decided he’s staying put until further notice.

The Lightning are reluctant to move Alex Killorn, in part because of his leadership and affordable contract. They also haven’t approached Yannie Gourde or Braydon Coburn about a trade. Smith believes Ondrej Palat is one player the Bolts would least want to move.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Teams are sitting back and playing the waiting game with the Lightning. The Bolts’ need to shed salary gives GM Julien BriseBois little leverage in the current economic conditions. He still has plenty of time to address this situation, but it looks like he’ll have to make a painful move or two and it will involve adding assets to make it happen.


THE PROVINCE: Patrick Johnston believes the Vancouver Canucks need to do some salary-cap juggling following their recent acquisition of defenseman Nate Schmidt. They have limited cap space with restricted free agents Jake Virtanen and Adam Gaudette in need of new contracts. He also believes they need to add an experienced defenseman and a second-line winger. One way to alleviate their cap crunch would be to place Sven Baertschi on waivers and demote him to free up $1 million.

Johnston also doubts the Canucks will find a new home for winger Loui Eriksson and his $6-million annual cap hit. He believes if that were possible it would’ve happened by now. He doesn’t expect Eriksson or Baertschi will be bought out once Virtanen signs.

THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance and Rick Dhaliwal report the Canucks kicked tires on UFA winger Mike Hoffman but adding him is only possible if they can carve out sufficient cap space to sign him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Canucks have $1.998 million in cap space. Johnston expects the combined contracts for Virtanen and Gaudette will be $4 million, meaning GM Jim Benning still has some cost-cutting to do.

The Canucks could get $3.5 million in wiggle room if oft-injured winger Micheal Ferland starts the season on long-term injury reserve but that likely won’t be determined until the training-camp medicals. Eriksson’s cap hit likely means he’s not going anywhere unless the Canucks buy him out. Brandon Sutter came up in trade rumors but his 15-team no-trade list and $4.37-million cap hit makes him difficult to move.


  1. The Sens and Dorion have had a really solid offseason, perhaps the best we have had in sometime. I believe at this point we are done though. The Sens focus will now shift to getting C. Brown & Tierney under contract and evaluating our youngsters. Stuetzle, Batherson, Borris, L.Brown, and Forementon are all going to push hard for a roster spot this season, potentially giving us a glut of forwards.

    On defense. Brannstrom adjusted well after being sent down and is playing well in the first bit of the season in the Swiss league. He has put on some muscle. I think he will play with the big club this year, likely along side Reilly or Gubrandson on the 2nd pairing.

    Chabot – Zaitzev
    Reilly – Brannstrom
    Gubrandson – J.Brown

    With Wolanin & Jaros as backups.

    The biggest question for me right now in Ottawa… who will fill our number one center spot? Norris, Stuetzle, L.Brown, or White? 3 rookies or someone who has underperformed massively as if late. Having them plus Tierney & Anisimov gives us plenty of depth. We just need to see who can lead the ship.

    • JJB: The only change in your top 6 I see is Reilly being the 7D with Wolanin being on the 2nd or 3rd pair. Reilly is not in the long term plans and I think Wolanin is. The only reason to play Reilly bigger minutes is to increase his trade deadline value. I don’t see Reilly in the team after this year.

      Vatanen would be a definite improvement on the current defence, but I think Ottawa already made their veteran moves with Gudbranson and J. Brown. The defence is pretty crowded on the 2nd and third pairings and the only move I could see is a trade for a long term 1st or 2nd pairing right defenceman. They have Thomson and Bernard-Docker coming soon who could fill one or both of those spots in a few years.

      • Agree Van. I have no complaints with what Reilley has given the team since coming over from Montreal, but as a UFA next year, colour him gone. Until then, his minutes will be mostly 5/6 pairing because this is the year – if he can stay healthy – that Wolanin makes it or breaks it.

        Thomson, I think, is a lot closer than a few years – in fact, once (IF he can) he gets his feet wet in the N. American game for part of this coming season in Belleville, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him called up at some point for a gradual introduction to the NHL brand. Bernard-Docker and Sanderson both at least two seasons away. Tychonich at Nebraska-Omaha still mostly an unknown commodity as he struggled at N. Dakota.

  2. I recognize the cap issue, but I expect Armstrong would like to add some scoring to replace some of Tarasenko’s goal production during his recovery. I would think Duclair would be a good add for a 1 yr. “prove it again” contract.

