NHL Rumor Mill – March 11, 2021

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A look at some of the latest additions to TSN’s trade-bait list in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Frank Seravalli added Anaheim Ducks winger Rickard Rakell and Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk to his updated trade-bait list. Also included were Buffalo Sabres defenseman Colin Miller, Dallas Stars blueline Jamie Oleksiak and San Jose Sharks winger Marcus Sorensen

Anaheim Ducks winger Rickard Rakell (NHL Images).

Seravalli reports Ducks general manager Bob Murray is listening to calls about Rakell, who has 12 points in his last six games. Two sources claim Murray’s set a high asking price but didn’t elaborate. The 27-year-old winger has a year left on his contract with an affordable $3.79 million salary-cap hit.

Rakell could provide the best return for a club looking to jumpstart the rebuild process. Moving him would also provide more ice time for younger players and he’ll soon be due for a new contract with a pay raise.

THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens recently reported changes could be in store for the Ducks’ lineup leading up to the April 12 trade deadline. Murray said he’s been “openly talking and listening about lots of things.”

Stephen noted Murray had inquired or attempted to acquire forwards such as Pittsburgh’s Kasperi Kapanen, Winnipeg’s Pierre-Luc Dubois and Vancouver’s Jake Virtanen. He’s also reportedly shopped Adam Henrique and Danton Heinen.

Murray isn’t interested in trading captain Ryan Getzlaf unless he asks to be moved to a contender before the deadline. Getzlaf is in the final season of his contract and has a full no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Murray could be seeking a first-round pick and either a top prospect or promising young NHL player as part of the return for Rakell. The winger’s streaky scoring could be a stumbling block but he should continue drawing interest from playoff contenders looking beyond this season.

Murray will find moving Henrique a tough sell because of his $5.825 million annual average value through 2023-24. Heinen ($2.8 million), a restricted free agent this summer with arbitration rights, would be more affordable but not as enticing as Rakell. His stock has tumbled since his career-best 47-point rookie campaign in 2017-18.

Seravalli reports teams are calling the Bruins about DeBrusk. He believes the return would also be high because he’s a proven playoff performer. DeBrusk was a healthy scratch earlier this week against the New York Islanders. The Bruins are hoping for a big response from him.

THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa reports Bruins GM Don Sweeney acknowledged he may have to shake things up to bolster his club’s flagging secondary scoring. Bolstering the scoring has taken priority over the Bruins’ need for blueline reinforcements.

Shinzawa points out they have the cap space to make an addition but have a shortage of tradeable assets. He’d have to sell low on the struggling DeBrusk, he’s already traded away two of his last three first-round picks and there’s a shortage of prospects.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The concern for Sweeney is selling low on DeBrusk only to see him turn into a reliable scorer with another club. How he performs when he returns to the lineup will determine if the Bruins GM has to go shopping for help before the trade deadline.

Sweeney could be among those general managers interested in Rakell. He has a recent trade history with the Ducks but his current lack of trade assets means he’ll likely be outbid by rival clubs. He might also have some interest in more affordable options on Seravalli’s list such as Detroit’s Bobby Ryan, Nashville’s Mikael Granlund or Vancouver’s Tanner Pearson.


  1. Kasperi Kapanen isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Anticipating comment by Pengy.

    • Speed Kills

      You betchyoursweetbippy (if you aren’t in your late 50’s or older.. look up the show “Laugh-in)… Kappy not being moved

      Chemistry with him and Gino costarring to come on strong

      I do like the Gino Kappy McC line… hope McC back soon

      3C should be Pens target in trade… Staal ideal

      • “ costarring”

        talk about auto-correct and me not re-reading

        Should have been “starting”



    • All it read was that Murray tried to acquire Kappy in the off season, not that he was trying to trade for him now … no kidding he isn’t going anywhere, he’s a building block.

    • Kappy is starting to come in to form… I hope he keeps it up the rest of the season..

