NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 4, 2021

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The Bruins take a 2-1 series lead over the Islanders, the Hurricanes narrow the Lightning’s series lead, Mark Scheifele is suspended, the Calder Trophy finalists are announced, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Brad Marchand’s overtime goal gave the Boston Bruins a 2-1 victory over the New York Islanders in Game 3 of their second-round series. Craig Smith opened the scoring for Boston in the first period but the Islanders’ Mathew Barzal tied it in the third. Bruins goaltender Tuukka Rask made 28 saves while Semyon Varlamov turned aside 39 for the Isles. The Bruins hold a 2-1 lead in the series. Game 4 goes on Saturday on Long Island.

Carolina Hurricanes captain Jordan Staal (NHL Images).

The Carolina Hurricanes picked up their first win of their second-round series against the Tampa Bay Lightning with a 3-2 overtime victory in Game 3. Jordan Staal tipped in Sebastian Aho’s shot for the winning goal. Aho had a goal and two assists while Petr Mrazek made 35 shots for the win in his first game in this postseason. Tampa Bay rallied back from a 2-0 deficit on goals by Brayden Point and Alex Killorn. The Lightning holds a 2-1 series lead with Game 4 on Saturday in Tampa Bay.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lightning winger Nikita Kucherov’s penalty for holding the stick of Hurricanes winger Martin Necas set the stage for Staal’s game-winner. Hurricanes forward Warren Foegele left the game with an upper-body injury. The Canes played this game without sidelined forwards Nino Niederreiter and Vincent Trocheck.

Winnipeg Jets center Mark Scheifele received a four-game suspension by the NHL department of player safety for charging Montreal Canadiens forward Jake Evans during Game 1 of their series on Wednesday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This is a hefty suspension for a star player with no previous suspensions or fines. Coming in the middle of the playoffs, it’s the equivalent of an eight-game suspension in the regular season. Evans suffered a concussion and could miss the rest of this series.

The absence of their top forward is a big loss for the Jets in this series. They also played Game 1 without center Paul Stastny (undisclosed) and lost defenseman Dylan DeMelo to a lower-body injury. There’s a chance Stastny could return for Game 2 tonight in Winnipeg but DeMelo seems unlikely to play.

Minnesota Wild winger Kirill Kaprizov, Carolina Hurricanes goaltender Alex Nedeljkovic and Dallas Stars forward Jason Robertson are this year’s finalists for the Calder Memorial Trophy.

SPORTSNET: The NHL hopes to have a decision soon regarding US teams crossing the Canadian border for the semifinals of the Stanley Cup playoffs. Deputy commissioner Bill Daly said talks with the Canadian government are ongoing.


  1. If the border remains closed for family members it’s going to take a government with iron gonads to announce an exception for a pro sports team.

    • The issue with the Scheifele suspension is consistency.

      Reaves, rakes his knee accross a guys face and talks about having a chunk of his hair and we know he clearly intented to injure Graves gets two games.

      Don’t need to discuss the Scheifele hit, we all seen it.

      2 games yes, 4 if there was some sort of consistency from player safety I would agree but there isn’t.

      Is this because it’s a small market team? Not Washington or Vegas?

      The players safety board needs to find consistency and they are far away from it.

      In summary 4 games sound right but is wrong based on what has been handed down this season alone, can’t change your way at the end of the season. Can’t just pick and choose which one you want to give more.

      • It’s not the wrong call to heavily suspend the guy just because they failed so miserably in other situations. We all wish for consistency, but if there’s anything we’ve seen from the dopes, we should also wish for a pony and world peace.

        Anyway, it’s charging, which is different from a 48.1. It’s also not whatever that whole Ryan Reaves thing was, and it’s not whatever that whole Tom Wilson thing was either.

        Remember, too, Ryan Reaves’ last suspension was February 2016, so according to the NHL neither he nor Scheifele were considered repeat offenders.

