NHL Rumor Mill – April 26, 2021

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A look at several teams that could make side deals this summer with the Kraken in today’s NHL rumor mill.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun and Ryan S. Clark recently listed the Carolina Hurricanes, Colorado Avalanche, Edmonton Oilers, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild and Tampa Bay Lightning as six clubs that could be in play to make side deals with the Seattle Kraken.

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Dougie Hamilton (NHL Images)

LeBrun doesn’t expect much to happen with the Hurricanes if defenseman Dougie Hamilton, a pending unrestricted free agent, isn’t signed before the July 21 expansion draft. The Hurricanes would then have a week before the free-agent market opens on July 28 to re-sign Hamilton. However, it’s possible the Kraken could sign Hamilton during their exclusive free-agent interview window (July 18-21), making the blueliner part of their expansion draft selections.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun thinks they’ll hold off on signing Hamilton until after the expansion draft in order to protect Jake Bean as well as Jaccob Slavin and Brett Pesce. He also speculated the Kraken could take Brady Skjei in that scenario but could balk at his $5.25 million cap hit.

Clark pointed out the Avalanche could lose Ryan Graves to the Kraken if they protect just three defensemen or blueliner Jacob MacDonald if they protect eight skaters. It’s expected veteran Erik Johnson will be asked to waive his no-movement clause to be exposed in the draft. The Avs could explore trading one of their forwards if they can get something substantial in return and are open to discussing their needs with the Kraken.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Johnson waiving his NMC would give the Avs some flexibility over which defensemen to protect. If they opt to protect eight skaters to hand onto four defensemen, however, they’ll lose a decent forward to the Kraken. Avs general manager Joe Sakic will probably be talking trade with Kraken GM Ron Francis in the days leading up to July 21.

Clark indicated the Oilers’ plans will depend upon the health of sidelined defenseman Oscar Klefbom. A recovering Klefbom could be exposed in the draft because the Kraken won’t select an injured player with a $4.167 million cap hit. However, the Oilers could make a side deal if Klefbom is healthy and they re-sign pending UFAs Tyson Barrie and Adam Larsson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Recent reports have Klefbom facing an uncertain future following his shoulder surgery. The Oilers could wait until after the expansion draft to sign Barrie and Larsson or they could sign one and take their chances with the other if Klefbom isn’t healthy by then.

LeBrun explored several scenarios if the Kraken were to covet Florida Panthers goaltender Chris Driedger. They could have the Panthers re-sign the pending UFA goalie before the draft and select him as an exposed player, sign him during their free-agent interview period or attempt to sign him in the free-agent market on July 28.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: LeBrun thinks Panthers GM Bill Zito will approach Francis about the sign-and-select option, perhaps offering up an enticement like defenseman Markus Nutivaara in a side deal.

The Wild could have discussions with Jonas Brodin, Zach Parise, Jared Spurgeon, Ryan Suter and Mats Zuccarello about waiving their no-movement clauses. Getting at least two of them to waive their NMCs would make it possible to protect Matt Dumba and Jordan Greenway. Failing that, they risk losing Dumba if they protect three defensemen or Greenway if they protect eight skaters. Protecting Dumba and Greenway could also create a situation where the Kraken could select defenseman Carson Soucy or goaltender Cam Talbot, raising the possibility of a side deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Parise and Suter could provide the most flexibility for the Wild if they can be convinced to waive their NMCs. I doubt Francis would want an aging veteran carrying a $7.538 million cap hit on his books for the next four years.

The cap-strapped Lightning could try to sell the Kraken on selecting Spokane native Tyler Johnson but they’ll have to add a sweetener to convince them to take his $5 million cap hit off the Lightning’s books. LeBrun suggested the cost could be trading their 2022 first-round pick to the Kraken or shipping them winger Alex Killorn, Ondrej Palat (if he waives his no-trade clause) defenseman Erik Cernak.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what the Lightning do in this situation. Bolts GM Julien BriseBois tried to waive and trade Johnson before the start of the season but couldn’t find any takers. He’ll have to package him with a good player or that first-round pick to convince Francis to take him.


