Marleau Faces Unwarranted Criticism for Breaking Howe’s NHL Games Record

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Soapbox | 7 comments



  1. Marleau deserves recognition for his longevity but not much else. He put up decent numbers once and has been a solid top six NHLer in the past but not much more. He shouldn’t even be considered for the HOF.

  2. So who ever mentioned the Hall Of Fame? And who cares? I’m sure Howe and Gretzky – among others – were thrilled knowing that a fellow HofF member was also a wife abuser.

  3. No such thing is unwarranted criticism as far as I know people have the right to say or write their feelings nobody can say how they should feel. I have no feelings either way I once golfed with Paul Coffey asked if he held on as long as he did to beat Ray Bourque,s records he said it doesn’t matter what I say people will believe what they believe smart guy.

    • True that Obe. I haven’t met Coffey, but have met Simmons, and I am fine disagreeing with him and am sure I do often.
      Every NHL player they talk to who is nearing the end or it has ended, know they will miss the game and the life. Who wouldn’t want to keep playing? So they do, as long as someone will have them.

      Can Coffey play, did you beat him?

  4. Three cheers for Marleau! To those who are sorry to see Howe’s record broken – condolences to you. The rest of us will continue to recognize Marleau as the one who played more NHL games than ANY other player.

  5. Coffey can play also played with Mctavish both nice guys Paul always playing pranks and making jokes Craig more serious but Fuhr won all the money even playing as a scratch. We played Predator Ridge in Vernon for a couple days was awesome many Oilers there we had a party on the lake at Craig’s place Gretzky was supposed to show up but never did seen and talked to him on course. I spent most of evening chatting with big Dave Semenko RIP great guy.

  6. Interesting that Simmons interviewed Dionne, who certainly belongs in the Hall of Fame despite NEVER winning a Hart Trophy then basically says that Marleau doesn’t deserve recognition for breaking Howe’s record because Marleau never won a Hart Trophy.

    If the new standard is that only Hart Trophy winners deserve any kind of recognition then the Hall of Fame has a lot of members to kick out (including anyone who played in the 1980’s not named Gretzky or Lemieux).