NHL Rumor Mill – March 3, 2021

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The latest on Jack Eichel, the Leafs still shopping for a forward, plus updates on Dougie Hamilton, Tony DeAngelo and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman acknowledged the trade speculation swirling about Buffalo Sabres captain Jack Eichel but doubts the 24-year-old center is moved by the April 12 trade deadline. He points out a number of teams cannot afford to take on his $10 million annual average value right now.

Could the New York Rangers or Los Angeles Kings try to acquire Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabres? (NHL Images)

Friedman thinks the Rangers could do it anytime they wanted but called some of the proposals out there “kinda crazy.” If the Sabres decide to trade Eichel it’ll be in the summer when teams have more salary-cap space to work with.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Craig Custance cited an NHL executive who believes Eichel will eventually wind up a Ranger. Another, however, felt the Los Angeles Kings would be a better match because they have the type of promising high-centers (Quinton Byfield, Alex Turcotte) the Rangers lack to offer up as trade bait.

Kings general manager Rob Blake has stuck to the mantra of the patient rebuild and it looks like it’s starting to pay off. He could be tempted to accelerate the process by acquiring Eichel. However, I wonder how keen he’d be to add another $10 million player to his roster with Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty already on the books.

Speaking of the Rangers, the New York Post’s Larry Brooks believes it would be almost impossible for them to get into the bidding for Eichel and his $10 million AAV without first moving center Mika Zibanejad, who has a no-movement clause. Given Zibanejad’s struggles this season, finding a trade partner willing to gamble on him won’t be easy even if he agreed to waive his NMC.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports the Toronto Maple Leafs still want to bolster their forward lines before the April 12 trade deadline. Some speculation linked the Leafs to Nashville Predators forward Mikael Granlund. Dreger thinks there could be a fit if the Predators agree to retain some of Granlund’s salary. The Leafs have the prospects and draft picks to make something happen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Leafs with just over $130K of trade-deadline cap space. Granlund has over $2.1 million remaining of his $3.75 million salary for this season. No chance of a deal there unless the Preds absorb a considerable chunk of his salary or take back a contract of equal or greater value.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun reports contract talks between the Carolina Hurricanes and pending UFA defenseman Dougie Hamilton have gone quiet since last month. The Hamilton camp could prefer a deal comparable to what Alex Pietrangelo received from the Vegas Golden Knights while the Hurricanes prefer something similar to what Torey Krug got with the St. Louis Blues. LeBrun doesn’t believe they’ll trade Hamilton, preferring to deal with this before the UFA market opens on July 28.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As LeBrun points out, the Hurricanes are all-in this year. Hamilton’s contract discussions will be set aside until the season is over.


TSN: Frank Seravalli reports former New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo has told the club he’s willing to accept being loaned to an American Hockey League team. He’s not welcome with their AHL affiliate in Hartford but the Rangers are willing to facilitate sending him to another club. Servalli believes it’ll take another NHL team stepping up to make that happen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Several NHL teams were rumored to have an interest in DeAngelo earlier this season. However, that has dried up as his personal baggage made him too toxic. It’ll be interesting to see if one of those interest parties might give him an opportunity to skate below the media radar with their AHL farm team.


Seravalli reports Arizona Coyotes defenseman Alex Goligoski could be added to the TSN NHL Trade Bait board. He’s a pending UFA playing top-pairing minutes but there hasn’t been any contract extension talks between the two sides.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Goligoski has an eight-team no-trade list and a $5.45 million AAV. The latter could prove the more significant sticking point in any trade discussions.

Friedman reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are in the market for centers…The Boston Bruins and Philadelphia Flyers are eyeing defensemen but both must monitor their expansion draft protection lists…Teams seeking goalie depth might ask the Sabres about Jonas Johansson…The LA Kings hope to re-sign pending UFA forward Alex Iafallo.