        I can’t remember the last time we had a charging suspension, will have to look it up. It’s probably been a few years at least, although now that it’s on the internet I’ll find one from the last week of the season :eyeroll:

        Point is, I’m not sure how we get consistency out of something we haven’t really seen much of recently.

      • The rule book and its enforcement changes the day the regular season ends . Length of suspensions or threshold for majors also change . Not sure why there isn’t a separate rule book altogether. It happens every year , everyone knows it happens and yet nothing changes … the question is why ? It’s quite ridiculous

    • And so far, anyway, the Blue Jays continue to have to play their “home” games in Buffalo. So, they can dicker all they want – but until it’s generally opened making an exception for hockey is a non-starter.

    • George, at the end of the day does it really matter? Regardless if it’s Montreal or Winnipeg I can assure you when they play Colorado they will only have to cross the border once. This is not going to be a back-and-forth thing

    • I still find it interesting George. Not saying your wrong but I find the culture difference interesting. If it was the nfl and there were travel issues the response in the us would be the opposite. You would need iron gonads to prevent the travel.

    • If the US players are vaccinated there is no logical reason to deny them entry or Canadians into US if they are vaccinated.
      I know some people get all pissy about vaccine “passports” but they’re idiots. This is why they make sense.
      No politics required, just have folks use their brains.

      • They didn’t even allow Canadians returning home who had both their shots without going to hotel jail lol. Now you want them to allow hockey players wow yeah that makes sense. I said a year ago open the country protect the old and don’t destroy the economy and families but I was called crazy enjoy your popcorn it is all coming out. Rays taxes went up so all is going to be fine. Best friends girlfriend who is a nurse in Slave Lake had both shots and gave my friend Covid yeah they work good lol. Don’t worry both were fine. If they allow hockey players and not even their own citizens wow what a slap in the face.

      • Like I said Obe, use your brain, that rant made no sense.
        I hear folks say protect the old and vulnerable and let the rest do what they do. OK fine, tell me the plan. Still haven’t heard one because there isn’t a feasible one. Not one has ever been detailed that wasn’t full of holes. Many folks smarter than you or I Obe.
        So let’s hear the plan Obe? Or is it just a catch phrase you’re repeating?

        You keep bring up taxes when I said raise taxes to pay for the folks who get impacted financially. More so on wealthier folks as they can afford it, and have benefited the most from tax reductions that have driven up deficits for our kids to pay. That is also a fact Obe. Tough times, we band together to help each other out, why is that bad?

        And if you say tax cuts on wealthy folks or corporations pay for themselves, you will prove you have no clue, because they never have and never will. We just witnessed it again in the USA. Just a donor give away. Again.
        So I ask again how else will we pay for it?
        This isn’t difficult math, simple addition and subtraction. So let’s here it? Or more talking points?

        If we didn’t have shut downs way more people would have died. Again simple math. We have data from all over the world that proves it.

        Vaccines – they work, they are safe, they are the way we get out of this.
        If folks don’t want to get them don’t, but get out of the way and go surf for conspiracies that confirm what you already think, so the rest of us can do what we need to.

        Sorry for the rant but I am tired of covid and tired of fools.

  2. As they say, I don’t have a horse in the race. That Scheifele suspension is way too much. There seems to be no consistency in these matters. IMO, Scheifele was cruising back and at last second made a play for puck. Wrap around play took longer than expected. If player had jumped to his feet, nobody would’ve thought this was a suspension worthy play. 4 games is too much. It seems based on the injury more than the act. Does Wilson have to-give Buchnevich a concussion with those punches to back of head? Did he need to split Panarins head open? I just don’t get how following through on an unavoidable collusion gets 4 games and Wilson got a fine. And I’m not attacking Wilson because I’m a NY fan. It’s just that if his actions didn’t warrant any suspension, in regular season, how do you do this in playoffs?

    • I guess I have a horse in the race, being a Habs fan, but my hockey fan horse is player safety and this suspension is a real step toward putting player safety first. I completely agree that from a point of consistency there hasn’t been any, but if the NHL is going to get serious about suspending dangerous plays then the first suspension, and even the next few, are going to appear as outliers and too much.

