NHL Rumor Mill – December 30, 2020

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In today’s NHL rumor mill,  the reason behind Winnipeg Jets forward Jack Roslovic’s trade request, an update on teammate Patrik Laine, and what the Blackhawks might do with Jonathan Toews sidelined.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre reports the reason behind Winnipeg Jets forward Jack Roslovic’s trade request is an “obvious difference of opinion” when it comes to his role and ultimate value.

Jack Roslovic requests a trade from the Winnipeg Jets (NHL Images).

Roslovic sees himself as a natural center who should be playing on one of the Jets’ top-two lines. However, those spots are already filled with Mark Scheifele and Paul Stastny, along with Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor, Blake Wheeler and Nikolaj Ehlers on the wings. He’s instead been used in a checking-line role with Adam Lowry and Andrew Copp.

The fact Roslovic is staying put in Columbus indicates the restricted free agent is no closer to a new contract with the Jets. McIntyre said it’s no secret Roslovic wants a change of scenery. The Jets have explored trade possibilities but general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff has yet to make a move.

WINNIPEG SUN: Paul Friesen believes Roslovic has limited leverage in his contract talks coming off his entry-level deal. He also has less bargaining power than Laine and Connor last year.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As McIntyre observes, the only way Roslovic can participate in the start of training camp on Sunday is if he’s traded to an American club. If he returns to the Jets, he’ll have to undergo a seven-day quarantine and four negative COVID tests.

Roslovic frequently surfaced in trade speculation during the offseason. It’s been suggested he could be used as trade bait to bring in a top-four defenseman but Cheveldayoff might have to package him with a draft pick or prospect to land that type of return.

Cheveldayoff could simply wait out Roslovic as he did with Jacob Trouba four years ago. However, the shortened season, the travel difficulties brought about by COVID-19 and the Jets’ glaring need for blueline depth could soon see the young forward suiting up with another NHL club.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Speaking of the Jets, Mike McIntyre also reports Patrik Laine will have to address the trade request made by his agent in October with his teammates and the media. However, Cheveldoff doesn’t think it will be a distraction. The Jets GM expects the 22-year-winger will have one of the best seasons of his career.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It might not be a distraction for the Jets, but Laine’s future will be among the hot topics in this season’s rumor mill. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer and is expected to seek a substantial raise over his current $6.75 million annual average value.

Cheveldayoff doesn’t have to trade Laine this season and certainly doesn’t have to rush into anything. However, unless the winger agrees to a new contract during the season, his status will remain a question that dogs the Jets throughout the coming season and into next summer.


SI.COM/THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell believes Chicago Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman must address some serious questions with team captain Jonathan Toews sidelined indefinitely by a mysterious illness. With Kirby Dach and Alex Nylander also out for months, they have limited depth at center entering this season.

While the Blackhawks have salary-cap space to find a center to replace Toews (especially if he’s placed on long-term injury reserve), Campbell doubts they will. If his career is in jeopardy, Campbell wonders if that might spur a complete tear-down of the roster, including seeking trade options for Patrick Kane.

THE ATHLETIC: Mark Lazerus believes the Blackhawks are going to be awful this season. He encourages the club’s fans to accept it. His suggested blueprint for this season is to play a lot of young players, lose a lot of games, get a top draft pick and turn the page to 2021-22.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blackhawks really don’t have much choice. This was a roster that was already in transition before Toews, Dach and Nylander went down. Even with those three in the lineup, the Hawks’ weak goaltending and retooling blueline made reaching the playoffs a long shot this season.

Kane would fetch a strong return but I don’t expect Bowman will ask the long-time Blackhawks winger if he’ll accept a trade during this season. Nevertheless, the Blackhawks GM will probably be a seller by the Apr. 12 trade deadline. Likely trade candidates could be pending UFAs like Carl Soderberg and Mattias Janmark or players like Calvin de Haan or Connor Murphy with a year left on their contracts.


  1. I see Kane in BUFF this year forming a super line with Eichel and Hall.

    I expect Laine to be a Jet all year and traded in the off season in what Jets will hugely regret as Laine will usurp Pastenak’s scoring totals and only fall behind Matthew’s as the NHL best scorer once Ovi the GOAT who is tracking as the 4th best player of all time finally slows down. (4th behind Orr by a mile, Lemieux because he could do more by himself than 99, and Gretzky in that order if you are wondering)

  2. Roslovic to Chicago seems to make sense at the moment. Not sure what Winnipeg would get back but I’d think they would want an NHL player, preferably a defence man.

