NHL Rumor Mill – January 8, 2021

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The latest on Pierre-Luc Dubois, Alex Ovechkin, Frederik Andersen and Mathew Barzal in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: During the latest “Insider Trading” segment, Darren Dreger reported the latest regarding Pierre-Luc Dubois’ trade request from the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Columbus Blue Jackets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images)

Dubois’ agent, Pat Brisson, remains in constant contact with Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen. The young center promises to be a good teammate for his Blue Jackets teammates but there’s a sense the Dubois camp and Jackets management would like to work out a trade sooner rather than later.

Pierre LeBrun reports people around the league believed the Jackets will take their time on this, perhaps waiting until this year’s draft to get a deal done. He suggests the Anaheim Ducks, Los Angeles Kings, Montreal Canadiens, New York Rangers and Winnipeg Jets as possible trade partners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun feels the Ducks and Kings have the depth in young assets to interest the Jackets. Unless they’re rebuilding, however, I don’t believe that’s what they’ll want in return for Dubois.

The Jackets are trying to become Stanley Cup contenders. Trading away their best center without getting a quality center in return won’t help unless the plan is to flip assets acquired from a club like the Ducks or Kings to another club in exchange for a scoring center.

The Rangers would probably love to have Dubois in their lineup but, as LeBrun suggests, the Jackets might not be keen to send him to a division rival.

LeBrun mentions the Canadiens’ current depth at center. If Nick Suzuki and Jesperi Kotkaniemi blossom as expected this season, pending free agent Phillip Danault could become the odd man out. The Habs and Jackets have a recent trade history. Some Canadiens fans would salivate at the notion of swapping Danault for Dubois but I don’t see that happening. The asking price for Dubois could be Suzuki or Kotkaniemi.

Some observers suggest swapping Dubois for Laine. While the Jets winger wouldn’t address the Jackets’ need to replace Dubois at center, he would bring some much-needed scoring punch.

However, the Jackets would need assurances Laine will make a long-term commitment. The same goes for Dubois with the Jets. It’s believed Dubois wants to play in a bigger market, which would rule out Winnipeg as a destination.

LeBrun noted Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin’s contract expires at the end of this season. He expects an extension will be worked out during the season, but Frank Seravalli said Ovechkin’s initial pre-pandemic ask was $12. 5 million annually.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the hit to league revenue this season, it’s unlikely Ovechkin will get that much from the Capitals. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out. Both sides want to get a deal done but Ovechkin will probably have to drop his asking price.

LeBrun reported the Toronto Maple Leafs have not held contract extension talks with goaltender Frederik Andersen. He thinks both sides are comfortable with letting the season play out before opening discussions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Leafs will want to observe Andersen’s play this season, as well as examine the free-agent and trade markets by season’s end for any suitable replacements if they decide to part way with their starter. Andersen, meanwhile, can improve his value to the Leafs (or another club via this summer’s UFA market) with a strong performance this season.

Dreger reports the New York Islanders and Mathew Barzal’s representatives continue working toward a new contract for the restricted free agent center. Barzal is in New York working out and awaiting a new deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m surprised Barzal’s still unsigned. It’s thought the Isles prefer signing him to a short-term bridge deal with the promise of a more lucrative contract afterward.


  1. @Pengy
    What did you think of Kahun when he was briefly in Pittsburgh?

    Seems like a middle 6 winger that has 20 goal and 50pt potential with some wheels….that the Oilers got for nothing

    • Hi ds

      Ur assertion is about bang on my read

      I liked his speed and tenacity

      Pens got him in the Maata trade; then moved him because Jimbo coveted Sheary.

      UFA Sheary and RFA Rodrigues came over (from Sabres) for Kahun

      Small but quick

      Buffalo didn’t give him the QO obviously due to tight budget

      Oil paying him only $275 K over league min…. good deal IMHO

      • Kahun, tenacity??? You must have seen something that nobody else did. Tenacity? bwahahaha

      • Still a head scratcher on the Sabres part, small sample size but 2-2-4 in 6 games here and 12-19-31 in 56 for the season. Nobody has ever addressed Sabres management on why he was not given a QO.
        The question was asked and the stock answer was given “we’re still interested” etc.