  1. Regarding the expansion draft, GM’s shouldn’t make the same mistakes they made with Vegas, take your medicine and move on …

    • Very insightful comment, and extremely well thought out, Ed. Super contributions as always!
      Let’s file this one under the Duhhhhh files.

  2. I agree with you Ed but my guess is that is not what will happen. In the article there 4 or 5 suggested no trade waives. These guys generally are young millionaires those with children may have no motive to waive and will have pre existing reasons why they negotiated the no trade.

    If I am Seattle, I try to repeat what Vegas did only with this years variations. I put the other GMs feet not to the fire but through the fire and hold them there.

    Vegas did a good job for Vegas fans. That is Francis’s responsibility for Kraken fans

  3. Ive been watching the Flyers since the early 70s, enjoyed Stanley Cups, huge victories, a record unbeaten streak, devastating losses. But never had to endure a season with a roster full of indifference and mediocre play. Even in the early 90s with 5 straight non playoff teams there was heart hustle and hope for the future.

    This current team doesnt skate hard, they dont forecheck, they certainly dont hustle back to play defence, they dont hit, they dont fight and they dont stop the puck. The powerplay is atrocious, the penalty kill is brutal. A complete lack of effort and desire.

    Fletcher, Vigneault, Therien and Yeo all have to go asap. Keep Provorov, Sanheim, Hart, Farabee, Allison and Konecny and move as many of the rest out for what you can get.

    They should be booed off the ice after every period and game, a total disgrace.

    The entire team, top to bottom should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves.

    Old Ed Snider must be turning in his grave.

    Absolutely brutal.


    • I had to read this twice. You said the Flyers, but damn I thought you were writing about the Canadiens.

    • Today’s Flyers – well, several other teams have similar issues. Indifferent players, all of which get away with not giving a heck.

      Many of us long for the old days.

      • I can stomach the losing provided the effort is there, and I see very little if any of itl

      • Maybe the fact that teams are paying in front of little to no fans could have impact?

    • i have never seen the Flyers so disinterested . I feel bad for those that pay to watch !!!

    • agree 100% with description of team. As I said in the past, they need Shane Falco!!

    • I agree Ron. Problem is , who’s gonna fire fletcher n co. Comcast shows no interest in hockey IMO. Team should sell to a passionate owner who demands an effort.

  4. Seattle is in the position to put a great team together without drafting anybody at all.

    The pool of UFA and RFA players is outstanding and they shouldn’t give cash strapped teams any rope by taking bad contracts unless the offer is amazing.

    The UFAs and RFA’s will be signing for much less than they anticipated previously.

    They should leave the big contracts alone and sign young players that are forced to be left unprotected and cherry pick the UFA’s teams can’t afford to sign.

    It’s different but we have seen all year that players have lost value and in many cases couldn’t be “given away” and some UFA’s signed for peanuts last offseason.

    Seattle is in a very different situation than Las Vegas.

    • Habfan I agree with that assessment, and to that end Tampa Bay (likely in the most vulnerable situatuon in this article) would do better moving Johnson elsewhere if i means giving up a proven top six forward like Killorn or Palat just to take him.

      There are plenty of teams that could use Johnson enough to take $3M of his cap hit in exchange for a seventh rounder or reclamation project with Tampa retaining $2M. By separating players like Killorn Palát, and Gourde from any Tyler Johnson deal makes the likely trade of one of them at least yield some kind of a return.

      This is the reason why I think Tampa should go 7-3-1 in the expansion draft leaving McDonagh’s huge contract and Cal Foote’s questionable long term viability for Francis to pass on. Protecting the three forwards I just mentioned to go along with the obvious Stamkos, Kucherov, Point and Cirelli gives them trade options in the absence of 2021 1R given up for Savard at the TDL.