    • I agree iowa prince – and to have to go through that uncertainty again is squarely on his shoulders after turning down $3 mil and 2 years from Dorion.

      • Good morning George: Some well meaning advice, if you don’t mind.

        Don’t take the trolls’ bait. Yesterday got out of hand. It doesn’t do this site much good and it surely cannot do you any good either.

        To be clear: I am saying this to you because you are reachable and the trolls – old and new to this site – are not. Some people get their kicks antagonizing others and are happy when they do.

        Sermon over. I invite you to nudge me along when I need it.

      • LOL. Appreciate it LJ. New mantra every morning before signing in “I-will-not-rise-to-the-bait …” “I-will-Not Rise To The Bait” – uuuuuuummmmmmm

  3. The other day a Hoffman-back-to-Ottawa scenario was raised … and I’ll say the same thing here as I did then … any such move would send a message – whether accurate or not since we still don’t know the full story behind that Hoffman-Karlsson squabble – that the club takes Hoffman’s side of the story. I doubt very much that that will take place.

    JJB, good observations – especially the additional info on Brannstrom – but I don’t think Dorion is quite finished yet. Right now they have $20,702,501 in space with 2 key RFAs to re-up – the important Connor Brown coming off a cap hit of $2,100,000 and the less-important Chris Tierney, whose expiring cap hit is $2,937.500.

    I say “less important” in the sense that, if he’s seeking a substantial raise over that for more than 2 years, that might give the team pause for thought. He is, realistically, more suited to the 3rd line C role and if two of Josh Norris, Logan Brown and, yes, Colin White show they are capable of stepping into the 1 & 2 slots I don’t think they want to be paying Tierney anywhere near or over $3.5 (which is what he’s probably seeking at least and will certainly get if it goes to arbitration) for more than 2 years.

    The conundrum is, they simply don’t know at this point if 2 of those 3 are ready for the 1/2 role and, if it turns out to be just 1 ready to step up, Tierney’s value goes up by default.

    Meanwhile, with that kind of cap space I believe Dorion when he says he’s continuing to put irons in the fire with those 8 or 9 teams who still must clear significant space in order to re-up their own key RFAs. It might not happen for a few weeks or even a couple of months, but as any semblance of a season draws near the pressure to do something on those cap-strapped teams will mount.

    • George , agreed , Hoffman back in Ottawa , no thanks.
      Dorion is not done , forget scouring the list of remaining unsigned UFAs he is now in a position to pickup players from teams looking to shed cap $ , they definitely need some veteran leadership. For the most part I like the direction but still a bit miffed that they let Boro walk, he was a core guy on and off the ice.
      Training camp , whenever that is should be spirited. Lots of young players looking to make their mark.
      The one player that I would like to see Dorion go hard after is Killorn.

  4. Seems like Tampa either can’t, or doesn’t want to trade anyone that will actually create the cap space they need. As far as adding assets, to trade a player like Johnson, what’s left? Next years 1st rd pick? They had 2 this year that they traded away at deadline. Last years pick, Nolan Foote, also dealt at deadline. Cal Foote is only prospect left that was drafted in 1st rd (2017) . They won cup, but now what? They’re going to need to add 5 more players to their roster and have 2 mil in cap space to do so. I’d think best way to do that would be to add prospects on elc’s like Foote. One name never mentioned, and doesn’t have trade protection. Vasilevskiy. 9.5 cap hit. Would Tampa consider moving him? How about to Detroit for Bernier plus? Do they have any goalie prospects coming up?

    • Now that the major dust has settled, Tampa is just about all that is left for excitement, Slick.

      I would be surprised if they let Vasilevsky go, if only because his cap hit is a hard one to absorb in this fiscal climate. Don’t see V making a difference to Detroit given where they are right now so I think the money is better spent elsewhere.

      If I am Stevie Y (or just about any other GM) I am going to let Brisbois sweat for a bit. It must be an eye opener for him when he can’t move Johnson and must know painful and unwanted decisions are just around the corner. Let’s grab a beer and a lawn chair and wait.

      • You got it. And Tampa isn’t the only one – the worst in terms of the quality they need to move, perhaps, but where the others are concerned – Arizona for example – what they’ll need to move will be 1 or 2 of their best as well.