      If the Jets and Habs end up evenly matched, then he will be back in the final critical games to help them.

    • I should have added that the play was a penalty regardless of the outcome. The rules for charging were posted on here by Ray Bark, I think, and Ferraro has an audio clip on TSN citing the consistency of penalizing players coming down from the blue line to hit guys coming around the net. And if you read the suspension rationale, the NHL cites the complete lack of an attempt to play the puck. Hence charging. So it is being seen as an illegal check resulting in injury.

      • Sorry Slick, but Scheifele was not “cruising” back, he skated over 100 feet at full speed. And he never made a play for the puck.
        Four games is not enough. Should have been eight. But I am somewhat relieved that it was, at the very least, four. I was expecting the geniuses at DOPS to hand down two games at most.
        I don’t buy that argument that four playoff games are worth eight regular season games. I realize that playoff games are more important, but flagrantly illegal hits have to be dealt with regardless of playoff implications. Maybe if players realize the serious implications involved in missing playoff games, it would cut down on hits to the head..

      • He didn’t take a single stride after the top of circles and in. Are players still allowed to play the body on a dump in? Is a player cutting to a scoring area given a right of way now? Four playoff games is heavy handed and without precedent for a first time offender. 2 games for a hit to the head maybe.

        Also why was he not offended an in person hearing for a suspension that long in the playoff s?

        This is about the outcome of the hit and not the action of Sheiffele. It is also a knee jerk from the department of safety in response to the recent criticisms.

        Definitely an appeal is coming.

      • 2.0 You said it: “He never took a single stride after the top of the circle” So no urgency then. Stick off the ice, no attempt to play the puck. Half left his feet to make that hit. 57 seconds on the clock, down by two (he obviously was conceding the goal, based on his actions).

        To me that is a reckless play at best, attempt to injure at worst. I get the anger over consistency. I f Evans comes back next game, I will scream with you…but that is not going to happen.

        I am bias, so personally I think the suspension should have been for the series, regardless of how many games but like I said, I’m biased. I think DOPS got this one right. It does not mean they have gotten it right in the past or will in the future.

        Graves did play the next game….I think that did/should count for something….

    • Slick the biggest reason he got 4 was because there was absolutely no need to make that hit. The replay shows he even pulled his stick away from even trying to stop the goal what’s more important making a big hit or stopping an empty net goal that ends the game. He had a brain cramp skated the whole length of the ice to make a hit? Atleast try to stop the puck the hit isn’t going to help you win

      • I dont get that arguement. “He didn’t play the stick”

        What the F is that!

        Separate the body from the puck.

        When there is a body check are players playing the stick? No.

        They are taking the body, separating the player from the puck.

        Maybe Scheifele is thinking I can’t get the stick but maybe I can get the player before he can turn to the net.

      • Caper that is a ridiculous statement, that puck was in the net way before the hit. Watch the replay he literally pulled his stick away from trying to get the puck when he knew it was in the net. I like sheiffle good play he just screwed up he knows it the jets know it hopefully he learns

      • Ryan Reaves , a repeat offender gets 2 games for putting his knee with his full weight on the head of a defenseless Graves, while Scheifele, who has never been suspended is given 4 games in the playoffs, for what should have been no more than 5 and a game.

        This is unjust imo. If Scheifele played for the Rangers, Leafs, or Blackhawks would the same punishment been doled out. Having a small market team like the Jets go to the SCF would be bad tv ratings, particularly in the U.S. This suspension likely spells the end of Winnipeg’s playoff chances.

        A lifetime suspension should be handed out to George Parros.

  3. Where’s Rick hope is ok with Rasks play yesterday great win by Bruins played real well until OT. Carlo might be done for life and what did Wilson get 8 games or something what a joke he is changing lives. I’ve watched a lot of hockey and seems to me that Refs are struggling this playoff more than others a lot of bad calls. Hope Miller is close to returning Bruins going to miss Carlo I wouldn’t protect him I don’t think Seattle would take him with a bad head.

