NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – March 11, 2021

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Recaps of Wednesday’s action, the NHL and ESPN officially announce their new seven-year partnership, plus the latest on Artemi Panarin, Alex Pietrangelo, Evander Kane and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.


NHL.COM: Leon Draisaitl had a hat trick and collected two assists as the Edmonton Oilers thumped the Ottawa Senators 7-1. Connor McDavid had a goal and two assists and Tyson Barrie had three helpers as the Oilers went 6-0-0 over the Senators this season. Senators forwards Colin White and Ryan Dzingel both left the game with injuries.

Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl (NHL Images).

A two-goal performance by Joel Eriksson Ek enabled the Minnesota Wild to hold off the Vegas Golden Knights by a score of 4-3. Vegas rookie Dylan Coghlan tallied his first career NHL hat trick. The Golden Knights played without defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, who coach Pete DeBoer said is sidelined “for the foreseeable future” with an upper-body injury. Meanwhile, goaltender Robin Lehner (upper-body) has been loaned to the Golden Knights AHL affiliate for a conditioning stint as he moves closer to returning to the lineup.

Montreal Canadiens forwards Jesperi Kotkaniemi and Tyler Toffoli each had two points in a 5-1 drubbing of the Vancouver Canucks. Jeff Petry scored his 10th goal of the season to lead all NHL defensemen in goals. He’s also the Canadiens leading scorer with 24 points. Habs blueliner Ben Chiarot left the game after injuring his hand in a fight with Canucks forward J.T. Miller.

The Colorado Avalanche edged the Arizona Coyotes 2-1 on an overtime goal by captain Gabriel Landeskog. Coyotes goaltender Antti Raanta kicked out 44 shots in a losing cause. The Avalanche (30 points) sit in fourth place in the Honda West Division, two points up on the Los Angeles Kings.

Speaking of the Kings, goalie Troy Grosenick made 33 saves to win his first start in six years as he backstopped his club over the Anaheim Ducks 5-1.


The NHL, ESPN and the Walt Disney Company officially announced their new seven-year media rights partnership beginning in 2021-22. The deal will be a combination of television and “cutting-edge streaming” that should “help Disney grow its audience, help the NHL grow the game and give fans more options.”

The remainder of the league’s media rights is still being negotiated. NBC, which carried the NHL’s broadcasting rights for the past decade, is among the bidders.

Among the highlights:

The Stanley Cup Final will be on ABC four of the seven years of this deal. ABC and ESPN will carry one conference final series and half of the first- and second-round games in the Stanley Cup playoffs each season, plus 25 regular-season games.

ESPN will also produce 75 national games each season and stream them on ESPN+ and Hulu. It will also stream more than 1,000 out-of-market games each regular season on ESPN+, replacing NHL TV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston reports the ESPN package is worth around $2.8 billion, paying out over $400 million per season to the NHL. That’s a considerable increase over the $200 million per season from the current deal with NBC, with more to come when the second broadcast/streaming deal is finalized.

SPORTSNET: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the salary cap will likely remain stagnant as part of the four-year extension of the collective bargaining agreement with the NHL Players Association. He indicated it will remain flat until the league recovers overpayments through the escrow that built up in the return-to-play last season and the lack of attendance this season due to COVID-19.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That means less money for the foreseeable future for restricted and unrestricted free agent players. The league approached the PA last fall about a short-term increase in escrow payments or deferred salary to address the potential overpayments. However, that was rejected by the players as they didn’t want to make changes to a CBA extension agreement made just several months earlier. The players were within their rights, of course, but this is going to make it increasingly difficult for free agents to land lucrative new contracts.

NEW YORK POST: Artemi Panarin returned to Rangers practice for the first time in over two weeks. He took time off to deal with unsubstantiated accusations from a former KHL coach claiming he assaulted a young Latvian woman in 2011. Panarin is listed as day-to-day and won’t be in the lineup for tonight’s game against the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Panarin could be back in action perhaps on Saturday or Monday against the Philadelphia Flyers.

THE SCORE: The San Jose Sharks denied a report claiming they could void Evander Kane’s contract as the winger navigates through bankruptcy proceedings. “The Sharks are 100 percent committed to honoring Evander Kane’s contract and have no intention of having it terminated,” said a team spokesperson.

Kane filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in January, citing $26.8 million in debt and $10.2 million in assets. There is $29 million remaining on his contract with the Sharks. His creditors have requested to convert the bankruptcy to Chapter 11, which would make that remaining money available to them. A hearing to determine the designation is slated for later in March.

TSN: Nashville Predators defenseman Dante Fabbro received a two-game suspension for elbowing Carolina Hurricanes forward Brock McGinn on Tuesday.

