NHL Rumor Mill – December 23, 2020

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Check out the latest on the Jets, Canadiens, Red Wings and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.

WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre reports the status of Patrik Laine and Jack Roslovic are among the pressing matters facing the Winnipeg Jets as they prepare for the upcoming 2020-21 season.

What will the Winnipeg Jets do with winger Patrik Laine?(NHL Images)

Earlier this fall, Laine’s agent suggested a trade might be “mutually beneficial” for his client and the Jets. However, the winger remains with the Jets. He has a year remaining on his contract. McIntyre wonders if this will become a season-long distraction or if it’ll blow over quickly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That depends on whether Laine can rediscover the chemistry he had with center Paul Stastny, who was reacquired by the Jets following a two-year stint with the Vegas Golden Knights.

Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff doesn’t have to rush into trading Laine, who’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer. He can afford to wait for the right offer if he decides to shop the talented winger.

Roslovic is a restricted free agent coming off his entry-level contract. His agent told McIntyre there’s been no progress in contract talks with the Jets. The 23-year-old forward has been the subject of trade speculation. Cheveldayoff has explored Roslovic’s trade value but hasn’t found a deal to his liking.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roslovic seems more likely to be traded than Laine right now. Cheveldayoff could have better luck finding a suitable trade partner now that the start of the season has finally been announced. The Jets could use more depth on the blue line so I wouldn’t be surprised if Cheveldayoff seeks a defenseman in return.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Montreal Canadiens might not be done dealing following a busy offseason of player movement. He cites a source claiming Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is still looking to improve his roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Canadiens with over $383K in cap space. If Bergevin is looking at improving his roster it could be a dollar-for-dollar swap or a deal in which he ships out a player for one with a more affordable cap hit.

Tomas Tatar ($4.8 million), Paul Byron ($3.4 million AAV through 2022-23) and Philip Danault ($3.083 million) have come up as potential trade candidates. Bergevin could be loath to move any of them but he does have a history of making bold moves.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman said he might make another move before the season begins. The Wings have over $9 million in salary-cap space for the coming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent speculation linked the Wings with Tampa Bay Lightning forwards Tyler Johnson ($5 million AAV) or Alex Killorn ($4.45 million AAV) as the Bolts look to shed salary. A report out of Europe suggested the Lightning could acquire Henrik Zetterberg’s $6.083 million cap hit. A bad back put Zetterberg on permanent long-term injury reserve since 2018.



  1. Someone will “steal” Vats

    Of course I’d love him on Pens


    Ruhweedel down; sign Vats…. still under Cap 👍👍👍

    • Should have signed him rather than Ceci …

    • Vatanen will end up with the B’s, plays both sides

      • Hi Fergy22

        Yep fair chance of that happening

    • @pengy..me too but with Haula, Granlund, and duclair off the board..wow

      Haula $1.7. Duclair $1.7 seems affordable to me uuugghh.

      Now I like center Carl soderberg one year deal..3rd line center, 17 goals last season…
      Soderberg McCann Tanev 3rd line
      Blueger jankowski Rodriguez 4th line

      If not soderberg then anthansiou 25, speedy former 30 goal scorer to add depth to bottom six.

  2. If bargain city where are all the signings .
    I see Sheary inked with the caps. Good value and depth .

    Laine will take the exact same path
    ( out of town) as Trouba. A couple of one year deals and bye bye

    • If I am the Jets, I would chase RNH as your 2C.
      Trade Laine for a solid #2 D man.

      Hoist cup.

  3. LOL. Bergevin is looking to improve his roster … presumably from a car crash to a train wreck.

    • Not sure what you have been watching this off season but Bergevin has done a masterful job … this can be said about EVERY club but if the Habs stay healthy they are formidable and scary and with Price not a team I’d want to play in the playoffs … ask Sid …

      • Ed the Toffoli acquisition was the only undeniable good move for a good player for a good contract both money and term….that’s all. The Habs are bumping so tight against the cap that the only moves they can make is trading away high cost under-performers for someone else’s leaving them still bumping up against the cap and for a team, far, far away from being called a cup contender…That friend, it’s really bad.

      • Trading an under utilized domi for an asset was good… then signing Anderson for that term was bad. Allen is a dang expensive backup. Overall Montreal did ok. Best offseason game n Canada though was van.

      • Montreal had a very good offseason easily the best team In the north division, the only Canadian teams that took a step backwards were the leafs and canucks. I don’t know what dubas was thinking signing those way past their prime players spezza, Thornton and simmonds will hurt their bottom 6 and Brodie without gio isn’t going to look very good

      • Frolik signing low risk good move too

      • Habs pro-scouting and doctors see Anderson as being free and clear.