      If I had to guess right now I would say Francis will target guys like Colton and Barre-Boulet Over any of our veterans

      • Hi ShaneinTpa

        I certainly understand ur take re what is best for Bolts re TJ

        However…. BrisBoise already had trouble trying to find a trade partner for TJ (he had to agree to a very short list and then BrisBoise had to try [and couldn’t] get a deal with one of those on the short list)

        With Krakken… TJ has no say…. only guaranteed protection is a full NMC…. He has a full NTC

        Krakken has some small incentive with a brand new club …. being able to have the marketable pseudo “home town” (Spokane) lad on the team

        Certainly not a needle mover by any stretch but something to be considered

        I do believe BrisBoise best move is an amenable side deal with Francis to take TJ…. I went into that analysis further below

        What that side deal ends up being is certainly a TBD and runs a big gambit of possibilities

        Krakken will get a pretty fair team…. I do by any stretch believe they will be close to the performance of Knights in first year

        This will be interesting 🤔

    • I have read so many pundits say that Seattle is at a disadvantage due to nhl gms learning from vegas draft.

      1. Collectively nhl gms never learn.
      2. The covid flat cap gives Seattle an advantage vegas never had.

      Teams won’t be able to dump players on other teams to make sure they get an asset. All those teams need those protection spots and most are up against cap. The Johnson example above. Even at three mil it’s hard to imagine any takers…. unless it truly is for a 7th and the plan is to use him as exposure bait to protect another player.

      • Hi Chrisms

        I fully agree that Krakken is NOT at a disadvantage

        That said… I can’t possibly fathom Francis assembling a roster as good and as successful as Knights did (and have)

        I believe they will get the pieces to be very successful in 3-5 years

        I would be absolutely gob-smacked if they get to the SCF next June (as Knights did Yr 1)…. just the fact that they will be IN the same Div as Knights (who are exempt from losing any players in expansion; are already cup favs; and can fit in the exact team they have right now with the exception of Martinez… that’s it !!!)

        …. then again…. no one saw Knights as having ANY chance at going deep year 1. 🧐🤔

    • Tampa Bay is vulnerable and Seattle doesn’t need to make any TJ deals at the draft, nor would they need a McD.

      In fact they can go with Foote or Joseph, two good young players that are cheap with projected upside.

      After the draft, TBL still need to make some kind of deal with somebody to unload TJ’s contract, and that’s when Seattle should take advantage, depending on the team they assembled.

      Seattle can pick TJ type contracts off each team after the draft when the teams are in bigger cap hell and get better deals if they follow the route I suggest.

  5. Re Bolts and Krakken

    W/o a side deal…. they would absolutely need to go 7-3-1

    For the 3 D… Hedman and Serg for sure; personally I’d expose McD… certainly a great add for Krakken …. but getting hit for 5 more years at almost 7 for a player who is starting with you at 32… unlikely they’d take him

    So Cernak or Rutta or Foote to protect… personally I’d protect the young and up and coming Foote

    Fwds….Stammer , Kuch, Point, Cerelli are givens

    Then there is Killorn; Gourde; Palat; Maroon; Joseph as non UFAs

    Maroon would; IMHO , be least likely to be picked up (so likely not needing protection)

    Bolts need space so would ; I believe ; also want to protect the less expensive Joseph; thus exposing one of Killorn; Gourde; Palat;

    So ; the easier route is obviously a side deal for Krakken to take TJ

    Krakken is not only in need of building an NHL team (at least 1 player from each team) but also their future (pics) AND a feeder team (players in the minors)

    I think for Krakken to be incentivized on TJ; a first (‘22) is mandatory in the package

    BrisBoise could start with

    1st (‘22) and Maroon for Krakken to take TJ

    Francis might then counter with a demand for 1st AND Palat OR Killorn

    So perhaps the final comes in the ilk of

    1st; Maroon ; Raddysh for Krakken to take TJ… clearing $5.9 M off of Bolts

    OR BrisBoise could go bold and big….