        Yzerman, Dorion, Fitzgerald, Blake & Adams are under NO pressure to suddenly morph into contenders or even playoff threats – simply continue to improve – so, as you say, grab a comfortable chair, sit back and wait. If they wait they will come, to paraphrase Kinsella.

      • I disagree George. All 5 of those men should be driving to compete this year. The flat cap gives them a perfect environment to make huge strides now and compete while they have young stars on elcs

      • Not saying they shouldn’t take every opportunity to improve … but what I am saying is, they are under absolutely NO pressure to do so. I truly believe the fans in each location will be more than delighted to see marked improvements in each case without seeing their GMs taking on worn-out albatross contracts dressed up with “sweeteners.” They do not NEED to take any of those simply because they know the cap-strapped – once it sinks in that no one is taking their slugs – will either have to start making better players with term available or risk losing their RFAs because they either can’t meet their demands or their arbitration awards. It’s a waiting game with all the rewards to the patient ones.

    • Hey Slick62, very interesting, did not know that about no trade protection for Vasilevskiy. A few things working against that are Vasilevskiy is arguably the best overall goalie in the league, and in this marketplace you will not get fair value and replace him. Secondly, few teams can take on that cap hit, let alone want to take on that cap hit.
      TB is having issues and other GMs are happy, its a bit of payback for the old tax savings gimmick and they are going to want TB to pay. Also, I would not want Johnson and his cap hit for anything short of #1 pick and Foote.

      • Agree totally redmonsters – the only problem with a TB # 1 is that, even when the dust finally settles and they get their roster straightened out, cap-wise, they will still be a very good team and so that # 1, a 31st in 2021, will remain at or near the bottom of the 1st round for a few seasons after that.

        But even so, getting someone to take Johnson and his deal will certainly cost someone like Foote + so why not demand their top pick as well? Make them squirm.

      • I would submit there is a chance we are all wrong. From time to time, I like to think of the league as a single business, not a groups of independent franchises. If you are a single business, cash is short, and likely to remain so. Now, GM’s can’t work together, but they can be hamstrung by the same external circumstances. SO I can see where someone gets Tyler Johnson and a couple of good draft pucks and 2/3 of his cash picked up by the Bolts because things are just that awful. But I can also see three RFA’s signing silly cheap contracts after that because there is no money for offer sheets, an organization that might keep it’s promises to fix things up when normal times return, and a heck of an insurance policy to protect the player’s future as part of the deal. We don’t know a lot of externals, like how many owners outside interests are as cash poor as their hockey teams. We do know some clubs have better reputations than others for keeping off-the-record promises…at least we think we do. Mr. Vinick’s real estate partners include Mr. Gates (Microsoft), and his hedge fund is liquid, so he can apparantly afford to ride out the situation. BTW, they are negotiating to bring Nesterov back from KHL as bottom pair defense, which may solve one open issue

    • slick, all Tampa players earning more than $1.8 million, with the exception of Brayden Point, have a no-movement, no trade or modified no-trade clause. So, Brisebois’ options are very limited. The players are in control. In an imaginative scenario where Tampa moves 2 players to one team, they would need both players consent to the same city or expand the trade to a 3 team deal.

      There were rumours that Stevie Y was interested in Stamkos but the Captain said no dice. Florida has a zero percent state income tax rate. Moving from Florida to New York, California or Canada would result in a significant decrease in take home pay.

      As Tampa just won the Cup, the other GMs aren’t about to do them any favors. They may have to buy out a contract (Alex Killorn would save $3 million in cap space for 3 years – not bad). Then trade Tyler Johnson with 40% retention, that’s another $3 million off the cap.

  5. LJ….I almost wrote you yesterday about your standings guessing…..but could not figure out how to write it without coming off like a troll… is easily done….it comes back to how tribal/regional hockey is in Canada….maybe the nights are just too damn long when hockey is played….

    Montreal made some great moves and have great leaders….they are weak down the middle and more than beating a spent force ( Penguins) a hard hit from behind (KK) is needed to change that needle….IMO

    So now if cooler heads are prevailing I will write it

    • OBD: I can’t think of a more measured, respectful person on this site than you. You nailed it: my standings were just guessing. A bit of thought but just a bit of larking about as well.

      So I take no offense but do I read you correctly that you perceive Montreal as weak down the middle? Us Habs fans are wetting ourselves over our strength at center after years in the wilderness. If Suzuki and KK prove to be less than we imagine, Lemmings move out of the way.

