NHL Rumor Mill – June 3, 2021

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The latest on Mitch Marner, Seth Jones, Sam Reinhart and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NHL.COM: Mike Zeisberger reports Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas said Mitch Marner won’t be part of any potential offseason roster changes. He defended Marner and Auston Matthews, adding that moving either of them would be foolish.

TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos acknowledged Dubas’ comments but believes rival general managers will be calling about Marner. He thinks the Leafs should listen to offers, especially if they’re coming from Columbus Blue Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen. Traikos wondered if they could swap out Marner for Jackets defenseman Seth Jones, or Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson, or Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel.

Toronto Maple Leafs winger Mitch Marner (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dubas seems adamant about not trading Marner or Matthews. It would have to be a significant deal to pry Marner away from the Leafs. Maybe he’s willing to listen if Jones or Gibson or Eichel were pitched to him for Marner, but we don’t know if those offers will be made.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes there will be plenty of interest in Jackets defenseman Seth Jones despite his unrestricted free agent eligibility next summer. He feels it could be a complex transaction. He thinks it could be “a trade and free agency at the same time” unless someone’s willing to offer up a major package for Jones as a playoff rental for this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I said before, interested clubs could want assurances Jones will sign a contract extension before signing off on a trade. He’ll be of more value in the trade market that way. Perhaps a sign-and-trade scenario takes place. Maybe the Jackets grant permission for rival general managers to speak with Jones’ agent about a new deal.

Speaking of the Jackets, Friedman believes they spoke to the Buffalo Sabres about Sam Reinhart. The Sabres are looking for goaltenders and could have interest in Joonas Korpisalo or Elvis Merzlikins. He thinks these two clubs would make sensible trade partners.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reinhart for Korpisalo or Merlikins could make sense for both clubs. As Friedman noted, however, there’s no guarantee that a deal takes place.

Friedman expects the Anaheim Ducks will try to make a big move this summer. They attempted to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois from the Blue Jackets before he was traded in January to the Winnipeg Jets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The pursuit of Dubois suggests Ducks GM Bob Murray will be in the market for a center. Aging captain Ryan Getzlaf is a UFA this summer. If he returns it won’t be in a top-six role.

Sources indicate league revenue for this season could be between $1.8 billion and $2 billion. Factor in money owed to the league by the players and the salary cap could remain static for several seasons, perhaps to 2024-25.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman suggests that could mean offer-sheet thresholds could be lower than ever. I still don’t hold my breath waiting for one given how rarely that tactic is employed.


  1. If I’m parting with a young goalie who has a really high ceiling I want way more than Sam Reinhart …

    • Maybe Reinhart/risto(to replace jones)for goalie +picks

      • MP…I also keep thinking CBJ may have interest in both Reinhart & Ristolainen, w/ Jones being traded acquiring a RD will also become important. Not sure if they have the pieces BUF would want to acquire both

    • I would not call either of the CLB tandem ‘young’ , the other thing to keep in mind is goalies who thrive in a tandem situations like Korpisalo and Merzlikens have played in often don’t thrive on a heavy workload. If Buffalo intends to re-sign Ullmark and add one of the CLB goalies I think it would work, if they expect one on the CLB tenders to play 55+ games I say it won’t.

      • Fergy…having watched every game hey played w/ CBJ I can confidently say that neither Elvis nor Korpisalo thrive in tandem situations, they both excel w/ heavier workloads. Both’s best stretches of play have been where they have has started consistently. Korpi at the beginning of last season (leading to be named an all-star) & then in the playoff bubble. When Korpi was injured Elvis has had stellar stretches as the #1.

      • DeaconFrost , my point was neither has played more than 37 games in a season , while they may rise to occasion when starting consecutive games they have not proven they can do it as a 1a . I may be wrong ….Buffalo already got burned thinking Hutton , who was a good tandem starter, failed when given the solo lead role.

    • Neither of those goalies would get a better return than Reinhart would. I’d prefer Ullmark to either. Reinharts over 20 goals consistently and can be a 2C on most teams. Besides,
      Reinhart is unhappy just like Eichel. He’s been with Sabres 1 more miserable year than Jack. I’d say he’s a prime candidate to sign an offer sheet.

      • Fergy very fair point. My understanding from connected folks is that some teams view Korpi as a valuable asset (EDM and BUF are 2 teams named…we’ll see if it’s accurate). W/ a bargain $2.8 cap hit that could be attractive to a team looking for G help.

