NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – December 30, 2020

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Jonathan Toews sidelined by a mysterious illness, P.K. Subban and Lindsey Vonn end their relationship, Nico Hischier sidelined, Jack Roslovic asks for a trade, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Jonathan Toews has been sidelined by a mysterious illness that’s left him “drained and lethargic,” according to a statement released yesterday by the Blackhawks captain. There’s no timetable for his return.

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews sidelined indefinitely (NHL Images).

Toews indicated he’ll be working with doctors to better understand his condition. He said he won’t join his teammates until his health and fitness levels return to where he feels he can play at an elite level.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s hoping Toews can make a complete recovery and return to action soon.

This is terrible news for a Blackhawks club already reeling from the recent loss of promising center Kirby Dach (fractured wrist) and Alex Nylander (knee surgery) for the next four-to-six months.

Toews’ absence is a major setback for the Blackhawks entering this season. Instead of challenging for a playoff berth, they could become a lottery team in the 2021 draft. I’ll have more about the Blackhawks in the rumors section.

ESPN.COM: One of pro sports’ notable power couples is no more. New Jersey Devils defenseman P.K. Subban and former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn ended their relationship after three years together.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Subban won’t be looking back on 2020 with any fondness. In addition to splitting up with Vonn, his declining performance dropped him out of the ranks of the NHL’s all-star players.

SPORTSNET: Speaking of the Devils, center Nico Hischier will miss the upcoming start of training camp with an injured leg. Fortunately, the issue isn’t expected to be long term.

TSN: Jack Roslovic has asked the Winnipeg Jets for a trade. The restricted free agent forward is reportedly home in Columbus and won’t be joining his teammates in training camp when it opens on Sunday. If he returns to the Jets, he’ll have to undergo a seven-day quarantine and have four negative COVID-19 tests.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roslovic frequently surfaced in trade speculation during this offseason. I’ll have more about his status in the Rumors sections.

LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS: The Kings officially announced they’ve signed forward Andreas Athanasiou to a one-year, $1.2 million contract.

The Buffalo Sabres are bringing veteran center Riley Sheahan to training camp on a PTO.

NHL.COM: The Edmonton Oilers signed forward Devin Shore and defenseman Ryan Stanton to professional tryout offers.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: The Panthers signed goaltender Scott Darling to a professional tryout offer (PTO).

TSN: Speaking of the Panthers, they’ve informed their season-ticket holders that they are allowing 25 percent capacity at the BB&T Center when the season begins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Insert tired joke about the Panthers’ usually woeful attendance here.

THE TENNESSEAN: The Nashville Predators are working on a plan to allow a limited number of fans at Bridgestone Arena after receiving approval from Nashville’s Board of Health.


  1. Toews got Lyme er wa? Very unfortunate if it is.

    PK can concentrate on hockey once again. Could be good news for the Devils.

    Wonder what Chevy would take for Roslovic?
    There’s definitely potential with said player.

    • Roslovic for Gostisbehere should be a good trade for both teams

      • This was my exact thought on this but I am not sure if Ghost is enough return.

    • Of course any Pens dream is Roslevic straight up for Chad Ruhweedel ….. but Chevy would be only signing off on a deal like that after 72 straight hours in an Opium Den

      • Please, just stop

      • @Pengy.. Rutherford os a mess..I knew chara wasnt done and he signs with the Capitals..FUCK NOW THE HAVE WILSON AND CHARA..

        Jimbo passes on Haula, we passed on Duclair, we passed on Anthansiou we could have had Chara..every fucking player goes to the CAPITALS..

        I’m ready to throw up..anyone of these guys could have helped us…

        Gonna be a long season

    • Yeah…Toews was outspoken about the new CBA, he was against the bubble hockey playoffs, he was pissed about the Blackhawks rebuild and trading of Crawford. This illness is called… I don’t want to play for this s****y team under these conditions right now, but maybe after we get a good draft pick and COVID is gone.

  2. Speedy and full recovery Jonathan 👍

    Lyle… have you heard anymore re Provincial governments actually signing off on play… last I had read …. now maybe a week ago… they had not formally signed off yet and had raised some concerns and offered some recommendations that would be acceptable…. any updates??

    • Everything is believed a go for the Canadian clubs. As per NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly last Thursday: “On the basis of our discussions (with provincial health authorities) in the past week, as well as our exchange of correspondence over the last 24 hours, we believe we are aligned and in agreement on the conditions on which each of our Canadian franchises can begin play in their own buildings for the start of the 2020-21 NHL season.” None of the provinces have indicated otherwise.

