Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – June 13, 2021

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Will the Bruins re-sign Taylor Hall? Could the Oilers target Jake DeBrusk? Can the Hurricanes afford to re-sign Dougie Hamilton? Check out the latest in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: On Friday, Nick Goss reported Taylor Hall is hoping to return with the Bruins. “I see a fit, and hopefully they feel the same way,” he said during his season-ending press conference.

Boston Bruins left wing Taylor Hall (NHL Images).

The 29-year-old left-winger played well after being acquired from the Buffalo Sabres at the trade deadline. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 28.

Hall indicated he’s not looking to maximize his value at this point in his career. That suggests he’s looking more for term than dollars this time around. Goss believes the Bruins must re-sign Hall, pointing to their lack of secondary scoring depth without him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Hall is looking at no more than $6 million annually, the Bruins could re-sign him to perhaps a four or five-year deal.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson wondered if the Oilers should attempt to acquire winger Jake DeBrusk from the Bruins. The 24-year-old winger seems to have lost his way in Boston, spending time on his off-wing shuffling between the second and third lines.

The Bruins need to free up some cap space if they hope to re-sign Hall, David Krejci and Tuukka Rask. DeBrusk and his $3.65 million cap hit for next season could be manageable on the Oilers’ second line.

Matheson also wondered if the Oilers could have their eye on older, most-costly pending UFA left-wingers like Brandon Saad or Zach Hyman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Bruins were said to be concerned about giving up on DeBrusk too soon and watch him blossom elsewhere. That could change, however, if they need to clear cap room to retain older veterans. It could also depend upon what type of offers they get for DeBrusk. His status could be worth monitoring this summer.


THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The respective contract statuses of defenseman Dougie Hamilton and head coach Rod Brind’Amour top Chip Alexander’s list of pressing questions facing the Carolina Hurricanes this summer.

Hamilton, 27, is due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 28. Coming off a deal with an annual average value of $5.75 million, he could look around and see Washington’s John Carlson earning $8 million annually, Nashville’s Roman Josi making $9 million per, Tampa Bay’s Victor Hedman checking in at $7.875 million and Minnesota’s Jared Spurgeon at $7.57 million.

Brind’Amour is adamant about keeping his coaching staff together before re-signing with the Hurricanes. Alexander wondered if that’s become a snag in the contract talks.

Alexander also wondered if this season was the last for pending UFAs Petr Mrazek, Brock McGinn and Jordan Martinook.

CHICAGO SUN-TIMES: Ben Pope believes Hamilton could be the game-changing defenseman the Blackhawks need if he hits the open market next season. While recent rumors tied the Hawks to Columbus’ Seth Jones, Pope noted Jones’ offensive stats have declined in recent years. It would also cost the Blackhawks some young assets to acquire Jones in a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hamilton wants to stay in Carolina and the Hurricanes want to keep him. Unless he’s willing to accept a little less than market value, the Hurricanes will have to pay big bucks to keep him. That could affect efforts to re-sign some of their other UFAs.

Hamilton would draw plenty of suitors on the open market. Whether the Blackhawks would be among them remains to be seen. They could prefer more affordable short-term options while waiting for young defensemen such as Adam Boqvist and Ian Mitchell to reach their potential.


  1. Adding another goalie and shoring up their defence should be the Oilers priority.

    • Exactly … actually the Oil need two goalies but for some reason Holland is enamored with soon to be 40 year old Mike Smith .. and that creaky defense is fine for the regular season but look what it does for you in the playoffs …

      • Oilers should get Elvis Merzlikins from Columbus AND sign Linus Ullmark, forget about Mike Smith, and trade Koskinen in a cap-cuting move

        go with 1 and 1A in goal

  2. People will be shocked at the Hall contract will be short like 3 years and around 5 million. Debrusk could work in Edmonton kid can fly just needs to get stronger. If Dougie fit in better with other players he would be a top 5 D Man in the league.

    • Obe, if Hall signs for only 3 years at only 5 mil per year put me in the “shocked” category. No way that guy signs a deal like this. Nothing in Hall’s history of contracts and actions lead me to believe he’ll do any such thing.

  3. With a flat cap and uncertainty of when that will rise, teams should be wary of overpaying to later end up stuck with these contracts.

    Talk of Hyman at 6 million is crazy. Unless he’s playing on a top line he’ll never reach his same numbers. Love the guy and agree he should be paid more but that figure should be between 3-3.75mil under the cap for two yrs then revisit with a potential cap rise.