    • Ya, they will miss Carlo Obe.
      Saw the same thing with Khaira in Edmonton. He got KO’d in a fight with Rittchie’s brother. Game back played a few games and got hit hard but clean to the body and his head whiplashed. Same thing, legs not working.
      Khaira came back in a couple weeks and I assume he tested OK, but I don’t pretend to know how they can tell if he should play or not.

      Agree, if Miller isn’t ready it is a big hole on RD.
      Charlie will have to play big minutes and Tuuka will need to stay hot until one of them can come back. Hope Carlo is OK for him, and selfishly for us. He was playing really well.

    • Yeah, Obe, that was my first thought too – are they never going to play this Swayman kid?
      Rask let in one goal though overtime – change ’em up already!

  4. Shaun: You were honest with your declaration of being a Hab fan. I am a Leaf fan.

    A ref on the ice penalized Reeves for intent to injure. He has a track record for suspensions gets 2 games. Shiefle should not get more than 2 if Reeves gets 2.

    Also after the game Edmunson threatened to take the law into his own hands when Schiefle returns. That alone deserves a league reaction. I am not saying suspension or fine but if a player publicly threatens another player and something later happens to that player and the league has not acted…..they are way up the legal creek without a paddle.

    Did they let this go because it was a Hab player as they did so much in the Leaf series?

    • Sorry OBG, but the league’s dropping the ball on Reeves is no reason to lighten up on Scheifele. Two wrongs never make a right.
      And Edmundson did NOT “threaten to take the law into his own hands”. He merely stated that they would make Schiefele’s life miserable. There is nothing wrong with going after him with legal hitting and checking, which is what Edmundson does best. He also said that he believes the league will take care of it. That was hardly a threat.
      Still sore about Monday night I guess.

      • Truth is I am still “sore” over Monday maybe frustrated is a better word. I write in other locations and I predicted there after the Galenchuk pass that the tide turned at that moment. No one believed me. I also wrote there and here that Montreal deserved to win.

        They deserved to win because they planned into their game that the rule interpretation changes after the regular season. That has been happening as long as I have been watching, but only in the NHL.

        But that does not make it right nor logical….just predictable. Sometimes the obvious eludes the intelligent….as in BS baffles brains.

        Dubas is a an intelligent young man…..Bergevin is a hockey wise older man. I would prefer the later running my team. Thanks to Shanahan and so far the Board, I don’t have that.

        Leaf fans are stuck with a guy who has not played the game, nor managed the game before his appointment at this level. Yet in his intelligence he continues with his “calculations” Just signed another Swede today, a 6 th round choice.

        That he is protected not fired is what frustrates me, and should please fans of other teams.

    • Morning OBD. I don’t have the ability to equate what Reeves did with what Scheifele did and I don’t know all the rules well enough to offer and informed opinion. But I would love to see the actions of Reeves and Wilson banned from the game which, yes, would mean banning those players.

      Scheifele is a clean guy who made a bad decision and this is the result. I’m good with call because I hope it heralds a new approach but only time will tell that and it may be that, in time, this is come to be seen as an unjust suspension.

      One of the big problems is all of this is that there is no such thing as justice. The minute a player is injured, that cannot be fixed. So what is fair? If Jake Evans never plays again, is two games fair? Is four games fair? If he comes back in game 3 then is Scheifele’s suspension unfair? I don’t have a good answer.

      Agree that Edmundson said stupid things that should at least be commented on by the NHL.

      • No one likes to see a player injured. Injuries are part of Hockey and most pro sports. Hitting in the NHL is both legal and encouraged. The game is faster than it has ever been, so split second decisions can easily lead to mistakes.

        I like physical hockey, if people don’t like hitting there is always Pro Women’s hockey.