  1. Seem like the leaf fans on here want Anderson gone; with that said still need a goalie.

    My trade proposal depends on the health and return of Robin Lehner

    Tor: MAF $7m cap hit one more year remaining

    Veg: Anderson $5m cap hit UFA
    Justin Holl $2m cap hit 2 more seasons remaining.

    The cap is a wash Tor get two shots with MAF and Vegas gets 3yrs of Holl

    for the record the last time Boston played Toronto in the playoffs i thought Holl was there best shutdown D.

    • Not bad but I think Vegas is all in and wants to win the Cup so they aren’t moving Fleury, Lehner is way too fragile.

    • Andersen has a cap hit of $5M but actual salary is $1M. Four million bonus paid before this season started. Trade to Arizona for Darcy Kuemper ( 4M ) , works for Arizona and their cash flow problems. Him and Campbell give the leafs great combo. Throw in draft and prospect. Arizona can use after losing draft pick from NHL discipline

      • How about a
        To TML: Kuemper & Kessel
        to AZ: Nylander & Andersson
        If i am AZ i would…

      • That makes sense I hate crosby give up the 2 better players for what exactly? Let me guess cap flexibility. The leafs aren’t concerned about cap flexibility they have the best capologist in the business. They are more worried about putting the best team they can on the ice though.

      • @ Roger
        TML gets a goalie they “like” and AZ gets the younger player in Nylander.

        sort of give and take trade

      • No it’s not I hate crosby. Why in the world would Toronto do that. Anderson or Nylander alone are worth more then both Arizona players combined. They would gladly dump Kessel for anything and the goalie gets you a second rounder at best. So why and really think here why would Toronto do that. This isn’t nhl20 on the ps4. Heck they might even turn that trade down. You need to think before posting trade proposals. You make Pengy look like a genius. Maybe you should make every trade with 50% retained salary.

      • Hi Yarmouth Clipper (BTW …like the handle)

        Keumper has another year left at $4.5 Cap, and is doing very well despite a weak team in against tough opponents

        I truly believe there will be quite a few teams interested in him at TDL if he comes up for “sale”…. Oil should seriously consider making a bid

        Can’t see the Leafs/Yotes deal u proposed work though… Arz will want much more

        Leafs paid two 3rds (could have been a 2nd and a third if they had made the playoffs ) and a 25 year old fourth liner (with term) for *Campbell…. and Campbell is nowhere near the goalie Keumper is

        There will be bidders

        * yes also Clifford over at 50%…. but 16 games and 3 points certainly doesn’t count much in that deal…. basically 2 3rds and a fourth liner (with term) for Campbell

      • If Arizona was even offered a second Kuemper would of been gone by now. Arizona will do anything to dump salary and according to the rumors before the season started Kuemper was up for trade. Tougher division that’s funny. There are 3 playoff teams in that division them a massive drop off. In normal division alignment 5 teams in that division would miss the playoffs. I wish the leafs could feast on that. I bet Vancouver and Calgary wish they were back there. The top 3 teams are contenders but that’s it. Buy the way a second is worth more than 2 3rds. I know you like quantity with a bunch of salary retained but in the real world it’s about quality. Anderson would be lights out on a defensive team like Arizona. Can you imagine trading a young Nylander for an old Kessel you guys make me laugh.

      • I would trade for DeAngelo or D. Savard, and Granlund. Stanley, we’re coming for you!!

    • Don’t understand the hate on for Andersen, but no way Tor trades away Hall, one of the reasons their defense has improved so much. Tor is also in win-now mode, I think they’ll spend the rest of the season evaluating if Campbell can be a starter and then go from there, more for cap reasons than any shortcomings Freddie has. He’s been a good goalie on a team where he has had a ton fo work and a ton of shots against, not the best starter in the league of course but better than average for sure.

    • No to Holl moving anywhere. He has been their best D for past 2 seasons but zi would trade Ansersen plus pick for MAF with 3M retained.

      Yes to Kuemper. No to Kessel being included.