    Hall shouldn’t be paid 1sr line salary when he fits on secondary scoring on Bruins. Boston won’t overpay as they manage their cap well. They’ll sign him under 6 mil unless another team offers more. Never underestimate a team overbidding only to regret the drunken marriage in Vegas later.

  4. I think Hall will sign (w/Boston) 5 mil @ 4 years with mod-NTC.
    Canes have got such a deep D corps, they could still be damn good w/ out Hamilton. No. Carolina great place to live/play the game. I think he really wants to stay, but, 7/8 mil sounds really good even if it’s with rebuilding team.
    Debrusk is leaving bean town. He was a healthy scratch too many times for “lesser” players. Where too? Whomever throws the most pasta at the wall!

  5. I’ve already chatted with some insiders in Boston and the resigning should go something like this Hall 5.5 Rask won’t be resigned too fragile mentally incompetent. Ritchie and debrusk gone krejci 5 mil take it or leave it This of course pending approval from Ray and his bored governors.

    • krejci will resign for one more season. hall shouldnt get more than 5 mil

      every team is looking for their affordable hyman type and miller D that stays healthy

      as good as Rask often is it is time to move on.
      Bruins could return to contention with a few moves.

  6. Bruins, have fun with Hall after he gets his deal

  7. I honestly think Hall is going to get 7yrs at around $5.5/year. He wants certainty and stability for the rest of his career.

    • Sorry, but I don’t think anyone’s giving Hall 7 years. Too many teams have been burned in recent years by long term contracts given to 30+ year old forwards. I can see $5.5m. AAV, but for shorter term.

      • Howard

        Agreed. Especially not with his injury history.

        I’d guess the same applies to Hyman? He’s had knee injuries in the last two years. He’s a valuable player for the Leafs but I’m not sure I’d sign him at $5M/year?

  8. Hamilton can look around at…most of those high priced guys are playing golf too…’s a team sport. When you make the money these guys make there is very little actual difference in what that extra million or two gets you if you live your life fiscally responsible.

    • Very true, AZHockeyNut!

    • His excuse about losing to Tampa and complaining about the N H L and its LTIR policy doesn t look to good.

  9. Before making Hall their second-line left wing for the next 4 or 5 years at $6 million per year, the Bruins should think about who will be their second-line center for the next 4 or 5 years. David Krejci is 35. If he falters and Jack Studnicka is his heir-apparent, will Hall be any better than he was as a Sabre?

    Rather than gambling big bucks that Hall will insure their future success, the Bruins would probably be better off keeping DeBrusk, or using him in a trade to acquire a center.

    • @Francis
      Hall was that bad in Buffalo on a line with Captain Jack

  10. Hall is a career underachiever who parlayed one season to big paydays.

    He has a 16 game performance to play against the past 135 games of mediocrity.

    Mike Hoffman, who everybody loves to hate signed for $4 million had 17 goals this year and is consistent

    Taylor Hall $8 million had 10 goals.

    even the thrifty Bruins will be overpaying.

    • Hall was close to a point per game player before having terrible season in Buffalo. Managed to play a whole season, although it was a very short one. His 14 points in 16 games with Bruins, not as great either, when you consider 8 pts came against non playoff teams. (6 vs Buffalo) in the Isles series, he had 1 meaningless empty net goal in game 1. 1 assist after that. Didn’t exactly put them over the top. Not sure it makes any sense to sign the soon to be 30 year old long term for big dollars. Imo, Hall will take best deal he can get. As far as winning, that window is getting smaller every year.

      • * best deal regardless of team*
        Won’t take discount to stay in Boston.

  11. My 2 cents re Jones v Dougie

    Both big excellent Dmen…. defensively Jones well up on DH; DHhas the offensive edge. Jones sees the ice a little better. DH 2” and 20 lbs taller/heavier. Jones 1 year younger

    Jones will cost assets and then will re-up (acquiring team hopes) in/around what DH signs for

    DH costs no assets, just cash…. I’d go after DH instead of Jones

    Re Hall…

    …..quick look at the snapshot of views above seems (to me) to collectively (your viewpoints) average in and around $5.5 M and for somewhere in the 4-6 year range…. call in averaging 5 years, total around $28 M

    After. 5 year contract…. what’s the best expectation for the balance of his career (then starting that contract @ 35)…. another $4M in total earnings? That’s about $32 M for the balance of his career…. with that in mind….

    Why not have Bruins offer him $1M * 8 in Sal; $6 M SBs in EACH of first 4 years…. total contract $32 M….Cap hit is $4M…. after 4 years he’s got $28 M and would need to play 4 more years to get $4M …. take home really near 1/2 that…. incentive enough to retire at 34????