    • Hi BC Leafs fan… I know my Pens deal (below) isn’t happenin’ 😭

      If Roslevic to Chi…. Zadorov in return??

      I think it was DM posting on morning coffee re Chi down 2 Cs…. and Ottw heavy on Cs…. Anisimov back to Chi for a 2nd…. I concur on that thought

    • I was thinking the same thing BCLF , that or sit him. Return today would likely be less than in the future off season.

    • Roslovic to Vegas for Theodore once Peitrangelo eats up his minutes and his point totals suffer as a result

  3. I wouldn’t take Roslovic. He wants a second line centre role but hasn’t been able to earn that, despite the position being up for grabs for almost an entire year and Scheifele going down in the playoffs. So what does he do? Whine and ask for a trade instead of earning it in the first place. What does his new team do? Just give it to him?

    • Agree Arnie, if WPG thought he was ready to play 2C, he would be their 2C instead of getting an older more expensive one with an injury history.
      This might just be a negotiating tactic and nothing more.
      I would suggest play well, and you will get a shot at it on a very good team with quality wingers.
      Or stay home and pout.

  4. As mentioned in morning coffee… Pens fans would like to get Chevy incapacitated (in whatever way possible) and have him (in a complete stupour) sign off on Roslevic straight up for Chad Ruhweedel 👍🙏😄

    • That’s ridiculous .. even for you.

    • Pengy one question; you made a couple of trade suggestions for Roslovic; why would you want him?

      • Hi Caper

        The Chi proposal (I like Hawks but not my two favs [Pens/Leafs]…. they are down Toews and any plans for Dach being a regular C this year are now gone for most if the season

        Sodderberg is a fair low cost add…. but Roslevic IMHO…. better option…. that’s why my Chi proposal for a trade for Roselevic

        Pens…. that deal of course never happens but regardless of any issues or projections on Roslevic…. him straight up for Pens’ organization’s 16th best Dman would be the steal of the century…millennium…. not happening

        Setting that aside…. Pens are in a precarious situation right now

        Their goalie tandem has substantially weakened

        Yes the D got massively better just by jettisoning the worst and most detrimental (to all teammates) player in NHL history…. huge uptick for the team

        Yes team got faster and younger

        Yes overall top two lines should be (on paper) more productive

        But other than McC …. after the top two lines…. Pens have 8 average 4th liners

        They will get offence from top two lines; but any lengthy injury to Sid or Gino or Guentz…. Pens could be on outside looking in at TDL with little space for maneuverability

        Injury of any length to Jarry…. Uh Oh

        Jimbo was completely asleep and missed out on Duclair… McC’s speed with Duclair’s speed would have been a great pairing and productive 3rd line

        Roslevic and McC not as dynamic but would certainly increase 3rd line production

        Roslevic would want to play 3C; my take is that McC is the better C and Roselivic on his wing would be great

        There is really no viable trade : Jets/Pens to get Roselivic …..

        Chevy needs a D back and of course more if it is a bottom pairing D

        Ruhweedel as I said is Pens 16th best Dman… should not even be on the taxi squad…. but Sully is blind to his deficiencies (much akin to his blindness wrt JJ)

  5. Cheveldayoff doesn’t have to trade Laine this season and certainly doesn’t have to rush into anything

    If Cheveldayoff’s pants were on fire he would take his time getting some water.

  6. I just feel sorry for Jets fans. How many players have asked for trades out of Winnipeg? Either they don’t like playing there, or maybe it’s something to do with the head coach

    • the Jets need to start bringing a shrink to the draft interviews.

    • Or maybe the jets do not have room in kthe roster or cap space.

      This has nothing to do with Winnipeg

      • plenty of room for players who want to earn their ice time. Once the season starts and Little’s cap hit is off the books they have ample cap space. Package him up with the other complainer Niku.
        The top 2 lines are all set for day 1 what he doesn’t get is that injuries happen and that could be his opening to kick the door down and make the most of it. He is getting bad advice.