        As for the tight budget reasoning I don’t buy it, when you give a stiff like Girgensons 2.2M per for 3 yrs who was part of the worst PK in the league, again another head scratcher on Adams part.

        Adams didn’t address the goaltending or LD but signing Hall sort of masked the holes left in the line-up. JMO

      • Hi LEN

        Sounds plausible.

        I was only going on what TSN had said as to budget… they weren’t willing to QO at close to $1M because they were watching an internal number And were not willing to go $975K… hoping to get him for lower

        As I said… speedy and tenacious…. worth $275 K over league min IMHO

        Would love to have still had him as a Pen… him on 3rd line would be better IMHO than any of the wingers they currently are slotting in there

        Low risk, very reasonable add

        It’s a 1 year deal… if somehow he falters… they say b-bye at year end

    • I’m really interested to see how Draisaitl and Kahun mesh in the NHL as opposed to National play.

  2. PLD would fill biggest need on young Rangers team but, agree there’s no way Jarmo sends him to NY. Unless there’s a future plan to tweak divisions, Rangers aren’t getting him without a severe overpayment. Winnipeg makes most sense. Laine and Roslovic for Dubois, Peeke, and pick?

    • So that leaves COL w/o a #1 centre … how does that help? Never gonna happen …

      • Which team do you suggest they trade Dubois to Ed? And what should the return be?

      • Ed. They traded For Domi. Signed Koivu. Would be adding Roslovic. Texier could play center, as well as Nash and Jenner.

    • @Slick
      Kreider+Chytil for PLD interest you at all?

      Strome might be useless without Panarin

      • ds. I don’t see Kreider going anywhere. Full NMC. Chytil would be a possibility if they didn’t want Strome, but salary wouldn’t work. Buchnevich and Chytil would work cap wise, but they’d want more. As I said, NY would overpay. Don’t see anything between these 2 teams. Not now anyway. Never know though. Colombus has him at a bargain deal for 2 years and he’ll still be rfa. There’s absolutely no reason to trade him unless he becomes a problem in locker room.

      • I thought Kreider did not have a full no trade?

        the biggest issue is PLD future salaries
        Rangers have some potential high end kids going to need to get paid in the near future if they all work out.

  3. I think you will see Kahun play with Draisaitl . Both team Germany and played together in the past . Potential to be an excellent Oiler addition . On my radar around pick 75 overall

    Dubois will move . When and where who knows. Every club would have interest without question . As a result will take some time .

  4. Suzuki as the primary piece for pld is actually something that makes sense.

    • I’d love to see PLD in montreal. Not sure I’d give up Suzuki or kk to get him. I think kk could develop into the same player as PLD as soon as this year.

      • Then you won’t get him. I’d take pld over both. But it’ll take a top 6 center to land him. And pd I doubt will cut it.

    • Maybe as a complimentary piece, certainly not the main piece.

      If they complete the season and he show substantial growth then maybe.

    • Yo, Christ’s,

      Actually, if you look at it then no it doesn’t.

      Not possible under the Cap.

      Sideways move at best, based on ethnicity if it happens. imo.


    • Hahaha man fans really over value their teams players….Leafs fans do it more but as with most things with Montreal, man do they take it to another level! Wasn’t one or both sent to the minors because they needed more development is somehow worth PLD? Just like the 24th place team when play resumed is also going to win the division. It would be more likely that PLD gets swapped for Barzal in NYI.

      • You must pens fans? Chrisms aren’t you a pens fan lol Ron’s comments are usual out there but this one takes it to a whole new level

      • I’m struggling to figure out how the pens got roped into this discussion?

  5. I believe Dubois will be a great teammate amid all the stuff that’s going on, but it’s foolish to think he’s in Columbus very much longer.
    Laine for Dubois makes no sense to me just because I don’t see either sticking around in their new cities.

    I’d love Dubois in Detroit, as I’ve stated before, but the Wings don’t have the 1 C that Columbus would need in return, unless it’s Larkin…which I wouldn’t want. I’d also like to see Yzerman and crew add another year’s worth of picks to their system before making a big deal.

