NHL Rumor Mill – February 4, 2021

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A list of several clubs possibly interested in Tony DeAngelo plus the latest on Keith Yandle and Derek Stepan in today’s NHL rumor mill.


Several teams are reportedly interested in New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo (NHL Images).

NBC SPORTS (via Mike Gould of Flames Nation): Bob McKenzie reported at least four or five teams were “kicking tires” and doing due diligence to see if Tony DeAngelo is a worthwhile reclamation project. The Calgary Flames, Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks are among the clubs potentially interested in the 25-year-old New York Rangers defenseman.

McKenzie said the Rangers’ Plan B if a trade isn’t possible is to buy out DeAngelo at the end of the season. They’re not prepared to retain a huge portion of his $4.8 million annual average value nor are they willing to take on a huge contract coming back the other way. They’d only face a $300K penalty for buying him out next season and $800K the season after that.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: DeAngelo was banished from the Rangers following an altercation with teammate Alexandar Georgiev over the weekend. He’s at home while his agent and the Blueshirts attempt to find a suitable trade partner.

Gould also cited Sportsnet 960’s Dean Molberg reaching out to the Flames regarding McKenzie’s report. Based on that conversation, Molberg doesn’t expect they’ll make a move to acquire DeAngelo.

The Red Wings and Kings are rebuilding while the Ducks should be. The Wings and Ducks desperately need more offensive punch, which the puck-moving DeAngelo could provide from the blue line. The Kings could use some more experienced skill on their blueline, though DeAngelo’s shaky defensive game might not fit into their plans.

Cap Friendly indicates the buyout numbers are over $383K in 2021-22 and over $883K in 2022-23. Because he doesn’t turn 26 until October, his buyout is calculated at one-third the remaining value over twice the remaining term.


FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: In a recent mailbag segment, George Richards said he thinks one reason the Panthers would like to move Keith Yandle is his no-movement clause means he’d be among the three defensemen they’d have to protect in this summer’s expansion draft. They could ask him to waive it thinking Seattle wouldn’t claim him because of his contract.

Richards was also asked about the possibility of the Panthers swapping Yandle for St. Louis’ Vince Dunn or Philadelphia’s Shayne Gostisbehere. He said the veteran blueliner doesn’t want to leave the Panthers, pointing out his NMC gives him full control. While there’s been talk linking Yandle to the Flyers, Richards doesn’t know if he’d agree to be traded to Philadelphia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The more likely scenario could be the Panthers asking Yandle to waive his clause for the draft. Given what transpired last month when they were reportedly thinking of benching him before the start of the season, he could be unwilling to oblige them.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch cites a report from Nick Kypreos indicating the Senators are willing to move Derek Stepan. The 30-year-old center was acquired from the Arizona Coyotes before training camp but hasn’t made the impact the Senators would like.

Former NHL GM Doug MacLean wondered if Stepan might want to be moved because he’s not happy with his role under Senators coach D.J. Smith. He also mentioned perhaps the veteran center is missing his family back in Arizona.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stepan lacks no-trade protection so the Senators could send him anywhere they want. If he does want out of Ottawa, perhaps they’ll try to deal him to a team closer to his Arizona home. It won’t be the Coyotes as they moved him to shed salary.


  1. Sounds like the Rangers are willing to ship out DeAngelo for next to nothing as long as they don’t have to retain salary. Would be almost like a UFA signing. So it’s up to trade partners to decide if his offensive abilities are worth his immaturity, shaky defense and sizable cap hit. It helps that his contract is not long term.

    • Anybody who wanted him at full salary could’ve claimed him off waivers.

      Some teams maybe interested but want the Rangers to hold salary.

      They keep mentioning his low buyout, all well and good; but you still have to pay his $4.3 salary this season.

      • That’s why I think he won’t be traded. Any team would want them to retain salary and wouldn’t want to give up too much. He’ll be bought out at seasons end. The Rangers can well afford to pay what he’s making this year.

  2. Defensive liability. Hot under the collar.

  3. I could be wrong but wouldn’t you think he’s a locker room cancer? Why would any team bring him on even though he has offensive skills? Detroit needs another D man who’ll help give the opposition 2/3 goals when he’s on the ice? It’s not that the Sens/R. Wings can’t score enough, it’s they can’t keep it our of their own net.

    • @Vincois
      killing it this morning! ;-0
      Ottawa could give up 10 or the Wings 5 per period just for some powerplay improvements

    • AS I understand it he isnt a cancer all the time and if you have a veteran leadership group it could work, but not on a rebuilding team like Rangers. So St Louis or Boston are examples that would work.

      • Maybe peg? They could throw his clothes in the showers.

  4. Re

    “ Bruce Garrioch cites a report from Nick Kypreos indicating the Senators are willing to move Derek Stepan. ”

    Trying not to me annoying by saying this…. but that statement is a proverbial “Captain Obvious “ statement. “willing” should be changed to “absolutely want”

    They lost that deal bad

    Arz HAD to free up space; Sens completely helped them out. Arz for sure needed to sweeten the pot.

    In no way should it have been 2nd for Stepan

    I posted many times it should be (when I posted it) and now , should have been

    2nd for Stepan and Garland

    Stepan is 3 pts, MINUS 6; in 9 GPs

    Garland is way faster, far superior, younger ; 2nd on team in pts and is 8 pts, PLUS 3; in 9 GPs

    Now Sens will have to beg to find a taker on Stepan (if there is one) ; and will need to retain loads … likely 1/2; and will not get back any better than a 3rd rounder

    If Sens traded him today (big if to find a taker at even 50% retained (that’s $3.25 M in Cap) …. even with escrow …. they will end up paying him north of $800 K, for 9 games of very poor hockey; AND move from a 2nd; to a 3rd (at best)

    Arz is laughing big on this one

    • Stepan good add to the young room i thought but not for the 2nd rounder…3rd would of be fine

      so now Ottawa has to try to get a 2nd back?