      • Reinhart is looking for 7M + that would be a 1st, 2nd, and a 3rd.

    • if I’m trading Reinhart I want more than a young goalie

    • Both goalies are only signed for on year then ufa. They are not worth Reinhart straight up. Besides Seattle can take one of them in the expansion draft.

  2. “Maybe he’s willing to listen if Jones or Gibson or Eichel were pitched to him for Marner”

    Why would he listen to an Eichel-for-Marner pitch? How does that help the Leafs AT ALL?

    “Hey, we need improved D and more consistent goaltending and we’re paying too much to our core forwards, so let’s trade an overpaid winger for an overpaid centre so that we have thirty million dollars tied up in centres and haven’t addressed a single actual issue.”

    • You hit the nail on the head Garth. The Leafs don’t need a Centre like Eichel. They already have Matthews and Tavares. I don’t see Gibson traded and in any event, there will likely be goaltending options that wouldn’t require trading Marner. If Marner is to be traded, Seth Jones is the guy to go after.

    • Garth,

      This is not the place for common sense. Please stop it.


  3. Merzlikens does not need to be protected in the Seattle expansion draft , one of Korpisalo , Kivlenieks does. From what I have read and heard the Jackets are high on Kivlenieks which means they risk losing Korpisalo for nothing. They may need to accept less value for Korpisalo than what they feel he is worth.

    • Looking at Korpisalo’s numbers I don’t understand why so many people are so high on this guy. He had one good season in 2015/16. I hope the Oilers stay away from this guy.

    • While CBJ certainly likes Kivleniks, they are much higher on Tarasov as a potential future #1 G. They have a favorable G situation for the expansion draft sicne Elvis doesn’t require protection. Jarmo has stated if there is a significant difference in the trade return for Korpi vs Elvis that could factor into who they choose to move. May be posturing as buzz here is they prefer keeping Elvis….we’ll see if that’s true. In other words, they won’t give Korpi away. It will be interesting to watch play out this sumer

    • They are not losing him for nothing …they get 21 million from the Seattle franchise

  4. If you get Eichel who is signed long term…..you can trade Matthews…..I don’t think Marner alone gets Eichel…..I would add the + and look for options trading Matthews….make sure that among the package you get for Matthews is a dominant D man ….that allows you to untie the Gordian knot that is the 4 overpaid forwards in a flat cap era

    Remember Matthews is leaving anyway….Marner is not the answer…..

    • IMO Marner is underrated. When Tavares had Marner on his wing Tavares had a career year. This past season, with Marner on his line the whole season, Matthews had a career year. It’s hard to find top line forwards that make their linemates better. Marner is that type of player.

      • there are skilled players who put up points, there are skilled players who rise to the occasion & win championships and there are some players who do both ( few but some ).
        Marner will always have the rep of fitting the first description players type until he and his team has success in the post season. Hard to justify paying a player 10+ million a year when the post season success is not there.

      • Bang on, Fergy22 and Old Blue Dog

      • Sorry George don’t need see how either one of those comments are anything but bang on. First, yes bang on trade a 23yr old Richard trophy winner and Lindsey award finalist. A 200 ft. Center, big strong young and one of the best players in the league. Bang on!
        Fergy said what’s he said and yes true but far from bang on. Yes so many players do “bring it” when it matters but so few can or do under 25. Both Marner and Mathews are under 25…. by 26 if they can’t find a way way to bring it, then you’re bang on.

      • Marners a classic example of a pond hockey player. Great in the regular season but invisible come playoff time when it matters most.

        Charmin soft. He couldnt find the corner of the rink even if he googled it.

        No heart, no grit, no will to win or overcome hurdles.

        Marners the best example of why the Leafs as currently constructed havent and wont win come playoff time.

      • LOL – so I simply agree with what 2 others are saying … and you choose to address ME on the issue?

        well, whatever, I am not about to change how I see things … seasonal padded stats are one thing and I, for one, will only recant if and when this edition of the Leafs get past a round 1.

      • No, I’m not addressing you per se. I just jumped on your choice of words. LOL

        Your “bang on” comment was bang on! I used it as my diving board to my rant. Not at all meant towards you. It was too juicy not to be all over it as a starting point.

    • OBD, Matthews is leaving….. Could you give us your economic forecast as well please? How about the summer weather while you’re at it?

      • Stock market over valued…..young people can’t buy houses the economy will eventually fell the effects of that reality…..cold weather coming in the Fall….


