Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 20, 2020

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Some recent Bruins and Senators speculation in today’s NHL rumor roundup.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty was asked if there’s any truth to recent rumors linking the Bruins to Mike Hoffman. While Haggerty believes the Bruins could be interested in the free-agent winger he doesn’t believe they’re close to signing him unless he’s willing to accept a one-year, $3.5 million contract. They only have $3.6 million in cap space.

Hoffman reportedly seeks a one-year deal starting at $5.5 million. Haggerty feels he could get something in the $5 million range from somebody. He acknowledged the Bruins could put sidelined winger David Pastrnak on long-term injury reserve to start the season to free up sufficient wiggle room to sign Hoffman. However, he doesn’t see them going that route with Pastrnak due to return in February.

No truth to a rumor linking Calgary Flames defenseman Noah Hanifin to the Boston Bruins (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Hoffman agrees to a more affordable salary or the Bruins make a cost-cutting deal, I don’t see him suiting up for Boston this season. I still think their priority is addressing the left side of their blueline.

Haggerty cites colleague Jimmy Murphy shooting down a rumor suggesting the Bruins ship winger Ondrej Kase to the Calgary Flames for defenseman Noah Hanifin. Murphy indicates that rumor was an idea proposed by a reporter and not actually discussed by the Bruins and Flames.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That proposal would certainly help the Bruins shore up the depth on the left side of their blueline. However, it makes no sense for the Flames.

Kase has one 20-goal season during his short, injury-ravaged NHL career. He really struggled to adjust with the Bruins after they acquired him from the Anaheim Ducks last season, with one assist in six regular-season games and four assists in 11 playoff contests.

THE ATHLETIC: Hailey Salvian was recently asked in a mailbag segment who she thought would become the first Ottawa Senators player to be traded this season. She observed they have five potential unrestricted free agents, which are the type of players typically moved before the trade deadline.

She points out goaltender Anders Nilsson is battling concussion issues, defenseman Erik Gudbranson carries a big cap hit ($4 million) for what he brings to the ice, while forward Artem Anisimov also has a significant cap hit ($4.45 million) and struggled with injuries last season.

That leaves Alex Galchenyuk and Mike Reilly. The latter could be the most likely trade candidate as he’s shown he can be a capable puck-moving defenseman with the Senators. Galcheyuk could also attract some interest if he had a good offensive season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We shouldn’t rule out Gudbranson or Anisimov also becoming trade candidates near the deadline. Much will depend upon their performances this season but they could be enticing to a playoff contender.

Everyone writes off Gudbranson’s value but teams still keep trading for him. I can see him landing with a playoff contender if the Sens agree to pick up part of his cap hit. A healthy season could make Anisimov worthwhile as an experienced depth forward.

The Senators won’t get much for any of those UFAs. Nevertheless, they will get some draft picks they can stockpile for off-season deals with cap-strapped clubs.


  1. As much as everyone is still talking of the. Bruins grabbing a LD or a scoring forward it won’t happen. The line up you see is their line up.the only possible addition will be Chara if he likes the new schedule. Cap restrictions will not allow anything else to happen. It is just pie in the sky thinking and something to read about.

    • I wish chara would make up his mind….it’s a 56 game schedule and local division play only….

      I’m still hoping he decides to play and Pittsburgh can lure him to the steel city..

      He would b a great fit for third pairing, providing leadership, toughness.

      Keep him to 15. 16 minutes a game…I know wishful thinking but he would still b in black and gold. Lol

    • Agree 100% Haggs and company aren’t right to often and this is another wishful thinking….. I do believe when it’s time Chara will sign a 1 year contract with the Bruins

    • Yep.

    • It’s great to know you’re the master of all-things Boston Bruins … and you know more than anyone what they’ll be doing on the back end, including Cam Neely, who just said they want to add more experience.

  2. Senators could easily retain 50% at TDL for Anisomov who id big and can play both C & W…. with 1/3rd left in the season and with the escrow and deferral…. the cash retention for Sens would be only $180 K…. to get a pick or prospect back

    Reilly also at 50% retained at TDL …. cash retention ~$180 K

    G-Chuck at 50% retained at TDL costs Sens only about 125 K

    GoodB would be the costliest …. 50% retained at TDL…. about $360 K

    The possibility is out there

  3. Kase for Hanafin straight up… not happening

    I still think Hoffman as a Bruin is a possibility

    If in fact Bruins and Pens in same Div…. I’m certainly not for that Bruin acquisition

  4. I hope the Bruins do acquire Hanifan, he’d be just like Chara, another Bruins defenceman that you could walk around …

    • Now who knows nothing about hockey?