    Edmonton definitely has the assets that Columbus would love, but it’d have to include Nuge, who would need to commit to Columbus long term. I love Nuge and would hate to see him go, but he’d be a great fit.

    To Edmonton – Dubois, Merzlikins or Korpisalo

    To Columbus – Nuge (signed), Puljujarvi

    Throw in some extras where needed.

    • The value in players makes sense Artsy19, I just don’t know where Dubois would play in Edmonton. He is too good for 3C, and I can’t see Edmonton moving Draisaitl back to the wing as he was too good last year centering his own line.
      If CLB wants a C back, the only teams that make sense to me are MTL or LA as both have depth in young C’s.
      CLB isn’t going to win this trade now that this is public and they are set on getting a C back. Why would that deal happen unless you think Dubois is a better player than what you are trading away?

      If they demand a C they have to assume some risk on a less proven guy or find a 3rd team to play ball.

      To me this points to MTL or LA, most likely MTL with Susuki or Kotkaniemi as the key piece.

    • Artsy19 why would you think PLD would stay in Detroit or Edmonton. I lived in Edmonton and i take Winnipeg over Edmonton any day of the week. Detroit is a dead city and a lousy team.

      Depend on what he means by big market? Is it a big Hockey market? or a big City market which offers a lot more things to do. If it’s a combination of both, then there isn’t a lot of them.

      JLD use to play for the ” Cape Breton Screaming Eagles” just a little insight folks from Cape Breton are referred to as “Capers” my brother was extremely high on JLD he told me he went to the games to watch him play. Anyway my point is the city of Sydney has a population of 29,900 , there is several other communities in the area my home town of North Sydney is 5700 and i can tell you this, other the beauty of Cape Breton Island there isn’t much else to do. Some really good golf courses and beaches or skiing but night life forget.

      So any NHL city offers a ton more then where the player came from and where he played his minor hockey. But things change.

    • Really WPG over EDM Caper?
      Never lived in WPG but spent time there as an adult for work, and a couple hockey tourneys, and as a pit stop on the way to fish.
      Curious as to why. If you really enjoy lake fishing, or simply being at the lake, then ya, WPG kicks butt. Affordable cottages too.
      Mountains in AB though.
      Edmonton is a nice city in the summer, river valley is great, the golf is good, especially in the Mountains. Nice folks.
      In normal times the AB economy offers more opportunity. Not sure normal comes back any time soon though with regards to AB economy.

      • Hi Ray, yes Winnipeg over Edmonton. Lived in both and still live in Winnipeg.

        Winnipeg, has awesome summers, great beaches and lakes.

        Edmonton i found to be a dirty city and boring, the one positive in Edmonton is there is a ton of donair shops. I love a donair sub, pita or pizza .

        Now you mentioned the mountains’ in Alberta not in Edmonton. For the record i prefer Calgary over Edmonton, much cleaner and nicer city. Maybe just my perception from living there in the late 80’s

      • I luv Jasper Caper, was there twice this past summer and fall as renting a cabin there was a good Covid vacation. 3hr drive, but worth it and prefer it over Banf where I have also spent a lot of time.
        Jasper is the best golf course I have ever played and I have played some golf in my life. Liked the Clear Lake course in MB, camped there as a youngster with the fam.
        Edmonton looks dirty during April and early May as they gravel the streets to prevent accidents from ice, and when the melt happens it looks dirty for a few weeks. Actually a really nice City.
        I prefer Cgy too, lived there for a decade. My son is still there. I moved to Edmonton for work, actually live in St Albert A.K.A. Pleasantville.
        Calgary has a more “fake it til you make it” vibe though, where as Edmonton is more real as far the people goes. More Saskatchewan like, which is where I was from.

      • I’ve lived in Edmonton 3 yrs, Winnipeg 1 year. Pros/Cons in both cities, but both have a RABID fan base! I also lived in Jasper for 10 years….it’s my home away from home! Now settled back in ON.

        Detroit IS a Big Market and destination for players, and I consider Edmonton the same now, due in large part to McDavid and Draisaitl, as well as an amazing prospect pool.