        Matthews signed the shortest contract he could reasonably get away with as he doesn’t plan on being staying with the Leafs. I wish I didn’t believe that but I do…..

  5. Meaner and Matthews regardless of how they underperformed are the cornerstones of this franchise. You are not going g to get to the playoffs without them.

    The problems are more complicated than just their lack of offensive production this year in the playoffs. It’s the lack of legitimate scoring after that. With Tavares injured, Nylander, Kerfoot and Galchenyuk aren’t legitimate consistent threats. Then you had Mikheyev who can’t even get to the puck, Thornton aging every shift, Spezza as a one man show, Simmonds skating three strides behind each play, and Reilly who couldn’t take a slap shot if his life depended on it.

    Nylander is talented but a defensive liability.

    I’m going to be honest here. The only guys that should be untouchable are Matthews, Marner, Campbell, Muzzin, Brodie and Spezza. You could replace the remaining cast with a farm team and get the same results.

    • Following my last comment, I’d say the Leafs need:

      1. Legitimate #2 Center who doesn’t make 11.0 million. They’re financially and contractually tied to Tavares like a bad marriage. Offer him $$$ to waive his no move clause and send get two second liners for him.

      2. Try and sign and trade Andersen. That likely won’t work so try and trade his rights for a draft pick to let someone negotiate with him. Can be a higher pick if they agree to a contact with the other team.

      3. See what Reilly is looking for and if he’ll sign reasonable team friendly contract. If not he’s a valuable trade chip.

      4. Get a power play point man who is also defensively sound.

      5. Two gritty lines for bottom six.

      • So you think someone out there is so desperate to give Anderson an 8th year they will give up assets to do so?

      • Why would any player agree to a team friendly contract with Toronto when they pay 4 players over 40m a year

      • the problem with point number 4 is that there are maybe 10 players in the league that can do that – everyone wants one.
        Number 2 is a nothing point, Andersen is walking and the Leafs are offering if they can pick up the tab for the cab.

        The Leafs have an identity crisis at this time, a high powered offence that isn’t so offensive come playoff time.

        I don’t agree with Nylander being a defensive liability, he was in the dirty areas this post season – he should be back.

        If Dubas can do Seth Jones and Atkinson for Marner plus then thats the route to take IMO. Time for a bold decision, have to give up quality to get quality.

    • Frank,

      Your points are all valid but I might add that the goal isnt as you stated to “make the playoffs” but to actually win in the playoffs.

      The current roster as constructed is all flash and dash with zero crash and bash.

      The Shanascam of Pond Hockey has not and will not ever win a Cup.

      Skill is important, but so is heart, grit and will.

      • Everyone talks like Shanahan is convinced that pond hockey will win. I don’t agree. I think you have to play the cards your dealt. Some people on here make it sound like it’s just easy to go out and get what we all know will make the Leafs win. Knowing what will win and being able to acquire those facets of the ideal team are two very different things… The Shanaplan isn’t so different then the other 31 Team President’s plans. Win The Cup… There are a lot of front office men who have come short… Listen to offers on Marner but by no means sell him just to make a move. Dressing up a pig in a wedding gown or a slutty nurse outfit – it’s still a pig. You build a team. Stay with the plan…

    • Frank…

      I agree with most of your points but disagree about Nylander not being a viable secondary scoring threat. He was constantly backing off the Canadiens D.

      He’s scored 23 points in 32 playoff games…good for .71ppg

      He does need to tighten up his defensive game.

    • Spezza? Untouchable??? If he truly thought for a New York Minute that that is how the Leafs view him, as a UFA he’s going to want one helluva lot more than a $700,000 bargain-basement deal! Or do you think he’s so devoted to the organization that he’d sign on for an 82-game grind at the same cap hit? If he did he’s an idiot.

  6. Toronto has:

    7 ufa forwards
    3 ufa Defenseman
    2 Ufa Goalies

    Most of the savings come from 3 players:

    Frederick Anderson $5m
    Riley Nash $2.75m
    Zach Hyman $2.25

    The rest are just plug and play

    The only one of value was Spezza who would like to return he played for only $700,000 showed good value.

    Zach Hyman would like to return, he will get alot of interest from other teams.

    He is inline for a raise will he takes a home town discount? (he shouldn’t, the big boys didn’t)

    The rest i don’t see any need to bring back any of them.

    • Good summation, Caper

  7. Dubas has just stated he thinks they can win with their 4 high paid forwards. I believe him, So let’s deal with his reality.