      So by all means OBD, bring on your thoughts.

      • LJ…I know….and it is true about Hab fans wishing for a dominant centre maybe backed up be a good second centre….I think you may have the good second centre in Suzuki whose hockey brain and positional play are very strong….but I don’t think KK has the makings of a dominant centre….

        I my opinion Brady Tkachuk who I know did not come out of college as a centre does have the makings of a dominant centre. Bergevin takes a lot of grief from Hab fans for things he does not merit…..but jumping over Tkachuk is an error IMO he does not catch enough grief for

        To confirm just how important a dominant centre is IMO ….Dubas has made serious mistakes ( Kadri/ listening to Marner’s father etc)….but the one that is going to cost him any chance at the cup….is not insisting on 7 or 8 years from Mathews….even if Matthews were forced to sit out a whole year….

        I can’t wish your Habs good luck….started cheering for the Leafs in the 1950s….just wasn’t part of the action then….

      • Understood, OBD. One cannot be passionate without being partisan and being partisan means a healthy dislike for one’s opponents. Without that, no rivalry. One might as well watch cricket while nursing a nice cuppa.

        If KK becomes a good # 2 center Bergevin won’t get any grief about stepping over Tkachuk. Habs fans understood the need for a center.

        Besides, there is likely plenty of grief coming Bergy’s way over trading Sergachev for Drouin. For all the good moves Bergy has made that move will stick in Habs fans’ craws for a long time,

  6. Leafs should take Stammer off TBs hands at 50% retention for future considerations (nothing). Thats how bad their cap is mismanaged.

    Make the offer if you haven’t already Dubas.


    • Another difference maker for the Leafs. Even if Tampa agreed to your outstanding well thought creative proposal just exactly where is the boy genius Dubas going to find 4 million in cap space?

      Do the Leafs really need a brittle part time difference maker? Or will Stamkos renegotiate his contract to league minimum for the priveledge of playing for the Maple Leafs?

      Spezza, Thornton, Simmonds and Stamkos? Torontos becoming the new home of retirement contracts. You can add Johnny its not about the money Tavares unmoveable deal to that list as well.

      When his current deal is up will Dubas cry when Mathews leaves as a free agent citing his wants to win a Cup as the reason he signs elsewhere?

    • I find it funny how the tone towards Tampa is completely different than what Toronto faced last year when we were in the exact same spot.

      • Here in Tampa we’re not a hockey town, you know. We just don’t understand or appreciate the game. We mistakenly sell out our building thing the event will be pro wrestling. ALl of our teams are mismanaged, because we in the outh are stupid by nature. That’s why both our hockey and baseball franchises can’t get out of their own way. I guess we mostly have to draft and develop players, and then chain them in place, because who would want to come to a hick town like this. DId you know that sometimes the slugs who play here sometimes even play golf on their off days. It’s a good thing I get the Leafs on NHL video so I can watch a real team play. Its hard to cope with the level of mismanagement here that has salary cap issues because they put together a cup winning team in a salary cap league. I guess I’ll take a couple of days off from blogging and watch the world series. No cap there, so the Ray’s get by with a third of what the big boys spend. More Tampa mismanagement, I guess.

      • Could that be because Tampa was seen as a legitimate Cup contender? For several years now.

        Did anyone in Leafs nation truly believe the same could be said for the Leafs?

      • Toronto was never in the position that TB is now- they won the cup & will still ice a great team, even w/ cap issues…

      • The Leafs won the Cup last year?

        I musta missed that.

      • Well, let’s have money equal, in Canada and Florida. Where 5 mln there equal 5 mln here, then let’s build a team. I know that this would be a nightmare for Bettman, so this won’t change. In this case cucumber fans from Florida will be who they are now. “Tough” delusional boys.

      • Ron Jull

        I’m not Maple Leafs fan, but even you can see the difference, how much Candian teams need to overpay. “Small” advantage for cuople teams don’t you think?

    • LTCer: Kerfoot and Andersen can easily be moved to free up the space for Stammer and a replacement goalie.

  7. Refreshing to read that Johnston (The Province) has a realistic view on the Canucks cap situation. The local radio drones have rambled on ad nauseum that all the Canucks need to do is trade Louie Eriksson to free up cap room. Im far from an expert but Im pretty sure if that was even a remote possibility Jim Benning would have done that eons ago.