SPORTSNET: Winnipeg Jets defenseman Nathan Beaulieu will be sidelined for weeks after blocking a shot with his right hand during a recent game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.


  1. Back to the s*&t-kickings for the Senators. Been a while since I’ve seen a goalie who blows hot and cold like Murray. I noticed Smith didn’t pull him this time, leaving him in for all 7 goals.

    If Dzingel and White are out for any length of time perhaps NOW Smith will give Formenton and Logan Brown a decent stretch of games AND ice-time. They can’t be any worse.

    I get the feeling Melnyk may be running out of patience with the guys running his team and it would not surprise me to see Smith handed his walking papers before the end of this aberration of a season.

    • Like it’s Smith’s fault Murray can’t stop a beach ball …

      • Yeah, I know, Ed — we agree there – but it wasn’t just Murray’s inconsistencies that provoked that comment but rather the way he’s generally used his bench this season … something that has come up frequently on local Team 1200 radio

    • Draisaitl 13pts in 5 games and McDavid 13pts in 6 games against Ottawa. They both have 7pts in 7 games against Toronto, McDavid has 2pts in 3 games and Draisaitl 1pt in 3 games against Montreal.

    • George, I understand your frustration. I blew a gasket over the Habs recently.

      While I am not watching your Sens surely this is not all on Murray or the coaching staff. The Sens are at the steep part of the rebuilding curve. Better days await, but did anyone seriously think those days would be this season, or next? Such is the nature of a rebuild. Wine, my friend. Or in your case scotch.

      • I know LJ, but from my observation last night that brutal loss – after some promising games recently – was due solely to a complete lack of effort.

        Whether that’s just at the feet of the players in general or partly on the coaches for not having them properly prepared is wide open to debate. Bottom line they should be embarrassed because a) the Oilers are not that good and b) the Senators, in their past 12 games or so, are not that bad.

        I fully expected a loss – hell, I know they’re still a steep mountain away from becoming competitive – but after losing the previous game 3-2 – which many of them thought they should have won – it seems like they cam out last night with a collective pout and mailed it in. And that is just not acceptable for pros hauling in the cash they do.

  2. Lucrative contracts…like the baseline entry level deal isn’t more than many of these kids parents make in 10 plus years.

  3. To Lyle or anybody here….

    Dylan Coghlan not only got his first hat-trick in the game; but his first NHL goal EVER

    D-men scoring a hat-trick is rare

    Does anybody know if a D-Man has ever scored his first goal and first hat-trick in the same game?

    He almost had 4 BTW🤯

    • Holl just missed with 2 in his first game.

      • Thanks WH17

        But Holl got 1 goal in EACH of his first 2 games… not 2 in his first game; the only ones he got for Leafs that year

        That has been done before

        This was NOT Coglhan’s first game… it was his 12th

        What Coghlan did was get his first, second , and third (and very very close to a fourth) NHL goals in the same game

        It’s been done on occasion by forward’s (AM got 4)

        I was asking if anybody had heard of any time in the history of the NHL that a D had scored their first hat-trick and first goal in the same game

  4. Re

    “ Nashville Predators defenseman Dante Fabbro received a two-game suspension for elbowing Carolina Hurricanes forward Brock McGinn on Tuesday.”

    Again Parros all over the place…. last two weeks

    Ovi Castration attempt… a miniscule fine equal (in relative take home income to the average person ) to a tip a Denny’s

    Yamamoto trip, no injury and in open space (not near boards) and after provoked; proportionately (to Ovi in Sal) fined over 9 times that of Ovi

    Murphy full hit to the head …. zip

    To the menacing King of head hunting (and gleefully and habitually doing it ) Wilson …. nothing for a hit to the head 2 1/2 weeks ago; then when nothing for that; he stepped it up a week and a half ago and tried to put the head not only through the boards but through to the next county…. not even considered by Paros for a hit to the head…. WTF? But then 7 games (only)… note previous suspension was 20 because he was (and is) a habitual head hunter.

    Parros , are you using a Magic 8 Ball, Ludes, and barking out random questions to it seeking direction

    Parros fire please

    Head of officiating needs to step up and start “sitting” some refs for a few games


  5. Looks like Chiarot broke his hand on Miller’s head in a fight he shouldn’t have taken.

    Bergevin repeatedly said he won’t trade Mete knowing full well that injuries happen despite media driven speculation.

    It should be mentioned that Danault finally scored his first goal.

    The 5-1 score wasn’t indicative of the drubbing, Demko was 3rd star as the score could easily have been 10-1.

    Demko had to deal with lots of screens and puck movement, Habs forwards owned area in front of the blue paint, getting flybys, the way to get a goalie in the zone out of it.