        Re: 3rd line center for PLD…..I was under the impression that PLD also played wing at times. So unless he would play wing on 1st or 2nd line (who wouldn’t want to play with either McD or (Drai????), then yeah…no place in Edmonton for him because he is NOT 3rd line!

  6. I still believe PLD requests the move for future salary and not because of the city/coach etc
    Same situation as Barzal. Two players who bought into the team concept over personal offensive #s while they watch peers of similar talent get paid much much more than they might ever staying with current clubs.

    you cannot tell me marner is worth more than barzal. or even if you do its not one guy making 6.5 and the other 11.

    I also do not see WPG/CBJ swapping players asking for trades.

    Laine to Carolina or Philly.
    PLD yes a center needs to come back-habs, sens, LA(has some kids

    • Does PLD for Barzal make sense?

      • It’s a starting point, but you’d need some filler from Columbus I think.

    • Laine to CAR is one of those trades that makes sense in theory. However, CAR had too many cap issues coming up to trade for a guy that will be asking for ~$9M.

      And with the reported ask of Pesce +, it’s problematic. You don’t trade a cost-controlled $4M 1st/2nd pair D and another (cheap) young roster piece to be saddled with a cap issue.

      Laine would be a great hockey add, no doubt, but at a soon-to-be $9M? no thanks.

      (unless WPG took major salary back, but I don’t see that as likely)

      • What about Trocheck and Pesce for Laine and DeMelo?

      • I’m not sure about the DeMelo add, but Trocheck instead of (the reported) Necas makes much more CAP sense. $9M out, for the (likely) $9M in.

        Maybe a pick and/or young forward instead of DeMelo? CAR is loaded on D (and D prospects), pending Hamilton re-signing, so wouldn’t necessarily need one back.

      • True about Carolina’s D depth…but taking Pesce out of their D Corp leaves a big hole.
        Demelo is a damn good substitute, in my opinion.

        What about Roslovic and a 3rd in place of Demelo?

        I just wanna see Laine play full time with Aho!

      • Artsy19 r u nuts, not a chance Winnipeg go near that deal.

  7. I don’t see PLD moving anywhere at this point as they need players not prospects in return.

    Montreal is a teaser considering the weakness at centre for so many years but neither Suzuki or KK are available straight up as far as team need.

    Edmonton has run out of time dangling RNH, a very good centre, not a great one. Puljujarvi is worth a bag of hockey pucks at this point, yet to prove a thing.

    Tampa might be interested, Cirelli and Johnson for PLD makes them a powerhouse and cap compliant and strengthens Columbus.

    • @habfan30
      PLD for Cirelli + is a good move but Tampa wont be able to resign him either. Cirelli will cost less but is a level below PLD

      Cernak+Cirelli maybe

      • ds, I did suggest Cirelli and Johnson and that’s 2 million more saving for Tampa than Cirelli and Cernak plus Columbus is set on defense.

        Columbus is weak down the middle and could use Johnson, PLD and Cirelli are almost the same age and is a better return for Columbus than anything I’ve seen.

        Full disclosure I’d love to see PLD as a Hab.

    • Edmonton was never dangling nuge . He is the perfect fit , plays well with both mcd and drai , can fill in at 2C if an injury hits, defensively responsible and plays both special teams . He will be re signed .
      Trade value on Jesse is low , and they won’t be moving him either before seeing what they have . Holland didn’t wait him out to sell at low point after getting him back to Edmonton .

    • Not to say nuge is untouchable , if a team in need of centre help called and wanted to overpay , or make an offer too good to pass , but in my opinion he was never dangled or shopped past maybe establishing his value around the league , due diligence

    • I wondered if maybe MTL could pull off a 3 way deal for PLD:

      To MTL: Jack Roslovic

      To WIN: Hudon, Juulsen and a pair of 4th rounders in 2021

      Then do:

      To CBJ: Roslovic, Tatar, Danault, MTL 2nd, and 5th 2021

      To MTL: Pierre Luc Dubois

      MTL Lines:

      Tiffoli, Dubois, Gallagher
      Drouin, Suzuki, Anderson
      Lehkonen, Kotkaniemi, Armia
      Frolik, Evans, Perry

      Chariot, Weber
      Edmundson, Petry
      Mete, Romanov


      • craig have you added up the parts? Your suggesting the Habs give : Danault, Tatar, Juulson, Hudon a 2nd rounder, 2 4th rounders ans a 5th rounder in return for PLD…..throw in a coach too.