      • Hi Lyle

        Many thanks

        I did see Daly’s statement last week, but that came right after the collective provinces announced their needs (want) for approval… one of them was advanced/more testing (fam ?? can’t quite remember) ; another was bubbles (which won’t be a go); another was a change in CanDiv schedule to limit travel (more games in a city during one period… instead of two then fly out; 3 [or even 4]) games before flying out, preferable; another was delaying the start of the season until numbers were clearly declining or at least stabilized

        Daly’s statement inferred to me that he understood their (Provinces) positions and believed he could make necessary change(s) that could work to appease their concerns

        However since then I’ve not seen the provincial governments actually sign off and/or announcements of any changes by the NHL (there would need to be at least one change or the provinces would have signed off as is a week ago)

        Personally I would like to see a slight revamp in sched so that travel is diminished and therefore exposure probability somewhat mitigated

        Two games then on to the next city…. 👎….why not 3 games in 5; fly; next city 3 in 5 (or 6)… that change alone drops flights by 1/3rd and individual hotel changes also by the same

        Thanks in advance for your response


  3. I’m not sure how getting to place a 10.5 mil per year third line center on ltir is harmful?

    • Tyler Johnson to the rescue? TB still has to unload some $’s. Not his $5m worth, but now might be a good opportunity to do so.

      • If TJ had one year left on his contract, then maybe. If I’m Chicago I hard pass on taking on that contract through 2023-24.

        Chicago had a smart signing of Soderberg earlier this week (makes even more sense now). He’s an underrated two-way center and will help.

        Now that OTT has traded for Stepan, perhaps they would flip Anisimov back to CHI for a second rounder?

      • Hi DM

        Yep… that is a very good idea for Dorion

        To me , he is overloaded with Cs

        If he can flip Anisimov to Chi for a second…. basically that’s flipping Stepan for Anisimov…. saving $1M ($800 K after accounting for escrow)

        That would help

        I’m still totally confused why the 2nd in the deal went westbound instead of eastbound ; or more importantly why if it did go westbound (as it did) why Garland or a prospect didn’t come east

        To me … if Dorion can move Anisimov…. then some of the Sens’ sting in not getting more (as deserved) in back to back deals (Yotes/Bolts) … is abated

  4. All right, I’ll insert. So the Panthers will be playing in front of their usual crowd.

  5. As we all know Winnipeg isn’t a desire location for NHL players; but, one has to wonder how much of the issue we hear of in Winnipeg is the City, Cheveldayoff, Maurice or the drafted players.

    From Kane, Trouba, Laine and now Roslovic; probably others i’m not remembering or are doing it quietly.

    Chevy won’t move them and Maurice won’t play them were they want to play or give them the minutes they think they deserve. Player gets frustrated and wants out.

    Certainly Winnipeg isn’t the only team that goes thru this but it does seem to happen more often then other cities.

    Roslovic may of thought he was getting second line C then the Jets signed Stastny and good bye second line C.

    Roslovic scored a career high 12 goals last year and has 0g and 5a in 20 career playoff games, nothing that screams 2nd line C.

    Roslovic has good speed and can create space but he doesn’t like corners, front of the net, or side boards. With that said i guess he does belong in C.

    Still some upside not sure of how much and i wouldn’t expect a great return.

    Just another player wanting out of Winnipeg.

  6. Subban and Vonn aren’t newsworthy on this site, what’s next, my troll comments don’t get posted??? Oh, I almost forgot, Hi Pengy!!!!!

    • ed vanimpe: Subban is an NHL player. He and Vonn were a celebrity sports couple. Their split-up was newsworthy enough for all the major sports sites (TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN, etc). If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for this site. Nobody’s forcing you to read it, let alone comment on it. For that matter, nobody’s forcing you to read Pengy’s comments or anyone else’s. Loosen up, it’s the holidays!

      • well said Lyle. Happy New Year everyone

      • Lyle’s note from the teacher today says:
        Doesn’t play well with others when they offer opinions he doesn’t agree with.

      • He questioned whether a story about an NHL player that was covered by the NHL media belongs on this site that follows NHL hockey. I disagreed. ‘Nuff said.

    • Ed, it was all downhill from the beginning.

      • Vonn was an expert at the downhill…

      • Caper. Good one. Mario… whoosh!

  7. okay more tired jokes about the panthers fan base(or lack thereof).yes attendance is abysmal.fine by me. i live 8 minutes from the arena and im a long time hockey fan. tomorrow i’ll learn if my half season plan will happen. i’m confident it will be fine.yeah no habs, flyers, rangers, etc, etc.win the games and fans will attend.

    • Have to admit that is appealing Richard. Even better you can get 18 holes in before going to a Saturday night game.

      • If you are a hockey fan, Richard, why r you going to Panther games. Play 36 instead

      • That’s like the leafs wendel 50+ years if futility and declined since dubas took over