    My takeaway: it’s a short season with so many back to back mini series that its easy to go from hero to goat and it’s still impossible to realistically see who’s where at the finish line.

    The gap in games played skews the standings to whatever you want to believe them to.

    • Ya Habsfan30, Demko seems to have found his game over the last few weeks. I don’t think he is VCR’s problem moving forward.
      And Danault is too good a player not to get the point totals going although he isn’t set up to pile up points. I still like him and think BOS should take a run at him if available this summer. When looking at Danault you can’t just look at points. It’s not his role.
      He gets close to zero PP time, and lots of PK time. Starts most of his shifts in the D zone and still dominates the possession game and is a solidly plus player. Not an easy thing to do.
      I’d take him on my team any day. If he actually got some PP time, he would get more goals and points obviously. He is doing what the coach is telling him to do.
      I think most people get the games played thing though Habsfan30.

      • Ray, there is little disagreement that Danault is a fine defensive center, but he has little offensive flair. He has had ample opportunity to develop the O part of his game centering the Habs # 1 line, and has not. You can’t change a spanner into a screw driver.

        Just yesterday I posted that he should be centering the 3rd line. This would allow Suzuki and KK to develop, and take the pressure to score off of Danault.

        What happened last night? Danault played on the third line. KK got more offensive opportunities – and delivered. The Habs played one of their best games. Yes, one game, but I think it will be the plan going forward.

        Do the Bs land Danault? Why would they outbid the Habs when what they need is secondary scoring? Unless Danault goes on a crazy offensive run who would pay him the 5 Million a year he turned down from the Habs this year?

        Danault is a fine — third line — center.

      • No thanks Ray, Boston issue isn’t stopping goals it’s creating them and Danault doesn’t do that.

      • I would pay him $5M LJ, in a heart beat.
        I don’t think I am breaking any news when I say #1 C’s get the most ice time compared to the other C’s on the team. He doesn’t, Suzuki does by 2 minutes a game.
        #1 C’s get PP minutes, Danault gets none (11 seconds/game actually) but same thing. Suzuki and KK do.
        Where we disagree is the categorization of him as MTL’s #1 C and him playing that role for them. Fact is, that is not what is happening.
        Kind of a mixed bag. He gets the tough shift starts compared to the other 2, the PK and more 5 on 5 minutes than KK and no PP time compared to the other 2.
        Last year he got 19 minutes a night, better zone starts, 2nd PP minutes, still killed penalties, and produced like a solid 2C.

        It is how he is being used that has changed.

        Sounds like an opportunity to get a really good player, a really effective 2 way 2C, at the bargain rate of $5M/year. Hell I would pay him 6 x $6M all day. And I will wager he gets that even in todays market. Maybe more. Unless of course he waits for the cap to go up and takes a shorter deal.

        You can throw Danault over the boards against any teams top line and he will win more than he loses. My kind of 2C.

      • Ray there is a reason he doesn’t get power play time or offensive zone draws, because he doesn’t generate offense.

        We will have to agree to disagree here. Not thanks Montreal can keep him.

      • Ray, I strongly believe if the Bs want to pay Danault 6 million – or even 5 – they shall have him.

        Not normal for a Habs fan to try and help the Bs, but I have tried.

    • Habfan I agree with everything you said and the Habs played a great game. Petry is also surprising me this year. He usually a minus player but this season he seems to be really stepping up. The part you’re refusing to see though is the Habs still have a losing record. Those overtime losses are losses. I really hope they take the 4th spot so we can see a first round match up of Habs and Leafs. I may be a leafs fan but I’m a hockey fan first and nothing would be better than that playoff match up.

      • You don’t have to hope. It will happen, and the Leafs destroy the Habs in 5 games. Go Leafs Go!

      • Roger, yesterday morning I looked at the Habs last 5 games and they had 3 OT losses and 2 wins. So you certainly can say that with this view they have a losing record over that stretch. But I was surprised when I noted they got 7 of 10 points.

        When you look at the NHL calculates teams records by the # of points they get by games, the Habs actually have a .620 record – a winning percentage.


        We could all debate this until we faint: It should be wins against losses. Traditionalist view. No, now that there are no ties or play until someone wins in the regular season, it is %. Reality view.

        The one stat no one can argue is points. The Habs are in the top 4 right now with games in hand against every team but one. So credit where credit is due — if of course you want to be fair.

      • They’re not losses a loss is no points, they wouldn’t have made it a shinny game in ot if both teams weren’t getting a point each

      • Big Bear they are called overtime LOSSES so they are in fact losses, it’s in the name facts are facts. We can debate the 1 point you get for losing a game in OT but you can’t debate that it’s a loss. Personally I think if the team loses in a shootout they should get the point but if they lose in the 5 minute overtime they should get nothing as the game was lost during gameplay.