      Fcl you haven’t watched Andersen in a critical playoff game.

      • I meant 2m retained. Gives VGK a backup for this playoffs and relieves 5m of MAF hit next year if the want to ride lehner. Leafs can add a pick or a prospect

      • I’ve watched every playoff game since they got Andersen and he never has been and is not now the problem. Pretty sure the only time you watch Tor is when they’re playing Boston, and you just use this name to say inane things to get people worked up. I don’t post here much but this is the first and last time I’ll be replying to you.

      • Last years play-in round the Leafs were shut-out in 2 of the BJ’s 3 wins. Can’t blame Anderson there.

      • In deciding game when it counted he scored on himself by redirecting a puck in that was going wide and broke the teams back after one of the greatest comebacks in NHL playoff history the previous game when they pulled the loser and scored 3 to force OT where they win.

        Had anyone else not named Andersen (or i have to concede Reimer)
        The Leafs would have won the series.

        Andersen totally outplayed by opposing goalie in every series with Leafs. that is a fact.

    • IfLeafs play defensively like they have. Getting shutouts back to back against McDavid and Leon with Campbell and (I still cant believe it) Hutchinson. I don’t think Andersen is an issue.

    • If they trade Holl they have to replace him so the salary is not a wash. I would rather give him a shot this year thinking that the core players are a little more grown up. Give Campbell an opportunity and see what we have. If Campbell looks capable then just look for another you goalie with potential in the off-season. All I know is we will not be able to afford him and Hyman next year so somethings gotta give.

    • I would do that trade. MAF is the real deal. He maybe even be better than PRICE. Andersen has choked too many times, and Holl is a decent defenseman, but i wouldn’t lable him as top 4, i think he is a career 5th or 6th d man in an average defense corp. We need to make room for Sandin anyways. If i was a betting man and going to 7th game against the Bruins or the Lightnings I prefer MAF over Andersen. Question is would Vegas entertain that offer…I think not.

    • Holl is developing into one of the LEAGUE’s best shut-down defensemen, not just Toronto’s, and at a 2M cap hit! I can tell you he is not going anywhere. Why would they even consider it?
      Besides, I don’t think many, if any, Leafs fans are interested in MAF.

      The Shanaplan tends to focus a little more on sustainable assests. Something they can flip now or down the road, very cheap (a la $700,000 contract), or that will stick around for the long-hall.

      Leafs answer to the Leafs starting goaltending issues beyond this season may already be in their system, starting with Soup.

  2. I wouldn’t touch Jack Eichel with a ten foot pole …

  3. “Several NHL teams were rumored to have an interest in DeAngelo earlier this season. However, that has dried up as his personal baggage made him too toxic.”

    That’s an odd way to put it considering that *all* of his baggage has been known and out in the open forever. There was no “we’re interested…oh wait, he’s got an issue, never mind” going on. Every GM in the league knew his history when there was interest.

    • I believe they knew about his attitude before he was even drafted?

      • Reports out of New York a month ago claimed several teams expressed interest in DeAngelo but backed off when they saw how vehemently Flames fans took to social media slamming the idea of their club’s rumor interest in the troubled defenseman. That’s part of the personal baggage I was referring to.

      • The facts that teams are letting social media guide their decision making is a sad commentary on the state of affairs these days.

      • Howard don’t be dumb. We all know in life you have consequences. You are allowed to think and say, do what ever you want but like everyone else, what you say and do have consequences.

        There is this thing called society, culture, rules, whatever you want to call it, I say it’s a social contract between strangers… I don’t want to bring you harm and misfortune and want you to live freely but that goes away when you say, do or act on things that break that contract.

        We all know how things work and should work. In Japan my favorite saying was, the nail that sticks out, gets hammered! So don’t cry foul when it comes down on you. Haha.