        Domi signed for the same money and is less valuable while gambling on more money next contract.

        Anderson will be the lower cost player giving more value over time.

      • As much I hate saying it, MTL did have a good off season.
        Toffoli is a consistent producer.
        Edmundson is an unspectacular but solid veteran D man.
        If the hype is true, Romanov is a gamer and is coming over.
        Allen might be the best backup in the NHL, and his extension was reasonable.
        Frolik is a low risk, responsible player who has produced in the past and is only 32. For cheap.
        Some of the new guys make a bit too much $, but nothing crazy, this team improved a bunch.
        I root against the Habs more than any other team and trashed MB for offer sheeting Aho, but you have to give him credit for his off season.
        KK and Suzuki should both improve and help out more. Have a good shot at the playoffs IMO.

      • Thanks Ray, you made my point, they have a good shot at the playoffs…and being at the cap they are in no better of a situation like say Buffalo. Good shot at making the playoffs but for a team bumping against the cap, all I’m saying I’d expect more.

        PS I’m sure no one here is saying Buffalo being tops in their division like some think the Habs will be.

  4. Tampa is now close to 10% over the cap and they can’t sign Cirelli. Maybe they have a trade coming and are expecting either Stamkos or Kucherov to start season on ltir? How much is Cirelli worth? At this point if someone could get him to sign an offer sheet, Tampa can’t match. It doesn’t have to break the bank either. A 3 year deal for 4m per? Could that be more than Tampa is offering him? Unless they move him to wing, is he happy as 3c?

    • Could someone enlighten me as to how aquiring Zetterberg’s contract from Detroit helps the Lightning? Is the contract covered by insurance and they are not responsible for the cap hit because he’s on LTIR?

  5. Agree with Lyle, no need to trade Laine until next offseason. They will trade him then so they don’t mess up their internal salary structure as he can’t make more than Scheiffle.

    For those who think he is not worth a top young Dman think again. Elite goal scorers are the most scarce commodity in hockey, worth more than a top Dman. For example it would take Provorov + ( likely Koneckny), also werenski +, Hughes +, Rielly +, Hamilton +, Ellis +, lindholm or fowler +, dumda + , McAvoy + .Seth Jones and Cale Makar might be only straight up swap Jets take. Any other Dmen suggestions are non-starters and a waste of time discussing.

    • 17 players had over 30 goals (Laine was not one of them) . Another 70 had had 20 or more. That’s 87. There are only 62 first pairing defenseman in the league. So it’s easy to see who are more available. You don’t have to have an elite scorer if you have 12 forwards who can all score 15-30 goals. If fact the latter is harder to shutdown than shutting down one top scored. Defense wins playoff games not offense. That is why Toronto is still years away from winning. They are not built for playoff hockey as they value scoring forwards over top notch defensemen.

    • Laine isn’t the best forward on his team.
      He isn’t even the best winger.
      I would keep Connor over Laine, and would bet $$ that Chevvy would too.
      Wheeler is a better player today than Laine, older yes, but also better.
      WPG might have the best top 5 forwards in the NHL, or at least is close, but they are not getting a #1 D-man for their 3rd best winger and 4th best forward.

      • Agreed I’d take Connor over laine his all around game is way better

      • Not a chance Ray. Only one player on the jets would bring a better return the Laine and that player is Scheifele.

        Kyle Connor is a nice player and in the 2015 draft i had Boston drafting him. oh well still dwelling on the past.

        Laine is a better all round player then Connor and adds a physical element that Kyle doesn’t have.

        The only way the Jets trade Laine is if he is too expensive to resign.

        Laine skill set doesn’t come around every year.

      • We have always disagreed on Laine’s value Caper. We have always agreed on the B’s 2015 draft.
        I wouldn’t trade Connor for Laine, nor would I trade Scheifele for Laine. He is a generator and a finisher. Laine just a finisher IMO.

        I just don’t think Laine is some rare goal scoring talent that would justify trading a legit #1 D man for, which was a response to Wendel.

        WPG needs a top pair D man, I would trade him for a youngish #2 all day. A pick to even it up if required.
        The Jets are deep up front and Ehlers isn’t getting them the D-man they need IMO. Laine’s the guy I would move.
        A Laine for Werenski type thing, not that CLB is looking to move him.

      • I would never trade Werenski for Laine. Ever!
        Werenski popped 20 goals from the blueline.
        He is a dynamic offensive defenseman, who plays an absolutely excellent all around game. The kid can skate and shut guys down.
        Laine is a trigger man who scored 8 more goals than Werenski. It’s not something Jarmo would ever entertain.

        Wendel is so hung up on lateral thinking he can’t figure out hockey sense from hockey socks.