    When the Canucks were busy signing Eriksson, Beagle, Roussel, Myers and adding Sutter the talk here in Vancouver was all we have the cap space so we might as well use it. Zero thought for future needs and that along with Luongos recapture penalty and Sven Baertsis contract is what put them in the jam theyre in now.

    Virtanen is likely to get 3 million plus in arbitration and Gaudette still needs signing as well.

    The Canucks are weaker on the wing (Tofilli), in goal (Holtby), got an upgrade over Tanev (Schmidt) but are still down one NHL defenceman (Stecher).

    If the current situation isnt bad enough Benning is going to have to find at minimum 12 million in cap room to resign both Pettersson and Hughes after next season.

    The core players Horvat, Pettersson, Hughes and Boeser are all very good but the Canucks are teetering on becoming Leafs West. All their money tied up in 4 or 5 players and no dollars to fill out a contending lineup.

    • There is about 20m coming off the Vancouver cap after next season, most of it will go to paying the players already there like Pettersson, Hughes, Edler, Pearson and Demko. So they will have money to resign but no money to make themselves better. But after the 21/22 season there are another 20m coming off the books, then they can start to add, but the next two years will not be good I think.

      • Both players are fantastic but Vancouver can’t just give them what they want must stay firm. Leafs mistake was being bent over don’t let tail wag the dog may need one to sign a bridge. If they want to win they won’t break the bank.

    • I’m
      Not sure what drives your nucks negativity Ron. They have had a solid offseason. The only negative thing so far this offseason was losing Toffoli. Their bad contracts all are ready to go away or be dealt with after this year. Just in time for the big raises.

      I’m not sure if you truly believe your posts or if you are trolling. Seriously.

      • You say negativity, I say realism. Im actually interested in how others see a way for the Canucks to escape their current cap crunch.

        But hey, thanks for playing.


      • I’ll play. What’s the stakes bud? I’ll bet nucks make it to finals before philly does. 30 bucks. Got the stones?

  8. Fun fact :

    What do the current Maple Leaf “difference makers” all have in common?

    Mathews, Marner, Tavares, Nylander, Spezza, Reilly, Thornton……

    The grand total of zero Stanley Cups.

    Difference makers? Perhaps, but is the difference positive? Or negative?

    Asking for a friend, lol.

    • Ron Jull
      You must this “funny” guy at the party.

      standing alone, holding the wall

  9. Ron you need to broaden the horizons of your comparison….

    What about the same standard for the difference makers on Montreal, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver….how many Cups there….

    • 8 or 9 total maybe ???

  10. It’s somewhat tiring to keep hearing about how Bergevin jumping over Tkachuk was an error when the consensus pick at 3 was Zadina.


  11. Re Bolts and Cap Hell

    $2.9 M… 5 to sign , including 3 RFAs

    Captain obvious says… have to move one (or more) of the higher paid Bolts… Duh… but knowing they are not moving Point or Vazy; all Bolts but one (Killorn) making >$1.8 M had complete and full control on moving/staying…. TJ somehow (I don’t know how) got persuaded to give a list of 7 or 8 teams (no idea who they are… I would have doubts that most of those 7 or 8 teams are non contenders)

    So Captain obvious says…. bring on the sweeteners… to me it looks like Foote, 1st (‘21), Raddysh, Katchouk

    To get the 3 RFAs signed , and the other two spots filled …. it looks like Johnson and Killorn (of course those two have to be replaced in the roster)

    …. and for it to work… there needs to be no retention

    So who are the takers , and what is the sweetener(s) from above that moves the needle

    Not discussed (well I may have missed it)… is the one catch-all trade …. TJ with no retention moved with sweetener Serg….. sounds harsh…. but I think there may be takers on that deal… whoever gets TJ will expose him to Krakken (I don’t see objections from him as he grew up close to there) and make a small side deal for Krakken to take him…. thus the team gets Serg for one year of RJ and whatever minor side deal they need to make with Krakken

    That move; plus signing Cerelli and Cernak, then bringing up Foote, Raddysh , Joseph, and signing two 2 depth UFA wingers …. might just fit in

    The other option is move TJ as above; move Killorn with bumper of 1st (‘22); sign the RFAs ; bring up Foote, Raddysh , Joseph,

    That leaves …$ 4.5 – $5 M to sign 2 players

    Could they convince Vats and Caguila to take 1 year Covid contracts (note in the no tax state) for a combined $4.5 M??