  5. I believe the bruins will sign Hoffman. They have to sign or trade for a high scoring forward or it’s the basement for the b’s this season or Sweeney and Neely will finally be shown the door! I’m almost hoping they don’t do anything cause I want those incompetent idiots out of new town! Oh by the way, if you’re thinking some of the providence squad will make a difference. They won’t I watched almost as many Providence b’s games as I did with the parent club no one really did much to make me sit up and take notice poor drafting by guess who!

    • Bruins are still a top team in the. NHL. Will either finish 1st or 2nd in new division Would be nice to get a new sniper but not happening. Kase will probably have his best year ever if stays healthy

      • Bruins are fading fast. They have jumped the shark and will be life and death to make the playoffs.

        Ottawa could be a good Hub arena as I haven’t seen any people in there in a quarter century other than when leafs visit.

    • Some of these posts are so laughable it is almost pathetic. Keep playing NHL21 guys!

  6. Off topic but I hope the NHL can get going on Jan 13. The NBA is stealing all the headlines and we hear nothing from the NHL. I am not a fan of the NBA but everyday they are in the news with interesting stories about player movement and speculation while the NHL is stuck in the mud.
    It seems like the NHL has the most contentious relationship with its union verses the other leagues. It is always a struggle to move forward.

  7. Two teams that have plenty of cap room and need scoring are Detroit and LA and all Hoffman does is score goals consistently.

    Signing him to a show me contract at age 31 when he has shown no sign of slowing down is an easy decision.

    Frankly I think the Sabres will rue the day they took Hall instead of Hoffman

    • It’s not scoring goals that Hoffman has to prove to anyone. Rather, it’s a lingering feeling that he might – and I stress might – not be the best dressing room influence. That 2018 mess in Ottawa between him and Karlsson is a classic example of “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” Karlsson had been with Ottawa for 9 seasons with no hint of friction – Hoffman was there full time for 4 seasons, and it was in his last one there that all Hell broke loose.

      Since moving on (San Jose flipped him within hours), he’s been dogged by constant rumors of being “trade-bait” out of Florida despite potting 65g 64a 129pts in 2 seasons (albeit with seasons of -24 and -5).

      Over his last 4 seasons his cap hit has been $5,187,500 while producing 113g 133a 246pts in 307gp while missing virtually NO time. Surely, re-signing him to an extension closer to $6.5 would seem like a no-brainer for Florida. But, obviously, they made no real effort to do so at any price. Now, it’s reported he’d be willing to sign a 1 year deal at $6 mil.

      That doesn’t happen to solid teammates who puts up solid numbers consistently. Something else is at play here.

      Be careful of what you wish for.

      • George, rumor is just that and a 1 yr deal for either Detroit or LA is worth finding out considering the goals.

        Rumor has it that Patrick Roy is the reason Habs moved, Schneider, Chelios, Carbonneau, Nilan but who knows for sure.

        A shortened season makes for an easy gamble considering his obvious upside considering the cap room both have.

  8. Kase is a band-aid and laughable for Hannifin.
    I do agree he could have his best year. Looked real good in the playoffs but did nothing. Like 3 points playing with Krejci

  9. I’ve been reading how the Bruins are on their way down since 2010. 2014, 2015 for sure. Now once again. The truth is how Bergeron’s play in the next couple seasons. The loss of Chara will be also big, he is reason for the Bs ascention the last decade or so. IMO, no trade now would matter to any large degree. As for Hanifin, he has not improved his game since he was drafted. A trade for him would be to allow younger LDs to emerge in Calgary. It would also free up Cap space for a RD. I think Hoffman would be a bad fit in Boston.

  10. Why is it that fans criticize their own team for not signing a specific UFA? ‘They’re not even trying to get better” our GM is sitting on his hands.
    We all do it. If you don’t spend to the cap, you’re not being serious at all. throwing in the towel?
    We have no idea of their plans & what they’re prepared to do. i sincerely doubt they’ll consult this board. The teams that at/over the cap probably wish they didn’t have to give up so much to get something. I don’t feel sorry for them at all


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