The San Jose Sharks Facing Glum Future

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. Back a few years following the Karlsson trade, when I suggested that Wilson was digging the grave for the Sharks, it resulted in some rather descriptive responses that I didn’t know my butt from my elbow.

    • George, I think to be fair that was a 50/50 call. Karlsson still looked great in Ottawa, his first two seasons in SJ is not like he was unproductive. If Karlsson had returned to full form, it would have been a great trade and SJ would have a different complexion. Before this seasons started he was still scoring at a 0.77 per game avg, not bad for a defenseman.

      He didn’t return to full form, he is now injured a lot and definitely not the skater he once was, so it has really titled that trade in favour of Ottawa … right now, yes we would rather have Norris, Stuetzle, & Tierney over Karlsson, so it was definetly a win!

      • JJB, my original comment wasn’t so much on Karlsson’s production – or potential for – at the time, but rather the fact he was signed at $11.5 per to 2026-27 when he’ll be 36 y/o.

        He also committed to Couture at 8m per to 2026-27 when he’ll be 38, $7 mil to Evander Kane to 2024-25, Burns to $8 mil per to 2024-25 when he’ll be 40, Vlasic to $7 mil per to 2025-26 when he’ll be 39, and Jones to $5.750,000 to 2023-24 when he’ll be 34.

        These 6 guys – accounting for $47,250,000 off the cap – are not going to improve with age like a fine wine. He’s boxed himself in.

    • I remember your arguments and yes, I also remember your point about the contract value and length as your main reasons for your argument.

      When evaluating trades, people often forget about the long term future.

      It might have been worth it at the time if not for Karlssons decline being so swift with another trip to the big show but it was always going to be a problem down the road.

  2. Hopefully they cling to the core so they continue to be awful, however it’s clear as day they need to burn it down and start over. The window closed when they lost Pavelski and everyone continued to age into oblivion. There top line talent is line 2 material on any deep team.


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