      • Howard, the fact that teams are reacting to how their fans, which are their customers, isn’t an issue. They need to keep their customers happy and if a team complaetely ignores their customer base because they can do what they want then they will find out their customers can do what they want as well, like not supporting the team or not returning to games once they can.

      • Ron,

        I’ll see if I can get through this response without being too dumb. It’s not easy, you know.
        I did not write anywhere in my post that life does not have consequences. It sure as hell does. A fact that Deangelo is certainly learning the hard way right now. By all accounts, he’s a horrible teammate and a difficult person. I don’t see how any team would pick him up without hard evidence that he has become a changed man. Any team that was considering trading for him was certainly playing with fire. My point, however, was that it is ridiculous for a team to base personnel decisions on what a relatively small number of the fanbase, who do not represent the fanbase as a whole, post on social media. Don’t get me wrong. I was certainly not defending Deangelo, nor was I suggesting that any team do so. I was merely stating that decisions like this should not be made based upon postings by anonymous people on social media.

      • FCL,

        I obviously understand that a team has to keep its fans happy. But the folks posting on social media, who usually have nothing better to do, cannot be assumed to represent all the fans. And I’m sorry, but anyone who thinks that a team’s fans won’t come to games because the team traded for Deangelo just hasn’t been paying attention. If multiple strikes, lockouts, etc. haven’t turned off the fans, neither would Deangelo.

      • Howard, not saying it would be an empty rink, some people will care enough to stay away, some won’t. But it’s a business that is very reliant on public sentiment. Calgary is trying to get a new arena with public money, you don’t shoot yourself in the foot around the team’s reputation by signing a guy like that and the reality is for a guy like that who was playing like garbage before NY dumped him. Reality is he isn’t a good enough player to get away with this stuff, and just because people on social media don’t want him coming to their team doesn’t make the sentiment invalid. Commenting here is a form of social media so you’d have to count me and yourself as those who have nothing better to do I guess.

      • I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this dialogue gentlemen.

      • Howard I think you are 100% right when you say that social media users are a minority and often do not represent the home fan bases.

    • Basically, there were teams that would have taken a chance on Deangelo but not without the Rangers retaining a lot of salary, which will not happen. The Rangers will just buy him out as seasons end.

      • If I’m his agent I would try to get him on one of the ECHL teams playing this season – if possible. If he keeps his nose clean, and plays hard he should excel at that level. Next season the AHL. It would also give him a redemption arc, and make it easier for a NHL GM to sign him to a show-me contract. But it all depends on him like a professional athlete in control of emotions, and doing the business side of the job well – meaning not lipping off.

    • As a ranger fan I’m more annoyed with this clueless coach who hasn’t done a damn thing to prove he belongs captaining this ship through this rebuild. Grossly overpaid, perennial underachiever and all but invisible for 2 weeks a season Kreider. Lets not forget the invisible man Zibanejad who everyone thought was going to be the saving grace down the middle. Deangelo for all his flaws as some may see them (his political beliefs – which should have zero impact on on ice play, his so called “temper” which if it was coming from someone less controversial it would be called passion.) Anyways, the handling of this situation leads me to believe there is a major problem organizationally when it comes to handling and evaluating players – Anderson is another botch on many levels. As much as I had enough of Tort’s towards the end of his tenure in NY, its a coach of his ilk that need to come in here and straighten this situation out.

      • Deangelo made his bed and brought this on himself. He had every opportunity to be a good team mate and chose not to.

        These guys don’t like talking to the press about a team mates BS tweets or views, and since there was an altercation in the dressing room, it appears they didn’t like dealing with him in person either.

        If you think he has been removed from the NHL team, their AHL team, and are paying him millions to not play for them because of his “political beliefs” you are wrong. If you think the Rangers did this without consulting leaders on the team, you are wrong.

        If the guy wasn’t a di*k wad he would still be playing for the Rangers. Fact is, he was one, and he isn’t playing for the Rangers because of it.

        He needs to look in the mirror his grievance should be with himself and no one else.

