East Division Is NHL’s Version of the Group Of Death

by | Feb 4, 2021 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Bruins and Caps should be safe; prob Flyers as well

    I don’t see Rangers, Devils or Sabres making the cut line

    I’m hoping that Pens can get healthy an light a fire under several under performing forwards and the two goalies; and that will keep them above the Isle’s … effectively their one tru opponent this season…. let’s see what happens Sat

    • Based on early results (and I’m sorry to say this Pengy) I could see the Devils getting in over the Penguins. Between Hughes showing up and getting good goaltending, the Devils have been looking good. Obviously can never overlook the Crosby factor, and Malkin will almost certainly get going, but they are going to need some ‘tending.

      I believe it was you who consistently cautioned against trading Murray for this exact reason, so good call!

      • I disagree with Geno. He looks like he’s not happy and the way he played against the Bruins looked seriously sub par. The goalie actually looked to be their best player against Boston IMO. Team sport and his D left him out to dry. There’s obviously something going wrong not only with management but in the locker room. I believe the Pens are done and it’s time for a rebuild from top to bottom.

  2. Does anyone know what happens to teams that had to postpone games because of civic and to a point that there is no more time to make up these games or some teams going to play 56 games and some teams played less because they just couldn’t do the Covid and miss out by a couple of points which they won’t be able to make up?