  5. Yeah, where is the Bruins fanboy this morning, Rask gave up a goal, time to bench him for not getting the shutout …

    • Hard to figure out what the poor bugger is supposed to do.

  6. Hitting is still part of the game you can separate a man from the puck. Mark skated from other end of ice ? Really that’s where he was what was he supposed to do skate half way stop than keep going? Everything about hit was clean didn’t target head didn’t leave his feet didn’t elbow he just separated him from puck unfortunately he got there a half second to late. I don’t have a horse in race either but 4 games in playoffs is a joke all it shows is that Montreal is a bigger draw than Winnipeg.

    • @obe
      also take into account how many times you have a see guy get hit like that in the same situation…
      He knew Evans was scoring the goal…he did not skate full speed and dive to stop the goal. pointless play

      I feel it should of been 2 games not 4 though
      but Parros is just so inconsistent -he needs to go

  7. People justify the Scheifele hit by saying he stopped striding and he lowered his stick and an arm…..but doesn’t that just add the illegality of the hit to the charge?

    Since he “glided” he could have avoided the predatory hit.

    Since he lowered his stick he made no play for the puck.

    Since he apparently stopped skating at the circle he knew he had no way of stopping the goal, why didn’t he just stop?, he had the room if he was just gliding.

    Why didn’t he have an in person hearing? It would have left him open to a longer suspension.

    While Ehlers and Wheeler had concern, much like the Habs players during the Tavares incident, Jets players on the bench were chirping the Habs bench about Tavares, Maurice didn’t stop them, it took Wheeler to tell the bench to shut up.

    This has nothing to do with big market or small market or Parros playing 20 games with the Habs before ending his career with his head hitting the ice.

    Scheifele might not be “that kind” of guy but a look at his eyes all game and his total inattention to Evans sure looked like roid rage.

    • habfan30 – there was plenty of doubt about whether Evans would score the goal. He made a great play to get to the puck… it was about 10feet in front of him and bouncing behind the net when the decision was made to play the body. Evans corralled the bounce and turned the corner in one motion – the play looked to be playing out closer to the corner. All good by Evans – he made a good skill play. Scheifele misjudged Evan’s opportunity, decided to make the sure play instead of the ‘stick and a prayer’. From when the puck was picked up until he was hit had to be close to 05 seconds – it was fast… MS got his head. If there was no injury it is high fives all around, a few ‘how-do-you-dos’ and the stage is set for the series.

      • 2.0,

        That’s BS, the other Jet player (Morrissey) actually got to the net knowing full well a wraparound was coming.

        Rationalizing an illegal hit with “if there was no injury” is more BS as there was no way for there NOT to be an injury on the play.

        At least he got 4 games.

        At some point there has to be consideration of an eye for an eye in the sense attacker being out for as long as the victim.

  8. Perhaps the litmus test on how we feel about whether hits are punishable by suspension or not is placing our team’s player on the receiving end of the hit and seeing it from there.

    I would be pissed with any Hab that laid out a player in the manner that Scheifele did with Evans. Comments that point out Scheifele doesn’t have a history, and that there is too often incomprehensible differences in league reaction (too light a suspension, no suspension at all) are fair.

    None of that changes the fact that Scheifele’s hit was predatory. Stuff like “he just glided” is so ridiculous posters should be embarrassed to type it.

    Players are all big boys who accept that there will be risks. Hits like Scheifele’s (I didn’t see Reeves) have to be taken out of the game. Otherwise, who the hell would put their life on the line to play a game where some of you shrug off players getting stretchered off the ice.

    Consistent discipline, YES!. Partisan crap like some of the posts above? BOOOO!

    • Agree with some of this but
      “who the hell would put their life on the line to play a game where some of you shrug off players getting stretchered off the ice.” For even Elc money? With shot at making millions? Almost everybody. People in other professions do it everyday for often little more than minimal wage to support themselves and their families.

      • Chrisms, I welcome feedback but would you please do me the courtesy of responding to what I wrote, including the part where I said players accept risks to play.