        My guess is he will, and will play somewhere next season.

  4. If I’m the Sabres, I don’t trade Eichel. He’s a young franchise center. How many of those are around. He still has 5 years left on his contract. They’re better off being patient. I do not see them getting better with any trade.
    I can’t figure out what’s wrong with that team. It’s not like they haven’t gone out and acquired good talent. Eichel and Hall are top level players. Skinner and Okposo are, or at least were, solid second level players. They combine for a total cap hit of $33m. – over 40% of the cap ceiling. And have a combined 3 goals this season. Who gets the blame for that

  5. I don’t know what Brooks is talking about. Zib has another season left on his very reasonable deal. Team will have plenty of cap space next season to fit Eichel and we’ll see how Zib does. A little premature to declare him washed up. Wasn’t long ago Brooks said Zib will be re signing for 10 m next off season. As far as DeAngelo, most of his “baggage” was old news. Locker room fight with Gorgiev was new.

    • How is best tweaked
      to NSH: ADA & Hajek & late round pick
      to NYR: Ekholm

      • Ekholm will get a top pick… ada has negative value and a b prospec

      • Yes, why not throw in Strome as well.

      • Hahahaha

      • @Shore..GREAT idea!!

        Needed that reminder 🙂

        Much Appreciated 🙂 lol

  6. Larry Brooks is somewhat of a joke, and I do not like disparaging writers. Two days ago he was all about the Rangers going all in on the Eichel acquistion. Today’s article is about how the Rangers should not overpay – as if they can get Eichel cheaply. Suffice to say, he is more of a fan than reporter.

  7. If Boston needs a defender would they consider

    To BOS: OEL
    to AZ: DeBrusk, Grzelcyk & a 2nd

    Cap works for both and less BOS has to protect

    • Believe OEL has a say where he goes in this case and made it clear that the deadline for trading him was prior to the season and he will not accept moving his family during.. something may change of course.. was my understanding of the situation though

      • Agreed…..I read that too. My feeling is that BOS is a legitimate cup contender. On this shorten’d season it may work to convince him and then move his family in the offseason.

        Just a thought.

    • Boston has a need for a centre. Bergeron is 35 with one year left on his contract. Krejci is a 34 year old UFA & most likely won’t be back. Eichel is too expensive. RNH to Boston for LW Jake Debrusk.

      • Agree on the C for BOS Probert.
        Also like the idea of RNH in BOS.
        Might as well just wait until he is a UFA this summer.
        Rumor here is EDM wants to keep him and he wants to stay, so may have to look elsewhere.

  8. Lyle (or anybody here who knows the answer)

    Re ADA and …..“ has told the club he’s willing to accept being loaned to an American Hockey League team. He’s not welcome with their AHL affiliate in Hartford but the Rangers are willing to facilitate sending him to another club. Servalli believes it’ll take another NHL team stepping up to make that happen.”

    What is the protocol re paycheque when loaning to another AHL team… who pays ? Rangers or “new” (loaned to) AHL team

    If “new” AHL team on the hook…. what possible AHL team is willing to pay his annual $4.3 M Sal to play in the AHL ? Per CapFreindly that is what he gets in the minors

    Thanks in advance

    • When Edmonton lent Gagne to the Marlies they said the Marlies were required to pay the base AHL contract amount and Edmonton paid the remainder of the contract. Whether that`s the actual rule or not or that`s what Toronto and Edmonton agreed to

      • Thanks Bob

        If Rangers followed the same…. they are basically funding the majority of his Sal just to play for another clubs minor league team…. not much incentive for Rangers

        In fact , they runnthe risk of him doing/saying something in that other market (AHL) that further diminishes his trade value

        Status quo; Rangers pay; he stays in his condo; just might be the best route

        Thanks again for your response

      • Okudah teams are concerned about the backlash from fans, does it really matter if he’s on nhl or AHL roster? They’re still welcoming him into organization.