      Trade is starting to look pretty good now a 24 year old with speed and can scores goals…

  2. I’d like to preemptively get ahead of Mike/WH17 ‘s expected post

    Nope… Rakell is not coming to the Leafs…. NO CAP SPACE. Period.

    • we could add a bad contract and get ltir space for rakell

      • Can’t in any way see it happening Jeff

        And a streaky scoring winger is not what Leafs need to go deep

        Leafs have no issues with scoring in bunches

      • We don’t need more scoring we need a big right shot d man like Josh Manson 6’3″ really next year go leafs go

      • Hi Barry

        with you 100% on the Manson type of player needed

        Ideally a tad younger and/or more term

        I can only dream of a Colton Parayko (in a Leafs Uni ) so much

    • Ya Pengy, there is a god chance Mike and Wendel are the same guy.
      Although I do have some appreciation of the soliloquy posted yesterday by Mike, I mean Wendel.
      Stick tap for that.

      • Craig thinks I’m James Tanner.

      • Mike/WH17 yesterday, typed faster than I can talk; and I’m in no way a slow talker

        I challenge Mike/WH17 to post in Sonnets

        500 word minimum

        There is no way the conjoined twins (Mike/WH17) are 50 yet

        Just waaay to much energy

        GO LEAFS GO

      • Who is James Tanner?

      • Ray you don`t want to know Tanner looks stupid for the fansided. You noticed I didn`t say writes

      • Now I want to look.

      • Tanner did some beautiful things on the buzz. It’s a shame he’s gone.

      • We all know Wendel is either Kyle Dubas or Kyle Dubas’ mother….

      • So I read a couple of his blogs, on the Coyotes. Nothing too deep going on, but kind of agreed with what he said.
        The posters in the comments section were flippin’ weird.
        Gotta say this site is way better, not even close actually.

    • why can’t leafs do ltir move—its the best play going

      its the best opportunity for a cup this year and to maximize next couple years

      less teams are buyers and more teams are sellers

      plus that is leafs number one need—cap–for other signing next year–hyman andersson etc.

      plus dubas is desperate

      all adds up to me being right as usual and hopefully deep run for leafs

    • Wrong and wrong again.

      I have repeatedly said Leafs need NOTHING but a different goalie. …and they can easily find cap space for that goalie…easily.

    • LOL Pengy, i thought the exact thing yesterday reading Mike comment.

  3. Needs for the Leafs is cap space. Of late Hyman is playing lights out. Beast mode.

    • Brodie has surprised me with his play so far this season with the Leafs. Maybe it was the Flames who were holding this guy back. So much for Giordano making him look good. LOL
      I’m not one who usually gives Leafs players credit for anything. LOL

      • KevJam you are one to take a swipe at the Flames every chance you get LOL. Brodie was arguably the Flames best dman after his on ice collapse. As for Kassian improving the Bruins, I doubt he moves the needle much the way he has played this yr. Especially at that caphit.

  4. Reading some noise

    Kassian back at practice
    DeBrusk for Kassian

    DeBrusk goes back home

    • debrusk for kassian and a 1st maybe no way 1 for 1 Kassian is 3rd line at best on bruins would be 4th line

      • You don’t think that Kassian would be an upgrade on the Bruins third line RWer Trent Frederic? Looking at the Bruins roster it looks like Kassian would make a great fit on the Bruins third line. All I have been hear about the Bruins is that they need to get bigger and tougher. Kassian would add just that to the Bruins roster.
        I do agree that the Oilers would need to add something to a deal for DeBrusk if Kassian is included in the deal.
        I also think it would be a huge mistake for the Bruins to deal DeBrusk. A lot of players go through down season. Majority of those players who do have a down season bounce back the following season.

      • No way do the Bruins move Jake to down grade if anything Sweeny adds a pic n prospect to get a guy atleast a tier above him. But if he keeps playing like last night I doubt he’s going anywhere. They want / need to add not subtract for inferior players.

    • Wonder about Staal for Kassian. Sabres drafted Kassian and they need some size and toughness in their forwards.