  8. I’m still sticking to my story that Barzal has already agreed to a deal and is waiting on LL to finish a deal for it to be announced.
    3 years at 6.5 -7 million which leave him one year away from UFA status after that.

    I believe the player in question is Thomas Hickey.

    We’ll see.

  9. Random guy here but just shooting this out . I would try and swap forsberg for Dubois. Almost identical stats in the last 3 years. 2 years left for Forsberg also. Nashville knows Colombus wants that situation to be settled, the price. ! million more on the contract and 3 years older. Forsberg is far from done. Just an idea

    • And a fine idea at that. Actually pretty sensible for both sides. Maybe some additional players and/or picks on both sides or maybe it works as is. Different players, different styles. I like PLD more personally.

  10. If FLyers think they can win NOW would they send Cam York+Ghost over for Laine?

    • York and Konecny might do it. Ghost doesn’t have anything worth offering.

      • flyers need to move ghost salary for laine’s

    • York and Konecny is an interesting idea.
      Not sure Philly would part with both, but Konecny as one piece plausible.
      Depends what they think of York I guess, but a solid D prospect.

  11. What do y’all think of this proposal? Hopefully I’m not too much of a homer Bruins fan…

    To Boston: PLD

    To CBJ: Krejci & Studnicka. Bruins retain $2.5M of Krejci’s salary this year and Krejci agrees to extend with CBJ for 2 or 3 years.

    CBJ gets a player who can step in and Center their top-line for 3 or 4 years. Proven winner/leader/playoff performer along with a C prospect with at least 2C potential.

    BOS gets an immediate long-term replacement for Krejci who can center their 2nd line immediately while learning from Bergeron and perhaps step into 1C role in a few years.

    • Pretty homer proposal DM.
      Would like to see PLD in BOS, but hard to come up with a deal that makes sense for CLB.
      We don’t have what they want.

    • Keep going. I’m almost there.

      • Oh baby ooh baby yeah baby just like that.

  12. Keep an eye on Patrick for the Flyers. If it appears that his issues are behind him could be a key piece in a package.

    Patrick Myers Frost for either of Dubois or Laine and picks prospects with each

  13. As a Flames fan I wouldn’t mind swapping Sean Monahan for Dubois. If I were a Jackets fan though, I would be weary of Monahan’s reliance on Gaudreau for strong numbers and the evident lack of Johnny Gaudreau in Columbus.

    • HOOOORAAAY for Augustus. 57 Comments in someone finally makes a reasonably equal trade proposal for PLD in Monahan. Thank you thank you thank you!

      Now try it with Laine folks. For example, the reality is it would take PHI Provorov + Konecny to get Laine. It would take Hamilton extended to get Laine to CAR. You insult knowledgeable readers to suggest Pecsi +. Pesci is the + throw in, not the main piece when u r talking about an elite sniper like Laine.


      *I saw I think Ray wants us all to be a little more civil and this is as good as it gets for me.

      • Thanks Wendel!
        I think your wrong about Laine though.
        There is zero chance an extended Hamilton or Provorov gets moved for the 23rd highest goal scorer in the league over the last 2 seasons combined. Also a minus 16 on pretty good team over that span. Who plays the wing. Who doesn’t play well within the system. Who asks for a trade because he thinks his line mates aren’t good enough. One of them is Ehlers. Thinks he should be paid more than he is worth.

        Patrick Laine is not an elite goal scorer, simply a good goal scorer, who still needs to learn how to be a complete player. I wouldn’t trade PLD for Laine either. If other teams thought he was worth it he would have been traded by now.