  9. There is a possibility

    that Eichel is the problem in Buffalo. Would not be the first superstar not to be worth the stress. There were hints he did not get along with the center that now is captain of St Louis and award winner as the MVP of the play offs. There were suggestions that Skinner was signed to that ridiculous contract as he played well along side Eichel. There were suggestions the Hall trade would benefit Eichel.

    The trading of Lindros set up Nordiques/Avalanche as winners. Maybe that could be the case in Buffalo.

    • I dont often suggest trades but here i go. If I am TML GM today, I swoop in on this BUFF debacle and offer:

      2nd rnd 2021 (for 3.6m cap retention on hall this year to make the trade cap neutral)



      Marner playing above his head, and BUFF players playing horrible. This is the time to steal Eichel, a significantly bigger difference maker than Marner.

      • Wendel, Marner drives the offense in Toronto more than Matthews and Tavares. Numbers don’t lie. Both Tavares and Matthews have way better numbers when Marner is playing with them. Getting another player like Mathews and Tavares will only hurt the team. I think you only have a single view of the game. There are players who control the game and Marner is right up there with Panarin and Kane. He’s the most valuable player Toronto has. Eichel may score a few more goals then Marner but both Matthews and Marner score more goals because Marner is on the ice with them.

      • Tavares scores more goals while Marner is on the ice. Not Marner and Marner lol

      • C’mon, Wendel. You know darn well that won’t even make Buffalo’s Adams pick up the phone.

      • If Eichel is a significantly bigger difference maker than Marner, why is Marner getting paid more and on a shorter term with fewer UFA years purchased?


      • Because Dubas overpaid Marner by a couple mill.

      • They don’t need a centermen and definitely don’t need the Hall curse

      • You are out of your minds! Marner is potential Hart trophy candidate annually. Eichel is over rated, and Hall is has been. Mathews and Marner
        is UNTOUCHEABLES. By the way, Marner deserves every penny he gets from the Leafs. What TO needs to do is to get rid of Nylander and his 7 mill per and ship out Dermott for size and grit. Without Marner, Leafs are at best middle of the pact in the league. Only player i might consider for Marner swap will be Patrick Kane, but Marner is the younger version of Kane, so that doesn’t make any sense either. TO just needs to bring in couple of guys: one top six and one D man, but they both need to be rugged and physical. That will balance out the roster.

      • Normally I agree its a pipe dream Shore, but given the Buffalo disaster this would be a reset opportunity with a franchisish player same age as Eichel, but again probable hang up by Adam’s. …but I’d dial the number just in case.

  10. If I was Leaf management, I wouldn’t change a thing. Unless there are a couple of major injuries, adding a player just doesn’t make sense. This is the best defensive team the Leafs have put on the ice for at least 25 years. Great defense AND great scoring. Don’t mess with it.

    • Agreed, 1st in the league, lost 4 games in regulation. Some on here seem to think the NHL is EA sports in real life, you don’t take a team that is playing the way they are and ‘tweak’ it by trading away core players having career years for a guy in Buff who has proven exactly nothing in his career. While we’re at it though maybe Edmonton should trade McD and Leon, both playing above their heads so should be traded to try to lock up Nolan Patrick.

    • If Bill Torrey thought like you he wouldn’t have added Conn Smythe winner Butch Goring and maybe the Isles cup history looks different.


      • Wendel take your own words, TO IMPROVE YOUR TEAM…. key word – IMPROVE. Your trade proposal is 100% opposite of that key word.

    • Their success this year is largely due to playing exclusively against non contenders. So we can not over react to their standing in the league. Had they been on a traditional division, they would be just above the middle of the pact. Avoiding Tampa, Boston, Florida, Washington, Carolina, Phila, Pitts and even Islanders has a lot to do with their standing. I know the Leafs will get a free pass to the Conference Finals this year, so if they can just bolster their lineup with couple of heavier guys, then i’ll say they have a fair chance against whom ever they meet in Conference finals. I really believe this year is their best chance to get to the STANLEY CUP FINALS. Only if we can clone
      one of Wendel Clark or Dave Anderchuk or Doug Gilmour for this season.