      • bruins have lots of 3rd and 4th line players and they would not trade a young 2nd line player for one like Kasian They need more fire power something more like debrusk for RAKELL of the ducks in a hockey trade

  5. Oleksiak is a second pairing D in Dallas, only 28y/o and a UFA end of the year coming off a very affordable contract.

    He’s been traded twice for the same 4th round pick.

    What’s the story with this guy?

    • Big Dman who isn’t that good playing D

    • He wasn’t given proper coaching early in his career. When traded to Pittsburgh he started getting his NHL feet. Now back with Dallas he’s solidified his position. He’s a good skater, has a nice shot, physical, and perfect for any team’s 2nd pairing. Dallas will most likely resign him to a reasonable contract.

    • The Big Jamie O trade out of the burgh was a crazy and unwarranted move by Jimbo

      Lost a fight with the leagues head hunter of all time ; and Jimbo sends him packing 🤬😡👎👎👎

  6. Sweeney maybe the worst gym in the nhl
    He can never snag the big name. The last couple of months all you hear is Sweeney’s checking in on this guy or interested in that guy. The trick is with Sweeney is he keeps you guessing, cause he never does anything or at least anything of value. Bruins fans know and Sweeney and old stone face up in the front office know this is the last year for the bruins to do anything in the playoffs . Lots of talk but Sweeney always has a way out it, this time it’s COVID protocol
    He won’t do anything of significance . This club needs an Eichel or at least a Taylor Hall right now, not another slumping forward. Yeh I know Hall isn’t doing much but get him to Boston and watch him fly! Knowing Sweeney we’ll probably end up with someone like Jimmy Hayes in one for one deal for Debrusk

    • Agree .. with the Bruins getting near the end of a run with a lot of players probably moving on the next two years a moderate rebuild is going to be a need …if they made a splash I’m thinking it will be in the offseason whatever they do now are bandaids …but the Bruins assets are lacking to pull off a major trade unless a Pasta,McAvoy, Carlo, Marchand are involved

    • Not another slumping forward and you mention Hall? LMAO Hall’s trade value has plummeted as bad as DeBrusk’s trade value and your opinion.

      You piss and moan about a team that is ALWAYS in the top tier every year. I could only imagine if you were a fan of an actual struggling team. Then again, I don’t think you’re a Bruins fan at all.

      • Well I’ve mentioned what the bruins need I also mentioned someone that can help the team and since you seem to have all the answers go ahead Spanky tell us what the bruins need! They’ve only won something like twice in their last nine games! That is awful in 50 game plus schedule!

    • How is Sweeney the worst GM? They played 2 or 3 game’s less than the top 3 teams and are 6 points shy of 1st in their division. Do you how many teams are a mess right now? Also great idea on the what this team needs is an Echiel or Hall. News flash, 29 other team could use an injured player or a 8 million player having his worst year ever. You really think Buffalo will just give them away? What Boston needs to do is accept they’re not going to win this year and ignore the comments and wait till this summer to make any radical changes.

    • Rick W Murray I totally agree with you. Don Sweeney has no eye for talent..he acquired less than average players : Jimmy Hayes, Zac Rinaldo, David Backes, Tommy Wingels, Nick Holden, Lee Stempniak,
      His 2015 Draft was horrendous, passing on Boeser, Connor, Barzal etc..
      drafting Frederic in the first round of 2016, huge mistake! He could have picked Debrincat instead.
      He has earned a termination ! along with Neely

  7. Leafs need a big d man like Josh Manson not more scoring

    • As long as that D with oversized shipped and is named John Gibson.

    • I think Bogosian, has quietly been an excellent addition. I agree with the play of Brodie as well. Probably a good chance he gets his first goal as a Leafer tonight??
      Manson ship has sailed

  8. Above comments on Leafs
    CANNOT GO DEEP with a goalie who couldn’t stop a beach ball !!

    Jeff- Above , need cap room to sign Hyman-YES, not to worry,,
    Anderson on the other hand…….SEE YOU !!
    If Dubais does sign Anderson, that will be the end of any Leaf era, back to REBUILD mode !!
    Deja Vu all over Again !