    Palat; Maroon; Katchouk 3rd (‘21) for Krakken to take on TJ…. net Cap space $11.2M

    No matter what…. there will be tons o’ discussions going on

    My guess … 90% chance that Bolts go side deal is f some sort

    • Pengy if you haven’t already see my previous response to Habfan covering a lot of what you just said.

      Tampa Bay is going to lose at least two quality forwards along with Tyler Johnson to become cap compliant. But using top six forwards as a sweetener for somebody to take Tyler Johnson is stupid. At some point, there has to be some kind of a return in trades needed to be cap compliant. The Lightning already gave up their 2021 1R for Savard (IMO an overpayment) so it is particularly important they lose as many proven assets as possible.

      And you are right, I seriously doubt Francis takes McDonagh’s contract. I wouldn’t protect Foote. Where I believe he has a future his long term upside is nowhere near that of Hedman or Sergachev. If he is protected it will more likely be because of organizational depth at his position

      • Hi ShaneinTpa

        Had started my response to you above then somebody popped in to see me.. so by the time I finished and posted… you had posted this…. so we are on similar thoughts

        Sorry if I inferred Foote over either Serg or Hedman

        Hedman and Serg a given to protect

        McD almost for sure NOT picked up (so not protected)

        I was suggesting Foote as 3rd D protected OVER Cernak OR Ruuta

        Savard and Schen or UFAs this year…. a pick up by Krakken in reality only gets them full negotiating rights for a couple of weeks

        Again the protection game strategy is likely a distant second to the side deal strategy

        I do believe that BrisBoise job over these next few months will be one of the hardest (in terms of GMs for existing teams)

  6. Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but once the season concludes the timing of events goes expansion draft – entry draft – free agency, correct?

    If so, any player becoming a ufa after this season doesn’t need to be protected unless you know they will sign with the Krak. It would be a dumb move to select a ufa only to watch him sign in fa. Rfa, different sorry because teams still control the players movement. Sign or no sign it’s a controlled asset with value.

    • Hi Ron

      I’m fairly sure that order is correct…. actual dates I don’t know

      Krakken picking up a UFA meets their minimum obligation of picking up a player from EACH team (as a UFA still under contract as at expansion) and grants them sole negotiation rights for a couple of weeks

      Krakken can meet their min Cap hit obligation at time of expansion by taking on a very expensive UFA; OR if they truly believe they can close a deal with that targeted UFA

      Those are the limited reasons I can come up with for Krakken to Aquire a UFA

      perhaps there is also a side deal reason…. to a team that doesn’t want to lose any off their roster but has plenty of picks or valuable prospects ….. a high pick and Krakken takes a UFA off of your hands that you (current team) had no intention of re-upping OR knew for sure Krakken couldn’t possibly re-sign him

      For demonstration purposes only…. let’s say MacLellan doesn’t want to lose any players off roster…. so the side deal is to leave Ovi unprotected …. and offer say a 1st or an excellent prospect (McMichael or Lapierre??) for Francis to take Ovi

      Krakken move $9.5 M towards their minimum Cap they MUST get to; knowing that is off the books as soon as free agency opens and Ovi signs back with Caps…. and gain a good future piece in McMichael or Lapierre

      Again that was just for demo purposes but does give an idea of some strategies that may be in play

      • Thanks Pengy for confirming.

    • Ron, the expansion draft is set for July 21 (the day my wife and I get our second Pfizer shot 🙂 )

      followed by the entry draft on July 23/24

      and the opening of UFA season July 28

      So, a busy week – although I understand these dates are not etched in stone and subject to change depending upon the effects of the virus on scheduling the rest of the way.

      By the way, has anyone heard as to where the Northern division finalist will play their “home” games if quarantine regulations and border crossings are still in effect? I would imagine hockey won’t be given any special dispensations not open to the Raptors and Blue Jays, neither of who are playing in Toronto I don’t think.

    • Pengy Foote will likely never be Cernak. If Cernak were getting $4M to $5M I would expose him over Foote. But he’s not.

