Potential Trade Destinations For The Sabres’ Jack Eichel

by | May 13, 2021 | Rumors | 11 comments



  1. Scratch Ottawa, thanks. $10 mil per to 2025-26 for a player facing possible delicate surgery or, if not going that route, perhaps an ongoing flare-up issue? Not a chance. Add in the fact they will have contracts beyond the ELC deals for Tkachuk, Stutzle, Norris, Zub, Batherson, Bernard-Docker, Formenton, Gustavsson, Daccord, Sanderson and who knows who else to deal with in that span, not to mention possible extensions for others they may wish to retain when their current deals expire – e.g., Nick Paul, Colin White.

    And, of course, Buffalo (not happy themselves with the surgery option) will want to get back as big a haul as possible.

    If ever a player carried the label “caveat emptor” prominently on his forehead, it’s Eichel.

  2. The Eichel talk is lunacy on the part of the player, the team and the media.

    $50 million plus some draft picks and prospects is a valid discussion for a healthy 24 y/o centre at the top of his game.

    That isn’t the case here.

    Eichel is a disgruntled 24y/o coming off a terrible year with a serious injury, herniated disc in his neck, that he and the team disagree on treatment.

    Reality dictates that Eichel trade speculation be held off till next year when he has recovered from whichever course of treatment and a year of production to show what his value is.

    Left unprotected the Kraken would pass on $10 million damaged goods.

    • No way Francis would pass.

      • Then all he’d be doing is paving the way for his eventual firing. And he’s not stupid.

      • Stupid wouldn’t be taking a risk on an absolute superstar for free.

        If Eichel is traded it will be for a good haul. Not as good as if he were healthy but a good one. No way Francis gets even close to the value of Eichel by taking another Sabre.

        Come on guys. Take off the silly shoes.

      • And if, after acquiring him, it turns out that injury is chronic – or opts for delicate surgery and it doesn’t work sufficiently well to continue a contact sport (and please, don’t quote the MMA knob who had it and can “fight” again) … what then? Oh well, too bad so sad? 1 or 2 years to go on a deal of that magnitude is one thing. But 5?

        That’s the same sort of argument we heard about Byfuglien who, at THAT time, hadn’t played a game in ober a year. Yeah, but he’s such a star! Nuts to that crap. Any GM who saddles himself and his team with a gigantic question mark is walking on eggs.

        Speaking of “silly shoes.”

      • If he does he goes on ir and the team walks away from the Sabres with nothing. Not ideal but what’s a greater risk? Not picking a potential number 1 center or losing out on an expansion draft not worthy of protection as a top 8 or ten depth player?

        Put it this way. What gm doesn’t trade the player the kraken take (cause seriously they will protect or trade Eichel) straight up for Jack. (Also considering Seattle has no cap issues).

  3. The Sabres faired the same without a 1st line of Jack+Hall
    On paper the Sabres still have a decent forward crop+ 1st pairing Dahlen and 2nd pairing Risto….
    something wrong outside of the talent…

    dont do it Drury

    • ds. I’m not sure Hall played with Eichel. Even so, Eichel played hurt and still managed 18 points in 21 games. He missed last 33 and Buffalo lost 24 of them. Let’s not forget Buffalo got back a decent player in the Hall trade.

      • Glad someone said it Slick. Yes he had two goals, but he was still almost a PPG while hurt and playing on Buffalo. 100% a concern regarding the injury for any team trading, but ridiculous for anyone suggesting that teams wouldn’t make the trade or (for the above) take him in the expansion.

        Eichel would still be the top-line centre on 18-20 teams.

  4. The bruins have lots of assets for Eichel and that’s exactly where Jack’s gonna end up a bruin for life. Count on it.