    The French have a saying: the more it changes, the more it stays the same. The Blackhawks and Kings both demonstrated what happens when you sign a few players to highly expensive contracts.

    Both shed quality players afterwards to be cap compliant and both have struggled since 2014. That is because role players who make a difference and fit into a tight cap situation are very hard to find. Especially when you need 6 of them. Leaf fans: Connor Brown???

    The lessons and outcomes have been there for 6 years. The big difference is that the Hawks and the Kings overpaid after they won Cups.

    Dubas’ underlying assumption is that the cap growth would cause the cap hit for Matthews et cal to shrink as a percentage against the cap, creating more room to bolster the roster. Firstly, the cap went down in 2012. It was at best optimistic to think it would continue ever higher. So he doesn’t get much slack due to the covid impact on the cap.

    Secondly, even if the cap wasn’t affected by covid, increased cap space benefits all teams; the Leafs will gain no strategic advantage when the cap does go up again. Dubas will be bidding against 31 other teams for inexpensive players whose impact exceeds their salary.

    A problem the Leafs have that some others do not is that they cannot rely upon young, inexpensive draft picks to help them in the near future. As far as I can see, the Leafs have a second, fifth and sixth round pick in 2021. in 2022 they have a first, second and seventh round pick.

    So in the next two years, they currently have 1/2 their allotted draft picks. Their current two best prospects are Nick Robertson and Liljegrin. Even if they prove to be quality players it does take a few years to blossom.

    I have been lousy at predictions this year, but I confidently predict this topic will be alive and well again this time next year.

    No that I want to prolong this topic much more now, I welcome contrary thoughts.

    • Agree with a lot of that LJ, but disagree that it was at best optimistic that the cap would go up before the pandemic hit.
      Everybody though the cap would go up in 20/21. The floor I was hearing was $84. The ceiling as high as $88M. Likeley in the middle somewhere. Revenues were up, teams all knew that, plus the new US TV deal was going to be way more $ so another significant bump once that kicked in. And it is.

      Having your best guys locked up long term was a reasonable gamble IMO and businesses make assumptions all the time. Unfortunately for the Leafs the timing of their best young players coming due and the pandemic collided. Couldn’t happen to a better team!
      Bruins were in the opposite position and have benefited and could supplement their team. Not because they were brilliant, just good timing.

      So trade them when value is low? I am guessing he hasn’t fielded a call that blows him away, and doubt he will.

      Like you say we will have this same conversation again as this likely won’t change soon.

    • That’s pretty hard for anyone to refute, LJ, even the most die-hard Leafs optimist. Plus ça change … plus c’est la même chose indeed.

      • Hi George

        4 decades since I took my grade 13 French….

        “ Plus ça change … plus c’est la même chose indeed.”….. is that “more money for posting memes “?

        “Leafs MUST change …. Roster as is not working…. time is ticking (to 1/7/24)…. giddy up”…..how do I say that in French?

      • LOL … well, roughly “Leafs … ils doivent changer ,,, ce coq ne va pas bien … l’horloge tourne … hue …”

  8. With Jones being available perhaps the Rangers try to grab Werenski & a 3rd for Hajak and the 15th overall this year?

    Werenski is only 23 and can pair with Jones next year and really balance out the D.

    • ihatecrosby…I don’t believe Werenski is going anywhere (at least this year given his remaining years of RFA control) but the return would likely be substantive should he decide he’s not signing long term w CBJ

    • Guessing you’re talking about putting Werenski with Zac Jones? Both left d men, and Rangers are pretty set there.

    • Werenski is twice as good as Seth Jones. Someone is gonna have to pay a handsome price to get him from the Jackets.
      I sincerely doubt he gets traded anywhere unless he forces his way out. The kid can flat out play.

  9. This just in!
    Tampa trades for Eichel who sits on LITR until the 2022 playoffs


    • Nice 😂

  10. Brenden Shanahan : we are comitted to this group and believe we will win a Cup with them. We’re not looking to move any of our core players. Our leaders just need to find their killer instinct.

    So another season of pond hockey followed by another first round humiliation.

    Insanity is repeating the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    The bottom six outside of Spezza is a mess. Muzzin, Brodie and Reilly are decent defencemen but do you really want Bogosian in the top six?

    Two career backup goalies to tend goal.

    You dont “find” your killer instinct. You either have it or you dont. Matthews, Marner and Johnny its not about the money Tavares clearly dont have it.

    The Shanascam is a joke, a folly placed upon Leaf fans filling them with false promises and belief.