      • You are all talking out your backsides. By the halfway mark you will see I’m right that habs are a lottery team and you will also see I am on the money with Laine’s trade value when he is inevitably but stupidly dealt.
        In the fullness of time yee shall come to the light gentlemen.

      • So, Wendel is right, and everyone else is wrong? How’s life on that island, bud? Lonely?

      • I don’t agree that Laine is a better all around player than Connor right now. Connor can play defense when asked, is quicker (Laine is not even close in quickness), Connor scores goals in different ways and has improved more over the past three years than Laine. I don’t think he will always get more goals than the Fin but has outscored him for a long stretch of time up to now.

        The reason Laine is worth more than Connor is because the ceiling is higher for Laine due to that shot and his physical size. The frequent untimely giveaways, the poor positioning and reluctance to move to find more space when setting up are all coachable things.

        If he gets a top d, or top c, I make the trade.

        On the other hand the rumours may be a method used by Chevy to gauge his value around the league to help figure out a fair cap value. He may have no intention of moving PL out.

  6. “Montreal Canadiens might not be done dealing following a busy offseason of player movement. He cites a source claiming Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin is still looking to improve his roster.”

    Might look at Byron + Kulak for Hanifin

    • Why?

      • Exactly

      • In the context of still dealing.

        Byron and Kulak both came out of Calgary and far exceeded their prior assessments ( lost on waivers )

        Cap hit is about the same, allows Calgary some flexibility and a sure 20 goals.

        Bergevin improves his D

    • Frolik , is a nice low cost addition , good on the PK . I would be surprised to see Tatar traded at this point. Both Armia and Tatar will be looking for big years since they are UFAs at the end of year. The Habs likely won’t keep both after the coming year. I am sure Byron could be had on a cheap return. I like the player but the value on these types of players is low right now.

    • UR hilarious Habs fan!

  7. Probably right now the Bruins need a winger more than they need a top 4 LD because of the Pasta & Brad situation but if Noah Hanifin is available have to at least see what the asking price is the 4+ per is also a issue so a roster player making at least a few mill per year has to go in return …..would a Kase for Hanifan work

    • Kase for Hanifin if you are on a bath salts binge!

      • Calgary is reportedly interested in acquiring winger Ondrej Kase in exchange for Hanifin. He has one year remaining on his contract and can become a restricted free agent next offseason. Hanifin, meanwhile, has four years remaining on his six-year, $29.7 million contract, which comes with a $4.95 million cap …. Bruins might have to add a young Dman

    • All depend on which young D-man you’re talking about Joe.
      Carlo and McAvoy are young.
      If it is Kase and Vaak for Hanafin – sign me up!

      • 👍🏻

  8. APB for Sweeney & Neely

    Where are you two hiding ?

  9. Bolts just announced the Kucherov will miss the entire season.
    Can you say Cap Relief?

    • Wonder why he didn’t have surgery right away. Could still need to make a trade to fit in a new deal for Cirelli.

    • Cap relief – good.
      No Kucherov – bad.

      Back just in time for the playoffs?

      That is a wow nevinsrip.

    • Nry4Life, I used to think I understood how that works, not so sure anymore.
      My basic understanding is – to maximize the cap relief they wait until the season starts to place him on LTIR, but they can place him on LTIR prior to the season, the amount of relief is just less.
      How much less, I dunno?

    • Such a shady move. (although within the rules) Watch them snag HZ’s IR rights from old friend Yzerman in order to sign young Cirelli next.

  10. Jake Debrusk still isn’t listed on the Bruins official roster.
    A bottle of dirty old Scotch for a bottle of delicious Jamison says he gets dealt to a Western team sometime soon.

    • The worst scotch beats the piss out of any old Jamison

      You could of at least put tullimore dew up in the comp.

    • Scotch tastes like foot odor smells.

    • Shore

      I have previously suggested LD Vince Dunn for Jake D. plus a pick. Dunn is still not signed.



      • Deal. I like Vince Dunn more than I like Jake Debrusk. Armie would never make that deal though.

    • All bets are off. Debrusk was listed on the official roster less than 20 minutes ago.
      Everyone can calm down now.

  11. When are the bruins going to do something everyone else has

    • My word, you’re Impatient. All of your suggestions thus far simply aren’t realistic. OEL is too expensive. You really think they’re gonna bring new blood and pay him/them more than anyone on our top line?
      How or why are you gonna pay Hoffman 5 – 6 million with only 3 million in cap space?
      What else do you want the reigning Presidents trophy winners to do in order to get onto the playoffs? Please be realistic with your ideas, unless you’re just trolling. In that case, as you were, and carry on.