  9. Barry- Manson would be a good pick up
    Totally Agree..
    Should be available, Anaheim is going in a different direction

  10. Boston still has one of the best line in the NHL, there 3rd line is also very good.

    second and fourth line not so much. Wagner doesn’t offer much of anything for the fourth line.

    Just thinking way outside the box. If Getzlaf would waive his no trade clause. Trade Debrusk for him, move Getzlaf to second line Center. Trade Krecji to someone looking for a second line center for a cup run or to get into the playoffs say Columbus for David Savard, Vancouver for Tanner Pearson .

    lose Krecji and Debrusk and Getzlaf and Pearson for your second line both ufa and one final run at the cup.

    • Just like Getzlaf, Krejci would have to waive his NMC.

      It is also hard to trade with another team pushing for the playoffs. Nobody wants to help out anyone else they may face.

      I’d like to see Cassidy stop bouncing the lines around so much. Keep the 1st line together. Put Smith with DeBrusk and Krejci. Put Ritchie, Coyle and Frederic back together. And play a combo of Bjork, Studnicka, Wagner and Kuraly. Maybe interchange some of the other guys on the taxi squad or even call up form P-Bruins. Then leave the guys together to get chemistry like the 1st line has.

      There are a lot of guys out there. Ekholm, Granlund, Bennett, Ryan, Dunn or Palmieri. With Nugent-Hopkins pushing to stay in Edmonton, I think they need to look at getting someone to replace Krejci on the second line. Resigning him to a lower avg for one or two years would work but who replaces him then. Plus by then are we replacing Bergeron? Boston has a ton of cap space next year…. it is make or break time for management.

      • All depends what they think they can accomplish with this squad. I have been less optimistic than most other B’s fans on here.
        I’m all for giving it another go this year at the TDL, Bergy, Marchand etc deserve a shot, just not sure we actually have a real shot at winning it all even if we do. Hope I’m wrong.
        If you don’t have a strong 1&2C you aren’t winning a cup. So ya, need a replacement.
        I’m a Danault fan, and think he is an upgrade over Krecji at this point in their careers.
        That looks after 2C, even though you may have to overpay.
        1C in another year? Barkov, but can’t see FLA letting him leave or him leaving.
        You usually have to draft those.
        It’s a young man’s game at that position.

      • that is crazy talk 46 is better than Getzlaf now and does not fit what bruins need Hall is good player but the way he is playing no way i give a 1st rder for him and buff will not trade him to Bruins unless it is only team he will accept trade too I believe Sweeny needs to help push the bruins with a big trade that would invlove Debrusk for another proven scorer and a ld if possibl in a larger pkg I perfect world it would be ekholm and forsberg for Debrusk Bjork a 1st and one of eith Lauzon Zybril or Vak I would even toss in another pic if need be

      • To be brutally honest, I have been hoping they would slide bad and miss the playoffs. If I could pick any year for a slump, this year is that. They could then move Rask, Krejci, Halak, Kase and Kuraly to restock the cupboard. That way there wouldn’t be lapse for them.

  11. Hey Sweeney/Neely..it’s ok to make a trade before the deadline so you won’t be left with the leftovers what you two usually do

  12. As a non-Bruin fan I see the positives and negatives about the current regime’s time.

    This will soon be Pastra and McAvoy team.
    You have to be all in while you have Berg-March-Krecji etc still there. The Bruins might not have a core like this for two decades.

    Sure Sweeney has lost some trades but most franchises would love 3 Cup appearances and a 1 Cup win with one core.

    • What 1 player could the the Bruins get back for a Carlo,DeBrusk, Coyle & a 1st rd pick package

      • Joe i don’t want to lose Carlo or Coyle

    • @joe
      Sequin trade bad

      Bruins cannot lose Coyle or Debrusk without 2nd liners coming back.

      someone would say trade Bergeron and Todd while they are still top liners…

      But Bruins can come out of the division.