    Shanahan, Dubas, Keefe and anybody else endorsing their pond hockey mentality needs to be fired. Preferrably before they add any more “veteran leadership” from broken down has beens that have never won anything.

  11. This from a die-hard Leaf fan. The Leafs are not a lock on even making the play offs next year. IMO their situation is more dire than most people here think. If Jack Campbell lets them down, it will be look out below.

    Shanahan has been there 7 years. After that time without a series win the Board should be scheduling Board only meetings now. Like the Leafs or hate them, they are a major financial part of the NHL. He put in charge a young man with no GM experience at the NHL level. That was at the least reckless.

    It was a gamble that has not paid off and it is the responsibility of those who hired him to resolve their mistake.

    Then you can start to correct the problems.

    • OBD, I get that Dubas deserves blame but I for one believe he has handled the cap masterfully. The team has continued to improve (on paper) – all holes were plugged.
      What he does deserve criticism for is Keefe – Keefe really showed nothing deserving of a head coach position. No imagination, no proper line matching, no set plays. no improvement on PP, bad roster management, an awful challenge and much more….I just don’t see how this isn’t getting addressed.

      • But Taz, a coach IS a key ingredient and while I agree Keefe’s refusal to use home-ice advantage on line changes – especially in game 5 – was a major factor in their series loss, Keefe can’t instill the “killer instinct” – as Ron says, a player either already has it or he doesn’t – you can’t teach that.

        OBD, you and I agree on that score – but for some reason (I wonder why? – lol) when I say it, it seems to draw instant negative reaction.

      • Taz give credit where credit is due Bob Pridham is the mastermind behind the cap manipulation not Dubas. Even Dubas readily admits he`d be lost without Pridham so please quit giving Dubas credit for it

    • While I agree with you 100% Dubas had 3 years to learn while Lou was there and apparently didn`t learn much. They gambled on a rising cap and they don`t seem to realize that they lost. Time for a new approach which doesn`t necessarily mean a rebuild but a new set of eyes. Time for Shanny Dubas and his yes man Keefe to go. Their post season interviews show they aren`t capable of taking a step back and seeing the whole picture of what`s going on. They continuously show they are incapable of adjusting to the changes around them. This group choked big time and only a group of idiots would try to bring back the same group and expect a different result

  12. Sorry for a long post…. 😛

    LJ do you follow this team? You make comments that are wild man. Dubas is right about if the cap wasn’t flat and continued the increase which would happen, just look at the TV deal which is twice as much as the current one – that will make the cap go up a lot if not the pandemic. So if the cap rises those contracts would take up a lesser percentage of the cap. That’s just math and bad luck to all of us thanks to the pandemic… Cant blame them on that can you?

    You’re right about a bigger cap would help all teams but the point IS a higher cap would help the Leafs, period. It would also be beneficial to all teams like the Habs who has locked up how much cap space in two aging goalies for how long again? Also not all teams locate those players that play beyond their contract and when they do. its more of a hindsight thing than a oh look at that smart move… case in point when Hyman got his $2.5M contract for a guy that was pegged as a third line grinder, now he’s a bargain but players like Spezza are lucky finds more than anything. As with everything in hockey, luck has a lot to do with success.

    You’re really off on your thoughts about their prospects or the ability to have players jump up to make the big team. They have a few playing overseas that I hope we’ll see next year that could play up in the line up. The two prospects you mentioned are old news and not all they have. And you’re very right about taking many years for a great player to develop that’s why when you look at a guy like Nylander who turned 26 this year and compare that player to the one we are used to seeing… I think with young players, they might need time to develop and don’t until 25-26 because I can’t help but feel that they have the thought of a guy hitting them to take them out and end up ending their young career. I don’t know so I think its fair to give a little leeway to young players and how much is your prerogative.

    As for the draft, we all know this years draft is weak but regardless the Leafs have done pretty good with their picks and have been one of the better teams at finding players in the lower rounds. I like their drift philosophy and it seems to be working. Picks are also acquired when they have to dump players for cap space too as another option for picks not to mention in just normal hockey trades which this summer I expect a lot of movement, you know, minor trades for picks and prospects plus teams trading players that can’t be protected for a package including picks and player(s) that isn’t draft eligible or something else Seattle would or wouldn’t want. As seen with Dubas he’s only limited to what he can think of not us fans or media talking heads that come up with Marner for Eichel! Sun sports!