    Worst case…. after say 5 years… trade him at 50% retained (acquiring team pays $500 K Sal per) … and he’s but $2M on Bruins books per year until he retires….. he won’t play until 38! and $2M then (in 5 years) will be much less to Bruins then

    Hall at $4M Cap hit to play 2nd line wing for the next 4 to 5 years….. good deal IMHO

    • Pengy, not sure new cba allows for those front loaded deals anymore. Something else that will keep teams from giving out long term deals.

      • Hi Slick

        I’m fairly sure the new CBA has a kicker against front loaded 35+ contracts (if so; stays a hit even if he retires) but not against regular (signed prior to year turning 35) contracts

        If I’m right…. Scenario I gave gives a pretty fair Cap hit for Hall with minimal risk infinal 3 years… Jacobs has the cash to front end load

    • Pengy–Noting that you asked ” what’s the best expectation for the balance of his (Hall’s) career?, it’s my humble opinion that practical expectations should be based on his production thus far in his career.

      Before coming to the Bruins, Hall was minus-63 in 665 games, having been a positive player only twice in his 10-year career. Colton Sceviour, who is only minus 8 over 500 games in the last 10 years, can be had for a cap hit of $1 million. Sceviour isn’t that desirable a player, but IMHO, the practical-minded Bruins would expect that he would be a safer deal than Hall with a guaranteed $4-million cap hit for 5 years. That’s especially true if the Bruins consider their expectations of Krejci for the next 5 years.

      • Hi Slick

        I’m fairly sure the new CBA has a kicker against front loaded 35+ contracts (if so; stays a hit even if he retires) but not against regular (signed prior to year turning 35) contracts

        If I’m right…. Scenario I gave gives a pretty fair Cap hit for Hall with minimal risk infinal 3 years… Jacobs has the cash to front end load

      • Not sure why the Slick post went twice ??

        Hi Francis

        No challenge to your argument if you are comparing Sceviour at around $1M to Hall @ $4M Cap if both were 13th/14th fwds…. Sceviour is a 13th/14th fwd…. and properly valued at league min to $1M

        Hall is a 2nd line winger

        $4M Cap for a 2nd line winger is more than fair

        On top of that ; as you have alluded to….. he was -63 coming in to Bos; then was +15 in 16 games with Bos

        …. And he went from a 4-38-42 and (-43) pace (82 games) this year in Buffalo; to an 82 game pace of 41-31-72; plus 77 in Bos

        Yes small sample size

        Yes Bos way better than Sabres

        But comparing Hall to Sceviour (BTW 2 1/2 years older) who has a career high mark of 26 points in a year; and a career high mark of 11 Gs in a year; just isn’t valid

        Re Krejci…. 35+ contract …. I don’t see a 1 yr deal (thanks f they decide to keep him)…. So contract can’t be front end loaded; and no SB in yr 2 or later…. Else his Cap hit stays regardless (of retirement)

        2 years….. $3M sal/$3 M SB yr 1; $6M sal yr 2

        This year cap hit for Krejci AND Hall… $11.25M

        My suggestion has them then for next 2 years at $10 M; and decision to re-up Krecji the year he’d be starting at 37….. by that time I would not have confidence that he is still 2C for Bruins

      • Pengy–I think you know that I wasn’t COMPARING Hall to Sceviour to establish an equvalency of the two players, I was CONTRASTING their past records so as to show that the difference in results doesn’t indicate that the Bruins should be four times as generous with Hall than they would be with Sceviour, who isn’t at all desirable. By their records, Hall is more likely to be a team’s deficiency than is Sceviour. If the Bruins expectations are such that they can’t count on Krejci to be with them and playing well for the next five years, they’d be better off to invest in replacing him than they would be paying Hall big bucks for five years for no other reason than playing well with Krejci for 16 games. Practical thinking would suggest the Bruins expecting that Hall without Krefci could be like Hall as a Sabre.

      • Thanks for the clarification Francis

        My mistake

        I had in fact thought you were comparing the two straight up

        That said; I do believe Hall’s value is at least 4 times the value relative to Sceviour as I believe Sceviour to any team; will sign at his market value (somewhere in the $750 K to $1M) and there is no chance Hall signs for less than $4M.. market will dictate higher

        I cede your Krejci concerns; but Hall will get more than $4M (somehow I don’t see Don taking my front end loaded suggestion for 8 * $4M cap)….

        More than likely he stays a Bruin; not guaranteed but more than likely… gut feeling is Cap in close to $5.5 M

        I have no read one way or the other re DK

      • Pengy–I opposed Sceviour to Hall because he has been in the NHL for as long as Hall, and because I thought you would be familiar with him since he is a Penguin.