      Rangers could use him back for short term

      • I was thinking the same thing about Stepan for the NYR….maybe DeAngelo has a landing spot in Ottawa? Stevie Y should take Tony D at a discount too.

      • Hi ds

        Even @ 50% retained his Cap hit is $3.25 M

        That narrows the market huge

        Even at 50% … Stepan for a 2nd is a stretch

        They may have to take a garbage contract coming back

        As at now … even at 50% retained only Panthers, Sharks, Rangers , Preds , Devils, Wings and Kings have space to accommodate $3.25 M (50 % retained)

        Panthers in no way should trade for him; Preds would be crazy to (already sitting with $16 M in 2 non productive Fwds

        Devil and wings on rebuild so really should not be taking on a UFA

        So that leaves Sharks, Rangers, Kings

        Rangers will likely want to jettison ADA in the trade… too risky for Sens young team… if ADA turns it around (on and off the ice)…👍👍👍But no guarantee of that… more likely that he doesn’t than he does

        So… Kings or Sharks

        He’d (Stepan) would be 3C on either team as he is not better than Couture/Hertl or Kopitar/Vilardi

        Both teams destined to finish out of playoffs so their 2nd are low… 32nd – 40th and in fact Sharks have no 2nd

        Kings won’t part with theirs (32nd – 40th) but migh part with Blues 2nd (likely in the 50th – 55th pic range)

        So to me…. basically one true suitor for Stepan (Kings) ; and that would be at 50% retained ; and getting 50th – 55th pic

        Sens gave up Clb’s 2nd rounder in the trade…. that likely will be lower than Blue’s 2nd from Kings

        So that trade has them (Sens) moving down the draft and with 50% retention and even after escrow… shelling out > $800 K for 9 games (as at now) of Stepan

        And to me , that is likely the best they can do

        The only other option is taking on a garbage contract that is also UFA after this year

    • It all comes back to poor pro scouting by the Sens.

      Stepan, Gudbranson, Coburn, were all questionable moves and surprise, aren’t panning out.

      • Hi HabsFan30

        Fully agree with you re Stepan… see my posts of today…. very bad trade

        Coburn could have gone either way IMHO…$1.7 M Cap but cash outlay after escrow and deferral… only cost $1.25 M

        I was not opposed to the Good B move

        UFA, Hometown boy, and from what I’ve read, a good dressing room guy… cost after deferral/escrow…. ~ $2.3M

      • While I agree that Stepan hasn’t especially worked out well for the Sens, his -6 rating is a bit misleading. Part of the situation with Stephan may be laid squarely on the goaltending situation. It’s been horrible! Matt Murray is likely the worst signing that the Sens made in the off season. Stephan has never been a top notch goal scorer. I still think he will add stability to the young core, unless he does want, “out of town”.

    • Maybe DeAngelo for Stepan isn’t such a crazy idea….

      • They could be trying to send Stepan+Coburn

  5. I’m not sure why any team would want to put up with the stench that DeAngelo brings to the locker room. This is not about his playing abilities. It has to do with character. From the sounds of his tweets and various posts on social media I would not waste my time. There are good players in the AHL just chewing at the bit to get their chance and this clown as far as I’m concerned blew his. The bottom line is that he is owed a lot of money and he must be a real locker room cancer if the Rangers are willing to let him sit all year if necessary.

  6. I believe Rangers still waiting on future considerations in the Staal trade? Maybe they work out something with DeAngelo. Kings could definately be an option

    • Not sure if Stevie Y would be willing to consider him. He had the foresight and fortitude to cut ties with ADA whilst with TB. Doesn’t make sense to me, given the average age of current players in Motown.

      • Staal was paired with him most of last season. Maybe they should get his opinion.

    • Maybe Drew and the other LA vets can work with him.
      Or they can just wait until NY buys him out after the season and talk to him then before making a decision.
      Some SoCal sunshine can always brighten a young fella’s mood and help him chill a bit.

      • Amen, to that.

      • Ray, young fella, well this older fella would love some of that SoCal sunshine. Personally had enough of the chill.

      • Wish I was still a young fella Caper, but nope.
        High mileage 55. Some parts are going to need to be replaced eventually.

        Not sure about WPG but winter is coming to Edmonton for real this week.

    • Carter for ADA & Lemieux and Frank Sinatra’s greatest hits to make it worth it for LA?

      Carter can 3C with Laf & Gauthier until Chytl returns then play RW on line 2 when he does.

  7. Would like to see BRADY TKACHUK in a Bruin uniform

    • As awesome as that would be, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. He’s a central piece to Ottawa’s rebuild.

      • DM you’re probably right he’s a RFA after season interesting to see what they offer him

  8. Sam Bennett a healthy scratch
    Will be very curious as to what Treliving will get for him.
    The only Canadian team I could imagine Tre trading with would be Ottawa.

    I don’t believe the Flames company line that this was a coached decision.

    Also I hope Tre doesn’t do something stupid like trade him for Deangelo

  9. Treliving has not made too many mistakes in my opinion . We will see,
    I highly doubt a one for one for Bennett and DeAngelo. A multiple player deal more likely but I not feeling the Flames. Rangers could let ADA sit for the year. See how he likes practicing with Junior A players. Maybe he will. Bringing home $150K net bi-weekly . “ Makin it Rain “