        If I really have to elaborate, my point is that some plays are outside of acceptable risks. Hence the existence of the Player Safety department. Consistency is a different issue.

        Those in professions do not get paid minimum wage. Irrespective, any job with risks are covered by safety standards in the western world – including hockey irrespective of the money involved. If you are now to point to obscure jobs in undeveloped countries as fair examples then I have no further interest.

      • Are police officers only in third world? Fire fighters? Healthcare workers? Highway construction? At least as far as law enforcement many Burroughs around where I live start them off barely above minimum wage.

        And really… how much more can I respond to what you wrote than directly quoting you? I literally copied and pasted.

      • Actually Chrisms has a fair point.
        But police officers and firefighters aren’t even top 20 for deaths per 100,000. (not getting political so please don’t come at me with that stuff, just the basic facts).
        Roofers, loggers, oil rig derrick guys, garbage collectors (they get hit by cars), Bruin fan Joe’s old job – power lineman are more dangerous.

        An no, none of the professional sports are listed. People work dangerous jobs for way less money all the time, and yes they would play in the NHL any way if the hits occurred.

        Point is we know the dangers now, so let’s try to remove them. Only reasonable thing to do.

      • Thanks ray. I was going by assaults which as of I last looked was law enforcement then cab drivers then healthcare workers.

        That then makes me think of how different sports are. Even a simple body check in hockey would be an arrestable offense on the street or in the office.

      • Law enforcement officers, firefighters, and healthcare workers making near minimum wage?

        As inaccurate as that is, it is a red herring when it is, or should be, plain that the point is people making employment choices based on known risks and their ability to mitigate these risks.

        To make this even clearer, do you really think that the Scheifele or Kadri hits are what hockey players consider as acceptable? The answer, plainly, is that they have been categorized by players with words like disgusting and predatory. Kadri was characterized as someone who couldn’t control himself after his last hit. Can the players position be any plainer?

        These hits are outliers and players expect that punishment will deter such hits to reduce or eliminate their occurrence.

        Do you think these hits would be an acceptable part of the game if the players got twice the money they get now? Because, Chrisms, your point as I understand it is just that: players are or should be ok with predatory and possibly life threatening hits as part of the game because they make big bucks.

        That’s the worst thinking I have come across here.

      • I don’t think it’s ok lj. I think they accept these hits as a risk of the game. Their own union fights to reduce the punishment for said hits. I think they accept the risk because of the compensation being enough to do so. Your words… again “ people making employment choices based on known risks and their ability to mitigate these risks.” What has changed in the nhl that would tell young players that the hits in question arnt part of the risk? Are they new? Yet players still line up for the jobs.

        And I work in healthcare and make a good bit more than minimum wage. But it ain’t close to the average nhl salary. And I accept assault while an unfortunate part of the job is and has occurred to me. And I work with police officers who left their respective precincts due to high crime and barely over minimum wage pay.

        Players shouldn’t be ok with predatory hits but they accept this risk up front knowing the nhl won’t fix them, that they pay an organization to defend said hits and that they are compensated enough to not walk away.

      • Chrisms: ok, that sounds a little better to me.


    • LJ
      I agree. I respect the bloggers on this site, true hockey fans all. But I think we’re part of the problem dissecting hits and allocating degrees of punishment to the degree of damage.
      We either want this bs out of the game or we don’t.
      When are losing teams that start headhunting at the end of games going to be called sore losers instead of ‘sending a message’.
      I want to see the cream of the nhl perform in the playoffs, not a spectator like me, watching from their hospital bed.
      Sorry for the rant.

      • Don’t apologize for making sense. A huge part of all this is the way the NHL, every year, changes the rules for the playoffs. If the league is truly interested in “Player Safety”, try calling the games the same way from Game 1 in October to Game 7 of the Finals.

    • i don’t think it was predatory. the puck was not controlled up to a moment before it was in the net. Scheif made a bad decision and did not anticipate that the there was opportunity for the wraparound – he expected it to go to the boards nearer the corner.