      With the Lightning retaining $2M on Johnson he is good enough to see $3M a year somewhere other than Seattle. Look at the production of any 3C on a contending team and none of them are blowing Johnson’s production away. With injuries to Kucherov and Stamkos, johnson is getting used on the wing where he also does not thrive. When you play for a team you know has no plans for you it doesn’t do a lot for your confidence either. Yzerman saw something similar in Vrana in the deal that sent Mantha to D.C. and he is already thriving in Detroit.

      Somebody will take Johnson at a reduced value even if it is not Seattle. If Seattle takes Johnson with Killorn I would be fine with that since it would resolve the cap issues in one brush stroke. If it involves any more than that the Bolts are better off making piecemeal deals for Johnson and a couple of other players so they can get at least some lower round picks back.

      • Is Foote draft eligible?

      • Johnson is not a bad value at three. But who has cap space that needs a third line center that he is willing to waive for? You are really over confident in your hopes he can be move.

      • Hi Slick

        Re Foote… to be fair I had cheated and got the info from CapFriendly ….. great tool from the menu bar is Seattle Expansion draft…. then select a team…. if the player has a check-mark on the very right hand column…. that player meets the criteria to be eligible to be exposed/needed protecting

        Those not legible are shown below greyed out

        Those that might get to the minimum requirements are shown (same column) with number of games (yet to be played this year) that would have them eligible to be exposed/protected (eligible in other words)

        For instance Mitchell Stevens …. 4 more games; Colton Ross ; 5 more games

        Clicking on the left hand column you can select your choice of protected players

        Once you have selected 4 D , it won’t allow you to select more than 4 F

        All NMCs (labelled) MUST be protected …. Kuch, Stammer, Hedman…. they would have been protected anyway, but it does label all NMCs

      • Hi Chrisms; Slick, ShaneinTpa

        Re TJ

        No matter what the retention…. unless it is through expansion to Krakken…. TJ has full control… full NMC… over where he goes

        The agreement (to waive) was at a point in time…. not sure if he would do it again…I was unbelievably surprised that BrisBoise got him to give 5 teams names (does BrisBoise have compromising photos of TJ?) …. here is what has negative impact for him with waiving to move

        1) must sell current home ; buy new one
        2) relocate (does he have a fam or spouse to uproot)
        3)go to another team who is unlikely to be a cup contender
        4) new team-mates, coach, friends…. leaving behind existing friendships
        5)must learn new system , new coaching, new line-mates
        6)New city… different amenities??
        7) unless he is traded to (A) Panthers; or (B) Dallas; (C) Knights; or (D) Preds….. he will lose take home $’s…. if he were traded to any of the Canadian teams…… BIG take home losses

        These are all reasons that players negotiate for full NMCs

        There is very little incentive (is there any ??) for him to waive his rights

        Re those teams where he wouldn’t lose in take home :

        Knights (a contender) I’m sure couldn’t take him at even 50% retained

        Preds already have issues

        Stars have Faisal and Hintz…. younger , bigger, and I would gather that Stars fans would argue they were better

        I don’t see interest from Panthers

        Note…Krakken… no loss in take-home; 2 hours away from home-town and team where he played Jr (Spokane)

      • Dang auto-correct …. Faksa to my best knowledge; has never been called Faisal

      • Dang pengy. I thunked he had a ntc.

        Sorry Tampa fans.

      • Pengy each team must expose 2 forwards and 1 defenceman that is signed for the 21-22 season and has played at least 27 games this year or 54 games over the last 2 seasons plus 1 goalie that is signed for the 21-22 season or is a restricted free agent. all those players are open to be picked by Seattle the exempt players are on a separate list on the right side below the goalies

      • Hi Bob

        Sorry for my confusing post….

        Yes re ones below goalies in grey…. they ARE truly exempt (barring side deal) from becoming a Krakken; but also “exempt”
        are those above that line who don’t end up with a checkmarks beside their names

        Without reaching the 27/54 (check beside their name) they are then ineligible for exposure and therefore “exempt” from being picked up by Krakken (outside of a side deal of course)

        Again sorry for my misconveyance

      • Hi Pengy. Your assumption is still incorrect. ALL players listed above the goalies, along with the goalies listed in the goalies section, can be drafted by Seattle if they are left unprotected.