        I can see some team signing Hall for $5 million for 5 years, but I maintain that it would be foolish for the Bruins to do that if they anticipate being without Krejci next season or having to trade for a second-line center to play with Hall for the next 5 years. If Hall becomes a malcontent and quits on the Bruins like he quit on the Sabres and Devils, he’ll be about as hard to trade as Skinner with the contract you’re suggesting, and the Bruins would still need a center.

      • I’m tired and forgot to mention that Hall is not worth more than Sceviour if he plays no better than Sceviour. Ignoring his pedigree and his salary, and looking only at his numbers, would lead one to conclude that he hasn’t.

  12. DeBrusk could be interesting for the Canucks, question is if they have anything the Bruins want. They arent sending Raffert or Podkolzin the other way and not many other good prospects. Could Jouelevi be interesting as another project going the other way plus a 3rd?

    • Two different players there Kent I don’t know how so many people think Brogan Rafferty will ever play a regular shift in the NHL, yet alone excel baffles me. There is a reason why he was able to reach Group 6 free agency after only playing 3 games by the age of 26. He couldn’t even grab a few extra games when half the Canucks team was ill. The Bruins would be almost better off trading DeBrusk for a hubcap for a 1964 Chevy II, as the hubcap has a similar chance of starting on the Bruins defense next year than does Rafferty. Did I mention Brogan is a UFA and can sign where he wants?

      Podkolzin is an overpay – too much potential there to risk sending anywhere right now.

      The most obvious fit is around Virtanen but I don’t think the Bruins would go for that.

    • DeBrusk has to be qualified at $4.85 million, If he doesn’t bounce back he may be another Athanasiou.

  13. It’s amazing how loosing makes you humble.

    I refer to Hall who spent the best part of his career on loosing teams.
    I think he has come to the conclusion that he doesn’t want to drive play and I don’t think he wants to be the top dog on any team.
    He just wants to contribute to a winning team with good leadership.

    Good on him and good on Boston recognizing his worth is in the 5-6 million range

  14. Bruins fans

    Many on here are saying trade DeBrusk

    I’m willing to personally fly out to Bos; treat the Don to a fantastic dinner and night out; and smooze him into a DeBrusk for Zucker deal


    Wait, there’s more….. just for you and just while the phone lines are still open….. Pens will reluctantly throw in Ruhweedel

    Good to go 👍🙏🤞

    Wait…. Come back…. My final offer…. And it breaks my heart…..

    Zucker, Ruhweedel; and the speedy Lafferty for DeBrusk 😁

    Let’s 🤝 on it

    • @Pengy…I am watching the 1st game of the Islanders Lighting game one (Isles up 2 -0) mid third period. The Penguins played better against the Islanders than the Bruins did and so far the Lighting are.
      Penguins dominated games 1,2,3 and 5 and if not for shaky goaltending we would be playing now,

      Th Penguins speed was a lot for the Islanders and gave them trouble more than a slower Boston team and a game one un-interested Tampa far

      They are reportedly interested in goalie Fredrick Andersen of Toronto which i think s a bad move.

      Linus Ullmark UFA Sabres a much better fit 9 -6-3, good goals against good save percentage on a bad team.
      He is just 27 and his is a big goalie something Jarry and DeSmith are not

      add some grit
      add a goalie
      add a defensman.

      • Hi BnG

        Yep DeSmith is very small

        Jarry is 6’2” but thin

        Catapult Zucker for space…..sign Driedger 👍👍👍👍

        Driedger …l 14-6-3; 2.06 GAA; 927 save %; 6’ 4” , 205

        Will be getting; I’m guessing; in market; $4M…. Panthers can’t afford $14 M in Cap space for goalies (Bobo costs $10 M off the cap)

        No to Freddy

  15. The reason why the Bruins are at a crossroads with their team dates back to their 2015 draft.If they drafted Barzal or Boeser or Aho they would have trade Krecji 3 years ago ,instead of the mess they are in.The entire organization is in deep trouble at center.They donot have a top 6 center in the organization.They overpaid for Coyle at 5 mill. plus as a third line center.Before they sign Hall they have to get the 2nd line center straigthened out.Makes no sense to sign Hll until you take care of that.Rasks injury should help close the door on his resigning.The bottom line is the Bruins need to turn over thir lineup.I don t trust Sweeney doing this.He is a good cap manager as gm but his evaluation and drafting of players is suspect.As part of thie revival look at Jeff gorton ex of the New York rangers.When he was the asst. gm of the Bruins he drafted Lucic and Marchand the same year and signed Mark Savard and Chara as free agents that same year.


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