      • Bruins will have a very hard time beating the Islanders or Caps … with one line producing

      • @Joe

        Studnicka might fetch a 2nd line scoring threat. Sacrifice

    • Bang on

  13. I’m still pissed about the Tyler Seguin trade …… Neely had a lot to do with that trade

    • I miss Seguin and wish he was never traded but HE had a lot to do with it by sleeping with Horton’s wife.

    • You mean Seguin had a lot to do with that trade lol he can’t handle the spot light here in Bos. Pics of girls that looked underage taking selfie’s with TS looking naked passed out in his bed. Lol let’s blame Neely. The kid had 1 good playoff round in 2011. Was showing up late for game day lol best move was to move him. The return was garbage yet he needed to go.

  14. After reading in the article above that “Bruins GM Don Sweeney acknowledged he may have to shake things up to bolster his club’s flagging secondary scoring,” I began to wonder what the Bruins would do at center if Bergeron was out long term. Coyle, Kuraly, and Studnicka have scored a total of only 8 flagging goals in a combined 57 games, and Krejci hasn’t scored a flagging goal in 19 games. Smith, with 4 flagging goals in 22 games, might be another option.

  15. Any team can win if you are in.
    Dallas last year who came up a little short is a prime example . Hot Goaltending will decide and team defence over 4 lines will prevail.

    Kase might be able to make an impact. If he can stay healthy for more than a couple of games.

    How is Laine liking CLB. On a 7 game pointless streak. Should not be long before the complaining starts.

  16. You have to wonder if Chara saw the writing on the wall with Krug gone and not wanting to end his career on a declining team.

    Side note, why doesn’t Halak get any love in the league, He has amazing career numbers worthy of HOF goalies but can’t hold down a job. He’s been bounced around, never earning big money, has been sent down to the AHL by NYI

    Is he a problem in the room? I don’t recall him being a problem when he was a Hab. He’s a UFA at the end of the year, Oilers should pounce

    • Chara left because he would not accept the role of 3rd pair d signed for less to caps to paly 3rd pair d with chance for more mins then boston offered

      BIG Z is too slow Bistins D is better now then before lossing Krug hurt but not at the cap hit he got

      • Mrbruin4, I think they let Chara know he would be in and out of the lineup as it was time to give Lauzon and Zboril a shot. They were ready and both have played reasonably well. Especially Lauzon and they miss him right now.
        The loss of Krug is contributing the decrease in scoring 5 on 5, but ya they didn’t have the $ and their ready prospects were LD.
        As Caper says all the time, keeping the puck out isn’t our problem and having Chara won’t change that.

    • Do you remember stop signs in Montreal with “Halak” on them?

  17. Heres hoping the leafs find away to do a hall for kerfoot and vesey deal


  18. Too many Bruin fans on here…

    Yawn , Yawn,,, boring !!!

    Give us 1 of their goalies straight up for Anderson!!
    Than we won’t yawn !!!

    • LMAO! Says a Leafs fan!! LOL

      That was a good one.

      We will send you Booth for Anderson! 😉

  19. Andersen stays in Toronto, it will be another first round exit. If you are old enough to remember playing records with a scratch on them, and always hoping it won’t skip, but it always does, Anderson is a 78. You can try and wipe out the scratch on that vinyl with a cloth, do a spit and shine if that doesn’t work, and then a blow and a prayer, but it will always end up skipping.

    Time to get rid of him before Dubas ends up having to trade more players to accommodate his pay hike.

    Get a reliable less expensive option with some term, along with some assets and let Campbell get more ice time.

    Suggestions: Tristan Jarry in Pitt, Darcy Kuemper in Arizona.

    Radical suggestion: Go big or go home….Hellebuyck to Toronto for Andersen, Kerfoot (half salary retained), and top prospect or high draft