        The check mark on the left only indicates whether or not the player has met the 27/54 games criteria for minimum exposure requirements. A team must expose at least two forwards and one defenseman of this nature who are signed through next season. The players meeting both criteria are in green, but the players in white can also be claimed by Seattle.

        It’s going to make things interesting for, ..say San Jose, who will either have to expose some regulars, or sign a couple of players before the draft who may not otherwise be in their plans but will meet the exposure requirements. (e.g.- Marleau)

  7. Marc Bergevin should consider asking Price to waive his NMC and making a side deal with Ron Francis to select him. If that fails expose Drouin as he just hasn’t worked out in MTL.

    • Going to take a hell of a “side deal” to get the Kraken, or anyone else to take Prices anchor contract off the Canadiens hands.

      Over rated, over hyped, vastly over paid and always injured. At ten million per for another 5/6 seasons who in their right mind would deal for Carey Price???

  8. Carey Price has a NMC so he isn’t available in the draft whether you like him or not.

    Too many folks are driven by schadenfreude unfortunately.

    The Habs will probably lose John Merrill, very small sample size but I like what I’ve seen since he came over and he’s UFA earning $925,000 so he’s cheap and solid.

    Seattle isn’t taking Weber or Drouin or Jake Allen, there are more affordable picks out there.

    • Seattle will be looking at Danault at center I believe.not many centers available to draft .Stastny, Wennberg, Krecji are Ufa s as well.that is where I would spend my cap on .
      Would take A run at Hamilton as well

    • Why do you think the Kraken won’t take Allen? I would think that the Kraken would take Edmundson or Allen before they take Merrill. Edmundson has a very reasonable cap hit at $3.5 million. Allen’s cap hit maybe a little high at $4.35 million but it’s not high enough to not select a good proven backup goalie that you can go forward with as a starter for a short time.

      • Allen’s cap hit is $2.875M as he signed an extension when he got to MTL.
        And I agree KevJam, they would consider both of those guys before Merrill.

        Interesting debate on the strategies they could use and why, but folks also need to consider that they also want to win. That is the goal after all.

      • Some available goalies for under $1 million

        Aden Hill
        Chris Driedger
        Aaron Dell

        One of these four that won’t be protected.

        Filip Gustavsson
        Joey Daccord
        Marcus Hogberg
        Anton Forsberg

        Laurent Brossoit

        Not an exhaustive list but young goalies at a fraction of the cap hit

        I’m basing it on the premise of drafting quality for cheap and having a ton of cap room to round up UFAs at bargain deals OR being third party in trades and getting draft picks.

      • Ya, Hill is an interesting one Habsfan30. I can see them taking him as well. Hell maybe they take both Allen and Hill, but you would think they want an established starter, or at least a 1A which I would argue Allen is.
        I think they need to pick 3?
        If the Habs protect Edmundson, who else do they take?

        There are some decent UFA options, not sure which will be available. Rask, Freddy, Ullmark?

        What about the Isles with Sorokin and Varlamov with Allen as the 1A?

        IMO they will want good quality, proven goaltending, and you’re right they will have options.

      • Ray Bark,

        Allen is a very good goalie but has lost the lustre of being a starter which is why St. Louis moved him and from the Habs point of view Cayden Primeau is the future goalie and they have a pipeline full of potential goalies to push him.

        Allen accepted a contract with a low year 2 and 3 for a reason.

        The 3 D I’d protect are Petry, Chiarot and Edmundson. Seattle won’t take Weber anyways.

        Keep in mind I’m looking at this from a “moneypuck” point of view to show that Seattle has viable options to draft differently than expected resulting in having their cake and eating it too.