      • Oh I think it has everything to do with the city that has 2 seasons :dead of winter and mamoth mosquito.

  7. Patrick Kane is owed $2m in salary this year as $5m was paid out in signing bonus. His remaining 2yrs have a salary of $6.9 but cap hit of $10.5 If Kane was willing to move would still be limited teams because of the 10.5 cap hit but he would be a desirable player for any team with cup aspirations.

    If say a team like Boston, it would have to start with David Krejci simply to make the dollars work. Krejci in his final season at $7.25 then add Studnicka Boston future at C and what ever else may need to be added. Follow that with Kane at 10.5 for two more season.

    Kane be a nice addition but losing the second line center doesn’t help, but as long as you give the puck to Kane it’s all good.

    It would be the final kick at the can for the Bruins then a rebuild.

    No Kane isn’t going to Boston.

    • the Bruins fall out of the playoff race this season I would be surprised if they don’t try to move #63 in a trade. and of all their UFA & RFA next offseason who are they going to bring back besides Carlo ?

      • Bruins will never trade 63 37 88 or 73 ever. They would have to have a bunch of long term injuries not to make the playoffs. The team is better then what many worry warts are predicting

      • I suspect they’ll also bring back one of Rask or Halak, Ondrej Kase, Sean Kuraly, Trent Frederick (Who should make the club this season) Anton Blidh and Zack Senyshyn (he played well last season, prior to his injury).

      • Yep the Bruins never traded up & coming star players or old players soon to be on the decline ….. Bruin trade history says they do

  8. What is Florida going to do in a few seasons with Bob?
    Devon Levi had an amazing season in the Hockey East and Spencer Knight as well. Both the Jr starters now. They now have 2 of the top goalie prospects not playing in the NHL

    • while both Knight and Levi seem to have bright futures I doubt they will be NHL ready for another 3-4 years. Nice problem to have mind you.

  9. Chicago is in trouble. This season at least. Without a goalie on top -yikes. Sounds like one possibility based on Toews symptoms is Lime disease. Lots of wood tic in Manitoba and NW Ontario golf courses. I hope not as I believe no real cure.
    Rosalovic is not worth much if anything . Not even a bottom 6 defender.

    • I say give Wallmark a shot with Kane on his wing. Seems like a guy that would similar to an Anisimov type of 2 way player. Give him the minutes and see what he can do. There is nothing to lose at this point.

  10. This is a good year to tank. No need to worry about the fans in the stands.

  11. I think Pius Suter will be playing fairly regular minutes in the Windy City.

  12. Which team is willing to trade their #2 centre for Jack Roslovic.

    No team is beating on the Jets door with that offer, which they would take in a heartbeat.

    Have to wonder where these expectations and entitlement come from.

    • I’m betting the Red Wings would be glad to give their #2 center Glendening? Nielson? Gagner?) for Roslovic.

    • The Jets aren’t looking for a #2 centre. Not sure where you got that from.

      They would want a defenceman. They want a top 4 guy and, quite frankly, Roslovic isn’t enough to get one.

      A team lacking forward depth might want him, like Detroit. Or a team with sudden issues up front, like Chicago. But the price will not be high. Picks. Prospects. Depth player.

  13. I’m betting the Red Wings would willingly give up their #2 center (Nielson? Glendening? Gagner?) even up for Roslovic.

    • Go back to pulling your goalie

      • He just has to clean the ice and beat the leafs first . All in a nights work for some zamboni drivers . Haha , only your boys Wendell . What a team

      • Hi Craig. Happy New Years to you and your family. Cheers!

  14. Roslovic’s aspirations may be selfish or even outlandish, but his confidence is understandable. His linemates, Lowry and Copp, would by welcomed by most teams, yet Roslovic led both in points and was the only plus player among them. He’s might be worth more than many expect. A young right-shot center with upside should interest more than a few teams.

  15. There will be interest in Roslovic. Hell maybe from 30 teams. He was a first round pick ( I believe- didn’t check)

    The 60 dollar question is for what. I say not much. A third round pick and a seventh defence-man maybe. Put in with a package would get more of a return overall.
    I think he sits for quite a while. Unless he is tired of sitting around like a lot of us.