      Irrelevant who came to fish the puck from the net (think it was Pionk, not Morrissey). It was worth a game or two for the head contact.

      This was department of player safety flexing due to recent criticism and sets precedent when determining what is considered charging, for immunity from contact when rounding the net, for time allowed to hit after the puck leaves, for punishment for first time offenders. Expectations are very unclear

      I am genuinely relieved that Evans is said to be doing well.

  9. Man. This is tough. With it being the jets top player suspended for a questionable amount of games… how many nhl fans now see any wins coming for Montreal as having an asterisk attached?

    Makes me wonder how many other series were impacted the same way.

  10. One year ago,

    Mark Schiefele speaking about Matt Tkachuk,

    “In terms of the hit, I think the first thing is that he was a little out of control. He did reach out to me and talk to me about it. He was out of control and he tried to get a piece of me. Obviously I wish that didn’t happen and I would have been playing in the rest of that series, but that’s the way hockey is … And he talked about being out of control and skating too fast. He took ownership of that.”

  11. I don’t mind eating a little crow today. Rask was spectacular I did take my niece out to Dairy Queen but made it back before the 1st period ended. Despite my attempts to avoid last nights game I couldn’t do it. That Isles goalie may already be the best goalie in the league. And I disagree with what some people are saying about Brad’s goal not being a good goal. I played hockey til my late teens, and coaches were always telling us to shoot the puck more Brad’s goal proved that old adage. Great goal my only wish is that Miller was back to keep isles in line. But great game the bruins should try more of the kind of shot that Brad popped in Thursday. Maybe that’s the only way to beat Varlomov. Ohh ohh shhhh the boss is coming gotta go this week the company’s started it’s new job incentive program and the boss just went out and bought himself a brand new bull whip.

  12. I think they use the same ball machine used for the draft lotteries to determine suspensions

    There’s no consistency during the regular season or the playoffs

  13. Scheifele suspension should have been for one game. Instead the department for player safety which consistently allows goon off with nothing (because it is run by a goon) inserts itself into the series.

    Brutal ruling. Yes it was a needless hit however, Scheifele was skating back not to charge someone but to prevent a goal to keep his team in the game. He made a bad decision but he is a clean player who routinely gets sticked with no calls.

  14. I used to hold Scheifele in high regard. That just changed after his cheap shot to Evans and then he’s critical of his penalty calling it “excessive.” I wonder if Evans concussion is “excessive?”

    Scheifele should be really, really glad the days of Todd Bertuzzi are over or he could be looking forward to answering the bell in the next game he plays against the Habs (either this year or next year).

    I now hope the Habs sweep Scheifele and the Jets and Scheifele can sit until next season.

  15. Poor Scheifele is upset about hate mail to himself and family and just doesn’t get it.

    No remorse, still defending his predatory hit, same for Maurice, calling it a clean hit BUT expecting a 2 game suspension. yeahh a clean hit will get you 2 games.

    The hatred would be alleviated if the roid rage didn’t show and if he showed remorse and stopped trying to defend a bush league charge that we still don’t know the impact on Evans future.

    The puck was in the net before he hit him, stop making excuses, admit you fu**ed up, reach out to the Evans and maybe the twitter warrior idiots would have a reason to stop.

    • habsfan30 – how are hate phone calls and hate mail to his family justifiable?

      Your support for phone calls to his parents and siblings to threaten and demean them is the lowest point on the thread today.

      • 2.0,
        You’re an argument looking for a cause.

        Which part of “twitter warrior idiots” didn’t you understand?

        I didn’t justify or support them, I did say he has done nothing to alleviate the rancor out there.

  16. “ Poor Scheifele is upset about hate mail to himself and family and just doesn’t get it.”

    How is this anything but belittling scheifele’s reaction to defend his family’s privacy? It looks like you are endorsing the hate calls and emails to his parents, and pleasured by the angst it has caused. I would like to suspend you for four games. 😂