      • So being in a weak defensive division which boasts the most goal scoring, the overrated Leafs are 4th best GA and 6th SA… that’s goals against and shots against…. they are also ranked tops in offense stats. Like common sense would tell you unless you lack it, good teams will beat up on lesser teams… its kinda what makes them good. So if the Leafs were in any other division they would still be near or at the top of it.

        For all the “they dont have what it takes to even win a round” crowd in the years in question the pathetic Leafs loss in 7 games to eventual championship winning teams which was better than you can say about the teams they faced afterwards. That’s a Leafs team with a core that was still on their ELC, the play in, well that was weird I mean the Nucks and Habs looked good….

  11. Hamiltons slow start, the emergence of Jake Bean, and Pesce taking his game to another level has to have Carolina reconsidering how much they are willing to pay Hamilton. I would prefer they trade Hamilton, use the money to lock up Svech long term and sign or trade for the #1 goalie of the future.

    Carolina is going to lose a good defenseman in the expansion draft. Pesce and Slavin will be the top two defensemen protected.

    • Freddie and TML 20-211st unprotected for Hamilton. 2 pending UFAs

      • Surprisingly not bad. The 1st could be flipped for another asset at deadline… maybe ekholm? Tor might have to take back one of car goalies though. Somehow? Or car moves one somewhere else.

      • That would be a fair and sensible trade for both clubs. I hate it, and hope to God it doesn’t happen.

  12. Jarmo might be interested in Eichel , would make the team strong down the middle.

    Setting this year aside he outscores the departed PLD by a wide margin.

    Laine for Eichel, would Jarmo need to add something?

  13. Leafs are best in the North. An asterisk for the league. Should not be making significant changes. Add a plumber forward and some defensive depth
    Not sure about Quinn. Likes to bench as much as Torts. I believe he is part of the DeAngelo problem. Obviously not part of the solution

  14. Flames management ran a respected coach out of town on a rail because of a comment a decade earlier. But it is ok to obtain a player who has done worse in a more sensitive time. Can’t happen. Hyper Hypocritical .

  15. Gotta like the new name for the Hyman Engvall Micheyev line (HEM) as thats what they do to the opponent when they are on. When they are off they can be called the MEH line.

    Willy Styles given by Thornton is good for 88 too.

    League needs more nicknames.

    That would be a good topic for another day, good or funny nicknames for lines ir players. I have wanted Ryan Ellis for a couple years to play with Muzzin so they could be called the Leafs ZZ Top pairing (Ryan is dusty and Muzzin is Billy ) of course.

    • The Oil need to adapt to what the Leafs are doing to stop zone entries and exits tonight. Even on the PP.
      Hope to see some chips out, and chips in. Chase and bang. Beat the Leaf’s trap.
      Light up Anderson so the drum beat continues and causes unwanted controversy. Anderson’s confidence tanks. They start a backup in the playoffs.
      Go Oil.

      • Keef is a heck of a coach. Him, Evans and coach Q are the front runners for the Adams award.

  16. Boston should trade for an emergency goaltender …
    Raask is a risk if he pulls his Charlie Brown act , puts his thumb in his mouth and walks off again with his blanket , come playoff time ..
    As for the Leafs , Mike, on here will tell you , they need “GRIT “ going into the playoffs ..
    Ekholm , we will cough up a first rounder, gladly for him , whether , or not Savard out of Columbus fits the bill , I haven’t followed him close enough ..
    Columbus has lots of grit , might be the ideal trade partner , not sure -Torts will like what is coming back his way – soft players ….
    Columbus , Nashville are desperate , they could be had …especially Poile in Nashville , U can sweet talk that guy into almost anything !!