    Hamonic.. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

  16. NYR send Brendan Smith, 50% retained, for Roslovic. Maybe add a 5th round pick.

    • That would work except for Smith and his 50% salary sent and change the 5th to a 3rd. Otherwise perfect.

    • Wow, really sticking your neck out there eh?

    • NYR 1st. Jets could use 1st overall pick next year.

  17. Terrible news regarding the captain. Sweeney can go pound sand now.

    • I am absolutely gobsmacked …. I really thought it wasBruins or retire

      Well … the very “large” and “heavy” Caps just got taller, larger, heavier

      Perhaps Sweeney actually retired months ago and never told anybody

      • Pengy. And older.

      • What I’ve been saying ever since he signed bottom 6 Craig Smith & DeBrusk he headed for the Cape for some R&R

    • @Shore, I honestly thought the hold up was Chara not having made up his mind but, the B’s being the ones not offering was a bit surprising.
      The guy is pure class although, that signing with the Caps was a small dig in my eyes.
      Bruins owe him nothing and vice versa.

      • I’m devastated.

      • Put him in your name then ShoreOrr as a salute. Park is and will always be a Ranger anyway,…unless you think Esposito is a Ranger instead?

      • You would think dubas would have been all over chara at 43 he would easily be the best dman on that horrible d core! I’m sure chara knew the leafs are going nowhere though, 4 overpaid players making half the cap and a bottom 6 made up of ahlers

      • Leafs are loaded with talent on back end now. THE talk of NHL this season will be Lehtonen’s immediate stardom dumbdumb.

      • Park played more games as a Bruin than he did as a Ranger. Fewer still as a Red Wing.
        Higgins was a useless plug.

      • Park played for the Red Wings after the Bruins and then went back to retire in Massachusetts. He is and always will be regarded as a Bruin. You are a fool to think otherwise.

        And loaded with talent on the back end is a reach and a half! I’ll give them credit that they have a lot of big bodies back there….. but they would have to be drunk to be loaded!

      • Oh I guess Brad Park himself and the NHL HOH committee agreeing he would go in as a Ranger with his number 2 sweater was a misunderstanding.

        Get some sleep gents you’re a bit delusional. Lol

      • Lehtonen will be worse than Barrie, what a horrible trade that was eh wendel?? Any team that has to sign Thornton,Simmonds and spezza to fill their bottom 6 is in trouble! Brodie won’t have gio and we all saw Brodie’s true colours when he doesn’t have gio

  18. Sweeney has been in over his head since the 2015 draft, and of all the trades he made he hit on Two …..time for a new GM & Team Pres

    • Doesn’t matter. He was a Ranger. Maybe Habsfan should change his name to The Big M.

      Paul Higgins extended career stats for one glorious year: 0 goals 0 assists, 0 points, 1 shot on next (wrap around and almost scored) but you tube Higgins/ Colin Campbell, Higgins /Darryl Sutter (crying like a baby to press about brutal Higgins ), Higgins / Stan Weir ( true classic) and Higgins/Larry Playfair and Higgins/ Willy Plett (standing ovation for 1 second on ice in playoffs.)


      Makes Behn Wilson look like Scott Hamilton.

      • You’re just being a big silly arse. He was a poor mans punching bag.

  19. Still obsessed i see, eh bigbear

    My 3rd cousins boyfriends sister-in-law has a connection…I could hook you two up on a blinder?

    Couple large double doubles, masks by the fire?

    • Shticky!! Long time no see it’s amazing how wrong you’re all the time! Lol you probably forget how much garbage you used to spew

  20. I honestly lose my ability to determine tastelessness as I age.

    So. How long before chara needs open heart surgery now that he signed as an old past his prime cap?


    • Loss of taste is a symptom. Have your temperature taken before you read anything here that makes it go up.

  21. Bruins play the Caps 8 times in the 56 game schedule as the BH says Wilson won’t have to worry about Z going after him when he (Wilson) takes liberties with the Bruin players … every year the Bruins seem to get smaller and less tougher and to me it’s surprising with the way Sweeney & Neely played the game & yes toughness is still in the game … the last 2 S.C. winners played that way …. remember what Sweeney said .. Bigger,Tougher & stronger on the puck ….again not this coming year