      • St Louis chose Binnington over Allen, that’s fair, but Allen was very good his final year in St Louis. Like really good. They moved him for cap reasons. MTL took advantage. The pay cut might have had something to do with the flat cap, like many players did.

        I’ll get back to my question of who does Seattle take other than Allen?

        I stick with my earlier assessment, he is a 1A. Not a clear #1, but a good guy to split duties. Like he is doing this year. You could make a good argument that he has been better than Price in 21 games vs 25.

        You know, like a 1A.

      • Ray Bark,
        Who will the Wild protect, Talbot or Kahkonen, either one works.

        Will Halak be protected? Vladar?
        Dallas has to leave Khudobin exposed.

        Will CBJ protect Korpisalo?

        Holtby won’t be protected.

        Will Bernier be protected by Detroit?

        There are many options and in my opinion Seattle has good options to save draft money.

        FYI I’m not trying to undersell Allen, he’s played very well and has been consistent, I like him very much.

      • I just don’t see anyone better on MTL for them to take if MTL protects the D you suggest, which is the same ones I would protect. Better than taking Drouin if he is left available.

    • Merrill is a UFA after the current season.

      I never thought I would say this but the Habs have another anchor in Shea Weber. The bumps , bruises and TOI has taken a toll on the big man. He looks really slow out there.

  9. Why would Francis take TJ in the draft?
    He can pick off a good player from the Bolts roster and then make another deal later on to take TJ.

    If I’m Francis, I end up with a Bolts roster player, TJ and whatever sweetener that the Bolts have to throw in to move TJ’s contract

    Even if the Bolts lose a roster player they are still stuck against the Cap and have to move somebody.

    Francis is in the drivers seat here.

    • No challenge on that

      There is only one team that he’s not going to gain from in this expansion draft… Knights

      Over/Under on side deals ??

      Here are the Knights expansion deals and acquisitions for reference:

      Knights 7 smoking side deals in my order of where I believe the won big:

      Panthers… for picking Jonathan Marchessault, …. Reilly Smith… Knights gave Panthers a 4th (‘17)

      Jackets…. for choosing William Karlsson,…. 1st in ‘17 (then on to Jets see below) ; and 2nd (‘19) ; Knights also took on uninsured Clarkson in deal

      Pens …. for taking Marc-Andre Fleury, ….. 2nd (‘20)

      Ducks: for taking Stoner……Shea Theodore

      Wild…..For taking Erik Haula,… Alex Tuch ….. KNights gave Wild a conditional 3rd
      Isles… for taking Jean-Francois Berube, …..Jake Bischoff, Mikhail Grabovski, 1st in ‘17; 2nd in ‘19

      Bolts… for taking Jason Garrison, …. 2nd, 4th, Rights to Gusev


      Knights 3 meh side deals

      Jets… for taking… Chris Thorburn, 1st (‘17) and 3rd (‘19) …. but Vegas gave Jets Clb’s 1st (‘17) …. see above

      Canes…. for picking Connor Brickley, ….. Boston’s 2017 fifth round draft pick (previously acquired by Carolina)

      Sabres: to pick Carrier, 6th rounder

      No side deals but great acquisitions

      Nate Schmidt,, Washington Capitals
      Brayden McNabb, Los Angeles Kings
      Pierre-Edouard Bellemare,, Philadelphia Flyers
      James Neal, , Nashville Predators
      Cody Eakin, Dallas Stars
      Colin Miller,, Boston Bruins
      Marc Methot,, Ottawa Senators
      David Perron,, St. Louis Blues
      Trevor van Riemsdyk,, Chicago Blackhawks
      Tomas Nosek, Detroit Red Wings
      Deryk Engelland,, Calgary Flames

      No side deals meh addition:
      Oscar Lindberg,, New York Rangers

      No side deal… and didn’t work out:
      Brendan Leipsic,, Toronto Maple Leafs
      Griffin Reinhart,, Edmonton Oilers
      Alexei Emelin,, Montreal Canadiens

      Worst choice with no side deal:

      David Schlemko,, San Jose Sharks… W T F ??