    Just food for thought

    BriseBois is up against it but does have time

    • Suppose there are no trades, and no offer sheets. The Lightning have submitted qualifying offers to the three amigos, and will retain the right to to the same next year. These values would (gasp) fit under the cap. But a low ball offer sheet to take advantage of this won’t likely be signed by the player; why take a term contract below market when you play for the cup defender who may well treat you fairly when the market permits. So Sergy, Cirelli, and Chernak may remain Bolts, along with everyone else, TJ goes to the Kraaken next year as everyone assumes, a deadline deal or major injury allows a bridge contract for one of the three this year, and hell is revisited next summer. In the best of all possible worlds one of the young people would play really well, and you could make another run before really having to face the music.

  12. Not mentioned here is Knights

    They have to move Martinez… 1 year left at $4M…. this may be a player that allows Sens to let one of their up an coming Ds develop one more year in the AHL

    Martinez with a sweetener of Elvenes or Lechyshyn ???

    George in Howie Mandel’s words… “ Deal or no Deal?”

    • Pengy, if I’m Dorion taking Martrinez to give Vegas a financial break the sweetener I want is Krebs. Otherwise, no thanks. I’ll go with the D I’ve assembled.

      • You are probably right re Dorion on this but I could see Stevie Y doing it

        Vegas have to move him …, so it will be whatever is negotiated

    • I would only take younger nhl ready players as sweeteners. Tuch and Martinez for a decent bit not top three prospect.

    • @Pengy….. What did you think of signing Codi Ceci?

      I like it he is only 26, cheap, second on the Maple Leafs in hits 92, third in blocked shots 96, kills penalties, wont have to play too much, perfect 5, 6 defenseman, a good defensive defenseman and partner for the offensive minded fast skating Matheson.

      Look Matheson and Ceci > than Schultz &Johnson

      I would love to somehow get Tyler Johnson out of Tamps BAY…THey are so loaded and need to move players….if they can retain some salary we can move some players like Rikola/Rudwhedel DeSMITH and put ZAR on LTR

      We won Stanley Cups with three strong centers…

      1991 Lemieux Francis Hrdina
      1002 Lemieux Francis Straka
      2009 Crosby Malkin Stahl
      2016 Crosby Malkin Bonino
      2017 Crosby Malkin Bonino
      2021 Crosby Malkin ?????? Tyler Johnson

      Jankowski solid 3rd line winger

  13. Two seconds for Athanasiou doesn’t look good now.
    Why isn’t there a deal with Hamonic and the Jets ? Unless he is thinking hockey is over . His salary demand has to be no more than 4 for 4

    • With Hammer’s decline the last few yrs imo he will be lucky to get 2 million for 2 yrs. Time will tell.

  14. For Vancouver they are at 13/6/2 with slightly under $2M in space.

    Thry can sign Gaudette for $1M and promote a Dman for picks and prospects.

    If the want to sign Hoffman , then they need to move salary.

    Vancouver doesn’t have attractive part to get. The surprise would be to move Boesser for a cheaper winger making around $3M

    On Tampa

    Johnson would go to Seattle next year
    Gourde is close to immiveable givrn his term.

    They need to move Palat and Killorn. Teams aren’t going to take on anchors.

    • Dan,

      Youre missing Virtanens salary arbitration or signing. Likely in the 2.5 to 3.0 million per range.

  15. George O, What are your thoughts on Thomas Hickey to the Sens.

    I am not that familiar with the Sens D, except for Chabot, who will be an NHL all star for the next 10 years.

    Hicket is a solid 5-6 guy with a knack for scoring big goals.

    There’s no room for him on the Island. Seems to me to be a good fit for a young Sens D.

    • nevinsrip, at this stage I’m not sure that Hickey – who I see as a Steady-Eddy type and like by the way – is the commodity that Dorion is seeking right now – heading into the season the LD position will be held down by Chabot, Wolanin and Reilly with Lajoie – in Belleville – likely the call-up in the event of injury. Looking ahead 2 years, 5th pick Jake Sanderson – now at U of N. Dakota – will slide into one of the spots.

  16. Wow, I haven’t been able to check into this site as much as I would like because I’m working 7 days a week since March on the front line. This message board hasn’t been this toxic since the days of striker. Guys there is at least 4 months until the season starts, relax a little bit