      • This might be the biggest waste of time argument ever.
        Yes we can read it’s a loss.
        Yes you get points for losing.
        Yes points determines who gets into the playoffs.

        Why they don’t just go with a 3-2-1 point system is beyond me.
        If you get a point for losing in OT, you should get an extra point for winning in regulation.

      • RL
        You love the semantics of overtime “Losses” as if it has some kind of meaning, it doesn’t. You get a point for a tie and an additional point for winning a skills competition of 3 on 3 or shootout.

        We all know this, you know this, we all know that 12 wins and 8 losses gets you 24 points in the standings.

        We also know 8 wins and 12 OT “Losses” gets you 28 points in the standings.

        Record is determined by the number of points a team has and not your semantics with which you pretend that a tie isn’t recognized by the point that is awarded.

        So I reject your assertion that the Habs have a losing record, the points and the standings say otherwise.

        The NHL differentiates between OT/SO and Regulation you need to get over it and find another sword to fall on.

      • Habsfan irrelevant argument. Here’s a far better comparison. Do you get a point for an overtime loss in the playoffs? No because you lost the game. What does a skills competition have to do with any of this? Like I said you can debate the points system but you can’t debate that they lost the game.

      • RL,

        You pointed out something that you may want to consider and I quote ” Do you get a point for an overtime loss in the playoffs? No because you lost the game” Yet in the regular season you do get a point because you didn’t lose the game, you tied it.

        Is the overtime in the playoffs the same as in the regular season? No
        What are the differences?
        a) the regular season game has been decided as a tie before OT begins, while in the playoffs nothing has been decided before OT begins

        b) regular season OT is 3 on 3 (skills competition) and playoff OT is 5 on 5.

        c) regular season is sudden death to 5 min and playoff OT is sudden death for 20 minute periods.

        d) regular season OT reverts to shoot out (skill competition)if undecided after 5 minutes while playoff OT continues till a goal is scored.

        We can’t debate if the point system, the league has decided that.

        There is no debate on the losses as the league has decided that too.

        What remains is your semantics in thinking you have an aha moment with a jewel of a linguistic truth that is just a lonely rabbit hole.

        Good night

      • Habsfan an overtime loss is when you lose the game in overtime or the shootout which is still overtime and yes the NHL rules a loss in overtime during the regular season as AN OVERTIME LOSS. You get a point but it’s a loss. The other team gets marked as a win. No such thing as a tie in the NHL anymore so I have no idea what you are talking about. There’s a winner and a loser period. The only difference is they give the team who LOST in overtime during the regular season a point. Take the Habs out of it so you can understand that an overtime loss is an overtime LOSS.

  6. So Montreal seems to be getting back to their level at the start of the season.
    If you put arrows up and arrows down on all the Canadian teams, things could be really tight by the end of April. Should be fun.
    Here’s my humble projection:
    Toronto – Down
    Winnipeg – Up
    Edmonton – Up
    Calgary – Up (Sutter factor)
    Montreal – Up
    Vancouver – Down
    Ottawa – Down
    Standings at the top of the division by April 30 – Tight from 1st to 5th

    • Agree BCLeafFan, with the wildcard being Calgary.
      Can Sad Sutter turn it around quickly and get them back into contention and make up the points.
      You usually get a short term bump, but it also takes time to adjust to a new system.
      Or maybe this is simply an effort thing. I dunno.
      But like you say, should be fun.
      My guess is TO vs Edm and MTL vs WPG RD 1.
      Cgy makes it close but just fall short.

  7. I wonder if the ESPN deal will affect those of us who subscribe to NHL Center Ice through our TV provider, and if so, how?

    • Other than the price and the guys calling the game, probably not to much. But just a guess.

    • Hi Stephen

      Not sure if you already knew… I have NHL Centre Ice but I don’t go through my TV provider…. all on the iPAD/Laptop…. ordered separately, paid separately on-line

      It works pretty dang good

      What I do (as I don’t like spoilers) is to go into settings and have the scores hidden; then I can watch a game and flip to another during the one games intermission ; and start watching another game…. alternating for periods…in just over 2 hours I watch 2 games.

      If Mrs Pengy allows it… sometimes I get 3 games in….

      For all the other games…. you can watch each and every goal as it is there as a clip in the box score section

      $180 (Cnd) for the season 👍👍👍

      • Get an IPTV service it’s legal in Canada to watch what you want you just can’t share it. When you download something you’re always uploading so you’re sharing. If you stream with an IPTV you only download. Nhl,NFL,baseball,ufc,wwe it’s all included.