    It’s only two days and we are still talking about a team that flat out choked like many have in the past. It will be an up hill battle but show me one team that’s in the clear. The only thing I can say is if you had players that are constantly a top ten player in the league and is under 25 do you cut bait and trade them… Then I think how often does that happen and when it has happened what was the outcome for that team that traded them away. The only 2 I can think of, I’m sure there might be more but these were clear wins off the bat and proved to be so are in both cases that player made it known in no way he was playing for them, was the Nordiques (who became the Avs) with the Lindros trade and Kessel’s trade to the Leafs for Boston and what they did with these picks they got.

    It’s a tough game and as tough as it is on the ice I suspect it’s tougher off – just because I see more pitfalls and limits. I think luck also plays a role for any teams success whether it be on or off the ice as well. When a team chokes and in a manner that the Leafs have… I don’t know what the answer is nor do I think any of us would. One can’t help think if inexperience and fear of loss plays a bigger role than we might admit. Like I said, I don’t have the answers but I’m sure its out there and with time it will come to light….I hope. I can’t wait for that amazon doc coming out next fall with those behind the scenes and hope MLSE allows amazon to show some of the bad stuff too that hopefully shed some light.

    • Ron, yes I follow the Leafs.

      I have been wrong before and may be wrong again but rare is the player who comes from overseas and makes an immediate impact. For every Kaprizov there are many Mikheyevs.

      But I am having difficulty with your train of thought, as you say you agree it is difficult for a young player to make an impact at the same time you say they have unheralded players who can come in and make the line up.

      I am also a bit confused when you say a higher cap would help all teams but would help the Leafs period. If it helps all teams it is not an advantage for any team hard against the cap. That would include the Leafs.

      I did ask for feedback, so thanks Ron, Ray, George, OBD and others for your thoughts.

      • Sorry, let me clarify Ron:

        If a rising cap helps all teams then it really isn’t an advantage for any team — unless they have cap room.

  13. Wow, another full day of Leafs chatter again…

    Who’s buying some Kracken gear? I will be, too cool to pass up.

    • Well, this thread did open with “LEAFS GM SAID HE WON’T MOVE MARNER BUT SPECULATION PERSISTS” – quoting Zeisberger, the Toronto Sun and Friedman on the issue.

      Clearly, Lyle knows what subject matter generates the most chatter. Has it started with “Wild GM ….” it would have been followed by a day-long zzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Preceded by the sound of the top coming off a bottle.

    • I’ll be ordering a couple of kid’s size sweaters for my two great-grandsons who live in Seattle

      • Hi George

        I’m not sure they’ll understand the value in the jerseys…. save the extra shipping; order an XL; and send to me postage due….. I will greatly appreciate it 😁

      • No, but their mother will … and there’s another just a few months old who will benefit from the hand-me-downs! 🙂

  14. Leafs… keeping the big 4; Campbell ; Reilly; Muzzin; Brodie; and re-signing Hyman and another goalie… with the Phil retention….that’s $15 M to max $16 M left for 13 spots… AND…. they need to improve with that little of space

    And…. next year back in East…. fighting for 3rd…. if they drop to 4th…. are they going to have more points than 5th in Metro

    No matter what…. $15 M for 13 spots….. does not even get them past the second round

    There MUST be a shift in roster make-up/design

  15. Leafs trade Matthews to Pitsburgh for Sid the Kid remember Toronto only has Matthews for three more years anyway plus they save on cap. Toronto trades Marner to Buffalo for Reinhart and a pick leafs save huge on cap and Eichel gets Marner. Leafs sign Dougie Hamilton to help on back end. Tavares and Crosby as your top two centers isn’t bad both have been there done that. Sid needs change and both Marner and Matthews need to leave Toronto to much pressure for them to preform in playoffs.

  16. Remember when a lot of you were predicting a drop in the cap.

    • Can’t recall if I was one of them – might have been – but for quite a few teams the prospect of a flat cap continuing for another 4 seasons is a distinction without a difference. For players and their agents as well as more and more teams will stay away from the top-heavy situation hamstringing a few right now. As a result, and IF it remains flat for another 4 years, teams like Ottawa with a clutch of good young prospects are going to find they can’t keep them all.

  17. They keep mentioning Mathews along with Marner to try and remove heat from him. No one wants Auston to go anywhere. They should trade greedy selfish spoiled Marner as soon as possible. His ridiculous cap hit is an anchor and he is selfish, over rated, and is easier to replace than other core players. Use him to get a legit #1 D-Man to provide the balance needed to win. #TradeMarner