      • Ray, at the end of season you will see he is the 3rd leading scorer (assuming no extended injury) and the price will go up…exponentially. teams wanting him are advised to get him now while his value is lower.

      • Pesci might be able to get “two yoots, yer honah,” but he won’t fetch Laine.

  14. It would seem to be complicating that GM’s have a discount in their minds in trading for a player that has asked for a trade from their current team.

    • Yep

    • Re: Wendel suggesting Pesce would be the + and not the main piece in a Car-Wpg trade for Laine…

      So many things in play: Winnipeg is still in need of center help after bringing Stastny back, because… well… I’m sure you can see.

      Roslovic wants out, Laine for all intents and purposes wants out.

      Part of a trade might include swapping Roslovic and Trocheck, giving Roslovic the chance to show he can be a 2nd line center, and if he still sucks in Carolina, would Jordan Staal, or trying out Martin Necas as 2C really be much worse than Trocheck?

      Winnipeg would need an immediate replacement on the right side for Laine. Winnipeg also needs a right side defenceman. Pesce would be that upgrade, but Carolina would want to replace him, so:

      To Winnipeg: R Nino Niederreiter, R Dominik Bokk (excellent prospect), RD Brett Pesce, C Vincent Trocheck, 1st round pick

      To Carolina: R Patrik Laine, C Jack Roslovic, RD Dylan DeMelo

      So many question marks abound with such an idea: do Laine and Roslovic live up to potential? Is Pesce enough of an upgrade over DeMelo to have a major impact on D? Does Niederreiter end up hating Winnipeg and score 5 goals and 12 assists in 50-odd games? Does Trocheck continue the inevitable decline into Derick Brassard-hood?

      Sorry folks, this one, like all of my multi-player trade ideas is not meant to be entirely serious, I just like to think about major trades 😀

      • That is a lot to to unpack Augustus, but not crazy either way. I like it for WPG at first glance without looking at the cap side of it.
        CAR gets the best player but pays a lot for it.

      • In the world of arm-chair GMs, a no cap situation is ideal haha. That is where the big multi-player deals take place. It is a wonderful world of fantasy mixed with genuine strategic thinking

  15. Saw this on TSN today – “Confirm or deny – Patrik Laine will be one of the top three goal scorers in the Canadian division this year.”
    Wendel – over to you.

    • Good one BCLeafFan, I know you asked Wendel but I’m jumping in anyway.
      My top 3:
      Matthews, Draisaitl, McDavid.

  16. @Ray Bark, if I am not mistaken, you are a Bruins fan?

    For some reason I feel like conversation with another hockey fan would be more enjoyable than a google search, so I ask:

    What do you know about Trent Fredric? I believe I read once that he is a big bodied, skilled center with NHL potential … but in all of the discussions surrounding the Bruins his name has never come up, at least when I have had time to log on and read here!

    • I would say adding a disgruntled Rosolvic (equivalent to a 3rd) with Laine for Provorov & Konecny is fair.

      BC if this was really a question on TSN : CONFIRM,

      This year its AM34 by a whisker over GOAT Ovi . then Laine all on a 50G pace for 82 games. McD is the art ross winner but at best squeaks into top 10 in goals.

      • Maybe Laine would thrive in Philadelphia Wendel but Provorov is too critical to their D: without him the left side would be Sanheim, Gostisbehere and Gustafsson. Provorov is one of those D you just don’t trade, he is a class above Cam Fowler, somewhere in the range of Cale Makar in terms of “you want to keep this guy”.

  17. Just going to throw this out.
    Laine for Toews with Chicago holding 2 million.
    Toews is a Winnipeg boy, Chicago is rebuilding.
    Winnipeg might feel Toews could put them over the top.
    I know this makes no sense when you compare the age difference between the players but both teams could benefit
    Of course this all hinges on Toews being healthy

  18. If Pasta played full season he would be one hands down but as it sits 1 Ovie 2 Matthews 3 Mackinnon

    • Guess you didn’t read the comment. It said “Saw this on TSN today – “Confirm or deny – Patrik Laine will be one of the top three goal scorers in the Canadian division this year.”

      Ovie and Mackinnon are not in the Canadian division.


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